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Wicked Ridge M-370 Crossbow Review #65

Ridge M-370

Wicked Ridge M-370 Lightweight Crossbow Features

The Wicked Ridge M-370 is a fantastic crossbow for shooters who are interested in a budget-friendly crossbow that packs a punch. The Wicked Ridge M-370 is designed to offer great performance and great value.

It weighs around 7 pounds, and with all the extras, the total weight is around 10 pounds.

This is a very good bow. It’s maneuverable, compact, and easy to cock and uncock. The stock aluminum string is lightweight and durable, as is the polymer forearm.

Ridge M-370

Wicked Ridges designed this bow from the M1 platform, which is the most popular bow in the Wicked Ridges lineup.

It’s just 5 inches wide when cocked, and 14 inches wide when uncocked, so you won’t be dragging your limbs through any brush or knocking your arrows against the window frame in your blind.


TenPoint’s T4 trigger is a high quality, well-engineered bow that gives you outstanding shooting performance. At 3.5 pounds, the T4 is a better pull for a crossbow at this price point than other comparable triggers.

The M370 Trigger features an automatic engaging safety and dry-fire-inhibitor, so it automatically disengages when you cock your bow back.

The ACUdraw bow is not a silent crank, but it does make cocking the bow over and over again a breeze. It’s also safe and easy to use, and has some great features. Here are some of our favorites of the ACUdraw: The handle sits flush right into a pre-drilled mounting slot on the underside of the buttstock for easy storage.

When the drawstring is pulled back on the bag by your fingers, it will pull evenly back. With a more balanced weight distribution, the ACUdraw unit has a lower draw weight than the traditional handbag for better shooting accuracy downrange.

Wicked Ridge M-370 Size and Weight

Wicked Ridge produces the lightest crossbow you can currently buy on the market. The Wicked Ridge M370 comes in at only 5.8 pounds! Wicked Ridge uses limbs made from “Gordon Glass” to keep the bow as lightweight as possible.

The M370 is the best selling crossbow of all time. The M270 has been around for almost 2 decades and is still going strong. It is extremely lightweight but it’s still a very durable and powerful crossbow! One of its great features is the “Air-Lite Stock”.

This Air-Lite stock is molded from glass-filled polypropylene. It’s lightweight and durable, and it comes in at just over 36 inches. It’s VX-5 cams that extend the power stroke to 13.8 inches, which increases the rotation.

The crossbow that makes more accurate and quieter shots. Wicked Ridge did an amazing job at keeping this crossbow as compact as possible, measuring only 14 inches in width axle-to-axle when cocked and 9.5 inches in width axle-to-axle when uncocked!

The Wicked Ridge M-370 is the perfect crossbow to carry it with you, hunt in tree stands, blinds or store it away when it’s not the hunting season.

Wicked Ridge M-370 Speed and Arrows

It’s easy to see what the Wicked Ridge M-370 is named after—it can shoot at an incredible 370 feet per second. With Wicked Ridge and TenPoint, they offer several different arrows with alpha-nocks.

Most M370 crossbows get three packages of 20-inch Wicked Ridge XX75 aluminum arrows. They come preloaded with the Wicked Ridge M370. These arrows will shoot at around 350 feet per second. For getting the most out of the M370, you’ll need to go with Tenpoint’s Pro Lite carbon arrows.

These arrows are a bit lighter than the XTR arrows but are slightly faster. They don’t penetrate as deep as the Wicked Ridge arrows, but for most hunters they’re the ideal choice.

Because of the weight, you’ll have a better balance, and thus, less string/cable damage. As a result, your crossbow will last longer.

Wicked Ridge M-370 Scope

A scope is an optical device used for long-range shooting. With a scope, you can make your shots much more precise than if you fired blindly. You have to consider many things when buying a scope.

Wicked Ridge M-370 Assembling and Disassembling

It’s like assembling and disassembling. Wicked Ridge offers the M-370 as a ready-to-hunt package. It has a 1-bolt assembly which only takes less than a minute to do, and the scope is pre-sighted.

First, slide the front-end of the bow onto the stock, then make sure it’s properly seated. Next, install the quiver and foot stirrup, and you’re good to go!

Wicked Ridge M-370 Accuracy

One of the big concerns that I hear from customers when looking at a value crossbow is that they worry they won’t get the accuracy that they would out of a higher-end bow. Well, you’re probably not going to get the accuracy you would out of a higher-end bow, but what you will get is amazing performance at a price that will leave you breathless.

However, what I can also tell you is that most crossbows are a better shot than you are, and I’ve shot so many different models of crossbows. I’ve had the pleasure to shoot so many different models, and every single one of them is a better shot than I am. [Bile duct injury during laparoscopic cholecystectomy–a report of two cases]. Bile duct injury is not a rare complication of laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

It’s easy to be a great shot, but more difficult to take a decent shot. Take a look at the three, four, and five shot pictures below. They’re the third, fourth, and fifth shots I’ve taken out of my crossbow.

The best grouping of 20 yards with the supplied XX75 arrows is a right shot. I was also not shooting off of a completely sturdy rest, I was shooting off of a tripod shooting stick. At the time I am writing this review, it is 15 degrees outside and there is roughly 18″ of snow on our outdoor 70-yard shooting range, so I haven’t been able to stretch the legs on this M370 yet, but when I do I will be sure to update this review.

One of the most important points to remember is that unlike the older models, this bow requires the use of the Alpha Nock introduced by TenPoint in 2019. The unique half-moon style nock features elongated ears and rounded edges that give you more string-to-nock engagement.

The best nock design on the market is the Wicked Ridge Alpha Nock. It’s one of the safest nocks on the market, and if you’re replacing your old Wicked Ridge Crossbow you’ll need to replace some of your old Alpha Nocks with Wicked Ridge Alpha Nocks.

Wicked Ridge M-370 Cocking

If you want the lowest priced option, go with the M370 with the rope-sled cocking device. If you want to shoot more consistently, you’ll need to invest in the ACUdraw cocking device.

It’ll help you load your crossbow faster, more safely and much more quietly. The ACU draw is probably one of the most innovative cocking mechanisms in the crossbow market. The slide, however, is the most advanced cocking mechanism that I know of so far.

Testing and Shooting

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. They didn’t waste their money on cheap-outs or bad triggers. They used a T4 trigger from Wicked Ridge for their own trigger, and it works well.

We love the trigger mechanism on the Invader 400. We’re hoping it’ll be as reliable as the Invader 500, so hopefully it will work just as well!

In the market for a new crossbow? It’s hard to find one that’s more powerful or accurate than this one.

We destroyed a lot of arrows because we kept aiming at the same spot. But even though it wasn’t much, our scope wasn’t correctly pre-sighted.

After correctly sighting the scope and zeroing it in, I was able to consistently hit 1-inch groups with an XX75 aluminum arrow.

To make sure you can really trust the M370, we performed three rounds of speed tests with three different sets of arrows (one of which was the factory set).

After some testing, I still have the same opinion about this product as I did before. This bow is excellent for target shooting. Its accuracy is better than average and it shoots great offhand. The quiver fits well and comes with the necessary accessories.


You should choose this one if you want to draw at a fast speed. It’s lightweight and accurate.


Some people complain about the weight of the bow. It is definitely not the lightest in its class. However, it is still light enough for most people who can use one and still manage to hit the target with amazing accuracy.

The new M370 crossbow has features like the ACUdraw, Dry-Fire-Inhibitor and a T4 trigger with auto-engaging safety features that make it very safe to use for the youth. Its 1-bolt assembly makes it also perfect for beginners.

Reason To Choose Wicked Ridge M-370

Wicked Ridge M-370 is an excellent mid-range crossbow. It can shoot up to 370 FPS and generates 118 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. The combo is enough for big game hunting and target practice. The accuracy of this crossbow is also quite good.

With this crossbow, you can either choose to crank the crossbow with a traditional hand crank or use an ACUdraw pro cranking device to give it a very light draw weight. This makes it an ideal crossbow for beginners and veterans alike.

The crossbow is not to big either. M370 is ideal for shorter people and younger folks. It’s easy to load the crossbow and fire to your heart’s content. If you don’t have a budget issue, I recommend getting the crossbow with the cranking device.

The Wicked Ridge M-370 crossbow is one of the lightest crossbows in the world. It measures an incredibly narrow 9.5 inches wide and shoots up to a blazing 370 feet-per-second. Easy cocking for all ages.

The crank handle conveniently stores in the butt-stock. This crossbow produces one of the quietest shots on the market. Powered by VX-5 inverted cams, it produces a smooth and silent shot that delivers deadly, same-hole accuracy.

Built-in safety – Integrated safety wings help keep the shooter’s hand & fingers safely below the flight deck. A fully enclosed trigger guard provides additional safety.

The Wicked Ridge M-370 Crossbow comes with TenPoint’s 3x Multi-Line Scope, our built-in ACUdraw Cocking Device, three Match 400 Carbon Arrows, and a 3-Arrow Quiver.

Wicked Ridge M-370 Specs

Max Velocity370 fps
Overall Length35.0″
Bow/Crossbow TypeCompound Crossbow
Peak Draw Weight180 lbs
Axel to Axel Length Cocked9.5 “
Axel to Axel Length UnCocked14 “
Weight5.8 lbs
Riser MaterialAluminum
Sold With QuiverYes
Quiver Capacity3 rounds
Suggested forHunting
Body TypeRifle
Kinetic Energy118 ft/lbs
Recommended Bolt Length20 “
Nock TypeAlpha
Cocking AidRope
Powerstroke13.8 “
UpgradesRope Sled

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