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#32 How Do You Wear A T-shirt With Streetwear


How To Wear Streetwear Like A Grown-Up

Streetwear is a strange and complex beast, and there’s a lot more to it than most people think. Read this book and learn about the culture, the history, the style and the fashion.

It’s really nothing to be ashamed of and it’s something that’s often necessary.

Although born over fifty years ago, urban wear hasn’t been as prevalent as it is today. During the 90s the first skate boom and hip-hop’s chart dominance turned a generation into wearing baggy jeans and graphic t-shirts.

Today, that generation is hitting adulthood. And though it might have a mortgage, it still feels more comfortable in a hoodie than a suit. “Streetwear is so many people’s go-to each day because dress codes have become so much more relaxed,” says Harvey Nichols menswear buyer Lara Djandji. “The amount of customers looking for tailoring has decreased as more and more people are wearing jeans with a jacket to work, and those who previously wore jeans are now more inclined to shop for a tracksuit.” Fortunately, streetwear itself has grown up, too.

Street style is not reserved for hipsters or trendy teenagers. Street style can be worn by anyone who wants to look cool and casual, but still be in the know. So whether you’re trying to adjust your style, or just refine your jeans-and-a-sweatshirt wardrobe, here are six ways to wear streetwear outfits without looking like a try-hard.



Rule One: Luxe Up Your Fabrics

Streetwear fashion is for people who just like to look good. Before streetwear, it wasn’t possible to combine streetwear and skateboarding. Skateboarders who wanted to look their best usually wore standard, “streetwear” clothing. But, now that this has changed, the best of both worlds come together.


The traditional elements that define streetwear are being reimagined by designers for the high fashion world. Hoodies, cargo trousers, trainers are being redesigned by luxury brands, and the pieces would look as great in your closet as they do in the skatepark.

A pair of premium sweatpants that are made from the best materials can add a subtle element of streetwear to your wardrobe.

Rule Two: Don’t Be A Hype Beast

It’s all about being a part of the culture. You can’t just buy what everyone else has. You need to go where the hype is, and get recognized for the brand you are.

This article suggests a different option for older men. Instead of looking for street wear labels that are “innovative” and “take influence” from streetwear (or other categories), try wearing some really well-made “street-inspired” clothing, such as that from classic brands like Acne Studios and Jil Sander. That will be less conspicuous and more appropriate for your age.


In short, you should aim to get streetwear outfits without the logos, or at least keep them tucked away as subtle details.

Adults who have gone to grail, or who have family who have, know that the best part about finding a grail is being asked.

Rule Three: Start From The Bottom

Your favorite sneakers can really make or break your outfit. So if you don’t have a good pair, it’s time to get ’em. Arnold has a few suggestions.

You’re going to have to be careful while getting hype about any new releases. Many times there are people hyping up the new release or drops in an extreme way. It’s okay if you get hype, but you need to know what it is that you are hype about.


The prices for the most coveted sneakers on the market are through the roof—and while you’ll need to pay that initial price tag, the benefits of owning a pair of signature footwear far outweigh the price. “Don’t go into this expecting to make a lot of money,” says Arnold. “These are not products that you can use as a gateway drug to start selling knockoff items.

Despite the rise of purposefully “ugly” shoes and chunky soles, it’s wise to avoid adornment or odd shapes to guarantee your box-fresh kicks will look as good with your suit as your joggers.

Rule Four: Think Loose, Not Baggy

A teenage boy doesn’t have to stress his silhouette; so he can afford to browse the oversized rail.

A streetwear fashion outfit is not a streetwear fashion look. Streetwear is a lifestyle, which reflects many different lifestyles. Streetwear has a broad appeal, so pick the pieces that suit you the best.

Your best move is a silhouette that is more relaxed than the figure-hugging tailoring of a few years ago but isn’t all about the legs.


The easiest to pull off below the belt is the slim-fit, street-style skatewear. Some high-end and even some high-street brands have swung from slim fits to straight-leg shapes that offer more movement and are more comfortable off skateboarding.

For teenagers looking to dress to impress, we love this oversized bomber. It’s perfect for the season’s unpredictable weather, especially when paired with a cropped jacket to balance out the loose fit.

Rule Five: Bring The Streets To Work

Streetwear tends to become a bigger part of men’s clothing every year, which means that there are fewer outfits that can’t be adapted to a streetwear-inspired outfit.


Incorporating streetwear into your work wardrobe is an easy way to add a little excitement to your traditional office look. A hoodie is an inexpensive item you can add to your existing wardrobe, which can transform a more traditional outfit into something new and exciting.

“I tend to wear sneakers with suits. They add to the casual feel of my look.

Rule Six: Keep It Simple

There’s no reason why a streetwear outfit can’t be the quickest route to success. If it fits your style and fits your body, your clothes are guaranteed to work!

Streetwear is all about the mix-and-match, so whether you like a single brand or a whole bunch, the best way to represent your style is to combine it in a way that reflects your own personal taste and aesthetic.

The latest look from Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West is a look only works for Instagram influencers, who are probably too young to even drive.


It’s not to say you can’t create statement pieces and logo pieces.

Adult-sized clothes should be paired with adult-sized pieces to get the full effect of your new wardrobe. If you’re a fashion editor, this hooded zip up sweatshirt will go over chinos better than jeans. If you’re wearing something that doesn’t match the rest of your wardrobe, go more muted.

Best Streetwear Outfits for Men

Finding the right streetwear outfits for men is a little easier than you might think.

These trendy outfit ideas will turn heads wherever you go, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to make a statement.


Joggers are the keystone of streetwear today and will continue to define this look for years to come. They offer a stylish, comfortable look that can be put together in a variety of ways.

When it comes to fashion-forward streetwear, fashionable men have been wearing all sorts of joggers, from sweatpants material to denim or even khaki joggers.


When choosing a streetwear jacket for men, joggers are a good starting point. They look great with a wide variety of clothing, and they are more versatile than you may think.

One of the best-known styles of clothing for any occasion is hoodies, and this is one of the best-known brands.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are cool. They can be a part of your streetwear outfit.

The cargo pant has become a staple of streetwear culture in recent years, but has always had a solid place in streetwear.


If you can afford them, then they’re worth having in your closet. They’ll go with just about anything in your wardrobe, and they’ll look even more impressive when you wear a shirt with them.

For an easygoing, casual outfit for men, try wearing a polo shirt, dad hat, and bomber jacket. Add this polo to your wardrobe, complete with a bold logo, and throw on an oversized hoody.

Big Hoodies

Hoodies are at the center of streetwear. Though there’s still a distinction between oversized and straight-up baggy,

The best streetwear trends are oversized hoodies and an abundance of casual clothing options, including oversized tees and long sleeves.


You can still get away with wearing loose clothes; that is, clothes that fit loosely.

Contrast your casual T-shirt with a slimmer fit pair of pants to create a stylish, laidback look.

Whether you wear skinny jeans or straight-leg trousers, you’ll look your best if you pair them with a chunky boot.

Classic Sneakers

For anyone looking to create their own streetwear style, this book is your best bet. It’ll teach you everything you need to know about sneakers and streetwear.

This is a must-have. You’ll find this collection of men’s, women’s and kids’ shoes that have been worn in real life, so there


The best sneakers for a man’s wardrobe are Converse All-Stars. They are timeless and can easily be added to any guy’s wardrobe.

From dressing up a suit to making your streetwear stand out, classic sneakers are a must have for any man.

Denim Galore

While Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears are synonymous with tuxedos, this look is surprisingly still in style, especially when worn by the man.

Denim jeans are no longer a taboo—in fact, they’re back in fashion. However, make sure that the pair of jeans you wear has a different texture at the top and bottom.


For the full denim look, wear your best-fitting denim jacket, and pair it with your favorite jeans.

Take the trend in men’s streetwear clothing to the next level by adding a trendy style like bright colored denim to an everyday outfit. Try a black jean jacket with light washed jeans, or vice versa.

Denim can be worn almost anywhere, and it is often seen in more casual settings, but that doesn’t mean you should always stick to it.


Camouflage definitely fell out of our shopping carts in the past. It’s time to say goodbye to it once and for all.

The camo trend is becoming more prevalent on men’s clothing than it ever has been, so be sure to make the right style statement that’s

Camo is the best choice for men.


It’s best to have them tapered or slightly flared, but not so loose that they swallow your feet whole.

Match camo pants with solid neutrals like black, tan, olive, or white to avoid creating an outfit that’s too busy, pattern-wise.

Look for jackets in camo print. It will blend right into any type of landscape, but you’ll stand out in a crowd.

Track Suits

Men who choose to wear track suits are doing so because they are comfortable and fashionable.

Full Champion sweatsuit with matching crew-neck and jogger, or a classic striped Adidas track set? This easy getup makes fitting into the streetwear scene a breeze.


Rather than spending hours putting together the perfect outfit, throw on a track suit with a pair of classic sneakers and you’re ready to hit the streets.

Polo with Jeans

A well-made classic polo shirt is a staple item for every man’s wardrobe. From the dawn of streetwear, the polo and simple jeans is one of the most classic looks for men. This outfit is super cool, but it also needs some accessories to really make a statement.

Whether you wear a pair of clean white kicks or high-top sneakers in a bold color that complements your polo, you should know which shoes to wear. Think about what type of jacket or outerwear will work best with your outfit.

Zippers are best to show off the polo shirt, or for women it’s a great choice if you want to wear your polo open so you can show off your outfit. A denim jacket, bomber, or even casual blazer would look great here.


An upgrade from your typical sports watch is a personalized watch that includes a name or nickname and maybe even your favorite team logo. These watches make a unique gift for any sports enthusiast. Pair some simple chains and a watch in the same metal to create a stunning look.

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