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Walther CP88, Blued, 6 inch Barrel Review #10

Walther CP88

Walther CP88, Blued, 6 inch Barre

Walther CP88, this is a quality gun at a reasonable price. It’s made of well-fitted parts that are easy to take apart and maintain. While it might not be the most accurate weapon ever built, it certainly won’t break the bank either!

Materials are the ones that matter the most when it comes to creating a product. This pistol looks and feels like a firearm, and not a department store toy. And it’s not an expensive one. It’s an excellent value for the money.

There is no doubt that this pistol is a great piece of equipment and can be used for a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. It has been designed to be fully adjustable sights instead of fixed sights and a drift adjustable rear sight.

Walther CP88

When you buy a rifle it comes with a whole bunch of stuff already assembled. It usually includes a scope, magazine, charging handle, flash hider and other things.

This pistol shot well and grouped well, but the rear sight was too short and the pistol grouped about 2 inches low at 25 feet.


Walther CP 88 Introduction

The Walther CP 88 pistol is a sporting and training pistol that shoots pellet ammunition using the compressed gas principle according to the principle of an airgun.

The design of the gun was actually created as a new concept using a variety of different designs in an attempt to get it as accurate as possible. It is named for its similarity to the popular Walther PPK.

It is produced by Umarex.

Walther CP88


The CO2 cartridge is a disposable cartridge of 12 grams that is inserted into the handle of a gun. It contains the same amount of CO2 that is found in two liters of compressed air. This is enough to take down an entire room.

As with most gas-powered weapons, diabolo pellets are stored in an 8-round rotary magazine. Because of their size, they have a slower rate of fire than other types of diabolo pellets.

For the so-called plinking (like shooting at cans) steel core pellets can also be used, which are offered by some manufacturers in the required maximum length.

Walther CP88

In order to ensure that the cylinder works properly, the length of the pellets must be no more than 6.9 mm. The actual dimensions will vary by the manufacturer and could potentially be even larger than this.

Standard diabolos can reach 130m/s in the right conditions. You can achieve similar speeds with a few modifications to your setup and some luck.


I shot this air gun at a target from 20 feet away in a free standing position, and it performed very well getting about a two inch grouping close to the center of the target and staying in the two inch sweet spot even with 3 magazines or 24 rounds shot.

The good news is the sights can be adjusted for windage if you are shooting a tad bit to the left or right. I tested my Chrony using an eight shot average and it came out at about 359 fps using RWS pellets.


A silencer is the generic name for any firearm accessory that reduces the sound of a gunshot by muffling the firing of the weapon. The type of silencer will impact how loud the shot sounds. Different types of silencers include flash suppressors, compensators, sound moderators, and baffles.

A lot of people might not realize that an LED-illuminated dot sight is actually quite a decent optic in its own right. If you’re looking for something a little more “realistic,” however, consider the Burris X-Line II 7-25×40. It’s a very nice rifle scope that’s light and affordable. It also features a fully multicoated tube with a high contrast objective lens, which provides a great image in any lighting conditions.

Walther CP88

The CP-88 was initially a pump-action, side-by-side, bolt-action hunting rifle. After numerous modifications over the years, the rifle is now a modern bolt action semi-automatic sporting rifle. This rifle was originally chambered in the.308 Winchester caliber. It can be configured with an optional 6″ barrel, which is actually longer than the original 4″ barrel. With the 6″ barrel, the CP-88 can achieve 1.5 MOA accuracy.

The name of the weapon is “Competition”, and also comes in different versions with different options. These are the “Competition”, “Polished Chrome”, “Nickel” and “black burnished”.

In addition to the plastic grip shells, the gun can also be equipped with wooden grips.

The Umarex Walther CP88 History

To save weight, the Walther PPQ is made of duralumin. The PPQ has a more ergonomic shape that’s perfect for the shooter who wants to keep things light and easy.

The Walther P88 uses a modified Browning system, rather than the P38‘s swing bolt locking system. The reasons for this were that with this type of breech and the barrel bearing specially refined by Walther for the P88, a higher shot precision, a narrower breech structure and simplified production could be achieved.

Walther CP88

The Walther P88 is a popular pistol used by the military and the law enforcement. It is marketed for civilian sale in Germany and many other parts of the world. Its intended purpose is to replace the aging Walther P1.

It was a development of the XM15/M17 as well as of the XM18.

P88 Standard

In 1983 and 1984 the Walther P88 was entered for the third and final JSSAP XM9 pistol trials. However, in the final round of competition, the gun failed to meet a handful of the 72 “must” conditions. The most significant issue, the weapon did not have a manual safety feature.

Also, the P88 failed the dropping tests, with the rear target sights popping off and the pistols frames cracking from 7,000 rounds of sustained fire. The P88 also failed both the wet and dry mud tests. Ultimately, the Beretta 92F (92SB-F) would be chosen as the M9 pistol. Sales of the standard model started in 1988 for the 50th anniversary of the legendary Walther P38.

Walther CP88

The Walther P88 also participated in the 1990 Bundeswehr pistol trials. It failed because of a lack of manual safety. In 1996, Walther discontinued the standard version. The production of the P88 Compact variant continued through until year 2000.

In the late 1990’s, the P88‘s manufacturer, Carl Walther, decided to discontinue production of the P88. The P88 had been an industry standard since its introduction. Instead, Carl Walther introduced a new pistol model, the P99, to replace it.

P88 Compact

The P88 Compact is lighter and a bit smaller with only minor changes. The Walther P88 was kept in the Browning line of pistols. The closing spring no longer consisted of just one solid wire, but rather three thinner wires twisted together. 

With a comparable cross-section, these stranded springs have a somewhat smaller spring constant due to the lower edge stresses, which counteracts material fatigue. The standard P88 was heavily criticised for being bulky, heavy and expensive.

There was a change in the operating procedures, this time it required a manual override. This is a safety system so it would be wise to be extra careful with the new manual mode.

Walther CP88

The reason for this was the police and military tenders, which just called for them. The “manual” safety supplement the force-fit vertical barrier, automatically controlled by the trigger, with longitudinal locking of the firing pin (fuse no. 1 of the Walther P88. with the purely form-fitting firing pin lock.

This safety device also works as a release device for the hammer. This is an excellent feature because a lot of people tend to misfire when shooting, especially if they are tired or nervous, and a safety that allows the shooter to reset the firing pin without moving their finger is a great feature.

P88 Competition

The Ruger American Rifleman was produced from 1993 to 2000. It was a sporting variant of the compact model with a 101mm long barrel. The locking system is similar to the one found on the compact model, but the trigger release (DA) is absent. Automatic and manual firing pins were also removed.

The original manual safety system was retained. The trigger is now released by an advance of 2.5 mm which gives a much faster rate of fire. The pull-off resistance is still 14 N, but can now be reduced to approx. 8 N.

Walther CP88

A trigger stop is a device that will stop the firing of a firearm once the trigger is pulled. The most commonly seen trigger stops are those that are placed on the barrel of a gun to stop it after a certain number of rounds have been fired, in order to prevent accidental discharge.

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