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Umarex Gauntlet 2 PCP Air Rifle Hunting Kit #81


Umarex Gauntlet 2 PCP Air Rifle

A solid piece of equipment for any hunter! The Umarex Gauntlet 2 PCP Air Rifle features a high-quality bolt action, a powerful 10-round capacity, and a sturdy aluminum frame that holds up well even in tough conditions.


The price is a bit high for an all-out assault weapon, but the build quality is fantastic. As far as I’m concerned, the only downside is the length. It’s not as compact as other handguns, and you can’t get away with carrying the Gauntlet 2 in a coat pocket or under a shirt.



The Umarex Gauntlet 2 is the perfect PCP air rifle for value-minded shooters. It’s designed to provide the highest performance for the lowest possible price and continues to redefine the PCP air rifle market.

The Gauntlet 2 improves on the original Gauntlet by combining a large power increase, a completely redesigned stock and a lot of additional features and upgrades.


The Umarex Gauntlet 2 air rifle delivered some of the best groups we’ve ever produced. It is also extremely accurate for a non-factory-calibre barrel.

It produces good groups with most of the popular JSB test pellets from the lightest alloys to heavy Jumbo monsters. So it’s definitely not pellet-picky. Like most PCPs, the power level increases with pellet weight.

That’s a significant increase in power, over 1000 fps muzzle velocity for any pellet of 14.66 grains or less. You can see from the chart below that this level of performance matches or exceeds that of some of the higher end PCPs HAM has tested.

Here’s another confirmation. Our 25-Yard test target shows 10-shot groups that are ALWAYS larger than the 5-shot groups that you’ll find in testing elsewhere.

The 25-Yard, 10-Shot Target has been incorporated into the HAM Test of Accuracy Review to demonstrate that our new HAM technology delivers on our claim that it achieves a level of performance on par with the results achieved when testing Gauntlets at.22 caliber and.25 caliber.


This is a pretty good trigger for the price. There are a few design issues, but for the most part it functions as expected.

The average trigger pull weight of the Gauntlet 2 was about 2 pounds and 6 ounces. It was slightly heavier than the original Gauntlet pistols we tested, but not quite as heavy as some other competitors. It provides a clean two-stage action with a pretty consistent sear release.

I really like the way the trigger feels, as it does not have the smooth, soft, polished feel of a Benjamin Marauder trigger. It also seems to work as well or better than anything we have tested in PCPs at a price lower than that of the Marauder.

On all of the modern AK-patterns, the bolt carrier group is pinned to the receiver with a locking detent. (Below.) These pins are released by using a long lever on the left side of the gun. It has two parts, a short, fixed part that swings towards the back of the receiver and a long one that is fixed in place.

The original Gauntlet was designed to fire the same way as an AR-10 or an M16 rifle. With that in mind, we kept the same basic dimensions of the new version, which means this is still an oversized bolt handle and a heavy, rather rough, cocking pull.

Even with this bigger bolt handle, the cocking effort for the Gauntlet 2 is still quite high. All Gauntlet models have the highest-velocity bolt action the HAM Team has ever tested.

The Gauntlet series from Umarex is built with a hammer spring that’s stronger than any other airsoft pistol currently available, making it easier to cock than other guns. But it’s the design of the barrel that really takes this model to another level.

To be sure, it’s far from impossible to cock. And it’s something that the owner will become used to. It’s also slightly easier than the original version. Most people will likely find it a very acceptable part trade-off for the significantly increased power of the second generation Gauntlet.


Umarex is making some claims for the Gauntlet 2, which we’ll examine now. They claim that the.22 caliber version will shoot pellets in the 1,100 fps range. That claim is true.

With this rifle, we could expect muzzle energy from 6 Ft/Lbs. If you don’t have a preference between the two grains, I’d probably suggest shooting

The muzzle energy for the Gauntlet 2 is about 36ft/lbs, which is obviously well above the manufacturer’s claim of 18ft/lbs. The improved baffling in the shroud of the Gauntlet 2 compared to the previous version is said to reduce noise level by 8dB.

HAM makes sound level assessments subjectively. But it’s clear that the Gauntlet 2 is definitely backyard friendly and quieter than the first version. Further, a claim for the Gauntlet 2 is that it provides more consistent shots than the previous version.

The test also showed that the shot count for the original Gauntlet is less than the HAM. Another claim is that the cocking effort has decreased by 15% compared to the original Gauntlet.

I think the cocking effort has been reduced. I haven’t measured the cocking effort, but my subjective impression is that it’s somewhat lower than before.


The Gauntlet 2 impressed in a number of ways, with consistency, quality and durability being among its highlights. It delivered consistent performance from a wide range of pellet weights, with an average accuracy that was better than we had anticipated.

There is no doubt that this PCP air rifle delivers excellent consistency from any regulated rifle at the “value” end of the price spectrum. The one tested by HAM delivered 62 very consistent shots until the pressure dropped below the regulator set point.

This is an excellent shotgun! Compared to the original Gauntlet, its shot curve is very consistent and the trigger pull weight is very reliable. You can be assured that if you pick one of these shotguns up you’ll like it.

It varied between 2 Lb 5 Oz and 2 Lb 7 Oz in HAM testing. It’s clear that this level of consistency is consistent—with the other Gauntlet models HAM has tested before. So this isn’t unexpected.

It’s fun to find and record, but the best part is that it keeps going.


Umarex’s fully-shrouded barrel makes it one of the quietest guns in the industry. While it may be quieter than other fully-shrouded barrels, it doesn’t make a lot of noise at all when shooting.

The thunderous roar of the high power JSBs hitting the earth backstop on an outdoor 25 yard range actually sounds louder to the shooter than the gun firing! But, as with any air rifle, if the pellets fly at faster than 1,125 fps or so, they will break the sound barrier and create a loud sonic boom.

All pellets are not created equal. Some have different densities, some use different materials, some are more aerodynamic or less. But all are meant to create the same effect: to burn longer, easier, and cleaner.


The Umarex Gauntlet 2 comes supplied without iron sights or a bundled scope. This is like the original version. However, there’s an improvement – the second generation Gauntlet has a Picatinny rail for an adjustable red dot mounted optic.

It’s the same as the original Gauntlet, but now the rails are mounted to the sides, with the barrel mounting holes on the top and bottom, making for much more versatility in mounting.

It has the advantage of allowing the traditional airgun/.22 rings to be fitted. Indeed this is the fitting method we used to mount the scope for this HAM review. For this HAM review, we installed a Leapers UTG 8-32 x 56 scope.

The Umarex Gauntlet 2 large scope is a heavy, high magnification, high value scope, which matches well with the design philosophy of the Umarex Gauntlet 2. Its total weight is 11 Lbs, which is accurate to the size of the gun it is designed for.


The Umarex Gauntlet 2 is a large air rifle. Overall length is 47 Inches, which is longer than most PCPs. The all-up weight of the rig tested by HAM was 11 Lbs 0 Oz, including the scope.

However, the long front-mounted HPA tank brings the center of gravity well forward. It’s manageable, but could be a tough proposition for smaller shooters to hold steady. Obtaining a good cheek weld – so important for practical accuracy – is facilitated by the adjustable cheek piece.

The new “screw locking” system allows for easy vertical adjustments of the scope rails, even when using the standard “T” mounts.

To get more bang for your buck, the upgraded stock design of the Umarex Gauntlet 2 allows for a bipod to be installed. M-Lok slots are incorporated in the upper sides and the base of the forend.

In order to test this, we mounted a Leapers UTG “TBNR” bipod to a Picatinny rail adapter installed in the M-Lok slots. The result was solid and sturdy.

Shooting with a bipod is the most stable way to shoot the Gauntlet. You should try it if you can.


This is a better Gauntlet than the original version. It’s more stylish and better looking.

This looks good in the video I watched, although the one piece design might be hard to conceal in a hunting situation. The new Gauntlet is very sleek, though. It is very nicely done, and the Flat Dark Earth is a nice look.

There are many downsides to this watch that make it less desirable than other models. For example, the band is not made from the highest quality materials, and overall finish is about average for the price.

What about the HPA tank? There’s one with a gloss black finish, and it’s in a different price range.


If there is anything that will disappoint you about this gun, it would be the lack of a 10-round magazine, as there is no longer a need for this in an emergency situation. However, there is a 10-shot magazine, a single shot tray and a de-gassing tool bundled with this shotgun, so there is plenty to like about it.

The Umarex Gauntlet 2 uses a detachable regulated HPA bottle. This design makes the unit much easier to use, because it doesn’t require you to insert a probe into the barrel to adjust pressure, which is a common cause of leaks.

It’s a smart design, as it allows the pressure gauge to be located on the side of the gun. The gauge itself is incredibly small and difficult to read.

It’s frustrating that Umarex has not yet produced a gauge that is more legible and more convenient for the consumer. To provide the best service we can to our customers, HAM recommends that you use only the larger gauge on an HPA tank or compressor when filling your Gauntlet 2.

Since the new Gauntlet 2 Gun has a high HPA fill pressure of 4,500 PSI, we’ve had an immediate question. Can it still be filled from a hand pump? The answer is yes. Because the regulator is set for a relatively low 1,900 PSI, you could use a hand pump to charge the gun with High Pressure Air.

Most people only fill to 3,000 PSI at the most. For most golfers, that will be enough to hit balls that are a bit more forgiving and easier to control.

Even though the regulator pressure has been climbing for the past few years, it’s still relatively low. Hand pumping thus remains a viable possibility for most owners.

Umarex Gauntlet 2 Hunting Kit Specs

Max Velocity1075 fps
Overall Length47.0″
Weight10.0 lbs
ScopeableWeaver & 11mm dovetails
Suggested forSmall game hunting/target practice
Caliber.22 (5.5mm)
Muzzle Energy33 ft/lbs
Barrel Length28.25″
Shot Capacity10
Front Sightnone
Rear Sightnone
PowerplantPre-charged pneumatic
Max Shots per Fill70
Body TypeRifle
Fixed/adj. powerFixed
Cylinder Size393 cc

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