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Top 10 Airsoft Mission Games #45

airsoft mission game

Top 10 Airsoft Mission Games

There are eighteen Airsoft mission games to try out for Airsoft Gun Enthusiasts. These games are all very different in what they offer but they’re all fun and some of them even require a little skill. Try these games out today!

airsoft mission game

The airsoft craze has spread across the world because it is an entertaining and energizing hobby. Airsoft games are played with air guns which shoot plastic BBs and are extremely realistic replicas of real, popular firearms.

When it comes to playing airsoft games you can’t just play the “games” that are out there. Instead, you should create your own games or rules so that you and your friends can play together.

Paintballing as a variation of the paintball craze has come a long way. These days, airsoft guns have greatly improved in performance and realism.

Airsoft shooting simulations are a big part of the airsoft hobby, but they’re also commonly used for training purposes. This list includes 18 popular airsoft games that are very popular among users.


Airsoft Mission Game – President

The most exciting airsoft game these days is President. It doesn’t matter what type of airsoft gun or airsoft gear you have – it’ll work. The format is simple – there is one president when the game begins.

At the beginning half of players in the game are going to be the president’s bodyguards, and the remaining players are the assassins. To win the game, the president is supposed to reach the specified safe location without being hurt, so the bodyguards need to be on alert and protect the president at all cost.

Assassination is about being strategic. You have to kill your targets in order to win. In this Airsoft game you’ll be doing most of your killing in a confined space so you need to be careful not to get caught.

Airsoft Mission Game – Zombie

Zombies are the enemies in the video game, called “Zombie”, where a player must fight against an ever increasing horde of the undead.

In the end of the game, all the players are infected with the virus and they try to get a cure from a group of people. If all the people in the game die then the game is over. So, it’s important that you don’t fall victim to the zombie virus.

People who play this game often use electric airsoft pistols to make the game more challenging. You can also use rifles if you want.

This scenario is a good one for a larger group of players to work together. It’s also an excellent way to change up a Capture the Flag scenario.

For example, a group of players can pretend to be Zombies to the other team. The objective is the living battle each other and the dead. Players killed in action can become the living dead.

Zombies can only be killed by machete to the head. If the “alive” players capture the machete, the game is over.

Airsoft Mission Game – Bomb

It’s a new exciting game that is based on the original concept of getting a bomb to the opposing team base. It’s like the popular game “Counterstrike” but this time you’re not playing against humans, you are playing against other players who have their own teams.

The bomb is located at the opposing teams base, the team who disposes of the bomb first wins. If the bomb is not disposes of before it goes off, they lose. If they can kill the opposing team before they put the bomb, they win.

You can use an egg timer as a bomb and set it for five minutes.

In this variation of a classic game of hide and seek, one small team is the Bomb Squad. The objective is simple: one small team seeks out bombs hidden in the playing area while another team defends the playing area against incoming attacks.

It’s always possible for one person to hide the bombs prior to the start of the game. The best idea is for one volunteer or referee to place the fake bombs around the field, then tell the players about the bombs when they arrive at the game. Players would have an advantage over those who don’t know about the fake bombs.

One of the most complicated games can be made more complex by adding a number of bombs. Each bomb has a timer, and it’s set to 30 minutes. The Bomb Squad has to seek out and diffuse each bomb before the time expires.

In the game of Jenga, a bomb is placed on the block. If the block falls, the bomb explodes and everyone loses. If the block holds, then it continues on the next round, and so on, until the last bomb is located and all the blocks are removed.

Airsoft Mission Game – Special Forces

The game of the Special Forces is similar to a military simulation. It’s designed to help train Special Forces units.

In this game you can use your airsoft rifles, airsoft shotguns, or airsoft pistols for side arms. To make it even more exciting you can also incorporate airsoft grenades. The game does come with protective airsoft gear, so it is important to always wear protective airsoft gear when playing.

In order to win the game, you only need to kill off the other team, and since the bad guys are always going to have twice the number of men as the special forces, they begin with an advantage. This makes a good strategy crucial for the special forces.

Airsoft Mission Game – Medic

It’s called medic because in this airsoft game you need a medic on your team. One medic heals other people if they have been shot, so they don’t get killed. You need to be the medic and help your teammates stay in the game.

If you want to become a better medic, don’t take unnecessary risks. Don’t take the chance to be killed in a battle. Make sure that your teammates are in a safe position when you are going into the battlefield.

A game that’s played mainly by airsoft aficionados, Medic is another classic. In this game the objective is simple – to shoot and kill your enemies. If you have a large group of people, then two Medics can go head to head against any other number of players. You’ll want to make sure that there are no more than two Medics for every fifteen to twenty players.

Teammates must guard the Medics from the opposing team. The Medic’s objective is to maneuver the field “healing” their fallen team members. Once healed, players can then rejoin the game. They can either treat players where they have fallen or transport them to a safe zone, while trying not to be killed along the way.

This is an important part of the game that needs to be known and understood by new players. If the Medic is killed, they are out and cannot respawn. Once the Medic is retired, all medics are out, and it is only a matter of time before one team kills off the other team. The last team standing wins.

Limit the number of Medic’s on the battlefield, but don’t limit the amount of damage they can do.

Airsoft Mission Game – Fortress

In the game Fortress, half the players defend a small fortress area. Their goal is to prevent the other players from eliminating them and winning the game.

Each round is an elimination tournament. One team will be completely eliminated and the game will be over.

Airsoft Mission Game – Capture The Flag

Another popular tactical game. You have to split up the players into two teams, each with a home base. You need to capture the flag by outnumbering your opponents.

The home base for each team is where their flag should be placed. There needs to be two different colored flags to distinguish the teams. In order to win, you need to get the opposing team’s flag back to their base before you’re shot.

This airsoft gun game is a team competition where the players are divided into four teams, ie. Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. Each team has six different positions. To win, you must capture all six positions within 30 minutes to one hour.

If a player is shot, he must go back to a position that’s under his team’s control and he must wait 5 minutes before he’s allowed to re-enter the game. The game ends when all posts are captured or when the time is up. If the time expires then the team with the most positions claimed wins.

Airsoft Mission Game – CQB (Close Quarters Combat)

Airsoft is a real-life sport that uses replicas of real firearms. Players engage in shooting matches where airsoft guns are used instead of real firearms. Some of the popular games include Paintball, and Airsoft.

CQB (Close Quarter Battle) is a game of teams vs. teams, where the winning team is the team that eliminates the other team entirely. The only caveat is that gameplay occurs in tight confines, hence the name “Close Quarters”.

It is very difficult to be sure who is using what weapons on a battlefield. Small arms and single shot weapons can be used. This is entirely up to both teams prior to the battle.

In order to win you have to eliminate the other team.

Airsoft Mission Game – Hostage Rescue

Hostage Rescue requires two teams, one team is the guards, and the other team is the hostages and the rescuers. The guards are positioned at various places throughout the battlefield area with the hostages close by.

The rescue team is going to try and free the hostages as quickly as possible, and if the guards are not eliminated by the rescue team they will eventually be eliminated. But it’s also important for the rescue team to get the hostages to their safe location as quickly as possible.

If the airsoft rescuers can free all the hostages and get them to the safe place, they will win. The airsoft rescuers should have airsoft rifles but also need to carry airsoft pistols to give to a hostage when they rescue them.

Airsoft Mission Game – Fort Wars

It’s called Fort Wars, and in this variation of Capture the Flag you’re in a castle with your own team’s flag in a fortress. The other team must try to take over the castle while you try to protect the flag and prevent them from getting your flag. Three players can defend the fort while the rest of the team works to place the flag in the other team’s fortress.

Airsoft Mission Game – Special Game Blackhawk Down

There are lots of variations of rescue games. This is one of my favorites. It can be a one man show or a two team game. It works best in an open field or clearing. You can play it by itself or as part of a larger game. This is the rescue version of a “Black Hawk Down”.

The pilot is severely injured and may not be able to walk or move for some time. He’s likely going to need help if he wants to stay alive.

Once one of the teams finds him, they must carry him to the extraction zone. The objective is to find the injured pilot and carry him to the extraction zone with little team casualties. It could be fun to play with four small teams to see which alliances are formed (or broken) among team members.

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