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Best TenPoint Siege RS410 Review #13

TenPoint Siege RS410

Best Bowstring for Tenpoint Siege RS410

These​ TenPoint Siege RS410 Custom Bow Strings by Tenpoint are made with the highest quality materials to ensure they will stand up to years of use.

America’s Best Crossbows only uses the finest BCY fiber in the manufacturing of our crossbow strings combined with the most advanced string building technologies, which results in a string that is unmatched in quality and performance.

TenPoint Siege RS410


TenPoint Siege RS410 Crossbow

The TenPoint Siege series brings a new level of performance and features at a price we’ve never seen. The siege is a smaller version of the larger models, but it still brings a unique feature and performance level to the table that has never been seen in this price range.

A Cocking Slide system allows for easy and safe cocking. A single user simply lifts the cocked slide to cock the bow. The cocking action is smooth and does not require any additional weight to perform. The trigger has been redesigned and the sear has been lowered for a crisper 3.5lb pull.

TenPoint Siege RS410

Micro-Trac barrels, used to protect and extend the life of tennis strings, are a patented technology developed by Dr. Richard Schuerman, a biomechanics researcher at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

The Rangemaster Pro Scope offers several different ways to help you shoot more accurately at different distances. The scope is able to adjust the reticle between 20 and 60 yards, and it features a range of illumination options so you can easily see what you’re shooting at in low light conditions.

TenPoint Siege RS410 Crossbow Package

The Siege RS410 is the most stealthy bow ever created by TenPoint Crossbows. It features an innovative, multi-material construction and an advanced string guide system that creates a whisper quiet draw and shot.

The Siege RS410 features a short stock design with a neck-snapping 410-grain carbon bolt that pushes 400-grain centerpunches through target plates at an impressive 410 fps. This premium package also includes a range master scope and Tenpoint’s innovative Micro-Trac barrel reducing string to rail contact by 50%, to ensure accurate shots from every angle.

TenPoint Siege RS410

This package is comprised of the same six bolt features as the package mentioned above, but with a few minor upgrades. The new feature is a 6-Bolt Tech Quiver. This comes with its own accessory package and is available in either black or OD green. The cocking and de-cocking system are now included, and this gives users the ability to fire their shotgun while it is in the receiver. It also has a two stage S1 trigger, which offers both a crisp trigger pull and a smooth release of the action.

First Impressions

TenPoint, which is headquartered in Elkhart, Ind., has expanded its line of hunting crossbows. The company’s newest crossbow is the TenPoint Siege RS410, which is a compact reverse-draw crossbow with a 10-inch barrel. It is built on the same bolt action system as the TenPoint Havoc RS440, but includes more features and better performance.

TenPoint Siege RS410

The Siege RS410 is just like the Havoc RS440 in every way – except that the string stop is integrated into the bolt itself rather than being part of the crossbow. That way it doesn’t have to be mounted to the crossbow and isn’t subject to vibrations. And since the bolt is made from high-strength steel, it should hold up well to even the most aggressive hunts.

Design and Durability

The Ravin R26 Compact Crossbow is one of the smallest compact crossbows on the market. Only the TenPoint Siege RS410 is more compact than it.

This bolt action rifle already weighs 2.5 pounds, after installing the scope and 6-arrow tech quiver it weighs around 9 pounds. With a power stroke of 3.5 inches and a draw weight of 220 pounds, the Siege RS410 shoots arrows at 410 feet per second.

TenPoint Siege RS410

The Havoc RS440 is a precision-made gun with a heavy-duty receiver that can take a lot of abuse and a barrel that can do the same. The big difference between the two rifles is that the Havoc RS440 has a light pull weight of only 230 pounds.

This can not only help to keep the head cooler but it can also reduce the risk of developing hearing loss due to exposure to the loud noises that may be present in the workplace.


The TenPoint RangeMaster ProScope is a rangefinder with a variable zoom capability (1.5-5x) and is capable of accurate rangefinding out to 60 yards and beyond. It’s equipped with illuminated reticles for easy target acquisition.

TenPoint Siege RS410

It’s a great scope for low-light conditions, but it’s best to use the battery for a couple of hours as this will reduce the strength of the battery and the illuminated reticle is then perfect for low-light conditions.

Sighting in the RangeMaster Pro Scope

When you go out hunting with your new crossbow you should test out its abilities first, especially if you’re going into unfamiliar territory. To do so, go to a range and try out the sights and other features of the crossbow. It’s best to do this in advance of your hunting trip.

TenPoint Siege RS410

As you can see in the picture, make sure to adjust it to the right speed and it will probably take a bit of dialing-in before you have it dead-center. That being said, it’s one of the easiest scopes to sight-in.

Noise Reducing Features

The Siege Crossbow RS410 is a quiet crossbow that will fit any situation. The new version uses a Havoc RS440 design and lowers the draw weight by 50 pounds.

TenPoint Siege RS410

This is an attempt to find a single way of stopping the string from bouncing off the wall. Some say that string stops are not needed, and that you can just play a faster game, but for me, I believe that a better, more efficient way is worth the effort to try to improve.


TenPoint installed its latest ACUslide cocking and de-cocking system on the Siege RS410. TenPoint didn’t upgrade the ACU crank cocking device this year but it’s still the best crank cocking system for a crossbow.

TenPoint Siege RS410

The ACU Slide is a simple to operate firearm that uses the same method as a traditional pistol grip shotgun. The ACU Slide is easily held and loaded. It’s an excellent alternative for those that want to use a shotgun.


For any new rifle purchase, it’s important to perform a complete check of the gun, including inspecting the bore of the barrel for cracks or breaks. This is because there is no 100% guarantee that the gun you buy is free of damage, as not all manufacturers include this inspection on their guns. The gun should also be tuned to zero when you receive it, and have all of its parts (scope, rings, and mounts) tested. If you’re concerned about a specific part of your rifle, such as the trigger, then bring it with you for a final inspection.

Our crossbows were also perfectly sighted in. The Siege RS410 also has the S1 trigger. It’s a very smooth, 2-stage, zero creep trigger. One of the best on the market. For our speed test we’ll always use the arrows that are included with the package.

TenPoint Siege RS410

TenPoint sells a 6-pack of EVO-X 16-inch carbon arrows. These arrows have a weight of 400 grains and are inspected for straightness to within.001-inch and each package is weight-grain matched within 1-grain per arrow.

The new weight-scale registered the same weight for each of the six arrows, which is really good. This suggests that we will be able to accurately measure the arrows’ weights in real-time. With a target at a 50-yard distance, we managed to get a group of <1.5 inches and an average speed of 409 feet per second.

TenPoint Siege RS410

The Siege RS410 is also a very quiet crossbow! Compact made comfortable – Measuring just 2.5 inches long and 3.5-inches wide, the Siege RS410 provides unrivaled comfort in a compact crossbow. It’s adjustable butt plate extends up to 1″ to match your length-of-pull.

Storage and Transportation

The HALO Bowpack is the first hunting backpack that can store crossbows. This is a backpack made especially for compact reverse-draw crossbows. We always suggest to store it in a case that is recommended by the manufacturer.

TenPoint Siege RS410

When it comes to transportation, a great feature is not only being able to take your gear everywhere you go, but also the ability to do so in a way that it can be protected. The Siege RS410 is one such product that comes with a padded exterior shell with Brushed Tricot and a padded interior with two hook and loop straps to secure the crossbow during travel.

TenPoint Siege RS410

The TenPoint Havoc RS440 and Siege RS410 are two ultra-compact rifle scopes made by Tenpoint. The Havoc RS440 and Siege RS410 are both rigid frame scopes, and they are designed to be carried in tree stands, such as a G6H-20. Both scopes have a top-mounted rubber grip handle for hanging, and the RS440 also has a rigid frame for additional back support. The RS410 is slightly longer than the RS440, and it is designed to fit more compact models of rifle scopes.

TenPoint Siege RS410

The TenPoint Siege RS410 is a very compact, quiet, and accurate crossbow. It has a speed of 410 feet per second. It is also very durable and is very easy to maintain.

TenPoint Siege RS410

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