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Tavor 21 AEG Airsoft Rifle, Desert Tan #86

Tavor 21

Tavor 21 AEG Airsoft Rifle

Tavor 21 has developed a line of rifles that are some of the most reliable and advanced in the field. If you’re looking for the best rifle for the money, this is the one for you.

This rifle can easily replace the M4 used in the movies and is ideal for cqb airsoft skirmishes.

The Tavor is patterned after it’s real firearm counterpart and has an ABS plastic stock, grip, and handguard.

The design of the gun is currently issued to the I.D.F. (Israeli Defense Force), it’s compact size and outstanding functionality replaced the standard M4/M16 rifles that are used by the I.D.F.

Tavor 21

Tavor Tactical is a manufacturer of over-the-counter (OTC) rifle scopes and accessories. Their range of products includes tactical riflescopes, tactical optics, red dot sights and flashlights. For over 40 years, they have manufactured precision bolt action rifles.

This gun is capable of shooting powerful bullets. It’s recommended to use.20g or higher ammunition, however it may not be suitable for use with lower.20g ammo.

The Tavor is equipped with an adjustable hop-up unit for increased accuracy on long-range targets.


IWI Tavor Introduction

The Tavor is produced by Israel Weapon Industries (IWI). The Tavor is designed to maximize reliability, durability, simplicity of design, and ease of maintenance, particularly under adverse or battlefield conditions.

Israel Military Industries initiated the Tavor development team in 1995, under the direction of gun designer Zalmen Shebs. The goal of the project was to create an assault rifle that was more reliable, durable, and easier to maintain than the M4A1 carbine, while also being better suited to close-quarters combat and mechanized infantry roles.

A woman whose car became stuck on the side of a New York highway has managed to pull herself out by her seatbelt using only a pair of scissors.

The gun is not new, but it’s being developed for a particular purpose. It was designed to meet Israeli Army requirements.

IWI Tavor Design

The Tavor 21 rifle, with its bullpup configuration, shortens the rifle’s overall length without sacrificing barrel length.

As a result, the Tavor 21 provides carbine overall length and it also can achieve rifle muzzle velocities if equipped with a rifle-length barrel.

In the Tavor 21, the long-stroke piston system is the one that bears a family resemblance to the AK-47’s design. This allows it to function similar to an AK-47, however in this case, the bolt’s bolt lugs are positioned on either side of the barrel rather than on top of it as in the AK.

In fact, because the short-stroke piston system is similar to the AR-15’s, its receiver has been adapted for use with both the Tavor and the Colt AR.

Ambidexterity And Modularity

The Tavor uses ambidextrous and modular design that enables users to configure a right-handed rifle as a left-handed rifle and vice versa in a short period of time. It’s a quick and easy process with a few small screws and a lot of love.

Due to the bullpup design, the weapon can become extremely hot in certain shooting scenarios. This may cause problems such as burning the shooter’s face, or getting so hot that it begins to heat up the eyes, leading to the condition known as TASER blindness. This has been addressed by some manufacturers by implementing a vent on the unused side of the weapon.

Its 17 LPI trigger provides fast, smooth and reliable pull. It’s equipped with an ambidextrous fire selector with a semi-automatic and fully automatic modes.

The Tavor can also be mounted with the M203 grenade launcher, and a special accessory that increases the range of the Tavor can also be used.

Ammunition Feeding

A fully loaded Tavor 21 rifle can feed 7+1 rounds in a single mag. This is enough for two soldiers with three magazines each in case one soldier goes down.

In the past round bolt catch rounds were unreliable, often failing to reliably lock in place even after firing. This had a detrimental effect in that an AR’s semi-auto trigger would still be cycling long after the magazine had run out of ammunition.


There are many kinds of barrels, such as the AR15 and AK47 that we all know and love, but there’s also another kind. You probably never thought about the TAR-21 barrel, but it is actually the most popular among Israeli soldiers.

It’s a heavy bullet, but this makes it a great bullet for the money. The barrel features 6 grooves in a 178mm (1 in 7 inch) twist, or 32 calibers right hand twist rate.


There are different types of the Tavor: the TAR-21 is standard with a notched barrel to accept an M203 40mm under-barrel grenade launcher, and the GTAR-21 standard version with a notched barrel to accommodate a suppressor.

The standard version is called the GTAR-21, while the compact version is called the CTAR-21. The Star version comes with a folding bipod and a high-power Trijicon ACOG 4× zoom rifle scope.

The latest evolution of the Tavor, the MTAR-21 is the most accurate assault rifle in the world. The MTAR-21 is manufactured by the Indian Ordnance Factories Board (OFB) and available in 8×33mm Kurz cartridge, the only cartridge that can compete with the 62×39mm NATO cartridges used in other weapons. It is manufactured in various calibers and versions.

Umarex Tavor 21 AEG Airsoft Rifle Feeling

Great feel, good rate of fire. Can easily put 500+ rounds downrange with this rifle.

I think it would be best if this magazine is made for a long-action rifle or a semi-automatic (like a bolt-action) that will not feed too quickly, because it might become a nightmare to swap magazines with such a rifle.

It’s really pretty simple to access even while you’re lying down.

It’s pretty easy to swap out batteries, though I find that you need to become comfortable with the battery mechanism before you master it.

If you need a full size bed, we’d recommend the Cal King Size. This position for the optional sight rail is very good.

It’s easy to adjust the hop, and there are mechanisms in place to make sure these sensitive components are covered.

I like the positioning of the selector switch as well.

Overall, it’s what you want out of a quality AR-15 rifle. It should have good balance and a strong action.

Tavor 21 AEG Airsoft Rifle Specs

Max Velocity360 fps
Overall Length27.25″
Weight5.4 lbs
Suggested forSkirmishing
Shot Capacity300
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightFlip-up
Rear SightFlip-up
Hop UpAdjustable
MaterialMetal/ABS plastic
Body TypeRifle

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