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#2 The Best High Pressure Shower Heads

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Upgrade your bathroom, conserve water, save money, and enjoy a fantastic shower

A high pressure shower head delivers one of the main ingredients for a pleasant shower experience – a steady, invigorating spray.

A simple device can make showering in an apartment building a lot more fun. It also saves on water use, which means it’s good for the environment and the wallet.

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If you’ve ever had trouble getting a quality shower at a public restroom, then it’s time to upgrade to one of these high-pressure shower heads that provide a powerful stream of water and are worth the investment.


What to Look for When Choosing the Best High-Pressure Shower Head

High pressure shower heads are a perfect choice for anyone who wants to maximize their shower experience. There are several functional elements and design features to consider when shopping for a high pressure shower head.

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Flow rate is one of the most important considerations when shopping for a vacuum. Look for features like power consumption, ease of use, and other options.

These are the criteria that we consider in making our picks in this lineup.


There are 4 basic shower head designs. Wall mounted, handheld, rain shower head, and three way. Depending on bathroom size and layout, and your personal preferences, the model that works best for you will vary.

Wall Mounted Shower Heads These types of shower heads are typically found in bathrooms that are smaller than average, such as in a guest bathroom or master bathroom. The shower head mounts to the wall with a suction cup and is held in place by the weight of the water. These are usually inexpensive and easy to install, but can be difficult to remove when not in use.

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Handheld Shower Heads These shower heads are often used in larger bathrooms. They are designed to be held in one hand and operated while the other hand washes.

The best rain shower head revitalizes a shower routine, helps bring you to a place of relaxation, and feels like a spa inside a home. While shopping, there are some considerations to factor in before purchasing a rain shower, such as installation, fit, material, and more. Here are a few important factors to think about when selecting a rain shower head.


The finish on a shower head isn’t purely aesthetic; it’s also about water efficiency. Options range from traditional chrome to modern brass to classic black matte.

Finishes add even more possibilities for customizing the look of the shower and the entire bathroom, giving your home an elegant and unique look.

For cohesiveness, the bathroom should have a shower head that compliments the hardware in the bathroom, such as the sink faucet, toilet flush lever, drawer pulls, etc.

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Chrome, polished brass, brushed nickel, and stainless steel are top choices for durability. They’re usually applied over other types of finish for a durable result. 

Chrome is the most popular finish for shower heads by far, while polished brass is its golden-hued counterpart. These shiny finishes give a clean and classic look, but they also highlight every soap spot.

Matte finishes, like brushed nickel and stainless, give the same long-lasting shine as chrome. They also resist spotting.

Spray Patterns

A high-pressure showerhead provides plenty of force, but the shape of the spray determines your comfort. Some shower heads offer a lot of spray-pattern options, with some offering up to eight options.

Choose from a pulse-pounding massage, a power-packed stream, a gentle mist, a soaking rain. If you have a big family, it’s worth looking for a shower head that will give you extra volume and water.

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The shape of the spray also matters. A flat spray is best for cleaning hair, while a wide spray is good for washing larger areas, like your body. A “spout” shape is best for bathing. If you don’t have time for a full shower or don’t want to wait for the water to heat up, consider using an automatic shower head. It can provide up to 30 minutes of continuous spray, saving you from standing there with your hands in the hot water. 

Energy-Saving Certification

Some governments regulate showerhead flow rates to help conserve water and energy.

Water saving shower heads are the newest trend in the bathroom. They provide a great shower but use only 2 gallons of water per minute. They’re perfect for the environment and save a lot of water when compared to standard shower heads on the market.

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EPA estimates that replacing a conventional shower head with a low flow WaterSense shower head can save over 3, 000 gallons of water per year. And for people who use about 17% of all the home water supply (showering), that’s a huge savings. It’s a good idea to take a look at the list of water-efficient shower heads and choose one that fits your style and lifestyle.

Look for the WaterSense label on any products that claim to be water-efficient. Products bearing the label, and meeting certain criteria, are tested by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for their ability to conserve water and energy.

Optional Features

Shower heads that come with a wide variety of features include lights, sound, and smart technology. A shower with LED lights is an oasis of tranquility in a noisy and sometimes messy home.

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Shower heads are a good choice for showering with someone else. They include a Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to music or podcasts together. There are a number of smart shower head options available. You can choose ones that will work with Alexa, ones that will turn on automatically, and so on.

How To Tested the Best High-Pressure Shower Heads

This is the best high pressure showerhead for you. Our testing process was unbiased and objective so you know you’re getting the right one.

You should compare your shower heads. Look for the gallons per minute, ease of installation and use, whether they’re suitable for the high pressure needs in a typical shower and how well they hold up over time.

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We also looked at the ease of opening and closing the packaging, the ease of applying the product, and whether the product could be left on the hair without drying it.

We also looked at how the water felt when it streams through your hair, and is the shower head really high pressure?

This was the basis for our ranking system, and our results are presented in this table.

The Advantages of Owning a High-Pressure Shower Head

Shower heads are great for getting clean and comfortable during your next shower. High pressure shower heads will give you an improved showering experience.

These powerful shower heads decrease the water flow rate and increase water pressure by using variable spray patterns or compression chamber engineering. The increased pressure feels invigorating and cleans efficiently, while the decreased flow rate saves water.

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If you’re living in an area with poor or nonexistent water pressure, this is a lifesaver. Showering with high pressure showers uses much less water compared to conventional ones.

This is why it’s best to use a combination of water heating and electricity-based heating rather than one or the other. Switching to a high pressure shower head will save you a lot of water. And when you pay less for your water, you save money every month.

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