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#5 Benefits of Interactive Play for Cats

play for cat

Benefits of Interactive Play for Cats

Interactive play for cats are very important. The image of cats at play is very popular, but it’s only part true. Cats have many needs that go beyond food and water, and require some assistance. Cats need to get more attention. They are bored, stressed, fearful, have little or no environmental enrichment, and their home is so busy, that they don’t have time to play.

Playing with cats is an excellent way to provide them with playtime for all their mental, physical, and emotional needs. Too many indoor cats are becoming couch potatoes, with the only exercise coming in the form of a trip to the bowl and box.

Cats play is a great way to keep our feline friends entertained. While the cats love it, the fact of the matter is that cat toys are also a good investment for your feline companions.

Cats are smart and playful, and they’ll enjoy their play time even more with an assortment of cat toys. The right cat toys will make a huge difference to your pet’s health.


What Is Interactive Play

When you play with your cat, it’s more than just about you or your cat. It’s a fun time when both of you benefit from it, whether it’s a fun playtime or a solo playtime.

Using a fishing-pole toy, you make the “prey” come alive through your movements. These movements trigger the instinct in the cat to hunt, chase, catch, and eat. Most interactive toys have a target toy attached to a string that hangs from the end of a wand.

play for cat

To be clear, the “string” part becomes invisible, allowing the cat to focus intensely on the prey’s movement, but only as long as it wants. You have the power to decide how your target behaves in the eyes of your customers.

Playtime And A Cat’s Physical Health

Play time, exercise, and physical health and fitness are the three most obvious benefits of play time for most people. Play is a must for your cat, because it keeps him in top condition, helps to prevent obesity, helps to maintain his mobility and allows for a release of energy.

Some indoor cats need to get more exercise, but their owners aren’t always willing to play with them. Senior cats benefit from play and exercise. The activities that help them most are gentle exercise and massage.

play for cat

For kittens, playtime is an opportunity to explore the world around them, build self-confidence, and learn about how they interact with their environment.

Playtime for kittens is an important education for future survival. It teaches them important skills for stalking and capturing prey. Playtime is great for cats. They learn about social interactions, like biting things, and they get to practice their play skills. When you’re around, give them lots of opportunities to play.

Interactive Playtime Builds Confidence

Interactive play lets timid or fearful cats feel confident that they’ll be safe from harm. The wand toy lets the cat decide whether it wants to approach the new cat. It’s good to see a wild cat engaging its instinct to stalk, pounce and capture. In this case, it’s a tool for building your confidence.

play for cat

When you play this way, a scared cat will be more comfortable, and it may gain enough trust to venture out of a hiding place to chase the toy, knowing he always has the choice to retreat, and that you aren’t too close.

During each play session your cat feels safer and more confident and they are learning that they can be safe and feel secure with you.

Interactive Play Help Strengthen Bonds

Introducing new family members, furry or human, can be a lot of fun. Acclimating to a new pet or baby often requires an adjustment period. 

Your cat may enjoy playing with a variety of cat toys. Playing with your cat, and swapping each of their toys, could be a bonding experience between the two of you. Show your cats regular attention by playing with them and their toys. This will remind them that you still care.

Playing games together with your cat can bring positive feelings to both of you, which in turn can result in better behaviors and more positive associations between you two. If you want to improve your bond with your new cat, interactive play is a great way to start. It helps the newcomer become familiar with his environment.

Your cat will respond to your gentle interactions and will appreciate the attention if you keep giving it. I always tell my clients to get a special interactive toy that the new family member uses, so it becomes a very special event for the cat.

play for cat

Playtime is a great way to introduce a new cat to the house where there is an established cat. We all know that playing and eating food is an important part of life. But playtime is also a big motivator.

Don’t give cats just one toy. If they’re playing, ask them to do it in parallel, and if you have someone helping, have a wand toy in each hand. It might be that way for a while, but over time they’ll find different toys to play with, and the competition will ease up.

Beat Boredom With Interactive Play

Are your cats bored? If so, they may seek stimulation in counter-productive ways. Play is a time when children are learning to interact, and develop skills. It’s a fun and rewarding experience.

Cat agility classes are a great way for your cat to become more adept at moving through different spaces. The important thing about playtime is that it should be done correctly and frequently.

Outdoors cats who must rely on their hunting skills to survive have many opportunities for outdoor exercise and stimulation. Outdoor cats should be kept away from trees or they’ll be killed.

play for cat

Indoor life is definitely safer for cats but it’s important to make sure they do not have the ability to roam free. With this type of play, your cat can enjoy what it means to be a cat without having to worry about where his next meal is coming from.

Behavior Benefits Of Interactive Play

Interactive play is an underused tool for helping to prevent or correct behavior problems.

Behavior plans are very important when trying to solve problems in behavior. They’re especially helpful when dealing with fear, aggression, boredom, depression, intercat conflict, introducing a new pet or family member, cognitive decline, distress, and more.

When you have multiple cats, interactive playtime can help redirect one cat’s focus from another cat and onto the toy. It might be worth mentioning that if a situation escalates into a fight, it’s better to call the police and have the other party arrested.

play for cat

Introducing a new cat to an already established cat household should involve some amount of play time between the cats. Having play time between them will help both cats get to know each other better and develop positive associations.

Promote Activity and Exercise

Sleep is important to cats. In fact, they spend more than half their lives sleeping. If your cat is spending more time on the couch, she may be at risk for health problems. One of the best ways to help get your kitties out of a rut is to encourage.

They’ll be having fun and they’ll be keeping them healthy. Win-win situation!

Help Eliminate Boredom

Cats are curious creatures who want to know everything. In the case where their surroundings are always the same, they may become bored. Incorporate new cat toys into your cat’s toy bin to improve their playtime and add variety to their environment.

Help Relieve Anxiety and Stress

All living things, including cats, have stress and anxiety, but as cat lovers we understand better how this plays out for our kitties. Cats experience stress and anxiety when they move to a new home, experience thunderstorms, or encounter new pets in the household.

One of the benefits of cat toys is that they can help prevent destructive behaviors in these challenging situations. Some new cat toys may also be beneficial to your cat. These toys may help your cat feel more settled in a new environment and help build a sense of trust.

play for cat

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