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#39 Best Dress Up Party Themes

Dress Up Party Themes for Adults

You’ve come to the right place if you want to find the best dress up party themes for adults. When it comes to adult costume parties, dress up dinner parties and masquerade themed events, they are a lot of fun and will certainly liven up your party planning. You don’t have to spend a small fortune to dress up.

We’ve got a bunch of adult party themes below for your next party. A party where everyone dresses up as their favorite superhero, princess, or super-villain is a great way to have a fun Halloween party or any other costume party.

Dressing up like different characters is a fun way to liven up an ordinary party or to throw a surprise 40th birthday party.

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Team Colors Party

Team colors parties are a great way to support your favorite team. Football/soccer is an easy dress-up party theme because most people can find clothes in the same colors as their favorite team.

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You’ll enjoy this sports theme for dressing up your room. You could also use the Olympic themes and colors instead of the regular sports teams and country flags.

Color Party

The best thing to do for a birthday party is to theme it around your favorite color. You can decorate with things you already have or buy inexpensive decorations.

This is the case because, white is the color that brings out the beauty of the surroundings, making a dull room look more attractive.

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If you’re not sure what kind of theme you want for your next party, choose a color! You can use this as the theme for your next party by choosing a single color. Color Party themes are the perfect occasion for an interactive party.

Great Gatsby Party

The Great Gatsby is the perfect option for a dress up party theme. Choose from the many different Gatsby characters or a Gatsby-inspired theme for your event!

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A Gatsby party is a great excuse to wear your finest flapper dress and top hat, but a good Gatsby party isn’t just for the 1920’s. At a ‘Great Gatsby Party’ men could wear suits and bow ties.

Mardi Gras Party

Mardi Gras is a very popular dress up party theme. For your Mardi Gras dress up party, you’ll want to get a lot of beads, masks, face paint, feather boas, drink stirrers. Go with the traditional colors: gold, purple, green and white.

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Costumes are a great idea if you want to really stand out from the crowd. Revealing costumes work well if you are attending a costume party or a masquerade.

Favorite Character Party

This is the chance to dress up as your favorite Disney characters, TV show characters, or movie stars. A popular kids’ party game is the favorite character party, and it can also be used for adults when you want to have a fun, inexpensive

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We’ve got great costumes for just about everyone this year, from the Little Mermaid to the Spider-Man to the Incredibles.

Beach Party

Beach parties don’t have to be at the beach; you can host them at a nice place that is close to the ocean. This is a great adult party theme because everyone will be able to find something to wear to match the theme.

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You can wear a sarong and some beach accessories as part of your beach party look. Bright colors are perfect for a tropical beach theme.

Mad Hatter Party

Mad Hatter party is a favorite theme for adults. This tea party is perfect for a tea party dress up theme and includes Alice in Wonderland themed food, drinks and decorations.

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For Halloween it doesn’t have to be tea-party themed. Another idea is to make some finger food like drink me cookies, cake decorations, and flowers.

What can you wear to an upcoming Halloween party? Fancy dresses, costumes, jewelry, and more!

Masquerade Ball Party

Masquerade balls are an elegant dress-up theme idea, but they’re also fun. If you’re looking to look super hot and fabulous for a party, this outfit is the perfect choice. You could have a Halloween theme party with a costume contest.

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Go all out with your costumes and accessories instead of renting a formal dance floor. These masquerade ball costume ideas have all you need to make your big night a complete success!

Long gloves and feathers are the ideal accessories for the Christmas season.

Alphabet Party

If you’re invited to a “things starting with the letter J” costume party, then you’ll need a lot of ideas to come up. Get out the glitter and get to decorating! We’ve got you covered with lots of fun ideas for alphabet letter costumes.

Mexican Party

A Mexican party is a great way to get everyone involved in the festivities; it’s also an easy way to cater for lots of guests. What’s better than having a fun Mexican party? It’s an excellent party theme for adult dinner parties and get together.

You can have your food served on colorful plates – taco salad, avocado, salsa, etc. You can have a drink or two when setting up your table. The Mexican food ideas are tacos, chips and salsa, nachos, and burritos.

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Mexican themed drinks include margaritas, sangria, or tequila shots. If you want to decorate for a special occasion, it’s best to hang streamers in the colors of the Mexican flag: green, white and red.

There are many ideas for Mexican party dresses. You could be a sombrero, maraca, a poncho or have a flower in your hair.

Ancient Egypt Party

An ancient Egypt party is another fun theme. It can be themed as a Mummy or as an Egyptian Queen with Cleopatra style clothing and jewelry.

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There are several great ideas for ancient Egypt costumes including headdresses, feathers, stones, jewels, kohl makeup around eyes, and cat-eye makeup. You might have some Egyptian-themed costumes and accessories, such as a Pharaoh or Sphinx.

Vampire Party

A vampire party is a great Halloween party idea, but it can be used for any day of the year. Adults with some gothic/horror elements would love this costume!

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Vampire dresses are everywhere right now. You can dress up like a vampire with a black, red or pale looking costume with gothic accessories. You’re not limited to only finding vampire costume ideas online. There are stores that will help you make your own costume.

You can also come up with your own costumes if you know what kind of vampires you want to dress up as.

James Bond Party

A James Bond Party is a fun dress up idea for adults. It’s a good choice for a Bond fan, or anyone looking for a fun party dress up idea.

You can also make a martini or shaken drink with a twist of lemon. A James Bond party is one of the best ways to celebrate the man’s birthday. It has many unique elements, including a tuxedo suit for the men and a cocktail for the women.

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There is a complete outfit for men and women, complete with high-tech gear, and accessories like spy glasses, martini glasses, and bow ties. You can go all out with a James Bond theme dress up, and have a casino set up in the room to add to the fun of your party.

Eighties Party

A fun eighties party theme is a great adult costume party idea. You can listen to dance music in the background and you can also make people dress up as if they’re part of the 1980s.

Fashion-forward party ideas include neon leggings for girls, ripped jeans with band t-shirts, big hoop earrings, hair crimping tools and lots of hairspray!

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The best colors for your next project are bright pinks, greens, purples, and blues.

Olympics Party

Feel free to come dressed in your country’s colors or dress up as your favorite Olympic athlete or sport. This is a great Olympics party theme. It’s fun to watch the Olympic events, and then play sports at the party – you’ll be able to watch.

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The best part is there are no limits to what type of sports or athlete you can use for this dress-up party theme.

Cowboy Party / Wild West Party

Cowboys and western themes are good ideas for parties, but most people love the idea of a Western party theme.

It’s definitely a popular option. Cowboy or Western dress-up ideas include cowboy hats, leather boots, jeans, and plaid shirts. Try dressing up your outfit with some pretty lingerie, a little make-up, and some high heels to add some height.

A perfect birthday party theme for children ages four to six and their families. You can have some fun-to-eat foods for your wild western party – including hot dogs, cheese sticks, popcorn, and cotton candy.

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