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H&K P30 Clear Electric Airsoft Pistol #100


Heckler & Koch P30 Introduction

The P30 was developed in order to compete with Glock pistols for the domestic police market.This is a high-capacity pistol which uses a rotating barrel and uses an extended magazine. The weapon is made of polymer and is available in 9mm Luger and.40 S&W.


In addition, the Norwegian Police Service has decided in favor of the P30 pistol with an order of approximately 7,000 pieces. This is the first time the Norwegian Police Service has adopted the new P30 pistol as a standard sidearm. It was selected due to its high reliability and accuracy.The Glock is still the sidearm of choice for most of the police forces in the world. The Swiss have opted for the SIG Sauer P225, which is currently in service in a few units in Switzerland.

Deliveries of the P30 will start in 2009, but by 2011, all of the German and Dutch police forces are expected to be equipped with it.


P30 Variants

A variant of the P30. The P30 features a longer slide and a shorter barrel. The sub compact P30 features a shorter slide and a longer barrel. Both feature an optional external ambidextrous thumb safety.

This manual safety is only available for some trigger variants. The variants with the optional external ambidextrous thumb safety have similar dimensions compared to the variants without this feature, but weigh approximately 50g.

It is possible to change the trigger configuration of a P30 series pistol.

P30 Trigger And Model Configurations

P30 features a DA/SA trigger and DAO configurations. This variant is a conventional DAO pistol variant with an exposed hammer, a double action only design. The standard variant of this variant is used by law enforcement agencies.

A “LEM” mechanism is used for the operation of the trigger in which the hammer is held down by the cocking piece and the firing pin is held down by the sear.

After racking the slide to chamber a round, the LE2 versions produce a long Double Action trigger pull with the pull weight comparable to a Single Action. Exposed hammer with spur.

It has a V1-type “light” Trigger Return Spring (TRS). The cocking piece can be decocked by pressing the decocker button, located at the rear of the slide, next to the hammer.


For users in Europe who need to maintain the feel of the hammer version, this model employs a light trigger return spring (trs). It is known as “light lem”. In addition to a comfortable trigger reset, the trigger return spring provides the feel of a heavy trigger return spring.

A TRS version of this pistol has been available for many years, but it was not available in the USA. Now, the TRS version provides a clean trigger reset and has a trigger pull weight in between the original V1 and V2 version.

The CH is V4 minus 3,000 rounds of ammunition. The shorter pretravel reduces the chance of trigger jerking and is a result of Swiss law enforcement adopting a lower firing rate of 9mm.


Once I learned how to hold the gun the way I wanted, there was almost an audible click when I picked it up and settled it perfectly in my hand. It felt like it knew where I wanted it to point.

The P30 has one of the smallest frames and grips in the P series lineup. If you want the P30 with the shortest overall size, the P30SK has a shortened grip and reduced magazine capacity for greater concealment.

I got the rifle out for the first time, and it went like clockwork, with groups right where I wanted them to be.

At the Range

The new P30 is surprisingly accurate. When fired rapidly, it was consistently on point, even at the long-range distances. This was especially true when using Remington 9mm 115-grain range ammo. When the P30 was fired at the same distances, it was nearly as accurate as when shooting with the more traditional and well-respected Glock 17 Gen3 9mm.

The only thing that I had to do was to add some match weight to it. There are different ways that you can do this. One is just to buy a good quality match weight, another is to take one of the extra mags and add some weight to it.


This book is a must-have for anyone who wants to improve their handgun’s accuracy, grip, and function. It covers a range of the most popular handguns on the market, including revolvers, semiautomatic pistols, and even one of the most accurate AR-15s. It also discusses common problems, how to troubleshoot them, and simple, practical fixes.

The P30 is a great pistol, and it also has 15-round capacity, making it a great choice for shooting events and competitions. Its 15-round capacity means that the pistol can be fired for a long time between reloads, and it has a flared magwell and an exceptionally smooth magazine.

P30 Pros

The H&K P30 is the best semi-auto pistol on the market. The ergonomics, grip, and ambidextrous controls are well-designed and extremely comfortable for users with various hand sizes.

Its accuracy and engineering are at the top of the industry when it comes to polymer pistols, disassembly and cleaning are extremely easy and intuitive, with no need for tools. It’s size and light weight make it a great choice for a duty pistol or concealed carry, especially since there are both long-barrel and sub-compact versions, and the availability of various control configurations means shooters can get a pistol with the features they want, instead of having to settle with the functionality of a DAO pistol, when that’s really not what suits their needs best.

P30 Cons

The first gripe that many American shooters have with the P30 is the location and style of the magazine release. It’s also similar to the design used on Walther handguns, instead of the thumb-button release that’s preferred by most American shooters.

If you’re willing to train, you can change magazines very quickly when you engage the mag release with the trigger finger, and you may feel that you have a stronger grip on the gun itself, since the thumb doesn’t have to move position, and can more readily be in position to trip the slide release once a new magazine is inserted.

This is an inherently ambidextrous pistol and is easy to trigger with either the thumb or the trigger finger of the strong hand. It’s not a consideration for someone who will be undoing a lot of training.

If you start shooting with the first two rounds of your magazine loaded, you might notice that it’s not an adjustment at all. Your thumb will be holding a full mag, and your other hand will be searching for a button that isn’t there while you’re trying to hold a full magazine and shoot the rifle.


Yet another detractor is the price of additional magazines. The P30 ships with two 15-rounds mags, but scouring the internet for any third-party manufacturers of the mags will come up blank. The only extra mags are those made by H&K and a few other brands priced upwards of $35 each.

The prices are higher than I expected; the gun itself costs about the same as a S&W M&P9 Compact. The M&P line is pretty expensive. My advice? Go for the compact. If you can afford a full-size version, do that.

Even if you get a P30, it will still add up to $150, but it’s a lot easier to spend that $150 on extra rounds of ammunition and not feel bad about it.

But more importantly, you’ll see it further down the road when it comes to the reliability of the P30‘s components. There’s a reason why there aren’t many aftermarket manufacturers of P30 parts and magazines. Because, in this case, it’s very difficult to make something better than the factory version.

One place that the P30 won’t cost your wallet its life is in the holster aisle. Though it has less variety of holsters than some American made guns, it’s still a good selection. You can get holsters for the gun at both inside and outside the waist, and also for the gun at the left and right shoulder.

The.223/.308 AR is a perfect match for the AR-15. It will fit snugly in most adjustable, universal holsters, and it’s a good size for most AR-15 magazines. If your gun is not an AR, it is still compatible with.223 and 308 ammo.

A good quality revolver offers alternative fiber-optic or tritium sights, but for precise or long-range shooting they’re not necessary, and if for self- or home-defense you already have a gun that doesn’t, why would you buy one with fancy, expensive night sights?

Heckler & Koch P30 Airsoft

P30 is an automatic rifle. It has a smoothbore barrel. It’s a repeater, and it fires the round as the trigger is pulled. This gun has a manual safety and a fixed rear sight.

It able to shoot over 200 rounds of 25s out of the batteries we had, and it was easy to reload. Perfect for practice in a residential area.

This gun comes with a metal slide instead of plastic, which is a very big plus. Also, it’s pretty accurate, but it does have issues with the safety. My first thought was that it was a cheap knock off, but it isn’t at all. I’d recommend this gun if you’re looking for something that feels great in your hands, shoots a lot of ammo and is relatively accurate.

This is the best gun ever. It shoots real well, and feels like a real gun. It’s all so very consistent, too.

Heckler & Koch P30 Airsoft Specs

Max Velocity180 fps
Overall Length7.0″
Suggested forSkirmishing
Shot Capacity16
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightBlade & Ramp
Rear SightFixed
MaterialMetal/ABS plastic
Body TypePistol

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