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#53 Should Women Wear Heels In The Office

The Do and Dont’s of Heels in the Office

Obviously, every workplace is different. The Devil Wears Prada heels is my favorite movie and one of the scenes I love the most is when the main character gets a makeover and prances into the office wearing thigh-high Chanel boots.

This is a must-read for those who want to improve their public speaking skills, whether they are delivering presentations, answering questions in meetings, or simply trying to sell themselves in business settings.

That outfit was so appropriate for work at a fashion magazine like the one in the movie.


If you want to look your best when attending a business event, here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind. You’ll have to use your own experience and knowledge of your office culture and how conservative or liberal the dress code is when deciding on footwear.

For any kind of office, this pair of heels will do the trick and allow you to make a great first impression. It’s important to use this advice when making decisions about the grey area between these two and understanding the lines you should never cross.


Ankle Boots

It’s the most desirable time to wear these because they’re especially warm. I only wear ankle boots when I’m in a business-professional setting, and only with trousers or skirts. The ankle boot and skirt look is very difficult to pull off, especially if you’re wearing a work dress or skirt.


Don’t Anything that Stretches To or Over the Knee

Thigh-high boots look great when you have them on – but when you take them off? That’s another story. They’ll catch your heel on every step. You’re a bit too tall for a do, but not quite tall enough for a don’t. You should get a calf-height boot.

Be selective about wearing these to the office. Ankle boots are a style statement but they’re best used in a business casual environment. Wear them when you want to look like a professional.


Here’s an example of a business-casual look that looks great, and I’m wearing high-heeled boots with a midi-length a-line skirt. In this outfit, however, you would probably have to take your clothes off.

Keep the Height Around Two to Three Inches

I usually wear them around six inch heels, like these ones. There are other examples of shoes, too, that can change your look and make a statement.

It is essential that journalists covering the fashion industry wear heels, so that we look presentable, elegant and classy, and not like clowns who have been given a shoe-lotion by their mother.


There are many shoes you can buy, all of which are well-cushioned and comfortable. Buy a good pair and make sure they’re the right size. Anywhere else, as long as you can walk in them, wear them.

Experiment with Patterns More Than Colors

These are my favorite shoes right now. They have a comfortable and stylish design, and I love the color combination of the tweed and leather. These patterns have some serious depth and are appropriate for work because they’re black and white.


These same shoes in a bright yellow or neon pink are not appropriate for my law firm job. When trying to match two colors that are close together, it’s helpful to have something in between to balance the design.

Depending on the situation, both patterns and colors work well. You might need to experiment with different choices to see what you think will work best in each situation.

Wear Chunky Heels

It’s easy to walk in because they are so comfortable. If you don’t have a pair already, you’re missing something.


Don’t Wear Shoes with a Platform

Aside from the clunky shoe, these Jessica Simpson heels aren’t appropriate because of the platform. They look good and make you taller, but they’re not for everyday wear.


Women should always wear comfortable shoes to work. Avoid wearing shoes that have platforms or other heights of more than half an inch, because your feet will likely start hurting if you’re walking in them all day.

Don’t Wear Anything with Any Sparkle on It

No rhinestones or sparkly things of any kind are allowed for work, including on pumps. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and try it. A Halloween background will only work if there is a strong, unique theme for the product.


Don’t Wear Bright Colors

White/black/grey/navy are safe colors for heels in the office. Play with color, and you should definitely opt for dark colors, like black. If you want to try orange, make sure it’s a burnt orange.


If you choose green, it’s better to go for something that’s an olive green or close. The same thing goes for red and other colors. When your work allows for more flexibility, it’s okay to play with color, but I do suggest sticking

Just be careful with neon colors. Few workplaces other than super casual ones are safe for neon colors.

Wear Peep Toe Shoes

There is no reason for a little peep toe to be wrong. Someone has a small one. It might start to feel like you are wearing flip flops if we can see too many toes.


While this pair of shoes look good on most men, they’re not for me. The three-strap is generally too casual to wear with business casual or business formal clothes.


A good rule of thumb is whether you can wear your favorite flats to work. Work will be relaxed, so if you can wear your regular two-strap or other scrappy shoes, do it. A good rule to follow is not to wear open toed shoes if you can’t wear high heels.


It’s important that your shoes don’t have bright colors. In fact, it’s best if your shoes match your clothing.

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