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Daisy Adult Red Ryder BB Rifle #123


Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun: Adult & Youth Models

You could do a lot worse than getting Daisy’s Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. There’s nothing quite like throwing a frisbee and trying to hit a ball into a cup.

There are lots of good reasons to learn how to shoot a gun. If you had a BB gun as a kid, there are good reasons to learn how to shoot it.



Daisy The Company

Daisy Outdoor is located in Rogers, Arkansas and is the oldest, biggest air gun manufacturer not only in the United States but in the world.

You may want to think about tracing the company’s roots all the way back, because you’ll discover that its roots go back to 1880.

In 1880 a guy called Clarence Hamilton started a watch repair shop in Plymouth, Michigan. But he was also quite a tinkerer.


James Hamilton ended up filing a patent for an all-metal, vane-less wind turbine.

Short story long, the windmill didn’t go well but his next product, an air rifle, was a seriously big hit. Get your hands on a BB gun.

Fun Fact

If I’d been there ten years earlier, I could have designed my rifle out of wood. Hamilton’s watches are made of metal, of course, making them different.

When Hough told Hamilton to keep working on it, he asked him to bring it to the board meeting. Hough said “Boy, Clarence, that’s a daisy!” and that’s where the Daisy Outdoors name originated.

It may just be a story, but it is interesting. In 1889 the Plymouth Iron Windmill Company built the first electric-powered windmill in Plymouth, England.


decided to make the Daisy air rifle their main product. As of 2015, they still call themselves Wind & Gun. The company first became interested in air rifles in 1876 when Henry Cockerill invented the safety lock and started to make them for the British army.

In 1938, Daisy signed the Red Ryder licensing agreement. The Red Ryder agreement is generally accepted as the oldest continually-in-effect licensing agreement in the United States business world. Daisy has survived the Great Depression and is kicking ass on a new front: marketing its own line of air rifles. Without Daisy the BB gun world would not be what it is today.

Safety First

When it comes to gun safety there are only four golden rules. For Daisy, safety has always been paramount and they’ve been pushing it in the ad campaigns since their inception.

Shooting safety is an important aspect of safety culture and that’s why these companies have invested so much time and money into creating new technology to make it safer for consumers.

It wasn’t until Daisy started working with local schools in 1948 that they pushed safety and training. The BB guns in schools was a response to the popularity of BB shooting in the army.


There used to be reasonable restrictions on who could get a concealed weapons license, but it’s getting harder to get one, now that the NRA has successfully lobbied lawmakers to remove the regulations that once existed.

In the 1960s Daisy organized a national youth shooting program, which led to a nationwide youth shooting education program.

Daisy, an author and educator, has published a ten-lesson curriculum for shooting education that will help instructors teach kids about gun safety. I cover safety, shot selection, and shooting.

Youth Red Ryder Model 1938

For more than eight decades, this has been the classic Daisy Red Ryder BB gun. This gun is a lever action style air rifle, and I was thrilled to have the chance to play with. It’s a better fit for the kids than it is for me, but it still brought a smile to

This year, Daisy released their limited edition product in a classic, out of print package, too. This rifle was built by Remington in 1938, and was the perfect weapon to hunt coyotes. The Treetop Trek Travel Trailer offers a very comfortable place for your kids to travel.

The Red Ryder Model 1938 has a solid walnut stock, red forearm with the “Red Ryder”. If you want an auto-loading revolver that is reliable and accurate, then the Model 917 Lever Action. Front sights are blade and ramp, and the rear sight is adjustable. 


This model has a 650-capacity tube that holds.177-caliber BBs, and has a max velocity of 350 fps and a max range of 195 yards. The Red Ryder is a wonderful toy because it gives you a chance to shoot your BB at targets up to 50 yards away! It’s so much fun that you’ll want to play with it all day long.

An air gun is legal in most areas, so long as the gun is not loaded. Make sure you’ve checked your local regulations before you start shooting. It’s fantastic for kids because it means you can set up in your backyard to start teaching them the basics of gun safety.

We know you have to abide by the rules, and if you’re not careful you might just be responsible for someone’s injury. Daisy says the Model 1938 for kids is perfect for the 10 to 13 year old age group. You might need to provide more help and guidance with this model, so you can be sure it’s appropriate for younger children.

Of course, just because your kid is only ten doesn’t mean they don’t need to be watched or helped. When it comes to hunting, nothing beats the Model 1938. It’s an air rifle that has a cocking lever. A hammer cocking the lever allows the sear to move back, and then the coiled spring pushes the sear forward to lock it into the receiver.

Yes, the trigger is usually the same as a pistol and pulls it, releasing the piston and propels it through the barrel, launching the BB. It’s a simple thing to load the Red Ryder, but a nice feature to make it even simpler. You push the button and it loads up to 650 BBs.


A single pump isn’t needed for the shotgun, but it doesn’t have to be precise. Kids need to know the basics of gun safety and learn how to safely handle a firearm. The Red Ryders website is designed to teach them those basics.

Yes, you should definitely teach your kids not to shoot each other with a BB gun. If you have a bunch of empty pop-top cans lying around the house and you want to make the house smell a bit more like a party, then you need the Rocket. It’s not just ridiculously fun, but it’s also a lot of work.

Adult Red Ryder Model 1938

It’s true. When Daisy released a Red Ryder BB Gun with an adult-sized magazine, I was stupid excited. This is the same air rifle as the Model 1938 used by kids only with a stock designed for adult shooters. It’s good because you’re starting your business so you need to shoot what you can, even if that’s a youth model.


The adult stock is 36.75-inches long, which means there are a couple of extra inches on the stock. Shooting the ball at this angle makes it feel smaller than it actually is, so it’s easier to hit. It’s no mystery why people buy luxury watches. They’re status symbols. There’s an adult Model 1938. So, you no longer have any reason to not get one.

You Want This

The moment that little boy saw his dad bring home his Model 38 has been etched into his brain forever. He’d be in BB gun heaven. The Daisy Red Ryder Model 1938 isn’t only for Christmas, so get that out of your head.

A backyard filled with baseballs is a year-round deal. You may want to try this out as a first step in introducing your kids to shooting guns and ammo. It’s easy, and it’s affordable.


A great first air rifle should have a comfortable grip. It shouldn’t have an extreme angle that makes it uncomfortable to hold steady. It has all the basics down, but fits most children just fine.

It’s smaller than a youth model, so it’s not as good for us to use. But, it’s a lot more comfortable to use than the youth model.


It’s a BB gun. You’re not supposed to hit any specific target. It’s okay to fire the Model 38 if you stay a few yards away from your target. It’s a heavy ball but it only has a maximum velocity of 350 feet per second and those are little steel balls you’re slinging.

Precision isn’t the name of the game, but you can easily shoot flying cans off the Rocket Shot Target Launcher. Solid for learning the basics of marksmanship or just having fun, this air rifle will put the ‘air’ in shooting.


Red Ryder BB Gun isn’t a problem, even though it comes with a number of drawbacks and limitations. The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Pencils is the definitive guide to buying pencils. With all its flaws, it is the best camera I’ve ever tested. And at this price point, it’s a steal.


It’s fun for everyone—including kids and adults. Daisy is an industry leader in air guns for almost 80 years. They’re a perfect choice for the gun enthusiast. I love the vintage packaging for these air rifles and am looking forward to shooting them this spring. For kids and adults, this game is a great way to have some fun. But don’t forget your safety glasses!

Daisy Adult Red Ryder Specs

Max Velocity350 fps
Overall Length36.75″
Weight2.95 lbs
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Caliber.177 (4.5mm)
Shot Capacity650
Cocking Effort18 lbs
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightBlade & Ramp
Rear SightAdjustable
Body TypeRifle
UpgradesScoped Rifle Combo

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