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#13 How to Choose The Right Cat Toys

How to Choose the Right Cat Toys

Cat toys are extremely important in keeping cats healthy and happy. They help to maintain their behavior, and they also provide a great form of exercise for them!

They’re essential for indoor cats, because they provide much-needed stimulation to help them stay active. With hundreds of options available, it can be tricky to figure out what toys are best for your cat.

The tips below will help to keep your pet feline in good health and safety.


Why Do Cats Need Toys

Just like human beings, cats need both physical and mental exercise to stay healthy, strong and happy.

It’s important for cats to get enough physical stimulation and mental enrichment. They’ll then be less likely to develop bad behaviors, such as scratching furniture or eating other items.

Cats with hyperactivity can turn to disruptive behaviors, such as play aggression, scratching, and other types of destructive behavior.

cat toys

Playing is good for your relationship with your cat. Whenever you play, you’re building trust and affection, plus you’re providing entertainment when you can’t be there.

What Toys are Best for My Cat

Your cat’s favorite toys will vary depending on their likes and dislikes.

Most cat toys are designed to appeal to your cat’s natural instincts, such as playing, chasing, pouncing, scratching, and climbing.

While it’s important to find out if your cat has any food allergies, it’s also crucial to note that they may have one favorite type of food.

Don’t purchase too many toys until you know your cat’s likes and dislikes, otherwise you’ll end up spending a lot of money and your cat will be none the wiser.

Cat Toys to Consider – Balls

Some cats love to chase balls, bat them, and throw them. You can try a regular ball, one with a bell inside, a motorized ball, or even a crumpled paper ball. Catnip, the smell that cats love, is the key to this toy’s success.

Cat Toys to Consider – Hunting Toys

Toys for cats include toy mice and other hunting toys. They help keep cats occupied for hours, which makes them less likely to fight with their owners. With this motorized toy, it’s easy to teach your cat how to use his instincts to hunt and kill prey.

Cat Toys to Consider – Feather Teaser Toys

Wands, fishing poles, feather toys are toys that encourage leaping, pouncing, and stalking. Toys are helpful to encourage your dog to leap, pounce, and stalk.

It’s a great idea to make sure any toys that include strings are only played with by children under your supervision, and are safely stored away from your cat after playtime.

Cat Toys to Consider – Laser Pointer

There’s no doubt that cat love lasers! YouTube is filled with videos where cats go crazy for laser. For cats, treadmills can be both inexpensive and effortless. Just make sure that it’s safe for pets and not harmful for animals.

Cat Toys to Consider – Interactive Feeding Toys

The indoor hunting feeders are a great option if you want to entertain your cat when you are not around.

Cat Toys to Consider – Climbing

Climbing toys are great for cats. They let them exercise, climb, and rest when you’re not home. Cats love to climb on things that are higher than they are, such as high shelves.

Cat Toys to Consider – Scratching

Scratching posts are fun for your cat, but you may want to use a scratching post if your cat is destructive.

A scratching post that encourages cats to scratch where you want them to is a great investment. You can help your cat’s nails grow longer by trimming them, too.

At least one scratching post is recommended for each cat to avoid territorial problems.

While vertical scratching posts are most common, some cats prefer horizontal surfaces for scratching, such as a jute door mat or corrugated cardboard scratcher.

Cat Toys to Consider – Catnip

Catnip toys are irresistible to felines. There are several catnip alternatives that are less dangerous for them and can be bought online. It’s fairly easy to find catnip-infused toys for kids, like these catnip-infused mice.

Cat Toys to Consider – Cardboard Boxes

Cats find cardboard boxes and other hiding places great fun. They love having enclosed, dark places to hide and observe the world around them. Boxes are good because they’re safe, even if you don’t have a ton of them.

Cats are curious animals and they love exploring dark areas. They are naturally drawn to the texture of cardboard and cardboard is the perfect material for scratching. A cardboard box offers hours of entertainment for a cat, as it can be filled with toys, food, or other interesting items to hide behind. If you hide your cat’s food inside a box and have them fetch it when they want their treats, you can also tap into their predatory instincts.

You can also connect multiple boxes together to create an obstacle course or maze for your cat. Shipping boxes are easy to find, they’re often discarded by shippers as a means of packing their items, and you can easily create some unique gifts from them! 

Make sure to put some cat nip inside the box for your cats to get a taste of it, and take any tape off to make it more enticing to your kitty. The best cat toys engage their natural instincts – playing, jumping, scratching, and climbing. They’re shaped to maximize your cats’ play time and increase their chances of finding them irresistible.

Cat Toys You Should Avoid

It’s important for you to know that not all toys are safe for cats. Cats should never be allowed to play with balls of yarn or string. Your cat may ingest a piece of string or ribbon, and if it gets stuck in his or her digestive tract, it can cause serious damage. There are ways to remove this material if necessary.

If you don’t take steps to prevent plastic from causing damage to your cat’s intestines, you may end up with permanent intestinal damage. If your cat destroys a toy, whether it’s a soft toy with string or a stuffed toy with dangerous material, don’t keep it around! Dispose of it immediately.

How to Play With Your Cat

Cats like to play when there are toys to focus on. They enjoy interacting with each other in a safe environment. Put a toy out of reach, and then you can observe their play through your own eyes.

You might also throw some toys around or roll a ball past them. It might take some time for a cat to get used to being without an object they desire so they can’t reach it.

When you try something new, write down what works and what doesn’t.

How Not to Play With Your Cat

Playing with other cats that aren’t your littermate is a natural part of a cat’s socialization process, and if you don’t have a littermate to play with, most cats will turn to their human companions.

We know playing-fighting kittens can be cute, but when play-fighting becomes rough, and you start engaging in play-fighting behaviors yourself with your kitten or cat, you’re going to have trouble breaking the habit. So, instead of playing-fighting or play-fighting in your home, divert your kitten’s play energy to something more appropriate like a toy.

Cats should be kept in a house where you can keep an eye on them and watch over them at all times. You should also make sure that there is a scratching post or a safe place for them to hang out when they are not being groomed.

Remove Damaged Toys ASAP

You should take your cat’s toys away immediately if you notice any sort of damage on them, like a torn toy or a piece breaking off. Small pieces can pose a choking hazard, but even tiny toys can cause intestinal punctures or blockages.

If you have any questions about the safety of your cat’s toys, talk to your vet. They can provide further recommendations for how to keep your cat stimulated, healthy, and safe.

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#12 Benefit Of Electric Robot Cat Toy

Selecting the Perfect Cat Toy

A variety of cat toys will help your cat that will love the catnip toy you give her, but she’ll really enjoy a stuffed toy. If you want to keep your cat entertained. Cats are very social creatures, and when you play together, you have a lot of fun.

When you play, you also may notice your cat’s “natural instincts” come to life. If you’re interested in improving your pet’s natural predatory instincts, playing this playful attacking game is a great way to do it.


Variety and Access Keys to Success

Cat lovers are always looking for the perfect toy for their cat, and the following are the most popular choices:

Cats don’t like to share. If you leave the toys for too long, your cat may become less interested in playing with the toys. You can help your cat prevent choking by providing her with safe, soft toys that she can’t swallow.

Toy on earth is no substitute for having playdate. Your cat needs to make time for play sessions at least three times a day.

cat toy

Fishing Poles Or Teasers

A favorite toy among cats and kittens, poles, and teasers usually have feathers, ribbons or other enticing items attached.

When your cat wants to perform some high-flying acrobatics, keep the line moving, and watch as she does a graceful aerial leap.

Catnip is an excellent source of calcium, so if your cat starts getting sick of kibble, try feeding him this supplement instead.

Mice and Balls

It seems like cats and kittens love small, furry toys that resemble other animals. These toys look like prey, but they actually stimulate the predator’s instincts.

Your cat has probably just given you a small piece of her kill. If you don’t mind giving her a few moments, let her have it before you get up. This will help her feel more comfortable when she comes to play.

cat toy

Thank them for their efforts and congratulate them for an excellent job well done. Don’t allow your cat to have access to the furniture. She’s likely to try to devour it and then you’ll have a cat who’s swallowed all her favorite toys.

These kinds of toys can cause no problems right away, but watch for any signs of gastrointestinal distress and call your veterinarian if you have any concerns. Mylar balls, balls with treats or catnip or light-up balls are great for a feline athlete who needs to stay active, flexible and coordinated.

Catnip Toys

Catnip is the name given to a small plant found in temperate regions of the world. It contains a compound called nepetalactone that can stimulate your cat’s nervous system, helping her feel better.

cat toy

Reaction to catnip is wide-ranging. Some cats eat it, others roll around in it and some fall asleep. Remember when buying catnip toys for a cat, that it is normal for a cat to not get the same reaction to catnip as others do.


Scratching is a natural cat behavior that your cat does to help clean its claws. This is a fun behavior for cats who love to play with catnip toys.

cat toy

A cat scratcher gives cats a place to play and scratch, and they’re also useful for keeping your house clean. Scratcher types vary, so you need to choose the right scratcher for your cat.

A cat toy is one of the best ways to entice your cat to play.

Interactive Toys

Interactive puzzle toys help your cat mentally stimulate by engaging them in play when you’re not at home. Cats love play balls and other items that are fun for them to chase, bat and uncover hidden items.

Your cat will love a laser pointer, especially when you toss the toy in the air to surprise him! The laser beam is just too bright for your cat to resist.

Household Items

A common household item for cats is string, twine, rubber bands, ribbon, paper, tissue, buttons, marbles, balloons, tinsel and aluminum foil. Your cat could swallow these items and if she gets them stuck in her digestive tract, surgery might be required.

cat toy

Don’t forget your cats. Your cat may stalk the electrical cords in your house, which is why it’s a good idea to keep your cat away from them. To limit the chances of your cat chewing through the cords and getting burned, shocked, or electrocuted, you need to keep the wires away from it.

Adopting a Cat

There are many factors that contribute to the safety or danger of a toy. The most important of these is the age recommended by the toy’s manufacturer. Many factors affect the size of your cat’s ears. You’ll need to consider your cat’s size, activity level and personal preferences.

Another important factor to consider when buying a cat toy is the environment that your cat spends her time. We don’t guarantee a cat’s happiness or its safety with any specific toy, but we do offer these guidelines.

Catnip is said to be a hallucinogenic herb which causes the animal to go crazy for about an hour. Many people use catnip to get a wild, crazy, fun feeling. Cat-proof your home by checking for anything that could be eaten, such as string, ribbon, yarn, rubber bands, plastic milk jug rings, paper clips, pins, and needles.

cat toy

All of these toys are dangerous, whether your kitty is having fun or not. They can be deadly if swallowed or chewed by your kitty.

 Don’t allow toys in the home with small or loose parts that could be chewed and/or ingested. Remove these types of parts from the toys before they are given to a cat. 

Machine-washable plush toys should be labelled as such. Some plush toys are machine-washable, but the label on the tag might not say so. Some problem fillings include nutshells and polystyrene beads. They’re so cool!

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#8 Benefit Of Cat Toy

cat toy

Looking For Cat Toys

The cat toys for your cat plays with must be compatible with the species’ natural behavior.

Your cat might enjoy a puzzle toy that’s filled with different sizes and shapes of pebbles, as your cat will have to sort them out before she can play with them.

Rolling-up pieces of paper is one of my favorite things to do with my cat. I’ll get up on a chair to see what she does. She’s good at it, but she’s not as good as I am.

You can enhance the experience of this sort of play by rolling the paper down stairs or along ledges, and incorporating an element of agility into the game. Cats also like to be able to pick their toys up, so small items are usually more attractive than larger ones.

Cats really enjoy small items. You can use smaller cat toys or you can also get bigger toys that come in multiple sizes.


When a cat appears disinterested in a toy it is possible to increase its interest by adding a tasty treat.

The more variety you add to the hunting games, the more fun the children have. For example, you can attach different items to the end of the string and hang them from a tree branch.

A cat that initially shows interest in chasing a toy may quickly lose interest.

This does not mean the play session is over, but rather the novelty of the particular toy has worn off.

For a lot of cats, play intensity and stopping may be heightened and might not necessarily mean the play is focused on appropriate things. The play might be focused on something like your hands or legs.

Make sure to get at least one or two additional toys before the party ends.

Buying Catnip Cat Toys

Many cat toys are advertised as being impregnated with catnip, and this can make them very attractive.

Many of us have cats, and most of them don’t react to the chemical in chamomile, but that doesn’t mean it won’t help you.

When the chemical nipetalactone acts on your brain it will cause you to experience a brief period of mild hallucination that will last only a few minutes.

This answer is not harmful and does not have addictive qualities, so you can add this ingredient to your cat’s life!

Is It A Good Interactive With Cat

A fun cat game for my kitten is to chase my fingers as I run them across the back of the sofa, pounce on my toes when I move them under the covers.

Is it okay to play these games with her?

Catching and pouncing are crucial aspects of feline predatory behavior. Your kitten will spend hours engaging in these behaviors.

If you’ve got a cat then it might be fun for you to play with them by tickling their paws and tails. It might also be fun to watch them play with each other.

“However, the problem is that your kitten will learn to target human flesh within a predatory context and as she grows up you may live to regret these seemingly innocent games.”In general, it’s best to only play predatory games with toys that your cat can eventually catch and ‘kill,’ such as toy mice, pieces of food on the end of string, or balls of rolled-up paper.

It’s best to only play predatory games with toys that your cat can eventually catch and kill. Examples include toy mice, pieces of food on the end of a string, or balls of rolled up paper.

Remember to offer the cats many opportunities for interactive play each day, especially when they are most active, so that they don’t begin to associate play with a chase toy.

Toys that come in different textures, sizes, or movements might also help stimulate a cat’s interest.

Owners should not get discouraged if their cat loses interest in play. Even though they may lose interest in the novelty, play will still remain a cat’s primary interest and play is essential for the health of your cat.

Don’t talk to or touch people with their hands. Touch only with your face, arms, or legs.

Dispense Food Cat Toy

These toys are sometimes referred to as cat puzzle feeders and they’re very useful for increasing activity in sedentary or indoor cats and providing entertainment for food orientated individuals.

They are available in pet shops, and they have varying sizes of holes to deliver food.

In addition, you can buy them ready-made for your cat’s table if you want. But it’s also easy to make them yourself, by cutting small holes in a plastic bottle and then carefully placing food inside.

The cat is knocking the bottle of milk all over the floor to get food. It’s getting lots of attention, but it’s also making a lot of noise. That’s a lot of trouble for the milk, so be sure to replace it when it starts running low.

If you have a cat, he or she will love using these little soft plastic bottles, which are easy for them to pick up and carry around, since this seems to increase their interest in picking up objects like that.

Aerobic Center Suitable For Cat

A cat is more likely to run if he is on the ground than when he’s in the air, so use this as an advantage when getting your pet to exercise.

They have many opportunities for climbing, balancing, and scratching, as well as lots of small toys that will help to practice predatory skills.

Your cat will appreciate the new toy for the fun it brings her and the exercise it gives her, but what it really does is help her to keep her joints supple and in good shape and to strengthen them when they need it.

A variety of motorized cat toys and cat puzzles will keep cats interested in the chase and predation sequence.

Important Of Scratching Post

Cats need scratching posts in order to scratch since it’s a normal behavior that provides an important release.

Some of the most important factors in choosing a scratching post are its height, its stability, and its surface texture.

Tall post cat scratching posts need to have lots of room for the cat to reach its full length of body. They also need to be made from a material that cats can hold onto when they scratch.

Wooden scratching facilities can help to transfer scratching behavior from a house cat into an outdoor context.

To make sure you have the right materials on the scratch post, and ensure that your furniture does not resemble anything your cat might be tempted to scratch, we’ve created a fun list of products that won’t trigger your cat’s scratching instincts.

Playtime Is It Necessary For Cat

It is a common misconception that cats don’t like being played with when they are adults.

Even as cats get older, their drive to chase, pounce and kill remains. Popular games are always fun, and some of these games even allow for cats to show these behaviors.

When Should I Play With Cat

The best time to play with a cat is when it looks as though it is naturally interested.

The more active you are, the higher your energy level, and the more your children will like you. As a bonus, you’re likely to have fewer tantrums, and they’ll be easier to deal with.

Sessions are generally short. The length of a session is usually dictated by the interest of the individual cat and how much fun they have.

Best Way Play With Cat

Playing with a cat using remote style toys has a number of advantages, especially for the more independent adult cat.

Playing with toys may make cats happy, but their predatory behavior will also be hindered. Cats don’t “play” with humans. Cats who are playing with toys are pretending to hunt while they wait to pounce on whatever toy happens to be near.

The easiest way to stop your cat stalking, chasing and killing his prey is to use cat deterrents such as catnip, fish or bird toys. You want your cat to be interested in toys, so it’s important that you do your best to prevent him from eating them.

In hunting, cats often spend time observing the movement of prey, without chasing it and while some owners interpret this as a sign that the cat isn’t interested in the toy the truth is that this cat has just become more efficient at waiting for the right moment to pounce.

Cat Play Toy In Short Period

Though many cats are naturally playful and enjoy playing, they are also designed for short bursts of intense physical activity interspersed with long periods of sleep.

Playing too much means that short, intense play sessions are more beneficial than long, lazy ones. Cats don’t understand that long, lazy play is for humans.

Your cat is having fun and is enjoying the short playtimes; you can get more out of your play time by rotating the toys and ensuring that there is always something new and exciting to keep your cat’s attention.

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#2 Benefits Of Cat Toys For Cat

cat toy

Best Cat Toys Love

Cat toys are designed with a cat’s instinctual needs in mind, to help keep their senses sharp. Whether you’re buying cat toys for your cat or just looking for a fun gift for someone who loves cats, a cat toy can be an awesome gift.

Cats are wonderful animals. Playtime with your cat is an experience that’s both fun and good for your relationship with your feline friend. A cat needs to stay active, mentally entertained, and active throughout their lives.

It’s especially important if you have an indoor-only or solo cat who doesn’t get as much organic stimulation.

Cats who have been declawed are unable to keep themselves safe and may even find it easier to attack their owners or other family pets. Cats are always ready for an adventure. Sometimes they seem bored by human interaction, but you can usually find a reason to do something that makes them happy.

cat toy

Find the right toys and toys can really help to bond with your cat and help them to love you more and purr and snuggle more after playing together.


What to Look for – Cat Toy Benefits

Some toys are designed for their owner’s entertainment, but many also have added health benefits for your cat.

For example, some toys come with scratchers to help cats keep their claws trimmed; others have chewing components to encourage good oral hygiene.

cat toy

Cat toys provide hours of entertainment, and you can give your cat lots of interactive fun.

With so many health and beauty benefits out there, it can be overwhelming to find which ones are worth the investment.

What to Look for – Solo Play

Any cat toy will keep your cat amused, but if you want to really keep them entertained, try this one. It’s important to consider what kind of play your cat needs, as it’ll dictate which toys you’ll buy.

What to Look for – Engagement

You know your cat better than anyone, so be sure to think about whether a particular toy is something they’ll use repeatedly. Cats can be finicky, and they often play with a toy once—and then never again.

cat toy

If you’re not sure whether kids will like a toy, it’s best to opt for something you know they’ll play with. Toys that your cat enjoys playing with the most will make them less likely to get bored of it.

Why do cats put toys in water

There’s no definitive explanation for why many cats will habitually drop their toys in their water bowls. Cat behavior experts do have some theories. Cats are social animals who interact with their companions in ways we can’t understand. They use objects, like toys and bones, as prey, which is the object that they use to play with when they’re not eating and drinking.

After the first time accidentally dropping a toy into their water bowl, your cat may have found the activity stimulating. They’re just not big enough to hold the whole meal. You have to wonder how cats put toys in water, but the fact is that this is a natural extension of a cat’s hunting and territorial behaviors.

Why does my cat carry around a toy

The best cat behavior solution I have ever read. If there were no definitive answer to why cats are the way they are, I don’t think any breed would even exist.

cat toy

Your cat’s desire to hunt and to protect their territory keeps them nearby and away from competing predators. Your cat may be expressing parental instincts with the toy, moving it from spot to spot like it’s a kitten. That’s not an unusual thing for cats to do.

Do cats need chew toys

Pet owners should make sure their animals have chew toys. Rodents like hamsters require them. Chewing keeps their teeth trimmed so they don’t need to keep growing.

cat toy

There is absolutely no reason why you should need to give your cat a chew toy, especially if it has teeth. It’s just unnecessary. Chewing isn’t a recreational behavior for all cats. Some cats enjoy it more than others.

Do cats really need toys

Your cats will love the variety of treats in this box! Each treat is made from ingredients they love, which makes them more likely to eat them. However, just like people, cats need exercise and mental stimulation.

cat toy

When a cat feels bored, it sometimes acts out by over-yawning and vocalizing loudly, which can result in unwanted behaviors. Cats don’t just use toys to play with their prey, they also use them for their other needs, such as comfort.

What kind of toys do cats like best

There are many types of cat toys and games that offer different types of play and entertainment for your cat. You’ll want to choose a toy or game that your cat will enjoy most.

cat toy

Cats need toys to stimulate their brains and provide outlets for scratching. If you’re raising a low-energy cat, this is the toy for you! This soft toy contains a lot of catnip so it’ll definitely appeal to your feline.

Is catnip bad for cats

Cats often get really crazy when they smell catnip! They roll around and meow, and sometimes even go nuts berserk. Unfortunately, because it’s a herb, catnip is considered to be safe and nonaddictive.

But you’ll have to find out how much it’s going to cost before you decide if it’s worth it. Too much fresh or dried catnip is not good for your cat. Fresh catnip can cause a reaction called kitty-nip poisoning.

If you’re worried about that, it’s best to stick with catnip toys that are durable and won’t break apart.

cat toy

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