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Steyr M9A1 Dual Tone CO2 Pistol #108


Steyr M9A1 Dual Tone CO2 Pistol

The M9A1 Pistol Semi Automatic Air Gun is the semi automatic version of the new Steyr Mannlicher M9 A1 pistol. An elegant and stunning finish made with real leather and stitching.

One of the hardest shooting airguns. It’s ergonomic design has been done with a 111 degree angle to improve the user’s ergonom. The rear-fiber optic sight and weaver accessory rail make this handgun very comfortable, and with the opportunity to add a laser or flash


In the drop out magazine, the 19 BB’s are stored. The 12g CO2 cartridge is placed in the easy load grip.


Steyr M

The Steyr M was designed to meet the needs of a variety of law enforcement agencies, especially those who are not allowed to carry firearms. This includes agencies such as the UK’s Metropolitan Police Service, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the US Coast Guard, and the New York City Police Department. It is available in either a full size or compact version.

The M40 is a very versatile weapon. It is designed to be compact and easy to conceal and has a very short recoil, making it an ideal sidearm.


The Steyr M, S and L size medium frame revolvers are now available in 9mm Parabellum and.40 S&W calibers. The new medium frame revolvers are designed for the enthusiast who wants a medium frame revolver with the benefits of a large frame revolver. These revolvers feature a short, wide grip, a large trigger guard and a shortened hammer spur.

M9 Design Details

In 1898 the first self-loading rifles designed for hunting were called the “Aigner” (after its inventor) and “Bubits” (after the name of their manufacturer). The company decided to take advantage of recent advances in manufacturing techniques.

The slide is precision-milled from solid steel and then coated in a tenifer finish. The frame is an injection-molded synthetic polymer, and some of the trigger and striker mechanism are pressed from steel sheet.

The Steyr M series is designed to give shooters an even better ergonomics, faster aim recovery and less muzzle rise. 

The Steyr M features an ambidextrous hammerless design and a striker fired action. The Steyr M has a reset feature and is sold as a reset only (RTO) trigger. The trigger is cocked by returning it to battery. This happens when you pull the trigger and it goes “clack” to tell the gun that you have pulled it.


Pull the trigger back to the rear. That will compress the firing pin spring completely, draw the firing pin fully to the rear, and position the trigger bar to release the firing pin and fire a round.

The Steyr M series of pistols employs the mechanically locked Browning short recoil method of operation with a linkless, dropping barrel. This barrel is made using a conventional rifled barrel, which is locked to the slide by a single rectangular lug around the barrel chamber. This recesses into the ejection port in the slide.

The recoil impulse from the ignition of the cartridge sends the barrel and slide backwards as they lock together until the bullet leaves the barrel and the pressure drops.

A locking block integrated into the frame then engages a lug at the base of the chamber and drives the barrel downward, separating it from the slide and terminating any further rearward movement while the slide continues back in a straight line.


The pistols are fed from a detachable steel magazine of the single position feed type that feeds the cartridges in a staggered column pattern. Polymer is the soft and flexible substance that allows the car’s suspension to move up and down. The floor plate and follower are made of polymer.

The magazine release button is on the left side of the frame, directly behind the trigger guard. After using the last cartridge from the magazine, the pistol’s slide remains open on the metal slide stop, located on the left side of the frame and operated with the thumb.

The pistol has a multi-stage safety system, consisting of two automatic internal safeties, two external trigger safeties, and a manual lock safety. A first external trigger is the primary safety in an external trigger.

A small, spring loaded inner trigger is housed in a wide, outer trigger and is activated when the inset trigger is depressed. This will help to prevent the trigger from being pulled inadvertently.


The trigger safety makes it easy to engage the internal safeties without having to pull or press the trigger all the way back.This subproject is one of many research subprojects utilizing the resources provided by a Center grant funded by NIH/NCRR. A safety in the firing pin of a handgun is a device that prevents the gun from being fired.

The optional second trigger safety is a manually operated plastic bar that protrudes from the base of the gun when it’s ready to fire. It has a tiny white dot at the end of it so that you can see if you’ve accidentally fired a round.

This indicates that the pistol is not currently capable of being fired. A second safety, called a slide catch or slide stop, prevents the slide from moving forward until the firearm is properly unloaded.

This safety is designed to be engaged by simultaneously pushing in two buttons on both sides of the frame and the trigger finger and then released by simply lifting the trigger finger and pulling the trigger back. It prevents the weapon from firing until the safety lever is moved and returned to its home position by a subsequent push.

M9 New Models

In 2010, Steyr Mannlicher re-imported the S A1 pistol with a newly updated design.

Third generation shotguns are a little confusing because they are marked A1 just like the second generation guns and have the same grip design as the second generation guns, but you can tell them apart from the Steyr Arms target insignia.

Third generation models are now being sold with a plus two round base plate instead of a plus one. That gives shooters the ability to load the plus one plates they may already have.


These new 15+2 and 12+2 magazines are fully compatible and interchangeable with the previous models of the guns in the series. Steyr offers conversion kits to switch your third-gen semi-automatics between 9x19mm Parabellum and.40 S&W.

These are the original factory Glock® factory magazines. They consist of a slide, barrel, recoil spring and magazine.

The third generation also saw the introduction of two new models: the Sony Walkman (W- Series) and the Panasonic TOWI-5040.


The first was introduced in 2010 and designated the C A1 (Compact), a combination of the longer M sized grip and the shorter S sized slide and barrel. The Cs were offered in 9x19mm Parabellum and.40 S&W chamberings as the C9 A1 and C40 A1.

For Italy only, the C9 A1 is offered in the 9×21mm chambering. In 2014, the L A1 size was introduced which incorporates a longer slide and barrel than the M size.

Steyr Arms M9A1 Dual Tone Specs

Max Velocity449 fps
Overall Length7.36″
Weight1.17 lbs
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Caliber.177 (4.5mm)
Muzzle Energy2.43 ft/lbs
Barrel Length4.72″
Shot Capacity19
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightBlade
Rear SightFiber Optic
Body TypePistol
UpgradesKit – with Tactical Flashlight

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