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How to Start an Airsoft Team #49

airsoft team

How to Start an Airsoft Team

If you want to play Airsoft, you need to get organized and start a airsoft team where you live. There are many other people in your area that would be interested in playing with you, and you’d have a great time.

airsoft team

In these cases, a person might want to think about starting his or her own team. Airsoft is a safe, fun sport, but it’s not that popular in many areas. This article will give you the basics you need to create your own airsoft team.


Find Your Team Members

Find your team members. First, you need to make sure that the people who are joining your airsoft team are familiar with airsoft. Next, put the call out for your team members in your local airsoft or game club.

Tell everyone about this project, so you can cast your net as widely as possible. You’ll need at least two people, but you can have up to six on a airsoft team. Make sure they’re willing to abide by your rules – coordination and teamwork will be important, so you need people who can follow your lead.

Pick a cool airsoft team name. Then get everyone together to talk about their experiences and what they can provide for the airsoft team. Create info sheets for each team member. These should include their name, what kinds of experience they have in Airsoft, and what equipment they can offer.

This is a very important step in getting your team organized. You will have to designate leaders. And, once they are designated, you will need to decide who to group together and why. Write out a concise mission statement, and write it down. You might say, “To use the sport of Airsoft to develop camaraderie and discipline.

Assign Roles

You’ll get to this step after you’ve done well in Step 1. You need to be proficient at your weapons and be very familiar with the game’s tactics. Also, you need to be in good physical shape.

You don’t want to become a new employee without any experience, so it’s important to set some basic tests for each of these skills. Is your team member proficient in Microsoft Word? Does he or she know how to use email? How does this person handle pressure?

Make a decision about what type of airsoft team you want to form and what roles you will need to fill. Here are some examples of some roles: a rifleman, a heavy weapon, a support gunner, a sniper, a spotter, a marksman, and a grenadier.

You should usually have three different classes of units: scouts, snipers, and supports, and a squad leader. Depending on how many embers the team has, the squad leader won’t necessarily also be a squad leader.

If your squad has four members or more, you can form smaller fire teams from that squad. This will give the teams a chance to coordinate and implement tactics better than when they were working as part of a larger squad.

This feature allows Unit Leaders to quickly and easily tell team A to do something while Team B does another thing. This saves time, as you won’t have to assign names to specific tactics.

You might also want to establish a hierarchy, to give people clear instructions about who they report to. Establishing such a structure will also help ensure that there is no ambiguity about orders and strategies.

You can follow the ranks that the US Army uses, or you can invent your own system. Finally, make sure that everyone’s equipment is up to snuff. Everyone on your team should have a tactical vest, a decent gun with metal or polymer mid/high caps, and whatever optional upgrades they want.

Communication is very important in all situations, but is especially critical in a survival scenario. It’s a good idea to purchase radios to help you coordinate your team.

Develop Your Own Codes

It may get a little confusing at first as everyone is working on memorizing the code, but once you know what the code means you can use it strategically. You can always just use the NATO phonetic alphabet if you don’t want to come up with your own system of hand signals. Just remember to make them unique to your team.

Use your hands and feet to communicate. If your radios aren’t working, use them to communicate. If you’re trying to avoid alerting the other team, use gestures to communicate.

Main Airsoft team roles and sub-team roles

Main airsoft teams and sub-teams. If you plan to keep things simple and have no specific requirements, you should assign the Rifleman role to each of your team mates. This will help you train your airsoft team and get started with the basics, like effective use of cover.

How to give cover fire. And how to bound and move.


As a Rifleman you need to have a wide skillset. You need to be able to perform many tactics such as clearing a room or bunker, double-stack a door, and lay down a barrage of fire.

Support Gunner

Support Gunner are a group of people who provide assistance where it’s needed, such as carrying ammo and providing covering fire. They also stay in the middle of the squad, constantly looking for threats.

The Support Gunner is always looking for easily defendable positions with lots of cover.

Radio Operator

A good team consists of Riflemen and Support Gunners only. For this team, having someone with communications skills would be helpful. This person would be in charge of all the communications stuff.

To run an effective airsoft team, you need to make sure your team is able to communicate. The Radio Operator is responsible for communication about where to go and providing essential details about the area. I would recommend that everyone should have a radio on which they can talk to each other.

It’s a good idea to set up a communication system that is easy to follow on the battlefield. This will help everyone on the team to know exactly what they are supposed to do.

Setting Up Team Exercises

You must find a way to motivate your team members. First, you need to establish a ranking system where your employees start out as Private or equivalent rank and can work their way up to a higher rank.

Give your higher-ranking members more responsibilities and allow them to give orders to lower-ranking people. This will build trust and develop teamwork. You can also use a pre-built base for this.

You may want to consider making some modifications to this base, such as adding windows or gun slits. You’d probably also prefer this base to be fairly close to your house, so you can easily get to it and keep an eye on it.

Get a field that you can use for play. You can either find a pre-existing airsoft field, or make one yourself. Research the weapons your opponents use, and about what weapons may be best for your own team.

It’s important to practice regularly. Aim for one practice a week, or even more often if it’s possible for your team. Practice tactics and strategies, code words, and code names. Regular, scheduled weekly trainings will keep your team’s skills up, and keep them pumped for game days.

If you’re having trouble finding something on Amazon, you may not know the right words to use or what to look for. You might have seen a product that you like but don’t know if it’s the right one for your needs.

Team uniform and load out

Uniforms are critical to creating a cohesive team look. Having a uniform will help create an appearance of professionalism for others to respect you more.

You don’t want to be the one who’s on the field with the same load out as your teammates, and you know it! That would be a major disadvantage when playing airsoft, and you will end up shooting blanks or not able to shoot at all.

Group image and name

On the field of soccer it’s important that the team has a unique look and name. It’s important to have an easy to pronounce team name and a team uniform that is easy to remember.

Everyone on the team needs to be involved. The result is a closer team because everyone has the chance to vote. The group image is about the label that you put on your uniform. A nice image is like a brand and everyone will recognize you.

Team goals and expectations

It’s important that your team understands what are the team goals and expectations before your first meeting. You will want to have some guidelines and rules in place for the game so that it is fun for everyone and the most enjoyable experience for everyone.

It’s essential that you be very clear about what happens to a teammate who doesn’t meet your standards.

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