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SIG Sauer P320 M17 ASP, CO2 Pellet Pistol Review #41

P320 M17

SIG SAUER P320 M17 Air Pistol

The SIG SAUER AIR P320 M17 is the latest air pistol to hit the market from SIG SAUER. It’s a very accurate replica of the US Army P320 M17.

There are four main categories of ammunition in.357: lead bullets, soft point, semi-jacketed hollow points and full-jacketed hardpoints. These four types will work well for any application where you need penetration.

For the price, the SIG SAUER P320 M17 Air Pistol wins an AMSOIL Tactical TAC 910 Test Rifle Award. It shoots accurately and has the most reliable trigger I’ve experienced in a single-shot rifle.

P320 M17



The SIG SAUER P320 M17 air pistol is priced a little higher than average. It’s very well balanced and accurate, though. It’s also well built and has been very well tested.

We think this is the right price for this realistic pellet-firing air pistol. Any pellet-firing air pistol will cost more to manufacture than a BB-shooting model.

This is due to the additional complexity involved in the magazine and pellet-feed compared to a BB pistol, along with a rifled barrel. The SIG CO2-powered BB-firing air pistols generally retail for about $100, so the price premium is not unreasonable.

A SIG Air pellet pistol with the ability to fire CO2 rounds will make a “no-brainer” purchase for those who own the original and are looking for a quality pellet-firing replica. This ability will make it a “must-have” for many more.

I think the 3-month warranty is good. Many replicas have no more than a 3-month warranty, and that’s not strong enough to justify the price. The 12-month warranty makes me feel secure when I have a replica pistol in my hands.


It’s no secret that SIG Air is the best airgun manufacturer. This new SIG Air P320 M17 air pistol is a remarkable replica of the US Army P320 M17 service pistol.

HAM Tester Doug Wall commented “Very realistic in size, looks and weight.” in his testing notes. SIG sets high standards throughout the organization and its products. It’s clear that this is the most realistic pellet pistol that they’ve introduced to date.

It is best suited for the training role that the company sees as a key value proposition for its airgun products. The overall appearance of the sights is very realistic. However, it’s true that that sights do not offer the night vision capability of the military firearm.

But it’s a tiny difference and one that isn’t unexpected from a CO2 replica. The P320 M17 air pistol features a fully functional ambidextrous manual safety — a first for a SIG Air pistol and an exact match to the firearm. It also features a functioning takedown lever.

Unlike previous SIG pellet pistols, the P320 M17 can be field stripped and that’s a huge benefit. The drop free magazine release is not ambidextrous but the P320 M17 is otherwise a very nice pistol.


Accuracy is always essential for hunting purposes, and this air pistol performed well in this test. The gun was certainly “minute of soda can” accurate at six yards, but it showed a slight tendency to the right.

At 6 yards, this was not an issue. However, as the group moved down and to the right on the 10 yard target, accuracy was fairly consistent with all the standard HAM test pellets. The RWS Hobbys performed slightly better than the HAM and so these were also shot at the longer, 10 yards range.

There were no errors at short range, but at medium and long ranges, the pellet gun was slightly off and did not hit its intended target. Although it is a creditable performance, the owner will need to improve his skills with the weapon before going out on the range.

In the past, people have used small lasers mounted on the Picatinny rail and made aimed corrections using the laser. This is a Leapers UTG LS200 Red Sub-Compact laser.

You’ll enjoy shooting this little gun. The magazine holds five shots, and it’s extremely light. You can take it wherever you go.


SIG claims that the P320 M17 air pistol is a perfect tool for M17 firearm owners to practice with. In addition, it claims that the air pistol closely resembles the M17 firearm.

I’d say the Muzzle Velocity of up to 430 FPS of the P320 M17 Air Pistol is “Not so good”, but the maximum FPS (300-310. is pretty decent!

Now it’s true that this was recorded in our cool – 62 degree F – test range. It’s also true that the muzzle velocity for CO2 powered airguns varies by about 2 fps per degree F temperature change.

However, the maximum temperature of the test gun even at the highest setting would have only reached an average of 290 FPS. That’s the average of the three tests at 62 degrees + (30 degrees difference x 2 FPS) = 370 

An actual maxiumum muzzle velocity for an air pistol is about 350 FPS. The real issue here, however, is that the Airsoft Gun Guide claims that it has a muzzle velocity of 370 FPS. That’s 60 FPS lower than what we’d call “real” velocity, which is important to keep in mind.

Most people who plan to use the P320 M17 for target practice need to do some research before buying.


The HAM SIG P320 M17 was accurate with all of our standard test pellets. And trigger pull weight? We didn’t find any signs of trigger creep or trigger creep, but our test rounds were fired at an average weight of just over 9.5 lb.

The muzzle velocity varies a lot more with different pellets than we find with a BB-firing air pistol. This is understandable, as the weight of the pellets used varies far more than the difference between various types of BB. Q:

There was no significant difference in the SD of the pellet types. The average SD of the Standard Deviation was 21.92 FPS.


A real improvement from previous SIG non-blowback pellet pistols is felt recoil. It’s surprisingly strong and will make this a popular choice for anyone who’s looking for a versatile training/competition airgun for target shooting or home/home protection.

In my experience, the issue was not that the trigger does not hold back after the last pellet has been fired, but that the slide does not return to battery easily when the last pellet has been fired. The trigger is double action only, and has a rather long pull.

The pull weight of the test gun was quite heavy at an average of 9 Lbs 8 Oz. Both pull weight and length are clearly related to the pellet feed mechanism. It’s the trigger pull which advances the next pellet into battery for firing, not the slide recoil.

It didn’t feel much like a pull to me.


In HAM testing, the SIG P320 M17 air pistol gave over 60 shots before the muzzle velocity fell below 200 fps. This is about average for a blowback pistol and CO2 powered.

However, after HAM Tester fired all 80 shots, he was able to get 80 shots from a magazine before it was completely exhausted.


The overall appearance and quality of finish was excellent. The extended magazine allowed for the high pellet capacity and matched the long magazines found on the SIG P320 M17-Comemorative firearm.

Fit and finish are outstanding. The plastic-molded frame is very well done, and the mold seam lines are very close to invisible. The obligatory warning messages are molded into the frame, rather than being printed.

These make the gun seem less distracting than white-printed text and add to the overall realism of this air pistol.


The SIG P320 M17 air pistol is widely available from online airgun dealers. It’s also carried by many big box sporting goods stores. So it’s easy to buy.

The SIG Sauer C6C’s cam lever system is simple, easy and quick. It doesn’t use screws to hold it in place, and the cam levers are out of sight, so there’s no need for an Allen (hex) wrench.

The cam lever system incorporated into the magazine itself is a significant improvement compared to having it located in the frame, as with some previous SIG models. It takes longer to load the gun than with other models, but after that, it’s all downhill from there.

The new, 20-pellet, magazine is so convenient to load. And it has no need for the owner to hold down a spring-loaded follower, as can be tiresome with some pistols. There’s a thorough, and well-illustrated owners manual in multiple different languages.

This is a safe and realistic replica of a gun, and because of the realistic appearance of this product you should treat it as you would a firearm. It should not be displayed in public or in any place where it could be mistaken for a real gun.

SIG Sauer P320 M17 ASP Specs

Max Velocity300 fps
Overall Length8.0″
Weight2.15 lbs
Trigger Pull6.0 lbs
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Caliber.177 (4.5mm)
Barrel Length4.6″
Shot Capacity20
Front SightBlade
Rear SightFixed
Body TypePistol

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