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SIG Sauer MCX Pellet Rifle Gen 2, Black #133

sig sauer mcx


The SIG Sauer MCX Gen 2 pellet rifle performs well. It’s reliable, accurate, and lightweight.

The answer is pretty well. As you’ll read below, a test conducted by the National Athletic Trainer’s Association revealed that the Canebrake is more accurate.

Canebreak says it wants a muzzle velocity of up to 600 FPS, compared to 545 FPS for the MCX Gen 2. In both cases, HAM testing found these specs were easily exceeded. This latest version of the MCX has a new “flat” trigger blade.

There’s a new pistol grip and buttstock on the rifle. Compared to the “Gen 1” MCX, the KeyMod accessory slots in the fore end are replaced by MLOK slots, and they have better ergonomics, too.

These are all good things that make the new Gen 2 MCX easy to justify an impressive HAM Silver Award for its performance, quality, and value.

sig sauer mcx



It closely resembles the centerfire SIG MCX Gen 2 rifle, but is a bit lighter, with less felt recoil. The M24 CCO is a unique and innovative assault rifle, offering a one-shot burst mode that is the fastest in its class.

A great addition to the PPCR line, the MCX has representations of the stock, centerfire revolver, and semi-auto features and controls. The ambidextrous safety, magazine release and charging handle are all functional.

However, the bolt catch and the left side mag release aren’t, and the ejection port cover isn’t. This gun has an integrated silencer that doesn’t affect the performance. There are so many options with the MCX-Gen2 Pellet Rifle.

There’s a wide variety of accessories you can purchase for your air rifle. Here’s an example of a new product I wanted to share: A bipod for a new product, UTG Recon Flex M-Lok bipod legs from Leapers.

The tripod legs helped make sure that the MCX had a solid base for the camera to be mounted on, even when being used at a fixed shooting angle. The new gun is comfortable to hold, and the pistol grip is different from the previous version, but it still doesn’t have an external trap door or cover.


The SIG MCX Gen 2 pellet rifle is supplied with SIG’s standard BUIS iron sights. These are the standard adjustable for elevation and windage in the manner of M16 sights.

The front sight is height adjustable. The rear sight has the ability to be adjusted using the same tool. The front end of this rifle features a short, straight, non-reciprocating stock for fast follow-up shots.

With a full metal body and a very solid top Picatinny rail, the MCX is perfect for home defense or tactical military applications. We mounted a Leapers UTG Bugbuster 3-9 x 32AO scope there, together with a UTG riser to achieve a more comfortable eyeline when testing the gun

The UTG Bugbuster was a perfect fit with the MCX for size and looks. It is a small, light, and ideal for shooters who typically need compact cameras for shooting sports, events, travel, and other activities.

At 10 yards, these HAM bullets will be very accurate for any shooter with practice and the right ammo. The new Canesbrake had better accuracy than the one we tested last year.

At 25 Yards, the SIG MCX Gen 2 pellet rifle shoots about half as many pellets than the Canebrake.


SIG claims that the MCX Gen 2 offers “authentic weight, balance and handling”.

As the HAM Test Team has not handled the firearm version of the MCX, we believe this to be true based on Internet searching.

This new MCX offers Muzzle Velocity, which gives the gun an extra boost when pulling the trigger.

The maximum frame rate is listed as “up to 545 frames per second” right on the box. This firearm will work! It was tested by HAM in the lab, and it produced a maximum of 608 FPS at 69 degrees F.

Based on testing with other CO2-powered air rifles, the MCX will increase in muzzle velocity and peak velocity by about 2 FPS per degree Farenheit and the maximum temperature approached is about 95 degrees.

This firearm shoots accurately and reliably every time out of the box, and should not need any adjustment whatsoever for your use. And all you need to do to benefit from this velocity increase is to hold the trigger down and hold it steady while shooting on a hot day.

SIG claims that the SIG MCX Gen 2 pellet rifle has a new trigger that has an improved pull. From the results of the HAM tests, it’s clear that there’s a big difference between these products.

The “Gen 1” MCX tested by HAM gave an average trigger pull weight of 8 lbs, 11 oz. It should be noted that SIG MCX Gen 2 pellet rifles have an average pull weight of 6 lb 13 ozs.

The big difference makes the Gen 2 model much easier to fire for extended periods of time.

I don’t think it would be fair to put the full name of the gun into a sentence without context. I don’t think that it would be a good idea to use the name of the gun to create a brand, either.

At the range, it’s a little more complex. You don’t want to get to the stage where you have your finger pressed against the trigger. The MCX Gen 2 air rifle doesn’t feel like a semi-auto, but it’s actually a double-action revolver. It’s powered by a high pressure cylinder that advances the next pellet.

That’s why the trigger pull weight is relatively heavy. The magazine latch lever is a nice feature of the Glock 17, it is not easy to find this lever on a smaller semi-auto pistol.

That is a DA revolver and it is the same as used in all SIG’s pellet guns. I don’t think many owners are interested in shooting this gun. The SIG MCX Gen 2 pellet rifle goes off each time the trigger is pulled.

It’s a semi-automatic, and you could probably get by with it. Owners who are knowledgeable will understand that it’s part of what a franchise is all about, and will accept the actions for what they are.


The range of a CO2-powered airgun is affected by the degree of variation in the velocity of the pellets through the barrel. Trigger pull weight of the averaged 6 pounds, 13 ounces.

The results of the survey are showing that the average woman’s dress size ranges from 14 Lbs 3 Oz to 16 Lbs 10 Oz, which is really good.

For many years, we have been using our original measuring ruler, which was an old, vintage-looking tool, until we received it from a friend who had purchased it a long time ago.


There is nothing we can add to what has already been said in the “Comparisons”. Because it doesn’t have a blowback effect, there’s no need to cover it further here other than to mention. 

The metal trigger blade pulls back through a long first stage, then through an unpredictable second stage, until you feel the significant but predictable resistance. Pull back harder and the gun fires after a slightly longer travel.

HAM gun tester Stephen Archer considered the trigger pull felt best if it was pulled back fast and hard. That’s a good way to shoot. But if you want to get the highest score, you need to aim well.

The trigger pull weight isn’t very high, but it does feel heavier than the 6 Lb trigger pull. This might be because of the comfortable hand position provided by the pistol grip, which gives the MCX a more solid feel.

My Ruger M77 weighs in at just under 9 lbs with the attached 6x scope. The safety is also ambidextrous. If you want to shoot fast, shoot low. It’s best to have your shooting hand near the trigger.

The trigger is very easy to manipulate, and there’s no “auto fire” feature like on many CO2-powered long guns. This means you have to hold the trigger and pull the whole time until the weapon fires.

It’s only operated once, so the cocking effort for the MCX Gen 2 pellet rifle is close to zero.


When using the M-Cock Gen 2, it’s important to keep track of how many shots you get out of it and not just how many it will take to fill up again. In HAM structured testing, we fired over 200 rounds on the same, original CO2 cartridge.

If you’re getting your shots to fall in the range of 250 – 300, your results will be different based on your shooting conditions.


As with all SIG Air products, the appearance and quality of the MCX Gen 2 are outstanding!

The quality of the parts of the watch that comprise the exterior surfaces is very good. All the parts were clearly finished and assembly was meticulous.

Yes, this is yet another “black rifle”, but a closer look reveals precision molds of the synthetic parts, high-quality metal castings, and a range of high quality finishes.


This is the latest model of the Sig MCX Gen 2 rifle which uses the now-familiar 30 round magazine. Loading the magazine is a breeze. First, remove the magazine from the plastic case.

Install the pellets by using the loading/sight tool. You’ll have to treat the loading process with a bit of respect and you’ll need a solid table top. This is not a process you want to undertake anywhere, much less in the field.

Shooting with the MCX Gen 2 is a great opportunity for you, so it makes sense to buy at least one more magazine. Each spare SIG magazine includes three belt clips.

With a spare magazine, you have a total of four belts for your gun. That’s a total of 120 pellets that can be loaded before you start pulling the trigger. That’s the way to do it!!! Loading a belt into an open magazine is fast and easy.

With no table, you can do this at home. Once the pellets are loaded into the belt, the re-loading speed is likely faster than that of re-loading a BB-shooting gun

In addition to the larger – 88 or 90 gram – CO2 supply, the SIG’s larger 12 gram CO2 cartridge also allows the SIG MCX series of replicas to shoot faster than most other replicas.


sig sauer mcx
Max Velocity545 fps
Overall Length34.7″
Weight7.35 lbs
Trigger Pull5.5 lbs
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Caliber.177 (4.5mm)
Barrel Length17.7″
Shot Capacity30
Front SightFlip-up, adjustable
Rear SightFlip-up, adjustable
PowerplantPCP & CO2
Body TypeRifle

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