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SIG MCX Virtus PCP Air Rifle Review #25

SIG MCX Virtus

SIG MCX Virtus PCP Air Rifle .22 Caliber

The SIG MCX Virtus is an air rifle built with the sports shooter in mind. It has a lightweight aluminum alloy chassis and comes standard with a cartridge rated for 2,000fps with a maximum velocity of 575ft/sec.

New. Heavy shot count. High accuracy. Realistic copy of centerfire SIG MCX Virtus It’s a SIG! Heavy trigger. Accuracy should be better. Many non-functional controls.

Mid-weight domed lead pellet is the best choice for a realistic hunting experience. It’s a good reproduction of the manufacturer’s centerfire SIG MCX Virtus, and you can use it for other shooting applications.

We hope this is not a target gun. And, we do NOT recommend it for hunting. As a PCP, you’ll also need to budget for HPA filling equipment – a handpump, tank or compressor.

SIG MCX Virtus



A real SIG MCX Virtus rifle is a unique weapon; it is rare, but you do see them occasionally on gun ranges and hunting estates. Although very high-end, the price is reasonable when you consider it’s a full-fledged, fully functional air gun.

This means that any customer buying a SIG MCX Virtus rifle needs to purchase a HPA Hand Pump, Tank or Compressor as well as an air gun to go with it. However the price of this new air rifle has clearly not harmed sales.

They’ve said what they think by buying this car. It is good value for money.


The SIG MCX Virtus Pistol is an airgun version of the SIG MCX Virtus Patrol firearm. The SIG MCX Virtus pistol is part of the line of fast-firing centerfire SIG MCX Virtus pistols. It is a more affordable variant of the more expensive, higher-capacity SIG MCX Virtus pistols.

While the pistol below is the same size as the HPA airgun, the biggest obvious difference is where the firearm’s buttstock is replaced by the HPA air cylinder of the SIG MCX Virtus PCP.

SIG MCX Virtus

Yes, the PCP’s HPA tank now comes with an aftermarket stock “cover” which makes it look much more like an airsoft gun. You can read all about this stock in our previous HAM post.

The Bipod Installation Instructions are in this post. It’s an appearance-wise dress-up of the centerfire version of the SIG MCX Virtus. But it remains disappointing that the “minor” controls are fixed and non-operable.

This firearm includes the forward assist and cartridge ejection cover, the bolt catch and the left side magazine release. On the negative side, the charging handle doesn’t really work very well and is difficult to activate.

The SIG MCX Virtus has a 30-round magazine, which matches the safety lever on the firearm. Also, it is ambidextrous and works just like the firearm.


Accuracy and point of impact are key features of this air rifle. It’s supplied with BUIS type folding iron sights. You can adjust the front sight for elevation and the rear sight for windage.

The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation, and comes with two fully-adjustable aperture sizes. It also has a full-length Picatinny rail that allows you to attach a variety of riflescopes.

We found the UTG riser rail gives clearance to leave the rear BUIS sight in place, folded down. If you’re not using the riser rail, you can remove them all by removing the three screw heads.

While accuracy at 50 yards with the standard suite of HAM test pellets was “No Minute of Soda can” good, the best 10-shot group was achieved using H&N Field Target Trophy pellets with a horizontal CTC of 2.9 Inches.

If you want to learn how to accurately and effectively shoot small caliber handguns out to a distance of about 20 yards, this is the type of pistol that’s best for the job.

The Leapers UTG 3-12 x 44 True Hunter Classic is a great choice for target shooting, as it offers both long range and very fine windage adjustments. This rifle is an example of the excellent build quality of this product line.


The centerfire Virtus uses a gas-operated, semi-automatic action. The SIG MCX Virtus PCP air rifle is NOT semi-automatic.

In fact, it operates something like a double-action revolver. The first stage pull of the trigger actually operates the belt activator, rotating the 30-round belt in the magazine.

It positions the pellet ready to be pushed into the barrel by the bolt when the second stage of the trigger releases the sear. The heavy trigger pull weight is intended to position the pellet in the chamber when the trigger is pulled.

When you fire a pellet gun, the first bullet will be extracted more easily because of the longer barrel, but the second one can be harder to extract.

Likewise, the long, heavy, H&N Baracuda Match pellets caused a very heavy trigger pull before they failed to feed. The photograph below shows the action that’s visible inside the magazine well.

SIG MCX Virtus

To fire the pellet accurately requires a lot of practice and technique. Some say it’s more than an exercise in precision engineering. As in other guns, a rifle will fire one round before reloading and recocking.

Semi-automatic actions are different than automatic actions, and this distinction is important if you want to know whether a rifle is designed for hunting, shooting competitions, or both.

That air gun looks like a really big toy. The side of the packaging says Action SEMI. What we have here is an air rifle with an action that feels like a semi-auto. It’s technically not though.

SIG Air claims muzzle velocities of up to 700 fps. We achieved maximum muzzle velocities of around 750 fps during HAM testing using H&N Field Target Trophy Green pellets.


CONSISTENCY. We’ve been working hard to ensure that V-TEC is one of the most consistent PCPs available. This is shown in the shot count graph below which shows how the example tested by HAM delivered 180 reasonably-consistent shots before the regulator set point was reached and the FPS started to decline steadily.

The average for these 180 shots was 5 fps with 35 grain JSB Jumbo Express pellets. That’s an average muzzle energy of .01 feet per pound. The extreme spread was between a minimum of 574 fps and a maximum of 639 fps. This level of consistency is easily good enough for the intended purpose of the SIG MCX Virtus as a firearms training tool.

With a maximum fill pressure of 3,000 PSI and a 1,100 PSI regulator setting, this tank can pump more than 10 times the volume of its size, giving you the potential to shoot 50 shots a minute with just one fill.

While it is easy to adjust trigger pull weight in most air rifles, it’s impossible to do so with the SIG MCX Virtus PCP air rifle. Instead, it’s best to shoot with a comfortable amount of trigger pull weight.

This pull weight exceeds the maximum pull weight for this action, which is 12 lbs.


This SIG MCX Virtus PCP rifle has a trigger pull that feels very similar to the one on a semi-auto firearm but it’s even heavier.

This is not a blowback gun, so there is no felt recoil when shooting. The 30-round magazine is not of the “drop-free” type either. It’s a two-handed release. The prong-type flash hider does, of course, not minimize the report when shooting so the SIG MCX Virtus – while not exactly loud – does give a reasonable sound level to add to the realism.


180 consistent shots from one fill of High Pressure Air is a good number for any PCP air rifle. That’s particularly so since the maximum fill pressure of 3000 PSI can be attained by using a hand pump.

SIG MCX Virtus

The SIG MCX Virtus pistol, with its regulated design and higher FPS, can shoot consistent shots at an even greater number of shots than the original SIG MCX Virtus pistol, but without the hassle of filling to very low pressure.

This book helps you customize your product in ways that don’t require purchasing an entirely new product, but it also allows you to change up the equipment to fit your needs.


This is the gun that HAM tested that could shoot farthest and fastest. We used it to test the performance of various types of lead pellets and shot-gel pellets. It was able to shoot as far as 762 yards and hit a speed of 744.8 FPS.


This SIG MCX Virtus PCP is very well made. The stock receiver has been covered with a grey enamel. It feels very substantial and well built.

The synthetic molded handguard, grip and buttstock are well finished and manufactured from high quality materials. They are all well matched for the intended use, and a good fit for the centerfire version.

SIG MCX Virtus

After all this is a gun built for hard, tactical use. It’s not a mega-expensive, luxury side-by-side shotgun! The only functional parts are the safety (and trigger) when the receiver is viewed from the left side.


A great PCP rifle at an affordable price. SIG’s Virtus PCP rifle is widely available in the USA and elsewhere. If you’re looking for a gun that you can find and buy in most major firearms shops, you may well come across the SIG MCX Virtus PCP air rifle while browsing through their range of sporting guns.

Especially when purchasing online, it’s reassuring to know that SIG’s packaging for this rifle is about as good as it gets. There’s a solid card box and plenty of molded polystyrene packaging to protest your purchase from the best efforts of shipping companies.

SIG MCX Virtus

This gun is supplied with one magazine and a pellet-seating tool. You must use the tool when shooting. It resides in the pistol grip when not in use. The operator’s manual is simplistic, with enough illustrations to accompany the text.

There’s one reason Sig Sauer gives a one year warranty with its MCX Virtus PCP air rifle. That’s because it’s much longer than the 60 day warranties given by others in the airgun industry.

Finally, of course, there’s the need to provide a supply of High Pressure Air. Although most HAM readers will already be familiar with this, there will still be some customers who are surprised that they need to charge the air rifle from a shop compressor.

SIG MCX Virtus

It’s important for any good airgun dealer to explain to a newbie the need for an HPA (High Pressure Air) tank, how it works, and how to set up and use one properly. HPA supplies are very safe and should not be displayed in public places.

SIG Sauer ASP MCX Virtus Specs

SIG MCX Virtus
Max Velocity700 fps
Overall Length37.5″
Weight7.5 lbs
Suggested forSmall game hunting/target practice
Caliber.22″ (5.5mm)
Muzzle Energy12 ft/lbs
Barrel Length17.5″
Shot Capacity30
Cocking Effortlbs
Front SightFlip-up
Rear SightFlip-up
PowerplantPre-charged pneumatic
Body TypeRifle
Cylinder Size213 cc

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