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#30 Should Wear A Jacket With A T-shirt


Should Wear A Jacket With A T-shirt

A t-shirt without jacket? Not in the summer. That’s true. There are different types of occasions when different types of clothing are appropriate.

If you’re looking for a lighter weight outerwear layer, it’s best to do as the weather dictates and add another layer in the cooler months of the year.

Whether your summer business meeting is at the office, in a beach resort or somewhere else, there’s no reason to not dress up for the occasion. Even within these general guidelines, it is still perfectly acceptable to wear something a bit more formal than others if you feel it will enhance your appearance and the mood of the event.

When deciding what to wear, an easy rule of thumb is: a little bit of everything looks better than nothing at all. For instance, a polo shirt, dressier shorts, and boat shoes are definitely classier than just wearing a t-shirt, cargo shorts, and sandals.



Can One Effectively Pair A T-shirt With A Jacket

There are a lot of different styles available out there. There are ways of pairing them together that are more fun than others. It’s a formal dress code for weddings, as this is a dressy but comfortable outfit for wedding attire.

In the summertime it gets really hot. The best way to cope with the heat is by cooling off. As you remove your shirt, you’ll also be shedding a layer of skin, but this is not an issue as you’re wearing your shirt outside of your underwear.

At Greatly Different Levels Of Formality

When any clothing items that are of greatly different levels of formality are paired together, the overall formality of the outfit tends to skew downward, not upward.

In other words, don’t pair a t-shirt with a jacket. Only buy jackets if you want to look better.

Make You Look Dated

In the 1980s, the height of the fashion of wearing t-shirts and jackets together came in the 1980s as perhaps best exemplified by the TV show Miami Vice.

They looked more like oversized pajamas or undershirts. The key today for the more modern, stylish man is going to be finding a comfortable, versatile piece that you can pair with other outfits and isn’t going to look out of place over a suit or with tailored trousers.

Why should women care about the fashions of the past? That was a long time ago! I’m sure we have more pressing issues to worry about today.

The simple answer right now is that the 80’s are just dated enough that most of their fashion isn’t in style anymore but they are still current enough that some of their trends are hanging on.

It’s kind of like it’s in the uncanny valley of time right now, and being caught in the middle, wearing some of these distinctively 80s fashions is just going to make you look dated instead of like someone who’s celebrating these stylistic choices of an earlier era. There are many more stylish options than combining a t-shirt and jacket.

Choose Crew Neck Over V-Neck

The crew neck t-shirt is a little more modest than the straight neck t-shirt. In terms of fit, the shirt should fit well enough that it doesn’t hang loosely off your body.

Whether the shirt is baggy or too tight, you want to make sure you look as good as possible in the photos you’re sharing with friends and family.

Stay Away From Flashy Colors & Patterns

I think this should go without saying but absolutely no graphic tees are acceptable. T-shirts should always be in muted colors such as black, grey, white and blue to not compete with the jacket and look sloppy and ill-fitting.

As much as we love color and pattern, there are times when it’s best to focus on keeping it simple. Small accessories like a pocket square are a great way to keep things looking clean.

Choose Your Jacket Wisely

When it comes to the proper jacket styles, it’s best to opt for an off-season or odd-season sport coat, such as a lightweight summer weight jacket or blazer, instead of a traditional suit jacket.

A suit jacket and a t-shirt are so wildly different in levels of formality that they’ll basically be fighting each other if you try to wear them together.

Opt For Odd Trousers

Cotton chinos or slacks in a neutral color and a solid color will casualize an outfit and give it a more grounded look at the same time.

If you wear a t-shirt under a matching suit jacket and trousers, you’re in for a treat.

Tuck In Your T-Shirt

The other style tip for wearing a t-shirt under a jacket, it’s not to wear it untucked, so they shouldn’t work as well when the t-shirt isn’t tucked in properly.

Stylish Alternatives – Open Collar Dress Shirts

Simply wearing a standard business dress shirt, with the collar unbuttoned and open underneath your suit jacket will keep you cooler than if you were wearing a tie and it will look better as the dress shirt and jacket are closer in terms of overall formality.

Stylish Alternatives – Go For A Polo

Short-sleeved dress shirts underneath jackets can look dorky so they’re best avoided.

Polo is a great alternative to a sport coat or a suit for a variety of situations, such as when you’re wearing a sports jacket and pants to a business meeting or when you want to wear your jacket without a tie.

If you’re going to wear your polo shirt for the first time and don’t feel comfortable, then just think of all the other places where you don’t wear a shirt. For example, you won’t wear one if it’s too hot, or if you’re in the shower.

Another bonus tip here is that lighter, longer-sleeved, button-down shirts in the warmer months of the year can also be very effective. The best way to avoid this problem is to pair a polo shirt with a jacket for its unstructured collar, so that it’s more formal.

Whether it’s for an interview, a big date or even a job interview, giving a clean shave is a great way to present yourself to others. To wear a polo with a suit is not the easiest look, especially if the suit is a dark one.

Stylish Alternatives – Henley Shirts

A good option in the middle would be a Henley shirt. You don’t have to pair this t-shirt with your favorite jacket to make it work. Pair t-shirts and jackets together with your Henleys and you’ll end up looking your best.

T-shirts are best worn with a jacket. Skip it for your formal wear; just because the difference in formality between the garments is simply going to be too great.

If you want to dress casually and comfortably in the summer time, avoid the temptation to wear a jacket and trousers with matching items. Instead, try to keep the two pieces separate and, if you really must match, opt for a light coloured cotton or linen shirt with a casual, lightweight jacket.

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