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#33 Should Underwear Wear T-shirt Under Shirt


The Evolution of Clothes & Underwears

In order to understand the history of the undershirt, it is essential to understand the purpose of clothing in general.

It is almost impossible to find original paintings, drawings or photos of underwear from before the 20th century, because they were never to be seen in public.

In the days before selfies were invented, you would have had to expose your undergarments back then as if you were naked in public.

Some think that the more you pay for your clothes, the better they are, while others think they are a waste of money.

One hand, the church knows that clothes and undergarments are a way of covering up peoples’ sense of shame.

It’s implied in the Bible that Adam and Eve were originally given fig leaves to wear because they weren’t allowed to have any “pubic hair”.

Both men and women love wearing expensive clothing and accessories. On the other hand, scientific research has shown that clothes are worn primarily for mating purposes.



The Purpose of Underwear

Initially, undergarments were just functional items used to cover our private parts and protect against the elements. Nowadays, undergarments are more like an extra layer of insulation.

Instead of looking for a natural fabric that would hold in heat, clothing manufacturers developed synthetic fibres that were warmer and stronger than wool.

That’s why at the same time, underwear were developed to protect the skin from the scratchy outerwear.

This was, of course, mostly true for the wealthy and noble.


The working class was lucky to have a single shirt, as textiles were expensive, laborious and precious goods.

Undershirts are used for many reasons, particularly during the colder months. They can help to keep you warm.

Dress shirts are usually made of cotton or linen, so it’s very important that you have a good undershirt to wear under your dress shirt for

Sweat shirts are supposed to keep you warm, protect your skin and keep you comfortable.

The Undershirt Evolves

By the 1500’s, young men of nobility began to wear their shirts entirely open to the public. While there was some criticism, this trend of exposing the shirt to the public prevailed over time.

Even when men in society are no longer respectable, they will still have collars and cuffs.

Men would wear shirts up until the late 1800s that didn’t have much on them other than the collars and cuffs, so detachable collars and cuffs were invented.

That way only the visible parts had to be washed consistently.

Men’s shirts weren’t considered dress shirts up until the early 20th century.


In medieval Europe, men wore loose-fitting garments, which included sleeveless shirts.

In the old days, wool and flannel were the main materials used to make a coat. On the other hand, if a man were too cold, he’d wear more overgarments, but he’d not wear a layer underneath.

The so-called Union suit was a general type of underwear that was invented in the United States in 1868.

The classic ‘blue-collar’ look wasn’t just an early signifier of lower class; it was a key part of the American lifestyle, often appearing in advertisements for products and services.

While some gentlemen still go shirtless, the poor working class and peasants began wearing a sleeveless undershirt that later developed into the typical sleeveless undershirt we know today.


You usually wear a scarf on top of a coat or jacket. If you’re too warm, you might add more outerwear like a coat or coat. But you wouldn’t add an underlayer.

A traditional suit jacket worn over a button down shirt and tie.

Despite first being worn by women, the blue-collar, rural, working class set later adopted it for themselves, wearing it with a casual, blue-collar style. It was always associated with a blue collar, rural demographic.

Should You Wear an Undershirt or Not

Many women will ask if they should wear an undershirt, and that depends on a number of factors.

There is no one “right” answer to this question, and it is simply a matter of your own preferences.


If you’re the kind of person who sweats profusely, wearing an undershirt might help you.

Stiff fronted evening shirts are perfect for a black tie event.

To stay warm when it’s cold, use an undershirt. This will keep your clothing extra cozy.

You can also buy shirts that have a mesh or breathable fabric under the fabric so that your body heat is dispersed into the air rather than absorbed by the shirt itself.


Your dress shirts, without an undershirt, will inevitably get deodorant stains, but there’s an easy way to solve this problem.

If you have a stain you need to get rid of, try Deo-Go first.

In order to get the best fit from a well cut undershirt, the fabric should be cut as close as possible to the skin’s natural line.


Men have always worn a vest over their shirt when they don’t want to show a lot of their stomach and chest.

In terms of comfort, not wearing an undershirt should improve the feeling of comfort for those who wear multiple, similarly shaped layers.

An undershirt is usually desirable in the summer, especially if the open-weave shirt is white or another light color. It also shows through a white shirt, but not as visibly as a plain T-shirt.

It’s cold in the winter, so you might want to add an undershirt layer to your T-shirt. But what if you just need to shed some extra pounds during this season?


Showering regularly, and washing your dress shirts after they are worn are the best ways to ensure that you’re always ready to show off that shirt.

In my experience, my shirts last for a long time and I haven’t found any evidence that an undershirt is useful for prolonging the life of a dress shirt.

Many elegant men I know – like Clark Gable, G.

Bruce Boyer, Fabio Attanasio, and Herbert Stricker prefer not to wear undershirts underneath their dress shirts, which they find more comfortable. This is just their personal preference.

Undershirts DO’s & DON’Ts Today

There are all kinds of undershirts today, from the classic sleeveless shirt, sometimes referred to as a tank top, or if white and ribbed, a wife beater, to “performance shirts” that make comfort claims.

Below we’ll discuss the details of each type of dance, as well as what styles are best for beginners, intermediate students, and more advanced dancers.


A few key factors to consider when selecting undershirts include color, fit, and the type of fabric.

DO Wear an Undershirt, Not A T-Shirt

It is important to point out that an undershirt is not the same as a t-shirt.

Underwear comes in different styles and types. For those who want to wear a t-shirt underneath, an undershirt is the best choice.


Traditionally, undershirts are ribbed because a ribbed shirt can stretch more than a smooth shirt, and a stretched shirt is more comfortable.

Wear an undershirt that is smaller and more fitted than a t-shirt.

DON’T Wear White or Black Undershirts

You’re going to have to look past white in your quest for the perfect undershirt. You want to match the color of your skin or choose a heather grey undershirt that blends into your shirt.

There are many reasons why a white t-shirt will look better than a white polo shirt. One is because it will be less visible than a white polo shirt. Another is that a white t-shirt is more flexible.


It’s unfortunate that skin colors vary, so there isn’t an easy way to buy skin-colored shirts.

Some companies sell undershirts made from heather gray material. These undershirts are better than white undershirts.

However, you can also use an old white undershirt and apply an old stage trick to make your voice sound higher.

How To Make A Skin-Colored Shirt Yourself

Take a pure cotton undershirt, brew some strong black tea, and put it in the refrigerator.

Put the shirt in a basin full of water, and leave it there for a little while. You don’t want to get it stained in your sink.


After using this product, just rinse off the excess and the shirt will have a color value very similar to that of bare Caucasian skin. The stain will be permanent.

Obviously, you shouldn’t wear clothes that have been bleached.

DO Wear Close-Fitting Undershirts

Whether you decide to wear a undershirt or not, make sure that it fits closely and has small arm. If you want to feel more comfortable and move freely, you’ll need to have good flexibility.

If you can’t get your shirt tucked in while wearing a dress shirt.

DON’T Wear Sleeveless Undershirts

You can get white sleeveless undershirts pretty much anywhere. They are usually quite inexpensive.

They are generally made of 100% cotton and have a very fine ribbed look.

Many men still wear them today for work as an undershirt. Some also wear them to the gym for increased range of movement.


You can usually see the outline of a bra when you take it off, even if you wear a sweater or blouse. If you remove it, it will become even more obvious that you are wearing one.

If you wear undershirts to absorb sweat they don’t work very well because your armpits aren’t fully covered.

It might be a classic in many men’s wardrobes and your grandfather might have worn them religiously, but in terms of style and functionality, it leaves a lot to be desired.

DON’T Show Your Undershirt

If you want to look stylish, don’t show your undershirt when you wear your button-up shirt unbuttoned. Also, don’t make the lines under your dress shirt obvious.

Even if you’re wearing a summer shirt, it’s impossible not to see the undershirt. Winter or flannel shirts, however, will reveal the lines of a well-constructed undershirt.

Avoid Crew Neck Undershirts

A crew neck undershirt will never be seen with your dress shirt, and it will look particularly bad if it is visible under your shirt.

Do Wear Deep Cut V-Neck Undershirts

When deciding between undershirts, always choose those with deep-cut V-necks. That way, you can tell whether your man has an undershirt underneath his dress shirt even if it is buttoned all the way and he has a jacket on.


When taking your jacket off, don’t forget to look for a few tiny buttons or small studs on your upper arm. Unless your undershirt is very thin, it may be showing through.

Pure Cotton or Blends

It’s never too late to update your wardrobe. In fact, many men who wear undershirts today go with a classic crew neck or v-neck style.

Solid-color shirts are available everywhere and plain ones are available as well.


Sleeveless shirts are usually made of pure cotton or polyester blends, but these days we see all kinds of new fabrics, especially with spandex, viscose, modal, etc.

Nike has been improving the breathability of their men’s running apparel by adding spandex.

Performance Underwear

Recently, many sports outfitter have come up with all kinds of artificial fibers designed to make you feel drier and absorb the moisture from your body.

If you are going for a hike, or want to go skiing, these should be your top undershirts. They are totally suitable for your top, with no pattern, color or logo. They are also very comfortable and warm.


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