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Seneca Dragon Claw 500cc Air Rifle #88

Seneca Dragon Claw

Seneca Dragon Claw 500cc Air Rifle

The Seneca Dragon Claw air rifle is pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) and single-shot. It’s rifled barrel. It’s bolt-action. It has a fixed front sight. It’s adjustable rear sight.

These are all features of our new C-7 Series. If you’re looking for an automatic bolt gun that’s easy to use and shoot accurately, this is the series for you.

The high-performance dual-tank Dragon Claw was shot at 3,000 psi. They let loose with a whopping 210-grain bullet.

The first 4 shots were on high power. The first shot was 669 fps. Shot 4 was 681 fps. The next 16 bullets were on low power. Shot 5 was 593 fps, and the final shot on low power was 456 fps. That brought the tank down to 800 psi for a total of 20 shots.

The Seneca Dragon Claw is a great addition to your hunting arsenal. It can throw a.50-caliber projectile and gets 230 ft-lbs. of muzzle energy. These high levels of power make it great for competition, but if you’re just getting started with a handgun you can get some real value out of it.

The most versatile air rifle is the Dragon Claw. It can shoot either lead ammo or air bolts getting an even higher muzzle energy. The rifled barrel makes the air bolts deadly accurate. Because it has two large air reservoirs, you have the luxury of getting more shots from a fill and to do more hunting.


Seneca Dragon Claw 500cc Air Rifle Firepower

Each of the rifles in the Seneca range has been crafted with stunning attention to detail. With features like etched actions and beautifully crafted hardwood stocks, you’ll instantly be impressed from the first time you look down the sights.

The best PCP guns for sale are the Wing Shot II Air Shotgun, the Double Shot PCP Air Shotgun and the Single Shot Air Pistol. The Wing Shot II can fire all three of the ammo varieties in a hurry.

Features And Design

The Dragon Claw depicts something powerful and majestic, which is extremely fitting for this incredible air rifle. Shooting ½-inch diameter 210-grain slugs at about 650-feet per second, this is not any ordinary air rifle.

A full-size.50-caliber sniper rifle can fire up to a 1,200 fps (metric equivalent: 943 mps) when fully loaded with a single round. It’s probably a good thing that this one of a kind firearm isn’t really made for rapid fire, as too much of a good thing can often have negative consequences.

Operating the weapon is an experience that allows operators to feel like they’re part of the action. As each round is loaded into the chamber, the charging handle on the right side must be drawn back.

When you pull the trigger on your shotgun, it needs to be nice and smooth and pull back very easily. If it takes a while or requires a lot of effort to pull back, you may need to make a few adjustments to your shooting technique.

Feeling Triggered

This gun was that it was very heavy. It is a little heavy, but there were no issues operating the gun. The non-adjustable trigger worked great and there was no need for any adjustment. It is heavy but it breaks clean and smooth and feels great in the hand.

A larger caliber, more powerful gun will feel heavier than a lighter caliber, more subtle gun. With an ultra-fine trigger, your gun will be easy to manipulate with your thumb, but remain responsive to your demands.

Dual Air Tanks

Compressed air is used as the propellant for this air rifle and is stored inside dual tanks located under the barrel. They use a male connector to fill up the tanks and can be completed with any air compressor.

The Dragon Claw gun fires up to 10 shots with a full tank of air ready-to-go right out of the box. With the power of this rifle, you can fire off ten shots with a full tank of air before the power and velocity starts to diminish.

There are two selectable power settings. You simply pull the charging handle back to adjust the setting, and the action is smooth. This is a great feature for any gun owner and a must have for anyone who likes shooting.

Pros & Cons

This air gun comes with some really nice features, such as an ability to shoot.50 caliber pellets, versatile ammo choices, and comfortable two-stage trigger with a clean break.

A good safety mechanism for this type of rifle. The blued steel on the barrel and the tanks has a satin-like finish. This gun looks very premium, but it’s single-shot so it requires a reload between each shot.

A powerful rifle is best used for shooting a large number of rounds. The best choice for this type of target is the AR-10, which is smaller and lighter in weight than the larger calibers.

Seneca Dragon Claw Dual Tank Specs

Seneca Dragon Claw
Max Velocity679 fps
Overall Length42.1″
Weight8.5 lbs
Trigger Pull7.5 lbs
Scopeable11mm dovetail
Suggested forHunting
Muzzle Energy230 ft/lbs
Barrel Length21.65″
Shot Capacity1
Front SightBlade & Ramp
Rear SightAdjustable for windage & elevation
PowerplantPre-charged pneumatic
Body TypeRifle
Fixed/adj. powerFixed
Cylinder Size500 cc

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