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Seneca Double Shot .50 cal Double Barrel Shotgun #134

Seneca Double Shot .50 cal Double Barrel Shotgun

The Seneca Double Shot combines a patented air distributor with an ergonomic design and barrel selector dial, and is available in both single shot and double shot versions.

Easily the most flexible big bore system on the market: Double Shot delivers a decisive one-two punch to medium and large game with any combination of.50 caliber ammo, shotshells, and the Air Venturi Air Bolt.

This shotgun is loaded with two loaded chambers. Load both chambers and rack the bolt. When you’re ready, pull the trigger and fire your shot. The bolt will automatically release, and you’ll rack the bolt and repeat until you’ve completed the sequence.

When aiming, use the traditional shotgun style bead sight, or the 11mm dovetail rail to mount the scope of your choice.


This is a must-have for every auto body repair shop and works as well as a larger gun for small jobs. It can provide up to 5 shots per fill. This high pressure translates to incredible velocities with up to 1,300 fps with shotshells.

The Double Shot Rifle can sling.50 caliber big bore ammo and a revolutionary new air-slinging system that can shoot over 170 fps on target.

Each shotgun offers the iconic actions and finely grained hardwood stocks you’ve come to expect from a brand that pays homage to the golden age of the hunt.

The Seneca Double Shot is a very versatile and powerful big bore PCP shotgun that doubles down on power. It makes a good choice for home defense or hunting out of doors.

This is a PCP single shot rifle that can sling.50 caliber rounds downrange one shot after the next. It’s perfect for hunting small game such as birds and rabbits.

Large game hunters load slugs or rounds for their gun. They use slugs or round balls to kill animals large or small. Air bolts are used for hunting big game from the air.

Bolt Slinger

The double shot gun will fit right onto your hand so it can be used with one hand to help steady the gun while shooting at a target. It’s designed to allow for fast shooting by providing rapid air in and out and faster speeds. With air vents in the barrel, it’s designed to turn the air into a hard hitting arrow. It’s even capable of speeds up to 425 FPS and 170 FPE.

Seneca Double Shot Barrel Shotgun Operation

I took my new AR-15 out for the first time yesterday morning. I wanted to test it out and get several promo type photos for this report. I took both guns with me to make sure they would be adequate to hunt with. The cocking bolt is the only part of the rifle that needed assembly. Very easy to assemble with the provided allen key.

Marley and I went to our remote location in the mountains in California. It’s perfect for testing this rifle. The Double Shot is a great rifle that I enjoy shooting. It’s very light at 7. I really enjoyed the gun. It was very easy to use with a standard foster fitting and a snap-on cap.

It’s a very good gun for its price, and I recommend it to all my friends. Marley and I set off on a hike North, hoping to spot some quail, cottontail and jackrabbits. The gun felt very heavy, but once I got used to it, it wasn’t that bad. Within several minutes of hiking I had seen two Jackrabbits running up the hillsides at over 100 yards away.

Marley and I took off on a hike up to some mountains with the hopes of getting some better images of Rabbits as well as Quails. We were now several miles from the Jeep and decided to take a much needed break from the 80+ degree weather.

We had some pumpkins at 20 yards, and took turns blowing them off the log. After seeing the damage left in their wake, it’s clear just how powerful these guns are. The shot penetrated through with ease, with a heavier load it is sure to explode.

Hunting is something we still enjoy, even though we no longer get to get out to hunt with some awesome airguns.

We got to rest and had some lunch. My legs were so sore from all the hiking I did that day. We want to know if the rifle can do what it is designed to do. The Air Venturi Air Bolts are.50 in size and made from a carbon fiber shaft with finely machined aluminum tips

A broadhead is a fixed blade for small game hunting with any size blade. The first thing you want to do with your Air Bolts, slugs, and round balls is to remove the chokes

In order to do this, they simply unscrew the barrel from the receiver, and then install a choke. Once we’ve removed the chokes, we can insert the air-bolt from the muzzle end of the shotgun.

The Air Venturi Air Bolts use the same principle as the Air Venturi, it just uses compressed air instead of water and works in a similar fashion. It can deliver up to 245 foot pounds of kinetic energy!

The Air Bolt is quickly inserted into the muzzle end of the rifle. With a twisting motion, the flights go through the barrel. I shot several test photos with my new camera and am amazed at both the accuracy and power of this thing.

I was so disappointed because this was my first try at shooting the bow and I did such a good job of it. Then, it went through my target and hit the tree behind it. The arrow was in the tree so deeply that you couldn’t remove it without breaking the shaft.

These air bolts are not cheap, but if you use them correctly and only shoot them at large game animals, they can be extremely deadly. I was amazed how close I could get to this target at 35 yards.

If you’ve never tried to mount a scope to a long gun before, you might want to start out with the simplest setup possible. With that in mind, it’s probably best to use an open sights system.

This week, I have enjoyed the Seneca Double Shot Air Rifle, it’s versatility and fun is near impossible to beat. 

I was pretty skeptical when I first used it, but it didn’t take long to satisfy me. You’ll want to add this to your wish list if you’re serious about hunting.

With a little practice you could become quite efficient with this amazing gun.


It’s easy to fill great power with the lightweight design.


Shot shells and Air Bolts cost more than a buddy bottle for long trips.

Seneca Double Shot Specs

Max Velocity1130 fps
Overall Length43.5″
Weight8.55 lbs
Suggested forHunting
Muzzle Energy360 ft/lbs
Barrel Length20.9″
Shot Capacity2
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightBead
Rear Sightnone
TriggerTwo-stage non-adjustable
PowerplantPre-charged pneumatic
Max Shots per Fill5
Operating Pressure3000 PSI / 206 BAR
Body TypeShotgun
Fixed/adj. power2 settings
Cylinder Size244 cc

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