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Schofield No. 3 Nickel CO2 BB Revolver, 7″ #124


Barra Airguns produces a variety of replicas of the classic, nineteenth century Schofield No. 3 pistol. There are many Barra Schofield revolvers, with different barrel lengths and surface finishes.

Most of these guns fire rubber bullets, but they can also be fired with pellets, if required, by using different “cartridges” (plastic tubes which have the projectile loaded at the front, pellets are inserted in the rear of their cartridges).

The Barra Schofield BB revolver comes complete with BB cartridges. This gun has the big, chunky butt, combined with the nickel finish.




The Barra Schofield BB revolver impressed the HAM Testers with its outstanding looks and feel. With a weight of 2 Lbs 7 Oz. it feels very solid and robust in the hand, and it’s a lot more comfortable to hold and shoot than most other BB revol

That weight is 3 ozs more than say – a comparable Colt Single Action Army model. The centerfire version is similar to the size of the original. This hammer has no safety. Don’t even think about using it without first having the correct technique mastered.


This system prevents the hammer from being pulled back into the cocked position, which is a great feature. The hammer only needs to be in its rear position when it is not being used.


The Barra Schofield BB revolver reviewed by HAM generated excellent accuracy at 6 Yards range. Every shot fired from that range was accurate. We only needed to knock off three or four of them to qualify for the next round.

This was a good effort from Ham Tester Doug Wall, even if the sights were very nineteenth century in nature. They were very accurate, even though they were just copies. That’s also the bad news when it comes to target shooting!

Not much to complain about on the performance front. Shot at a decent speed with no drop off or light loss. Typically, the Point of Impact was around 1.5 inches below the center of the chest, and one inch to the left at 6 yards.


Although the groups were good, this offset caused a few BBs to miss the soda can section of the target. In practice, an experienced gun owner should develop a natural “aim-off” grip with the gun to correct this offset.

At 10 yards, the BBs spread out a lot: this is common with most.22 caliber BB pistols. So in reality, only 8 out of 10 shots would have hit the soda can.


The manufacturer claims that the Barra Schofield BB revolver looks authentic and feels just like the real thing. This keyboard is made of solid metal, and is designed for durability and reliability.

The airgun in question is the “Muzzle Velocity” Barra Air Gun. The claims made by the manufacturer of the Barra Schofield BB revolver that it could exceed an advertised muzzle velocity of 1,450 fps are untrue.

The highest actual velocity recorded was 381 FPS with ASG BBs.Diversity of intestinal helminths in domestic dogs in south-eastern Poland. But this was achieved in a cool – 60 degrees F – basement range.


All CO2-powered guns are affected by ambient temperature. In fact, they shoot faster by about two fps per degree change in temperature. This is why our 381 fps at 60 degrees Fahrenheit is about to hit the 410 fps spec. at 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you keep your gun shooting at around 440 fps, it will still hit the same target in the same amount of time, regardless of what kind of weather you’re. The change in ambient temperature is responsible.


The Barra Schofield BB revolver tested by HAM gave an average standard deviation of 8.50 FPS across the whole test, including five different types of standard HAM review BBs.

This is a good number for a CO2-powered BB gun, which is the kind of pistol that shoots darts at high velocity. It indicates that the gun shoots consistently and with little variation in performance.


All airguns work differently. The Schofield is no exception. Faster firing rates will produce lower muzzle velocities due to the heat generated from the higher volume of air entering the barrel at a faster rate.

This trigger pull weight consistency really is exceptional.

The HAM test revolver is equipped with a trigger pull weight that varies by just plus four ounces and minus five ounces.

The performance of this particular CO2-powered BB revolver is very good. It is consistent, and the higher power of the CO2 helps propel the BBs farther.


The Schofield No. 3 is a single-action revolver with a top-break action. It also has a thumb-rest safety. This is the same Barra reproduction as the one that’s shown in the photo.

The trigger itself is single stage and very easy to shoot. With the release the sear automatically springs the action, which allows the action to fire. Pulling an average of 3 lbs. 2 oz. makes this sample lighter than a typical dog food bag.

It was a great trigger. You’ve got to use your voice, but not so that it hurts. The best way to pull back the hammer is to have the thumb pull back the hammer before each shot.


This is the best pistol, for most people. You cock it and then rotate the cylinder, bringing the next cartridge into battery. When the hammer is cocked, there’s a satisfying “click”. Yes, it takes less than two clicks to open the chamber for the next shot. But this is not a good thing to do because it may put you in danger of breaking the gun.

The Schofield’s action is an important part of the shotgun. This is a good little addition for the price. It holds the front sight in place and also functions as the rear sight.

When the action breaks, it allows the round to move. The star ejector pulls out the empty cartridges at the same time as the moving round. It’s easy to make fun of these kinds of products, but I promise you, you’ll see why they work.


The Barra Schofield BB revolver tested by HAM produced a round 100 shots from a single 12 Gram CO2 cartridge. At this point the Muzzle Velocity was still 236 fps but was falling fast.

It’s not the absolute highest shot count ever, but the new Schofield from Blue Ridge Arms is one of the best single-action revolvers. Not only does it get more shots out of less powder, it also has great recoil and no blowback.


The left side pistol grip side plate is where you’ll find the hex key that’s used to tighten the CO2. As this is a separate part it can prevent problems with the loosing of the hex key.


The highest muzzle velocity recorded during HAM testing was 377 fps. That velocity was reached when the test subject fired with ASG Blaster BBs.

There’s a temperature range at which this is achieved, the high end of which is at 60 degrees.


This is an interesting gun. It does very well with the aged look. There are three indications that indicate whether a knife is sharp or not. It is not a battlefield effect, but the impression is of a gun that has a long and useful life, and a careful owner.

In addition, maybe others have been found on replica watches. It’s not something that I’ve seen before on a replica watch. Some light sanding is present on the frame and lock plate. It’s very challenging to take a good picture of this.

The Barra Schofield BB revolver has a small, deliberate level of imperfection. This gives the gun an extremely realistic look. Replica BB Guns have the perfect metal finish and a uniform nickle coat. That looks too good to be true.


Barra Airguns says that a mild abrasion stage is deliberately included in the finishing of the aged Schofields. The faux wood plastic pistol grips are a well-printed set of the M1911A1 variant. The Barra Logo only adds a touch of uniqueness to this case.

I don’t know why, but it appears the gun will work with.22 ammo if I only load one round at a time. It’s not a great test of reliability or durability. There’s one final point that we need to cover in this discussion about the Schofield. These are printed in gray, which means that they’re reasonably unobtrusive when you hold the firearm in everyday use and handling.


This is a very high quality BB gun and, as a result, it’s well worth the money you spend for it. There’s a great color users’ guide covering operation and maintenance of the revolver that shows you how to use and care for it. It’s available online from gun dealers such as Pyramyd Air.

Barra No. 3 Nickel Full Metal Specs

Max Velocity410 fps
Overall Length12.5″
Weight2.4 lbs
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Caliber.177 (4.5mm)
Barrel Length7.0″
Shot Capacity6
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightBlade
Rear SightFixed
Trigger ActionSingle-Action
Max Shots per Fill100
MaterialFull metal
Body TypePistol
Fixed/adj. powerFixed
UpgradesFaux wood grips

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