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Olympic Air Rifle – Shooting And Rules #5

Olympic Air Rifle

Olympic Air Rifle – Shooting And Rules

ISSF 10 Meter Air Rifle

10 Meter Air Rifle is an international shooting sport. This event uses an air rifle to shoot at a target that is 10 meters away.

For airgun sports, standing is the only option. In addition to this, the sport has been split into distinct categories such as benchrest shooting, prone, and 3-position.

The most common position for a good shotgun is prone. The gun should be braced against your body with the muzzle resting on your chest. This position is used for rapid fire, single shots and for tactical applications. If the target is closer than 40 yards (36.6m) the gun may be held in an overhand position.


Olympic Air Rifle

The sport of archery involves the target shooting of a number of arrows in rapid succession to hit a set of targets. This is often done while wearing a hard vest to protect the spine and spinal cord from damage. The major competitions are the Olympic Games every four years and the ISSF World Shooting Championships every four years (the Games and the Championships are held two years apart).

The world of marksmanship is about improving one’s accuracy and skill in shooting. It takes a lot of practice, but that’s what makes it interesting and challenging. While shooting ranges have been around for centuries, it’s not until recently that they have been so popular. For many, it’s their one chance to get away from daily life and just enjoy themselves for a while.

Know Everything About Shooting At The Olympics

The rifle, pistol and shotgun events make up the shooting programme at the Olympic Games. They’re all about shooting precision and focus. There’s no doubt that this is one of the original sports at the 1896 Olympics in Athens.

Shooting didn’t feature at the 1904 and 1928 Olympics, but has been at all other Summer Games. Separate events for women were added at Los Angeles 1984.

The sport of shooting is governed by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF). India has had great success in shooting in recent years, including a medal sweep of four golds at the past three Olympic Games. Abhinav Bindra was the first Indian to win an individual Olympic gold, and has continued that success by winning gold in Beijing, London, and Rio de Janeiro.

Olympic Air Rifle

Shooters at the Olympics are constantly subjected to a rigorous training regimen. The athlete must be able to focus for hours on end without a break. This is in addition to the pressure of competing at the top level in front of hundreds of thousands of spectators and millions more watching via TV.

There is a lot of physical activity that is not seen from outside. Because the most natural aspect of the human body is movement. If I have to control the movement, hold my body steady, at the same place for a long period of time, I need a lot of muscle endurance.

Gun Specifications For Olympic Shooting

Olympic shooting includes 3 types of guns – rifle, pistol, and shotgun. In rifle and pistol events, athletes shoot at stationary targets at indoor shooting ranges. Shotgun, however, is held outdoors where shooters have to aim at targets hurled in the air.

Shooting is done at a prescribed distance – 10m, 25m, 50m – with athletes aiming for a bullseye on a paper target or flying ‘clays’ in the shotgun. The firearm is single-loaded in 5.6mm calibre (the inner diameter of a gun barrel) – the standard cartridge size used for sporting rifles.

1. The Pistol used in the 10m Air Pistol event is a single-loaded pistol in

2.5-millimetre calibre. The one used in the 25m event is a Rapid Fire Pistol in

3.6 calibre with a five-shot magazine. The shotgun is a 12 gauge having a calibre of


The gauge of a firearm is the diameter of its barrel. The caliber, a term for how wide the barrel is, is a function of the length of the barrel and the length of the gun’s overall length. The longer the barrel, the more the gun can be reloaded, but the less precise it is.

Shooting Gear And Equipment

Special jackets or coats are used by shooters to assist them while performing. By offering stability, these jackets can reduce the risk of slipping and falling while performing. These jackets are also specially designed to ensure that they do not interfere with the shooter’s grip on the firearm.

Shooters need to be comfortable when they’re in position and wearing their shooting gear. Extra padding inside these jackets and on the elbows helps keep shooters stable and improves their precision.

Blinders, or side blinkers, are one of the most essential pieces of equipment for the horse. Without them, horses can see what is happening behind them, and they cannot be forced to move or do anything other than walk.

Olympic Air Rifle

Types of Olympic Shooting Events

Shooting is one of the oldest Olympic sports, with an origin dating back to 724 B.C. In 1896, there were only five shooting events at the Summer Olympics. Today, the sport includes 15 rifle, pistol and shotgun events — covering men and women.

Rifle: Events And Shooting Rules

50m Rifle 3 Positions is the most popular type of event in rifle shooting. It’s an outdoor competition that requires marksmen to hit targets at 10 different distances ranging from 100 meters to 1000 meters.

Each participant fires 40 shots in each of the three aforementioned positions within a timeframe of two hours and 45 minutes. The eight highest-scoring shooters move on to the medal round.

Olympic Air Rifle

The 10m Air Rifle was first introduced in 2014. The Mixed Team Event consists of a male and female competitor. The two athletes are combined to form one unique competitor. Both athletes will fire a total of 40 shots and the five best scores from each athlete in the qualification rounds will qualify for the final round.

Pistol: Events And Shooting Rules

Pistol Shooting is an increasingly popular sport in the United States that uses one-handed shooting of the pistol. In order to qualify for this event, the athlete has to meet minimum shooting standards based on their age and gender.

The qualification round features two rounds of 30 shots each. Eight shooters with the best score qualify for the medal round. 25m Pistol: This is a women’s-only event, and like the 25m Rapid Fire Pistol event, features two qualifying rounds of 30 shots each. 10m Air Pistol: The rules of this event are a replica of the 10m Air Rifle.

The PGA Tour offers a number of events designed to help players prepare for the majors. One of these is the Players Championship. This is a tournament that is held every year and features a men’s, women’s and mixed team category. The event is made up of the top-32 players from the FedEx Cup points system, the top-64 players from the regular season money list and the top 64 from the opposite side of the world.

The mixed team event is a sporting challenge where each team takes turns to score, and the aim is to be the first to get five hits in a row.

Shotgun: Events And Shooting Rules

Skeet and Trap are two shotgun events that take place on a clay range. Athletes fire at a 10cm clay disc that flies at more than 100kph. Both events feature the men’s and women’s categories as well as a mixed team competition.

Skeet: Skeet shooting is an outdoor sport where an athlete shoots a clay ball with either an air gun or rifle from eight different stations. The target is on a range and each spot is called a station. The clays come from two locations on the range, one on the left and another on the right.

These are three spots on a bowling green. The spot with the blue border is called the high house. The spot with the white border is called the low house and the spot with the black border is called the pull.

The trap event is a shooting discipline in which a shooter aims to score points by hitting a clay target. The clay targets are thrown in front of the shooter, with the object being to hit as many of them as possible in a certain amount of time.

The preliminary round of the men’s and women’s event is similar to Skeet. In the Trap mixed team event featuring one male and female competitor, every shooter fires 75 shots in three rounds of 25 shots each.

Olympic Air Rifle – Feinwerkbau 800X PCP Air Rifle

Olympic Air Rifle

The model range 800 sets new standard insofar as quality, functionality, design and shooting performance of match air rifles is concerned. No compromise about the incorporated technology. High quality materials combined with the know-how of several generations bring optimum preconditions for the next generation of compressed air rifles.

An innovative principle of the pressure reducer with an optimized control action cares for an even more stable outgoing of the shots. By using high precision trigger components and an improved escapement, model 800 shows an extremely short development time for the shots.

A number of things need to be adjusted to your taste with a model 800X. The rear stock can be put crosswise twice and is adjustable in height and divisible- and this without interference of the preset sight-line. Conversion of the stock from right to left possible without complexity.

Olympic Air Rifle

The cheek piece, also called the “gun shield”, disposes of two edge radiuses (square or round), can be rotated by 180 degrees enabling the shooter to determine his most favourable aiming position. The cheek piece is adjustable in height, shiftable and pivoted.

The Aluminium version of the XIMPRESS line, the 800 Ximpress is the first gun in the XIMPRESS family to feature an Aluminium stock. The revolutionary design is designed to fit naturally into your hand and features a patented damping system to help reduce unwanted recoil.

Olympic Air Rifle

A world-class rifle accuracy is what the FWB 800X delivers! In fact, you’ll never outgrow this airgun…even if you’re an Olympic contender. With accuracy of 0.04″ (center-to-center), you’ll leave the competition standing in your wake.

This is an air-powered rifle that doesn’t require the usual amount of recoil. With the help of the breechloader, it can be loaded and fired in under two pounds of force. That means no wasted time reloading.

Olympic Air Rifle

The Feinwerkbau 800X is a shotgun designed with shooters in mind. It has an adjustable cheek piece and can be easily moved left, right and forward or back. This allows you to customize the fit of the gun for your particular grip and body style.

The medium grip is probably going to suit most shooters, and it’s available in right-hand and left-hand versions. The open sights on this air rifle are so fine and of such high quality that they cost more than most air rifles.

Olympic Air Rifle

This is a can’t miss air rifle. The 5-way adjustable trigger is one of the finest in the world but it’s also user-friendly so you can make changes quickly…even in the middle of a match.

According to the manufacturer, the 800X forearm has an advantage over the other 800 models with “optimal damping characteristics.” So, if you want the best, put this in your cart!

Olympic Air Rifle

By using a high-precision trigger mechanism, Model 800 has a very short time to develop the shot. The escapement is also improved and it can be adjusted in height and dividable and this without any interference of the preset sighting line.

Olympic Air Rifle

Conversion of the stock from left to right (or vice versa) is a function of a rifle’s bolt. A bolt, of course, is that part of a firearm that receives and releases the cartridge.

The cheekpiece is also adjustable in height, shift able and pivoted. In addition, cocking lever of this model can be adjusted 360° and can be rotated to the inside and outside.

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