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Morini CM 200EI Air Pistol Review #26

Morini CM 200EI

Morini CM 200EI Air Pistol

Morini CM 200EI with a weight of .17 pounds, the Morini PCP competition-grade.177-caliber pistol is about .25 ounces.

Morini CM 200EI is lighter than its predecessor, thanks to a redesigned barrel and compensator, along with numerous carbon-fiber components and lighter-weight electronics.

The Morini CM 200EI is equipped with a polygonally rifled, EDM ventilated Lothar Walther barrel with a carbon-fiber shroud running its entire length.

This combination of components—including a compact and lightweight barrel, a smaller compensator, and a carbon-fiber grip insert—all help shave the grams and enhance shooter comfort and performance.

It uses one CR2-3V battery instead of two AA cells.

The manufacturer claims the unit can provide up to 15,000 shots.

Morini CM 200EI

This version of the G1 features a redesigned carbon-fiber cocking lever, replacing the bolt action found on previous models.

The two included, 200 BAR (2,900 psi) air cylinders feature digital manometers and the automatic shut-off conserves battery power if the pistol is inadvertently left on without being fired.

If you are new to the game, you should learn from the training mode as well.

Each Morini CM 200EI air pistol ships with medium- or large-sized wooden Morini grips with adjustable palm shelf for a custom fit in either left- or right-handed orientation.

The gun also includes a small tool kit and adjustment screwdriver, fill probe and degasser.

In its new, exclusive Red Luster Finish, this 1911 offers a new level of beauty and quality.


Morini Manufacturer

Morini Competition Arm S.A. is a Swiss manufacturer of target pistols that are aimed at ISSF shooting events as governed by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF, formerly UIT) and competed in at the Olympics.

Founded in 1973, the Italian company is now making target grips and competition arms. In addition to being a direct supplier to a variety of manufacturers, the company has also developed a number of original products.

In the following years, following more and more laws and regulations related to guns became more and more complicated in Italy, and in 1985, the company decided to move to Lamone, the Italian speaking region of Switzerland.

Morini CM 200EI

In 1990 the company moved to Bedano, its current headquarters, which is another small village of the Italian speaking region of Switzerland. Their CM 162 EI air pistol and CM 84E free pistol are amongst the most popular choices for 10 m Air Pistol and 50 m Pistol, respectively, amongst the best international competitors.

These pistols are most noted for their electronic triggers.

ISSF 10 meter air pistol

An ISSF 10 meter air pistol is a small, compact air pistol designed for use in an international sporting competition, most commonly the Olympics or the World Championships. This is similar to 10 meter air rifle where shooters are required to take 40-60 shots with the same gun over a period of time.

If an electronic scoring system is not available, 15 minutes are added to the time limit. Competitors are allowed to shoot an unlimited number of shots during the 15 minutes of preparation and sighting time.

Thus, numerous shooters compete in both events. There are some restrictions on the pistol regarding its dimensions, weight and trigger pull weight.

Morini CM 200EI

After the qualifier, the best eight shooters move on to a final round of competition, consisting of twenty-four shots. At the tenth shot, the audience will be told who is in first, second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. positions.

The major competitions are the Olympic Games every four years and the ISSF World Shooting Championships every four years. These are just two of the many international and national shooting events that take place annually.

Indoor Sports is an indoor sport and, at the highest level, electronic targets are used instead of the traditional paper targets.

Range and Target

The distance from floor level to the centre of the target is 1400mm +/- 50mm. The air pistol range is the same as the air rifle range, giving each shooter a table, a 1meter wide firing point, and a 10-meter distance between the firing line and the target line. The current rules require ranges to be built indoors, with specified minimum requirements for artificial lighting. Many of the top-level competitions are held at temporary ranges installed in versatile sporting facilities or convention centers.

The target is traditionally made of light-coloured cardboard upon which the scoring lines, and a black aiming mark consisting of the score zones 7 through 10 are printed.

Morini CM 200EI

Electronic target systems have replaced the traditional paper targets. The scores are immediately displayed on computer screens.

The ISSF recommends the use of electronic scoring for all of their sanctioned events, including for individual matches at the World Championships.Boris Johnson has launched an extraordinary attack on Jeremy Corbyn’s approach to Brexit, accusing the Labour leader of having “no idea what he’s talking about” and a “vicious” hostility to the UK. As the Labour party faced a fresh crisis, the prime minister was told he would face no opposition over the finalising of Brexit, and the government will seek to block a cross-party vote to force the issue to the Commons floor.


Air pistols must be easy to cock, shoot and reload. They should also be quiet during use.

The pistol has to be able to be tailored by adjustable user interfaces and various accessories to individual shooters personal preferences. Combined with appropriate match pellets the pistol has to produce a consistent 10 ring performance, so a non maximal result during the initial phase can be attributed to the participant.

A pair of pistols must be operated by one person from a stationary firing position and may be loaded and unloaded in the same movement.

Morini CM 200EI

Wadcutters with round heads are a matchpellet staple, which means the front of the pellet has a nearly flat face. This is important as the head shapes the way the pellet scores in the target. The pellets are offered in packs or in individual boxes that help to avoid deformation or damage of the pellet.

In the 1950s, airgunning pioneer Lee Brown invented a pellet type that he called an “expansion-type” match pellet, which was developed as a solution to problems that arose when users tried to use steel-core pellets that were too small to expand properly in a firearm chamber. He and others used airguns to experiment with different types of pellets before and during WWII, and eventually developed the technology for expanding the tiny core inside the pellet.

There’s no rule against wearing glasses while shooting, so if your current pair works for you, there’s no need to switch them out for a pair of shooting glasses. If your current pair of shooting glasses doesn’t work for you, you can use any pair of prescription glasses that fit comfortably, since there’s no regulation on prescription glasses.

Shooting for precision, control and accuracy, you will use this gun as a pistol, a rifle and a shotgun. You need an eye for details, accuracy, and a good knowledge of the sport.

In the shooting sports, it is important to have a consistent trigger pull. This is to help the shooter develop better shooting form and accuracy.

History of Shooting

The air pistol event was introduced on the World Championship level in 1970, and on the Olympic programme in 1988. Before 1985, when finals began to be used, championships were decided by the results of the 40 or 60 shot match (40 for women and 60 for men).

Before 1982, the men’s match also consisted of 40 shots. The target for air pistol was reduced in size in 1989, and that led to a reduction in scores, but the records still remained.

The development in this sport is very fast. Whereas the final of the 1989 World Championships of air rifle would not reach the final 17 years later, the same result has not occurred in air pistol.

Morini CM 200EI

With his new targets, the new world record of 593 points remained unbeaten for over 20 years, until the Korean Jin Jong-oh broke the record at the 2009 World Cup in Changwon.

Even though competitions are no longer held outdoors, the most important competitions (Olympics, World Championships, World Cups) are still held in the Northern Hemisphere summer season because they are combined with outdoor events such as shooting, 50m rifle, and 25m pistol events.

However, a number of lesser international events, such as the ISSF World Cup series, are held during the indoor season between October and March, culminating in the ISSF World Championships each year. Most of these competitions are single day events held together with air rifle matches.

Course of Fire

The course of fire for shooters is usually divided into four different classes: men, junior men, women, and junior women. The junior classes are included in most championships, with some notable exceptions (such as the Olympic Games and the ISSF World Cups).

A shooter remains a junior until his or her birthday in the year they turn twenty-one. However, a junior may choose to participate in the main class instead. And, there are also ISSF Junior World Cups.

Morini CM 200EI

All shooting in the qualification and final stages is supervised by a Chief Range Officer, whose duties include responsibility for the correct behaviour of all personnel, dealing with technical irregularities, and cooperation with the jury.


A single shooter will face off against a single shooter in a qualifier, semi-final, or final. Sometimes, as many as 30 shooters shoot at the same time. Top 8 shooters qualify to the final, and one of those eight makes it into the final match.

A total of three penalty kicks will be taken, each by a member of the winning team, with the one who scores being considered the ultimate winner of the match. This rule was introduced in 1998 and it’s known as the “golden goal” rule.

Morini CM 200EI

Electronic targets are a must for any sporting event with a competitive component. They enable the presentation of athletes and spectators and provide an official means of sighting and time.

The same command is repeated again for the second five shot series. After the ten shot, separate commands are given for each competition shot with a time limit of 50 seconds per shot. After each two shots, the athlete with the lowest score is eliminated until two shooters are left to compete for the first place in the 25th and 26th shot.

In 2017, the World Triathlon Series will host the World Championships for the first time.

Morini CM 200EI Specs

Morini CM 200EI
Max Velocity492 fps
Overall Length15.75″
Weight2.17 lbs
Suggested forCompetition
Caliber.177″ (4.5mm)
Barrel Length9.05″
Shot Capacity1
Front SightBlade
Rear SightDiopter/micrometer adjustable
TriggerTwo-stage adjustable
PowerplantPre-charged pneumatic
Max Shots per Fill150
Body TypePistol
Grip SizeMedium

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