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Legends M712 Full-Auto CO2 BB Gun Kit, Full Metal #139

legends m712


The Legends M712 Selective Fire CO2 BB Gun is an outstanding replica of the Mauser Model 1932 German military pistol. Usually referred to as a “Schnellfeuer” in German, the Mauser Model 1932 was the standard infantry sidearm of the German army through World War II.

This replica, made in the USA, was originally marketed as the “Model 712.” Hence, the designation of this replica.

I personally like the overall looks and feel of the Legends M712. It’s an accurate representation of the rifle the original Legends was based upon. I owned an original Mauser C96 Broomhandle pistol, and so I’m intimately acquainted with the basic design.

legends m712

There’s no major cosmetic damage, but the gray finish and the lightening cuts do diminish the look a bit. In the original frame, these lightening cuts were ground out of the frame and left visible tool marks.

If you look at the bottom of the replica, the lightening cuts are molded into the frame. Not to mention, you get an extra 10 rounds of CO2 gas for free, which helps make your gun last longer before you need to buy more CO2, which is what you do when you shoot it with real bullets.


A correct Schnellfeuer ring hammer is fitted. The magazine drops away from the frame correctly, and the stripper clip holds the magazine securely.

It’s a good pattern, in the correct location, and the safety is in the correct position, too. Again, the rear sight – again like the original – really belongs on a Mauser 98 military rifle as it’s graduated to 1,000 Meters (1,100 yards) range.

If I had to guess, I’d say that it’s all a bit of a marketing ploy. If this transformed the Broomhandle into a carbine of sorts, you can use it as one. But it’s not even remotely effective at 100 yards.

The wooden stock was attached using a slot in the rear of the gun’s frame. This slot is faithfully reproduced in the Legends M712. I’ll bet that an original stock will fit perfectly!

The plastic grips have a very well-executed wood grain effect. They may be the best simulated wood that I’ve seen. These are very desirable weapons and they’ve got a long tradition in the U.S. military dating back to 1839.

Not much non-authentic printing on the frame, all of it is on the right side. The Legends M712’s frame is made up of aluminum. This was the German code name for Carl Walther’s invention of a pistol.

Of course the Broomhandle wasn’t made during the Second World War, nor was it ever manufactured by Carl Walther, but someone in Umarex obviously couldn’t resist marking it “ac”.


There are many places where you can get a superbly realistic replica of a famous firearm that gives you both semi-auto and full-auto blowback action.

The chances of you ever owning an original version of any gun are extremely low. If you do decide to buy one, full auto is illegal, and the prices are terrifying.


The handling of this replica of the legendary bat was almost as good as the original. While the lack of “pointability” may have been a disadvantage of the original firearm, this has been faithfully recreated in the Legends M712 replica.

I tested the Legends M712 full-auto CO2 BB pistol and it was so accurate I shot soda cans at six yards with all the standard HAM CO2 BBs except the Crosman Copperheads. The best accuracy was achieved by using the Umarex Steel BBs.

Ten-shot groups in just over one inch at 6 yards, and open-up a lot more at 10 yards.

The BBs tested by HAM are slightly left of the point of aim. There is a windage correction system in the stock sights which allows you to adjust them up and down, but the accuracy will still suffer without an adjustable stock.

Of course, the Broomhandle Mauser wasn’t intended to be a precision target pistol. I would have been thrilled to have achieved the same with my old firearm C96. It was a good weapon, and I can imagine myself using it with much success.

And another thing. For the record, Doug used an M4A1 as his rifle. Shooting the Legends M712 CO2 BB Pistol in full-auto mode is fun for everyone, and we’ll get huge smiles from everyone as they shoot it.

We’re always striving for better accuracy, so we did a test with different firing techniques. We tried holding the magazine with the forward hand and a two-handed grip. This shot held the ball on the line, and the hands provided a nice bit of warmth.

If you want to practice long bursts of shooting full auto, you’ll have to get used to the recoil from the heavy loads that will be coming your way. The M712 just like the original M4 carbine is very similar to a standard U.S. Army M4 carbine with the addition of an extended stock, but with some added enhancements.


The best muzzle-loading rifle of our time is the Umarex Legends M712. With a muzzle velocity of 360 FPS, it can be fired in 3 seconds from a standing position. In HAM testing, the highest muzzle velocity for a 10-shot string is 345 FPS.

Most rifle bullets are produced with an initial velocity of around 850 FPS. It looks like these are the first shots in a string. 

Given the fact that HAM testing was carried out at a temperature of 67 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s clear that the manufacturer’s claimed muzzle velocity of the M712 will be met, or even exceeded, in warmer weather.

In our tests, we consistently loaded 20 BBs at a time into the magazine without any problems. This means it’s an 18-shot gun, not an 18-shot pistol. The manufacturer’s claims were exceeded.


When it comes to the fastest BBs, you can make them fast by using slow fire. Some velocity will be regained by resting the gun between strings, so that it can warm up. In Doug Wall’s shooting test, the Legends M712 shot consistently over 400 fps.

This low standard deviation and low minimum fps rating shows that this game performs very well even on slower GPUs than the reference cards. When it comes to muzzle velocity, the consistency of the AR15 platform is better than we expected.

The only thing is, with a full-auto selector set to “R”, you’ll get a very short distance and high rate of fire before. The HAM test was conducted at 68 degrees F. This temperature is typical for basement firing locations and similar to that used by CO2-powered pistols.

Trigger pull weight of the M712 was also fairly consistent. Most measurements showed trigger pull weights on the 5 Lbs+ range, but one strayed down to 4 Lbs 4 OZs.

HAM’s M712 was very accurate. In the exception to the rule, Crosman copperhead BBs all shot well. They hit 10 shots at 6 yards, and even the worst group measured out at 1-inch or less.

Again, this is good consistency. During HAM testing, the Legend’s M712 full-auto CO2 BB pistol didn’t jam or misfire.


Just like the original, the Legends M712 has no slides. The bolt is moved backwards and forwards by pulling back on the wings just in front of the hammer.

It’s safe to say this replica is going to blow back for your target. It replicates the real thing. You can set the selector switch to N, for automatic fire.

Rockin’ a new setting to the gun that automatically sets it to its “Rock and Roll” mode. This way you’re always smiling in selfies. That’s not a problem. You can hold the M712 for any amount of time, and it still works fine.

When you empty the magazine, you’ll see that there are 18 blank shots in the magazine. The Ruger American series features a single action trigger pull of about 5 lbs.

It was a really nice trigger that Doug Wall liked. His feedback read: “It is a nice trigger. It feels lighter than 5 Lbs. and very crisp. You’re right. The original Mauser Broomhandle firearm was infamous for its unreliable safety mechanism.

To be sure, a number of safety mechanisms were developed during the course of the firearm’s production life. As far as I know, none of them are 100% safe. It was very reliable, but I’m not sure if the BB version is better than the original in this area.

The L746 is fairly loud for a BB gun when fired. There is also some felt recoil, mostly due to that heavy bolt slamming back and forth under fire. In addition to enhancing the shooting experience, these things also enhance the fun of playing, and we think that should be important to everyone who shoots at all.

The legend M712 probably fields strip similarly to the original firearm. So you’ve got the right gun for your game. But you might want to take it to the range to make sure it works correctly for you.

The Broomhandle Mechanism of the C96 is very intricate, and that’s because of the Schnellfeuer. I own a few guns, but I don’t have an opinion about the M712. If you want to try, go ahead and don’t be surprised if you can’t get it back together again.

Don’t do this at home, folks. Some minor inaccuracies are found in this gun, like the fact that – as with other BB-firing replicas from Umarex, the hammer does not actually hit the bolt. This is less obvious than with the revolvers from the same manufacturer.


The smile count for the Legends M712 may be high, but the shot count isn’t. In HAM testing, semi-auto fire gave 55 shots per cartridge. The valve released the rest of the CO2 when the muzzle velocity was around 185 FPS.

Shooting fully automatic is like throwing a dart. You’re unlikely to shoot many shots in a row. This shot count might be due to the heavy bolt used in the AR-15.

This requires a lot of effort to cycle, and that means a lot of carbon dioxide is created when the pedals are moving.


The M712 CO2 pistol tested by HAM produced surprisingly high muzzle velocities. It’s a great choice for shooters with large-caliber pistol shooting needs.

It’s a BB gun with a muzzle energy of up to 1.35 Ft/Lbs, a powerful enough weapon to kill a human at close range if used properly and for a proper purpose.

Your gun should do more than paper punch and plink at targets. It should work great for hunting any type of critter from squirrels to coyotes to wild hog.


The overall appearance and finish of the Legends M712 is very good. Yes, the finish is a powder coat. It’s not the same as the gun’s original finish. The first signs of surface finish wear started to appear during our tests.


It doesn’t matter if you want to repair your own printer, or hire a service to do it for you. However, as the valve is contained in the magazine, it can be easily replaced if defective, simply by replacing the magazine.

Buy extra magazines for the Legend M712 as well. Having a handful of high quality CO2s and BBs is the best way to ensure an enjoyable, safe and efficient shooting session. You’ll never have to worry about running out of ammo again.

The M712 is far from the slowest BB gun magazine to fill, but filling it still takes a relatively long time – time you’d prefer to use for actually shooting your projectiles.

Legends M712 Full-Auto Kit Specs

legends m712
Max Velocity360 fps
Overall Length12.0″
Weight3.1 lbs
Trigger Pull4.5 lbs
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Caliber.177 (4.5mm)
Muzzle Energy1.47 ft/lbs
Barrel Length5.5″
Shot Capacity18
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightBlade
Rear SightAdjustable for elevation
Trigger ActionSingle-Action
MaterialFull metal
Body TypePistol
Fixed/adj. powerFixed

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