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Legends M3 CO2 Grease Gun Review #8

Legends M3

Legends M3 CO2 Grease Gun

The Legends M3 CO2 Grease Gun is a realistic airgun version of the M3A1 variation of this iconic submachine gun that has genuine features and full-metal construction for heightened authenticity. It reaches velocities of up to 415 fps and has a cyclic rate of 1,025 rounds per minute. That’s an incredible weapon.

One of the most unique features on this airgun is that it has an advanced feature that was not available on the previous M3 models. The M3 Grease Gun can be cocked by hand for those who want to have the most intense airgun action ever, but the safety lever still allows users to fire in both full-auto and semi-auto modes.

Legends M3

The Airsoft gun includes a fixed peep-style aperture rear sight and a fixed blade front sight, both present on the BB pellet firing version. Shooters can expect to shoot approximately 120 BBs (four magazines) after inserting two fresh 12-gram CO2 cartridges.

The CO2 SMG is a single-shot.45 caliber pistol that shoots.45 Auto ammunition out of a 10 round detachable box magazine. It has been made to appear more realistic by including a collapsible wire stock and a drop-free 10 round magazine. The pistol can be modified to shoot.22 LR as well as.357 Magnum rounds.


Why The M3 Grease Gun Was Better Than the Thompson

The M3 submachine gun was introduced in 1944. Its purpose was to replace the Thomspon and be more compact and less bulky than the Thomspon. In addition, the M3 was more accurate and reliable. It was also cheaper to produce, making it popular for use by the military during World War II.

Thompson M3 and M3A1 submachine guns share a design based on an old grease gun. The gun fires a single round from a blowback system with a simple open-bolt design that made it easy to use and maintain.

Legends M3

The basic form of the design was simple: welded stamped steel and a very simple mechanism. But the grease gun was a better way to do things than a simple trigger and a trigger guard.

If you are the private and you are looking to purchase your own weapon, you might want to be a little bit more picky. Private Joe might think that the 45-dollar gun is a deal he can’t beat, but he should know that the price can vary depending on who he buys it from.

Cost-cutting measures sometimes go awry resulting in disaster, and the M3 and M3A1 grease gun was no exception. The grease gun had many advantages, such as being less complicated to use, and it offered soldiers multiple ways of applying grease to their guns without the need for a separate cleaning cloth or grease gun.

The M3 Is Lighter

The M1A1 Thompson weighed 10 pounds. That’s a hefty submachine gun, but at the time, it was a lightweight automatic weapon. Yet, the M3 came in and shaved off almost two pounds, and the M3A1 was even lighter at 7.95 pounds.

Legends M3

As a gun gets lighter, it becomes easier to carry it. With the new ammo-carrying capacity of today’s rifles, even the lightest weapon can be fired hundreds of rounds before reloading. That’s a real boon in combat conditions.

It’s Shorter Too

The Thompson Submachine Gun (T-SMG) is a submachine gun, a lightweight and compact firearm, developed by the US Army in 1946 as part of the first generation of automatic weapons. It is widely used as a close quarters combat weapon and designated marksman weapon by military special operations forces.

Legends M3

The M3’s shorter design made it a bit better for close-quarter combat and made it easier to use indoors and out of a vehicle. The collapsing stock offered a big advantage to those in tanks and other fighting vehicles.

They Slowed the Fire Rate Down

The Thompson M1A1 spat out 600 to 700 rounds per minute, so it was easy to quickly and inaccurately empty a magazine as the faster the firing rate, the harder the gun is to control. The Army knew this and wisely designed the M3 and M3Aq to accommodate a slower 450 rounds per minute firing rate.

Legends M3

This allowed the individual to have more control over the length of their bursts. By slowing down the firing rate and reducing the amount of noise and recoil, the weapon became more controllable and less likely to be fired on full auto. Shooting two to three rounds per burst was a simple task.

Easier to Reload

The Thompson was a fairly popular firearm that was produced by numerous manufacturers, most notably Colt and Ruger. It had a fairly annoying reloading process, where users had to load it by aligning the magazine with an external guide on the side of the gun.

They could not reload without aligning the magazine just right with this slot. This made reloading the Thompson a hassle, especially at night when you couldn’t see the guide. The M3 did away with that slot and simplified the reloading process.

Legends M3

Jam the magazine in the well and call it a day. In most cases, when we write a software program, we’re talking about solving a problem. This means writing code that solves a particular kind of problem. When we’re done, the code will be the answer. That being said, a code base is a lot like a building, and that’s a good analogy, because both are meant to solve a problem.

It’s Simpler

The M3 was a big step up from the M2 Grease Gun in several ways, including its smaller size, better design, and ease of use. It was simple to clean, take apart, and use, even in the field.

Legends M3

The M3 and Staying Power

The M3 proved quite an effective weapon system during the early years of the war. However, problems began to emerge in later models as the technology evolved and production rates grew, especially as its reliability and accuracy were found to be lacking in some instances.

The M3A1 rifle evolved into the M16 series and finally the M4 carbine. It was originally designed as a lightweight weapon for the Vietnam War. It was so popular among the Delta Force that they took it out of the hands of the military and bought their own guns to use in the field.

Legends M3

While it served with the unit for a short period, the gun stayed with the Army up until the 1990s and was still used by tankers in the Gulf War. The M3A1 was a very robust submachine gun that provided a short and compact option for specialized roles.

It’s not hard to forget about the M3A1 once you start using the newer, sleeker M3A2. While both guns are great for their time, the M3A1 is often forgotten. It served far longer than the Thompson, and while it wasn’t as fancy, it was more efficient.

The Faithful Legends M3 Grease Gun Replica

So what does the Legends M3 Grease Gun from Umarex Airguns bring to the table? Actually, not much. Just a visually appealing design with features that are not actually present in the gun itself.

It’s an 8mm cartridge that can take the place of the.223 Remington round. And it has a feature not present in the original rifle: it can operate with a single round. The cartridge is loaded with a single.223 Remington round, but it doesn’t fire the same as the original.223 Remington does.

Legends M3

A superb replica still retains its wire stock, it still has the fixed and gusseted sights, as well as the thumbhole bolt relief cuts. The only difference is the thumb hole on the right side.

The weight is on par with the original as well. The difference category is notable in that the cycle rate is considerably different, with the airgun slinging Umarex BBs at a blistering 1025 RPM, while the firearm is only operating at 450 RPM.

Legends M3

Power for this gun comes from a pair of 12-gram CO2 cartridges housed in the 30 round drop-free magazine. You can expect to change out those CO2 cartridges once every 3rd mag dump.

M3 Submachine Gun History

A series of wars that took place in various regions and countries in Europe, Asia and Africa between 1939 and 1945. It was a total war that started in one country (World War I) and ended in another (World War II).

A military campaign that occurred between 1963 and it was the last of a series of conflicts which had begun in 1955 when the Chinese forces of the Communist People’s Liberation Army moved south into South China in June of that year. The subsequent border conflict escalated into open warfare in 1959 and became known as the Chinese Civil War, or the Second Sino-Chinese War. After several years of fighting, the Communists were victorious and set up the People’s Republic of China in

Legends M3

The Vietnam War, the Salvadoran Civil War, the Argentine Dirty War, the Falklands War, the Soviet–Afghan War, the Iranian–Iraq War, the Persian Gulf War, the Moro conflict, the Burundi Civil War, the Yugoslav Wars, the Angolan Civil War and the Rhodesian Bush War.

In March 2008, ethnic tensions between Albanians and Serbs in the disputed territory of Kosovo led to a brief outbreak of violence. The first incident involved the shooting of five Albanians in the village of Ruzhde Gjakova. In retaliation for the shootings, a Serbian paramilitary unit attacked the Albanian population in a number of towns. Two days later, two Albanians were shot dead in the centre of the capital, Pristina, by a Serb policeman.

Legends M3

The M3 is an American.45 caliber submachine gun adopted for use by the United States Army on 12 December. It was first designated as the “Submachine Gun, Cal..45, M and was used in the same caliber as the Thompson Submachine Gun, but was smaller, lighter, and more cost-effective to produce. This gun became commonly known as the “Grease Gun” or “the Greaser” because of its appearance.

Design Details

The M3 is an automatic, air-cooled blowback operated weapon that fires from an open bolt. It is constructed of plain 3.5mm sheet steel and is stamped in two halves that are then welded together.

Legends M3

This configuration allows for larger machining tolerances while providing operating clearance in the event of dust, sand or mud ingress. The M3 features a spring-loaded extractor which is housed inside the bolt head, while the ejector is located in the trigger group. The ejector and extractor are easily operated by a short pull of the trigger, which allows a fast, accurate reload. In addition, the M3’s barrel is swaged.

Operating Mechanism

The M3 operates in three basic stages: cocking, shooting, and ejecting. The bolt is cocked to the rear by pulling the cocking handle on the right side of the ejector housing. Pulling the trigger fires the weapon. The bolt is then driven forward by the spring force to strip the first round from the magazine, guiding it into the chamber.

Legends M3

The bolt then continues forward and the firing pin strikes the cartridge primer, igniting the round, resulting in a high-pressure impulse, forcing the bolt back against the resistance of the recoil springs and the inertial mass of the bolt. By the time the bolt and empty casing have moved far enough to the rear to open the chamber, the bullet has left the barrel and pressure in the barrel has dropped to a safe level.

The M3‘s comparative light recoil was a direct result of a combination of its cartridge, an even weight and the lightweight, strong recoil springs.


The gun used multiple processes in order to build a single firearm. These include metal stamping, spot welding and seam welding to reduce the amount of labor required.

The receiver is made from two sheets of steel and then welded together to make the frame. The barrel is also precision machined. All of the work is done on a CNC lathe.

At the front of the shotgun is a knurled metal cap which is used to retain the removable barrel. The cold-swaged, rifled barrel has four right-hand grooves.

Legends M3

Submachine guns have historically been a staple of the firearm world. The M3 is arguably the most well-known and most widely-used submachine gun, and it is one that is still available today. The M3 and its variant, the M3A1, has been around since the 1950s and is still being manufactured today. It has found a home on movie sets and television shows as well.

It was discovered that in Korea, U.S. soldiers armed with automatic weapons were taught to look above the flash of their weapon at night. This tactic, which sometimes prevented the detection of crawling enemy infiltrators and sappers, also caused soldiers to lose the ability to fire low-flash shots.

Variants M3A1

The M3A1 was introduced in 1945 and was a more modernized version of the M. It had a few improvements over the previous M3 that included a cocking slot that could be accessed from the top, making it easier to cock, and an improved magazine release that was easy to operate.

The notch, which was located in the retractor mechanism, was removed. The clearance slot for the hinge rivets was added to the ejection port and its cover. The length of the cover was lengthened to accommodate the bolt draw-back process.

The reloading tool was designed as a way of quickly loading a magazine. In doing so, the reloader can remove the need to hold down the reloading tool during the entire loading process. The tool also serves as a cleaning rod stop and holds a magazine at the correct elevation for better feeding.

The spare lubricant clip on the left side of the cocking lever assembly was removed, replaced with an oil reservoir and an oiler in the pistol grip of the receiver assembly. The stylus on the oiler cap could also double as a drift to remove the extractor pin.

95 pounds empty, the M3A1 was slightly lighter than the M3, at 2.15 pounds empty, primarily due to the simplified cocking mechanism. The M3A1 was formally approved for production on 21 December.

Legends M3

The M3A1 modifications resulted in a more reliable, lighter weight, easier to maintain, and easier to field strip submachine gun; the original M3 needed both the trigger guard removed and the cocking crank assembly detached from the receiver housing before unscrewing the barrel, but the M3A1 only required the user to unscrew the barrel.

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