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Legends M1A1 .177 Full Auto Blowback CO2 BB Gun Review #30

Legends M1A1

Legends M1A1 .177 Full Auto Blowback CO2 BB Gun

There are many types of guns. The Legends M1A1 has a storied history in the United States. It’s a rifle used by the U.S. armed forces.

This is a real “gun” and not a “Tommy Gun”; the latter is a weapon of a different color.

When it comes to military service, the.177 caliber steel BB version is a must have for any collection.

There are many types of guns. The Legends M1A1 has a storied history in the United States. It’s a rifle used by the U.S. armed forces.

This is a real “gun” and not a “Tommy Gun”; the latter is a weapon of a different color.

When it comes to military service, the.177 caliber steel BB version is a must have for any collection.



This is a great gun for realistic looks and feel. It is not recommended to use it for anything else, however.

But this is not just an ordinary airsoft rifle or replica BB gun. This is a replica Legends M1A1 Thompson M134D M203A2 20mm grenade launcher that actually shoots real 20mm rounds of ammunition.

It is mandatory to use a laser sight and a sound suppressor. Metal parts are well finished in a powder coat black that is a very fair representation of the military firearms finish.

Safety, fire selector lever, bolt, magazine release and realistic “woodwork” make this a very accurate replica of the real thing.

Legends M1A1

It looks just like real, wood-grained “tree wood”! But there’s a downside the HAM team can see. In order to make it look like it was shot from a real “tree wood” Thompson, the gun is lighter than the original.

It’s obvious that the firearm is heavier than the BB gun. Most likely, the difference in weight is due to the different woodwork. So the Legends M1A1 Thompson BB gun is a couple of lbs lighter than the original.

It still feels solid and heavy in the hand. You could get them for military surplus, or find a replica maker that will make the kit for you for a higher cost than the kit itself would cost.

Our guess is that such parts would probably fit this BB gun. If someone were serious about getting the ultimate realism, that might be a possible way to go if such kits were available now.

When you’ve seen the quality of the synthetic wood in our Avanti-Grips stocks, you may well decide it isn’t necessary to make the upgrade. The only downside to the synthetic wood is that the sling swivels clatter against them in use.

This noise is stopped when you install a slinger.


The accuracy of the Legends M1A1 Thompson BB gun tested by HAM was very good. So good that the HAM tester Doug Wall used it to fire all his test shots at 10 yards.

Best accuracy for the Colt M4 Carbine was obtained with Hornady Critical Defense Ammunition. This ammo is loaded with a heavy load of Hornady V-Max BSP bullets, and it proved to be the most accurate barrel for the carbine.

I was shooting a.22 pistol that did a lot of things right, but one thing it needed was an adjustable rear sight. It kept shooting low and a little left, so I adjusted the rear sight. It’s a nice pistol.

When accuracy is good enough to use it.


UmarexUSA makes some claims for the Legends M1A1 Thompson BB gun. The claims are as follows: -It’s a realistic reproduction of the firearm. -It’s a real-life blowback action BB gun with a full auto feature. -It fires real.45 caliber ammo with the included 5 round magazine.

So realistic that the muzzle actually climbs a little on full-auto firing. It even reaches up to 435 fps muzzle velocity. Check. The Legends M1A1 Thompson BB gun actually reached 402 FPS with Crosman Copperheads at 62 degrees Fahrenheit.

The CO2-powered airgun we used for testing can shoot 400 fps at 62 degrees, which matches the manufacturer’s claim of 402 fps at 78 degrees ambient temperature.

It’s the only airgun in its class to come with a factory-installed CO2 regulator (it uses an O.F.R. – Overpressure Safety Regulator – to keep the muzzle pressure from rising too much, which is why we’ve tested this gun with a regulator and a non-regulator). That alone will set it apart.


The Legends M1A1 Thompson BB Gun tested by HAM demonstrated very good consistency. Standard Deviation – the variation in FPS in a string was extremely good at an average of just 5.11 FPS across the HAM standard range of test BBs.

A $1,000 PCP Air Rifle using.22LR rounds should produce a muzzle velocity of approximately 350-400 FPS with this load! Actual muzzle velocity is also consistent in the 350 – 400 FPS range. The point of impact on target is consistently low and generally a little left of center. This BB can also be used in a.17HMR or.

Trigger pull weight ranged from 6 lbs 4 oz to 8 lbs 6 oz. On average, it was 7 lbs 12 oz.


The Legends M1A1 Thompson BB Gun is highly realistic. The gun is cocked by pulling back on the charging handle, and it lets go when fired. Just like the real thing!

The safety and fire selector levers work just like the “real thing”. The magazine release drops free, and there is a realistic feel of the recoil from each shot. This gun is a drop free, blowback action.

As mentioned above, there’s muzzle climb when extended strings are fired on full auto. The gun “hammers” well in full auto, yet can be fired accurately when set to single shot mode. The bolt locks back when the mag is empty, too.

This gun is not field-strippable, but that’s a small price to pay for the overall realism. It’s trigger pull weight is about a Pound lighter than the specs for the firearm.

1.There were also government-made rifles used in WWII. Those that had a more accurate chambering (.62mm) tended to have higher weight than those that weren’t as accurate (.56mm). We can’t easily tell the difference between seven and eight pounds because they’re both quite heavy.

You might not want a gun that fires like a submachinegun, but this sub-machinegun trigger will work just fine in your next AR build. The HAM Team had no issues with this trigger for its intended use.


The Legends M1A1 Thompson BB gun used by HAM really excelled. Doug found that no less than 218 were obtained from a full charge of two 12 gram CO2 cartridges. This is an outstanding number! HAM’s expectations were for about 150 shots, which was similar to the legendary MP40 we tested.

Yes, the muzzle velocity of the Legends M1A1 Thompson BB gun, tested by HAM, was about 30 FPS slower than the MP40, but the extended shot count was still outstanding for a full blowback action. The same can be said for the non-blowback rifle tested by HAM, where the Legends Cowboy Rifle has 110 shots to it’s name.

The Cowboy Rifle is a powerful and effective.22 LR target rifle. It uses high quality, reliable components to ensure a high degree of reliability. With this in mind, it has the high FPS that you desire.


The fastest string I’ve ever used was the Viper Speed Pro Hybrid which had an average muzzle velocity of 404 fps. It was made for hunting but it worked well for plinking as well.


The Legends M1A1 Thompson BB gun looks superb. There are no machining marks on the metal and only a very fine molding seam on the synthetic stock. All the controls work just as they should.

This material is represented superbly.


This is a good gun, but it’s a little bit expensive if you want to buy it as a collector’s piece. But there’s a cheaper version available that’s a lot more fun to shoot.

Although not in production yet, the Legends M1A1 Thompson BB gun will be available from all the usual Umarex USA dealers. It’s true that HAM did not receive final packaging and documentation with this pre-production sample.

Unfortunately, this model has a short barrel and no BB follower hold-down catch. Umarex will provide a BB speed loader with this gun.

This is a common failing with the Umarex MP40 and some -but not all- other BB gun models. It means that you need to continually pull down the BB follower against spring pressure to load the BBs. This requires a VERY STRONG thumb nail!

I found this simple solution to a very frustrating problem – keeping the BB follower open long enough to pour. The design is elegant and functional.

Sure, Umarex could mass-produce the tool, and I’d like to see a patent issued. But, why would I want to pay for Doug’s excellent, innovative design? You can use the hex wrench that comes with the Legends M1A1 Thompson BB gun.

If you don’t get it, I suggest that you go back to the local store where you purchased it and ask for help. You can also check the manufacturer’s website to see if you can find any online instructions or video tutorials for this item.

This airgun is not suitable for use on hard surfaces such as concrete or steel. It’s also not recommended for use on water, either in swimming pools or ocean water, because a BB will probably bounce away and cause damage or injury.

If in doubt, don’t pull the trigger. Because this toy is realistic, it must be handled with the utmost care, especially when displayed in public. Don’t use it where it might be mistaken for a real gun.

Legends M1A1 Full-Auto Specs

Max Velocity435 fps
Overall Length31.75″
Weight7.75 lbs
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Caliber.177″ (4.5mm)
Barrel Length12.0″
Shot Capacity30
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightBlade
Rear SightFixed
MaterialFull metal
Body TypeSubmachine gun
Fixed/adj. powerFixed

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