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Umarex Legends Blowback P08 CO2 Pistol, Full Metal #16


After World War II, many American GIs returned home with Luger pistols tucked away in their trunks. The Legends Blowback P08 was the most sought after trophy of the European theater.

The Luger pistol is a beautiful weapon, but the Luger itself isn’t just a pretty face.

This CO2 powered air pistol has a 21 round magazine, and the weight and feel of an original P-08. It also incorporates a blowback action that gives it the realistic feel of recoil.

The Luger is a masterpiece, and now it is as much fun to shoot as it is to look at.

The P-08 was the most wanted Luger at the end of World War II, and many American GIs brought them back home as souvenirs.


Umarex P08 Blowback Pistol Test Review

The Umarex.177 BB pistol is designed to give fun, fun, fun with the blowback action! With this little shooter, the fun really begins when you fire off some rounds from the Umarex.

The Umarex legends blowback P08 pistol is a unique and innovative design. There is a small barrel on the bottom of the gun, which pushes the air back into the chamber when the trigger is pulled.

The P99 is one of the most popular handguns on the market. It’s also the smallest and lightest of the famous German pistols, weighing in at only 7.3 ounces (212 g).

The fantastic realism, feel and the real operating toggle action make this a “no brainer”. This rifle is a must-have for every gun enthusiast.

If you’re looking to get your hands on some new ammunition, the.22 Long Rifle is a great caliber to start with.


At around $110, the Umarex legends blowback P08 replica pistol is a reasonably priced BB-firing replica pistol that gives you a good sense of what it feels like to fire a real gun. It’s not quite as accurate as an airsoft version, but you still get to feel like a real gunman.

The legends blowback P08 Luger is a replica of the Luger pistol that won World War II – an iconic gun that was adopted as the standard-issue sidearm for the German Army. This particular model is an inexpensive replica of the Luger that’s built on a budget.

Legends Blowback P08

This version of the Umarex legends blowback P08, produced by HAM, is an inexpensive and easy-to-use blowback pistol. This makes it a great starter handgun. However, it is not a replica.

The “Artillery Luger” was one of the most popular pistols used by the German military during World War I. It’s a long barreled version of the venerable P08 Luger and it has a beautiful wooden stock, wooden grips, and a double-stack 7.92mm Luger magazine.

Yes, the legends blowback P08 has come to market and is a great replica at an affordable price. The only real drawback is that there’s nothing else like it on the market. Until then, we hope you’ll consider this pistol as your next purchase.


The Umarex legends blowback P08 pistol is a real-world replica of the legendary Beretta 92FS pistol. It’s a beautiful replica that will take anyone back to his or her roots as a firearms expert.

The Umarex legends blowback P08 pistol comes in a very familiar package. The weight is about 1 lb 15 oz, the same as the Luger handgun it copies. The number 15 is stamped on the gun’s trigger, takedown lever and safety bar.

This piece of information is copied from the original firearm where the parts were hand-fitted and slightly different for every gun. The last 2 digits of the serial number were marked on some critical parts like this to ensure that the right parts went back on the right gun after cleaning.

This BB pistol has a very nice finish and detail.


The Umarex legends blowback P08 pistol is an unusual firearm that resembles the Luger P08 in many respects, yet offers many benefits, including a faster trigger, a fully-operable toggle action, and a lower price point. In short, it’s an awesome pistol!

The magazine is easy to access and change. Unlike other pistols, the P08 Luger does not feature a spring-loaded magazine like those used in other semi-automatic firearms. Instead, the Luger features an open-ended magazine that is loaded from the bottom.

Legends Blowback P08

Although the original rifle may look similar to a certain handgun that we’re not supposed to discuss here, that similarity ends with the trigger pull. The trigger pull on this particular revolver is very different from the trigger pull on the Luger. In fact, this trigger pull is short and crisp.

The Umarex legends blowback P08 has a magazine and a blowback action that is used by many pistol shooters today. The trigger pull weight averaged 3 lbs and 9 oz. It was also able to fire twice as quickly as it could be pulled. This is very useful for “double tap” operation.

The Umarex legends blowback P08 is a well-designed and well-constructed 9mm blowback pistol. The magazine release and other parts are in the correct locations, and it’s very easy to field strip this firearm.


The accuracy of the Umarex legends blowback P08 Pistol tested by HAM was generally “minute of soda can” accurate at 6 yards with most of the BBs in the standard HAM test range. The best accuracy was produced when firing Hornady Black Diamond BBs, though the ASG Blasters were also good for a pistol with a little practice.

The Umarex legends blowback P08 pistol has many interesting features and has received praise from HAM magazine for its accuracy. However, the Umarex legends blowback P08 is not intended to be a target pistol so if you are looking for something more suitable, check out our article on the best BB pistols.

If you want to get accurate, you need a reliable air pistol. The Umarex legends blowback P08 is the best choice for beginners.

On the original Luger firearms, the front sight could be drifted over to adjust the point of impact. The Umarex legends blowback P08 is a blowback pistol, but doesn’t include this feature, so the gun just fires where it fires. It’s a little inconvenient, but Steve is still smiling!

Below is an example of a malfunction that can occur when using an AR-15 type rifle. The safety (left) and magazine release (right) can be removed. The rear sight (top) is visible when attached to the upper receiver (middle). It has a toggle action that can rise and fall. The very primitive rear sight could be the cause of the vertical strings or the fact that the muzzle velocity was dropping rapidly during the string.


You want the best results? Well, then, keep this in mind: Slow is good! But if your pistol runs too slow, the results will be less than impressive.

Some velocity can be regained by letting the bow rest between strings. This can help to keep the bow warm and improve its performance.

Legends Blowback P08

The Umarex legends blowback P08, the weapon the HAM test, was found to have a very slow rate of recoiling. As a result, even though the pistol tested by the HAM team was very accurate, its lack of recoil made it feel inaccurate.

The rapid fire that was once Steve’s strength, soon became his biggest weakness. His muzzle velocity began to drop down like a stone and the cartridges in his magazine froze over with cold, solid ice.

Legends Blowback P08

In this age of video games, some folks may be surprised to learn that there are some CO2 blowback airguns out there that don’t feature FPS in their titles.


That fantastic realistic trigger action that makes shooting the Umarex legends blowback P08 pistol so easy and fun has another downside when it comes to shot count. The gun has a lot of moving parts and those parts don’t work smoothly unless they are kept cool.

The concept of kinetic energy is based on a common analogy: If you throw a rock into a pond, the rock displaces the water which then travels back to fill in the space left behind by the displaced water, and so on.

Legends Blowback P08

That’s simply wasted gas. The Umarex legends blowback P08 pistol runs out of usable shots at about shot 46. This is very low and effectively means that you’re installing a new CO2 cartridge every second magazine.

Doug recorded his verdict in his testing notes: “For this muzzle velocity, I would expect much higher. So the great toggle action of the Umarex legends blowback P08 pistol is paid for with a very low shot count.


In the HAM P08 review, muzzle velocity decreased from the first shot in a string to the last. In this case, there is no question of a drop in velocity with each shot, but it’s important to note that it drops even more quickly after the first shot. So, if you don’t shoot a string of 10 shots, you won’t get your average as fast as you would if you were firing that many shots in a row.

It’s important to understand the average range (aka the ‘sweet spot’) for most airguns. It is often found at around 200 yards, but is sometimes higher. The HAM testing is done at a low temperature, which gives a typical performance range of 160 to 220 yards. This is a great place to start and provides a general indication of how a gun will perform with different loads.

Legends Blowback P08

Of course, a blowback system with a higher operating temperature results in higher muzzle velocities. In fact, this Umarex legends blowback P08 pistol can easily exceed 1 ft/lb of muzzle energy. It’s perfect for target shooting, paper punching and close-range plinking, but the Umarex legends blowback P08 pistol isn’t powerful enough for hunting.

This applies, of course, to all other electric BB guns.


The Umarex P08 is a modern remake of a classic 1911 pistol. It’s made of steel and it has a wooden grip. No blue finish – it’s black powder coated.

You could have been killed if you didn’t know to lock your gun. The safety, raised “F” and “S” letters and the red dot are sensible safety precautions for the modern shooter.

Legends Blowback P08

The Umarex P08 blowback pistol is an amazing replica of the original GESICHERT, but it also adds a couple of little features of its own.

Umarex is the German manufacturer of a variety of sporting arms such as rifles and handguns. The P08 is a striker-fired, single-action pistol chambered in 9mm. It is the smallest, lightest and safest pistol available in the world.

The WW2 affiliations of this replica are enhanced by the “42” at the top rear of the toggle. On the firearm this represented the year of manufacture – 1942.


With most BB guns, the consumer is left on their own. This is fine as long as everything works perfectly, but as we know, things don’t always work perfectly. One area where this is particularly evident is in valves. If you want to replace your valves, you are usually out of luck. A BB gun manufacturer is likely to recommend that you just purchase a new BB gun.

The Umarex P08 Blowback Pistol is the most accurate, compact, and user-friendly pistol on the market. If you’re looking to get more bang for your buck and enjoy a great shooting experience, then the P08 is the perfect option for you.

CO2 cartridges are used to power the Umarex P08 Blowback pistol. A separate Allen wrench is required to tighten the piston head against the cartridge, which means it is essential to have more than one on hand.

While it’s not always necessary to send a firearm by post, a quality box and foam insert will help ensure your weapon arrives undamaged.

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