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How to Build an SWAT Airsoft Loadout #70

SWAT Airsoft

How to Build a SWAT Airsoft Loadout

Here’s how to build a SWAT airsoft loadout. We’ve grown up with Counterstrike, so a counter terrorist loadout was hyper popular. One of the most popular loadouts we see at indoor fields are SWAT or Special Weapons And Tactics loadouts.

Police officers are required to undertake dangerous tasks, often working alone in hostile situations. Some of them are even sent to dangerous places. Dressed up in cool outfits, they look cool doing their work.

SWAT Airsoft

In order to faithfully reproduce the equipment, clothing, and gear used by SWAT team operators, you must make the effort to analyze the equipment, clothing, and gear used by SWAT team operators. It can be hard to find, but it is there.

Let’s talk about the stuff that will go into your loadout, first. You’ll need clothing for a SWAT loadout. First, you’ll need different of equipments, weapons, gears, clothing and protection items.

There are lots of things you need to know before using body armor, plate carriers, leg rigs or helmets.


SWAT Airsoft Clothing

Next up is your Black Desert Online (BDO) or Blackrock Mountain gear. You’ll want to grab a black tactical jacket or shirt as well as a pair of black BDU pants.

Another combat shirt we recommend is the Massif or if you don’t want to spend that much money you can use a Tru-Spec. You’re more likely to use the pockets in this than in the Tru-Spec, but if you can afford to go for the most expensive shirt, go for the Massif.

Make sure that you have the right equipment, including comfortable shoes that will allow you to walk and run without fatigue and that don’t rub against your skin; you’ll be carrying a lot of weight, and if you don’t wear the right clothing you risk bruising, losing focus, and not performing your best.

You’ll wear a bulletproof vest, pants, and boots to protect yourself from gunfire, but you should be careful to wear the right pieces of body armor. There are special considerations for different parts of your body, and the right equipment for protection is very important.

If you’re going to get elbow pads for your setup, you’ll need a pair of knee pads as well. You might also consider getting an elbow pad as an insert, in which case you’ll want to get the same type of elbow pads as the knee pads. They’ll give your setup a sense of homogeneity that will help it look more realistic.

You can also use a custom-made vest and shoulder pads if you want to feel more like you are wearing full body armor. These items are expensive, but they give your character an even higher realism level. 

SWAT Airsoft Leg Wear

Let’s start with the legs, or more precisely, with the knee pads. You need a pair of tactical pants, exclusively black, with precise features, for example the cargo cut that ensures comfort during movement. They should be equipped with a good number of pockets, useful for storing whatever you might be looking for during the operation.

Pay attention to the material of which they are made: it is important to avoid the production of noise, so choose pants that are not noisy when moving. This can be achieved through the presence of Velcro spots that can tighten the pants at some spots. A useful feature is the presence of buttons that help you more easily secure various parts of the equipment.

While knee pads are always beneficial, it would be great if they had elastic zones on their pants to be able to bend back and forth comfortably without having to put them on and then take them off while doing squats and lunges.

The last thing you want is to make things worse. If your knees are already suffering from a painful injury, do not go and buy something that might make things worse. Instead, you need to find a solution, and the best way to do so is to try to find knee padding which has been tested to work with the exact problem you are having.

Many modern SWAT / Metro units have officers who are now wearing combat pants, which are the type of pants with integrated knee pads. It’s important to remember that for the type of tasks that require the SWAT entry team, a high level of armor is often needed.

SWAT Airsoft Head Wear

Lets move on to the head, the equipment you need is the helmet, balaclava, and glasses. We’ll focus on the helmet later, but for now lets focus on the balaclava and eye protection.

A balaclava is really important to find the right look for your appearance. If you don’t pay the right attention to your balaclava, you could end up with a smelly, uncomfortable, distracting piece of headgear.

Navy Seal

Make sure you choose the right piece of equipment. Experiment with different models and materials, and make sure you have the right fit. Personally, I would recommend a modern balaclava with an adjustable lower part, made of cotton and elastane, and of course, black.

In addition to being comfortable, breathable, and firm, you should be able to remove the lower part of the bra for easier drinking, spelling words, and for the purpose of using your teeth.

I personally use Defcon 5 balaclavas, but they’re also available at many other retail stores. However, if you want to make sure that the mask fits your face well, and provides the best protection, then you can check if it is made of leather, or a synthetic material. In addition, keep in mind that balaclavas with a silicone strap will offer better sealing and will avoid fogging of the goggles when wearing them.

SWAT Airsoft Eye Protection

You’ve got to wear eyewear that fits your head and is protected against the type of injuries that you might get in a close fire situation.

Don’t forget to read our essential safety gear for airsoft guide before buying your gear. Classic tactical glasses may work well, but make sure they stay firmly anchored to your face.

Also, try to get a good anti-fog spray to prevent your glasses from fogging up. If you wear a balaclava over the face, it will be easy for the glasses to fog up, so you need to take countermeasures.

Beware of Fogging

You can look for goggles that are tight enough to prevent your breath from entering them, use an anti-fog spray, or wear the balaclava just below your nose to counteract the entry of breath under the goggles.

The two other options are helmets with frontal ballistic shields and gas masks: Gas masks are a fantastic piece of equipment for adding a bit of realism when it comes to performing the operation, but they’re also difficult to use properly and require extensive training.

You’ll also need to review the impact rating of eyewear that is different from regular glasses / goggles and ensure that they provide a full seal to maximize protection. You don’t have to worry about balaclavas or goggles because they are integral, but you’ll have other things to deal with, such as heat management.

If you suffer from dry eyes and or headaches, wearing goggles with a prescription lens is an excellent solution for improving your eyesight and head and neck health.

SWAT Airsoft Gloves

Gloves are important for hand protection, but gloves also hinder your ability to shoot, inspect, handcuff, use the radio, use hand signals, and so on. They interfere with your mobility.

I’ve outlined a hybrid choice of protective and comfort options that will fit your budget, needs and preferences, and a few other choices to use in specialized situations.


The Mechanix Classic Recon or Speciality are the most comfortable gloves in the line up. Fingerless gloves like these are fine for missions where you need to have more dexterity. You’ll have to be a little more careful, though, as your fingers will be completely exposed.

I don’t think you should bother with gloves that have BB’s to the knuckles. But if you really want to be prepared for a fight, you should look for full gloves. They’re not easy to find, and they can be difficult to use, but if you’re looking for maximum realism, you might want to give them a try.

Make sure to wear a watch that faces outwards so you can easily see the time during the whole procedure.

SWAT Airsoft Foot Wear

Footwear is a crucial part of your safety equipment, as you’ll be able to make a choice from low boots to higher classic boots. The kind of environment that you work in may affect which type of shoe you should wear.

For example, the raid at the German fortification position in St. Eloy, which was planned and executed by a French special force in September 1944, is an excellent example of how a raid can be conducted. It was planned in great detail, carried out very quietly, and its successful outcome had to do with luck as much as it did with careful planning.


Noise production depends on the use of laces, shoe material, and the shape and condition of the sole. Leather shoes often make a lot of noise when they bend, and laces can be hard to tighten and adjust. Try to avoid using leather, because it produces a lot of noise when it bends.

Experiment and test different things. Don’t worry about the soles of your shoes, because they’ll wear out before they make any noise.

Buying quality shoes will make your life so much easier. I would recommend Salomon, Crispi, and Lowa as the brands to start with. Look for black footwear or at most dark gray, not too heavy, perhaps even with protection for your ankles, and made of waterproof material.

You should consider the size of the shoes you wear, taking into account how they feel and how comfortable they are, as well as the environment you will need to work in. For example, if you will have to operate in a flooded environment, having a pair of high-heeled shoes might become more convenient than operating in bare feet.

High boots may help provide more ankle support than normal low-top boots, but we aren’t totally sure of this.

SWAT Airsoft Body Armor

Here we come to the most important piece of equipment: the tactical vest. Even here, choosing the right item is tough; it must be light, so as not to hinder too much the movements, but at the same time it must repair the body and must be able to accommodate all the various equipment you may need during the operation.

It is an important fact for any of you to consider that in SWAT operation scenarios, you are going to be wearing a body suit that is black in color. This means that you will not only have to consider the color of your clothes but also how you should prepare to camouflage. If you are not prepared with this in mind, it could put you at a distinct disadvantage.

A lower-profile, slimmer style plate carrier is ideal for a smaller physique. With a streamlined design, it will allow greater fluidity of movement and more protection for your back, shoulders and elbows.

It will not change your appearance since even real strike force operators choose the degree of protection to be used from time to time, depending on the role they will have in the patrol and the type of mission they’re going to perform.

You may consider buying an old Tac V-1 type vest; it’s of outdated design, but still widely used by the strike forces and law enforcement agencies in the past. It is very affordable for a good and functional choice.

However, make sure you have everything you need for your tactical vest: Spare magazines. Flashlights. Handcuffs.

A wide range of tools and equipment are needed to improve the appearance of the realistic scene, such as flashbangs, grenades and more. To increase the realism of the appearance of the scene, it’s recommended to get scratches with the words SWAT or POLICE, and remove these before leaving the field.

Check with your local laws to determine if having police, SWAT, or other law enforcement marks on your helmet is legal. It’s doubtful, as it can be interpreted as impersonating a police officer. Check out the differences between an airsoft and a real plate carrier.

SWAT Airsoft Belt

There are many reasons why belts are a must have for anyone who does any type of sport. First, they are a key piece of equipment that gives you easy access to your gear, is easy to organize and is relatively quiet.

You’ll want to pick out a couple of two-piece combat belts, like the Commander Belt from DOM Systems, or the Tactical Duty Belt from Warrior Assault Systems. Their quick-attach system makes them great for simulating equipping an emergency response force in a very short amount of time.


Warrior Assault Systems are excellent, providing you with a lifetime warranty and offering you a variety of accessories for the job, such as pouches, ropes and other products for the job. Get some quality pouches, such as those manufactured by Templar’s Gear.

Having good pouches means a lot: you won’t have to worry about the movement of your gear, losing pouches, or retention capacity. You will need magazine for your backup weapon, flashlight, radio, multitool, grenades, and handcuffs.

Although leg and thigh holsters can provide security for your weapon, you will want to distribute your equipment evenly. Depending on your preferences, you should decide if your gun will be placed on your thigh or your leg.

Leg rigs are useful for increasing your available space and armor, but you need to pay attention to their overall dimensions. Having a leg rig may mean you can carry extra magazines, a gas mask, an extra wedge, or a large magazine for heavy weapons, but they will increase your bulk, making it more difficult and tiring to move around.

The type of mission you are going to take on, and the type of equipment it requires will help you to decide whether leg rigs will be a good choice for you. If they get stuck, annoy you or become superfluous because you have used the equipment they carried, it is easy to detach them, thanks to their normal clipping system.

SWAT Airsoft Helmets

The final piece of equipment to buy. Helmets are distinctive features in these special groups. The most classic one you can choose is the classic Mich 2000, black, of course.

You can also carry more equipment if you choose to. You can mount a flash light, camera (like a GoPro), IR signaling devices, or even night vision goggles on top of it.

A good helmet is the single most important factor in choosing a motorcycle jacket. Your helmet must fit your head tightly, and it should be lined with quality padding to protect you from scrapes and other damage.


Choose a high quality helmet, and it will remain in place, won’t move, won’t make noise, and will not hurt your head. This is a much more comfortable choice for you, your crew, and your patient.

This is an excellent choice for people who want a lightweight helmet without losing the ability to communicate with other members of the group. You can also use ear plugs or headphones to communicate with the driver.

You might also use an in-ear headset with a positionable microphone, or even a laryngophone. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive Safariland bump helmet, you can opt for a less expensive replica from FMA, a manufacturer that produces quality, comfortable, and stable replica helmets.

If you want to try the best fitting helmet for your head, you should be sure to use a variety of helmets. Some will feel more comfortable than others, but in the end it’s best to have them all.

Of course, wearing a helmet is not essential; however, the SWAT may opt for this choice, if they are only using it for non-lethal missions. Even the SWAT teams may use this equipment for non-lethal missions.

SWAT Airsoft Weapons

The weapons are typically used by SWAT Team operators. 

They are MK18s or classic M4s, but if you want to achieve the highest level of realism you could equip yourself with MP5s, Benelli M1s, M870s, and pistols such as the Beretta 92 or the Glock 17, 18 or 19.


Other than the weapons you would expect to find at an urban combat simulation, there are plenty of extra tools you can add to make the game more realistic. Aiming devices, lasers, and flashlights are all things that are typical in a military / paramilitary training course, but these are just some of the other things that can add a little more realism. You can even carry a smoke bomb or flashbang, just like the real thing!

C4 can be used to simulate the classic charged entry that has made this special forces unit so famous. Finally, you can evaluate the use of a shield to protect the tail of your team and allow safe advancement in CQB environments.

If you’re looking for an awesome-looking, high-quality, well-made, easy to carry, great-looking, reliable, accurate, and reliable rifle, then the AK-47 is the gun for you.

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