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How To Become An Expert Airsoft Sniper #43


Become an Expert Sniper in Airsoft

When it comes to Airsoft, everyone talks about the importance of being a sniper. You’ll find out why sniping is a great role, what equipment you need, how to choose your weapon of choice, how to improve your skills and much more.


Sniping is regarded so highly because there are so many amazing reasons for playing sniping games; from the amazing factor in gaming to movies where a sniper plays a prominent role in an action packed thriller. People think that it’s about shooting in the movies but this is a far, far cry from the truth.

You don’t have to work so hard to become a successful Airsoft sniper. Instead you can play harder.


What To Do As A Sniper

To become a sniper, you need to know what to do as a sniper. Being an airsoft sniper requires experience, skills, and responsibilities. You should be a competent player who can perform in the field of play.

When a sniper plays a match, he may also have other roles and responsibilities as an observer, scout, and sometimes a commander.

The main role is to gather intelligence about the enemy and his/her weaknesses, strengths and areas of access.

Without this intel it may be difficult for the team to know what they’re facing. And finally, yes, I’m on the part where you actually get to shoot. A sniper’s role can also include eliminating high value targets – which is self-explanatory but very useful to the team.

Sniping is not only for movie buffs, though it’s usually used in such a way to attract attention. There is a huge amount of skill that goes into this role and it’s important for your team to be well oiled.

Awareness, Observation And Exploration

You should always be aware of your surroundings. Lay low, patiently observe, and explore further to find out more information.

As you might expect, observing includes more than simply watching. You need to take into account what the enemy is doing, who they’re with and when they’ll be moving. You’ll also want to decide on what targets they will be shooting at and where you’ll set up to take those shots. Sniping requires patience, intelligence, planning and above all, discipline.

Sniper training should start with learning how to gauge the most effective targets to hit. You may need to hit a team leader in order to cause disorientation in the rest of the team but you have to make sure it’s the right decision in the heat of battle.

It is vital to know the best places to hide a sniper, because before the game, the teams should spend a lot of time studying the territory and aerial maps in order to be able to navigate through escape routes and ambush points. However, you can use Google Maps to quickly get an overview of the surroundings, but to get a more detailed overview of the landscape, you can print the recent maps on the website.

As long as you and the team have a plan, it’s vital to write down the steps to take as soon as the need arises.

Aiming And Accuracy

Aim and accuracy is something you can’t master without practice and experience. Here are some basic tips on aiming and how to improve your accuracy.

For consistency in your shooting make sure you tune your hop-up to your chosen BB weight, and keep practicing to get used to your rifle. Initialy, start at a chosen distance (e.g. 50m) that you feel comfortable shooting at, and gradually increase the distance the more accurate your aim becomes.

It’s essential to practice your aim, but you can’t expect to have perfect aim when you first use a sniper rifle. Read More: we recommend using a minimum of 36g up to 50g BBs for your sniper rᎥfles; however if you’d like to learn more about why and optimal weight for your specific replica, click here for a more detailed breakdown of BB weights!

Side Arms

Having a backup weapon is a good practice. It will come as a result of the power of most sniper rᎥfles (max. 500 FPS) and close quarter engagement limits; most sites will require snipers to use their secondary weapon under 20/30 meters.


Camouflage Gear

Camouflage Gear Camouflage is an important part of survival for any modern soldier. You need to know how to hide yourself so that you can surprise your enemy without being shot at.

In order to be an effective member of a military unit, you must train for both your physical fitness and for the tactical aspects of combat. You should be able to safely work across a variety of terrain with your gear, which is why the most important part of your gear is camouflage.

Whether it’s for hunting or military purposes, a camo pattern is the perfect way to hide your movements. You should be sure to use a camo pattern that’s best suited to the environment you’re trying to get away in – or to the environment in which you are being hunted. Click Here to see our full guide on using camo correctly for whichever terrain is thrown at you.


When used properly, a Ghillie suit can provide many advantages for a sniper, such as allowing him to blend into his surroundings, making him harder to spot and helping him to hide better in undergrowth and other places that might otherwise be covered in thick foliage.

There are many ways to be near invisible when wearing these suits, and for best use you must learn how to move stealthily, and without alerting others. You’ll need to learn to move silently, and blend with the environment.

If you are not able to move quietly and remain unseen, you’re putting yourself in an extremely dangerous situation. Move slowly through the undergrowth and make every effort to stay hidden from your target, and remain patient and silent so you can remain undetected.

The Airsoft Sniper Ghillie Suit

The Airsoft Sniper Ghillie Suit is the best camouflage of the day. Snipers use camo for a number of reasons, but the main reason is to blend into their environment so that they can get a clear shot at their target without being seen.

A good example of a ghillie suit would be a suit tailored to match the surroundings. Usually it’s made of synthetic moss and vegetation, woodland textures, timber or desert colors.


Theghilie suit helps make a human look like a small animal. It helps a sniper blend into their environment. You want to evaluate the airsoft battlefields in your area to see which pattern will work best for you.

Size your suit to fit the appropriate winter apparel you might wear underneath it. Your comfort is very important. You’ll be spending long hours in your gear and you don’t want to be hot or constricted by tight clothing.

The Role Of A Airsoft Sniper

The role of an airsoft sniper is similar to the role of a sniper on any real battlefield. They’re usually called upon to infiltrate enemy territory to gather information, although if the opportunity presents itself they may be required to eliminate a high value target.

Snipers are the perfect counter-terrorism weapon. Their long-range capabilities enable them to secure a target against overwhelming opposition while preventing collateral damage.

How To Be An Airosoft Sniper

An airsoft sniper is responsible for navigation of the battlefield, studying it for ambush points, and assessing escape routes. Airsoft snipers study the terrain in order to decide where they would take cover if under fire.

The battlefield terrain and the season of the year are both important considerations when choosing the right camouflage. For example, in summer months the ghillie suit with foliage green might be great. In winter months the sniper may choose a woodland pattern or even snow white.

Your comfort level while in a prone position is important. As a sniper you may remain in the same position for an hour or more. Practice getting into this position before any skirmishes. Some people spend hours a day hunched over staring at their computer or smart phone.

Airsoft rifle players often lie on their stomachs with their heads up and try to shoot their opponents as they would in a war. It can be a tiring and painful position if the person has not acclimated himself to it.

You can start training at home by lying in this prone position while reading or surfing the web. Remember, any slight movement could get you spotted and quickly taken out of the fight. Especially if you are behind enemy lines. A cramp or a muscle spasm could force you to adjust your weight at the worst possible time, drawing enemy fire into your hiding spot.

There are different styles of kendo that you can learn before stepping into the ring to duel with your opponent. In order to be quiet in your movements, practice your kendo with slow movements and do them in complete silence.

Any of the following could indicate an issue: Rifles may clink against rifles, and a malfunction indicator light (MIL) will come on. Your sidearm may have a rattle, click, or a loose slide. Your rifle sling may rattle, and a zipper or slider may rattle.

As you move through the field you must keep your mind alert for the possibility of an escape route. It’s your only chance of avoiding detection. But, there is still hope. If the opposition is a good distance away, they might have a hard time getting to you.

It’s best to use the terrain and foliage for cover as you escape. Running in a zig-zag pattern helps you avoid being detected by your pursuers, and it keeps you closer to your home base. If you find yourself too close and you’re under attack, you might have no choice but to stand and fight. Remember your minimum engagement distances for your weapons.

You may need to draw your sidearm if the enemy is too close to take out with the sniper rifle.

Choosing A Quality Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Airsoft sniper rifles are the most effective airsoft weapons in the market today. If you want to be an airsoft sniper, you should look for the best quality sniper rifles available for sale in the market today.

Airsoft S510 Air Rifle

You get what you pay for. You want the long range and accuracy that will help you take down your competition. There are many different types of airsoft sniper rifles to choose from.

You can go with a semi-automatic rifle or a traditional bolt action. You can get a spring fired, CO2, green gas, HPA, electric, pneumatic, or nitro. Understand the pros and cons of each option.

Airsoft is a lot of fun because it’s so easy to enjoy. It’s simple to buy, and if you keep it clean and well maintained, you’ll have a lot of fun and be able to get a good workout.

Benjamin Marauder

Their accuracy is reliable no matter the weather. Like a real sniper rifle, the best airsoft sniper rifles have tight tolerances which give them better accuracy. These precision barrels offer tighter tolerances and are available at every major airsoft retailer.

The only downside is that you will have to clean your rifle more often than one with a standard non-precision barrel. A quick cleaning after each game should suffice, and it’s a small price to pay for the increased performance.

The most popular sniper rifle is the Well MB13 Heavy Weight Sniper Rifle.

Airsoft Sniper Scopes

Airsoft sniper scopes are excellent for beginners and those who want to start with an entry-level airsoft sniper rifle. Because they don’t cost as much as real sniper rifles, you can get a quality scope without spending a fortune.

If you need to have a scope for long distance shooting, then a 3-5x magnification scope will be enough to make accurate shots with an airsoft rifle.

Airsoft Sniper Rifle Gear

Airsoft sniper rifle gear. How long do you expect to play this game? Do you want to be mobile and fast, so you have options if you have to make a run? You also want to make sure you bring everything you will need to fight, and nothing you won’t.

If you do choose to bring everything that you’ll need to survive this game, you’ll find that it won’t take you very long to complete, and you’ll never run out of supplies. Most games don’t involve more than 10-20 players, and you can usually beat them within 60-90 minutes.

Military Airsoft Mask Goggles with Anti-fog Fan

It’s better to pack the bare minimum. But, for extended skirmishes, you might want to include a hydration system to your kit. And, if you’re really going to be on the front lines, you should probably consider getting some snack bars to boost your energy levels.

If you’re going to go camping, you should bring proper clothing. You won’t have the opportunity to wash your clothes while on the trail, and if you’re caught in the rain, you’ll get soaked and miserable. Make sure that you have enough drinking water with you, and bring the appropriate clothes to protect yourself from the elements.

Whether it’s something to play around with, or it’s not something to skimp on, eye protection is a good idea for airsoft. Eye protection can keep you from getting hurt.

You should wear safety goggles at all times, as they can help protect your eyes from debris, but most prefer a full face mask for added protection. An optional piece of equipment that is used by snipers to report intel to their team is a two-way radio.

A radio that’s quiet is vital for airsoft snipers who need to focus their attention on their target at all times. They need a radio that has a minimal amount of static, and it must have an effective range of at least 2 miles. Most radios come with a hands-free device, which is critical for airsoft snipers who need to keep their hands on their rifle at all times.

Best Airsoft Sniper BBs

Best Airsoft Sniper BBs. Airsoft sniper BBs come in a variety of weights. Each weight has a different result in terms of accuracy. Airsoft snipers should choose the heaviest BBs their gun can handle and stay with that weight for a while.

If you want a better shot, buy a few small bags and run them through your gun. Once you find your sweet spot, it’s best to stock up and keep training with that weight. Aim for the heavier weights.

Unless you have a high quality airsoft sniper rifle, you should always be running.30g or heavier pellets. The most popular weight for sniper rifles is.40g, so stick with that if your rifle can handle it.

Airosoft Sniper Tactics

The Airsoft Sniper Tactics book is a very useful book that covers how to stay undetected as an enemy sniper. Spending money on quality camo will not make you an effective sniper.

Stillness is vital to your success on the battlefield. If you want to blend in with your surroundings perfectly, you must maintain perfect stillness. You also need to have patience. Snipers must have a great deal of both patience and stillness on the battlefield.

Sniper tactics can be a little different in the airsoft world. Since you are using an airsoft rifle, the only difference is that you’re firing a plastic pellet instead of a powerful.308 full metal jacket round.

This is the reason that wind and foliage will have a much bigger impact on the airsoft sniper’s accuracy. If you’re in a position to legally shoot a real firearm, it might be a good idea to learn how to shoot a hunting rifle.

Shooting a rifle is the same as shooting a handgun. It’s very important to become proficient with your firearm in order to be an effective sniper. Practice, practice, and more practice.

You’ll learn how to adjust your scope on the move so you know exactly where to place your crosshairs at different ranges. You’ll also learn where to hold your rifle to get a better shot, for every type of shot.

Proper breath control, correct trigger squeeze and follow through will allow you to hit those crucial shots that can win the fight.

Movement And Escape For Snipers

Movement and Escape for Snipers A sniper should always be thinking about where he/she is and what their next move should be. This means scouting out the area where you are and figuring out how you can best move when shooting or taking cover.

The best way to practice your escape and evasion skills is to use your surroundings and current climate to your advantage. You should move towards a more covert location where there is more undergrowth and more shade. If you learn the art of evading capture, it will improve your survival skills in all environments.

Think of how you can escape and be prepared to use multiple routes to ensure your safety. As snipers, we don’t want to be stuck in one position, so we need to think of multiple ways to escape.


Practice, practice, practice! To improve your role and make the most of your rᎥfle, you’ll need to practice. Whether it’s aiming, playing the role out or playing the role in, practicing will help you improve.

You’re going to need to hunt for weapons and gear to make you even better. Now you have got the hints and tips on what you should do and where you can look for equipment, you can officially start the hunt and get onto getting better.

It’s going to be a bit different playing for a team when you don’t have a club jersey to identify you with, but it will be worth every minute you put in to develop your footballing skills.

Remember, don’t forget to practice everything equally – including your prostὑl, although a big part of being a sniper is to only use your rᎥle at a right time thus eliminating any close encounters.

I would recommend watching and learning from someone who already knows what they’re doing. Start shooting in the park, get on target and learn as you go. You’ll soon see that there’s nothing special about being able to shoot quickly – it’s just practicing

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