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HellBoy .177 CO2 BB Tactical Air Rifle, Black #87


HellBoy .177 CO2 BB Tactical Air Rifle

Hellraiser Hellboy rifle is a semi-auto rifle. The gun features a semi-automatic action, 12-round capacity, and it’s available in black or silver finishes. 

It’s hard to believe that a rifle with such a strong reputation could be so powerful.

A full metal action, plastic only on the stock and trigger, pistol grip, and handguard, non-adjustable trigger, Field-Strippable. Front sight adjustable for windage and elevation. 22″-24″ overall length due to the adjustable stock. 5.4lbs overall weight. New from Hellraiser, the HellBoy, is powered by a single 12-gram CO2 cartridge.


With a full-metal construction throughout the barrel, receiver, and the 18rd BB magazine, heat up the range with blistering semi-auto shots and unmatched realism for a tactical experience like no other! Each Hellboy features a single 12 gram CO2 canister and a single 12 gram BB reload, so load up and let fly with a fully functional, blistering semi-auto replica.

The Hellboy is a great airsoft rifle. With this model you will be able to take down your target with ease, whether it’s an intruder at your home or a person on the field. This rifle comes equipped with a 20-shot magazine and can be used for various ranges, from 50 meters to 600 meters.



Tested it and found that its range, accuracy and overall performance was truly exceptional. Yes, technically it’s an air rifle, but we felt that our test proved it to be a suitable substitute for a BB pistol, thus making it the most accurate and cost effective entry into the BB market.

And we have precedent for this approach. The Hellboy uses a very different design concept to that of most other replica firearms. In fact, the design is so different that we needed to make several changes to adapt the Hellboy to the unique attributes of the NIB Hellboy.

That’s right. Almost all the operational parts, including the sear, hammer, valve, barrel and magazine are all contained within the magazine. The gun itself provides only the trigger blade and barrel.

This concept gives benefits to a shooter for longer reliability. On the down side, the inconsistent feel and performance between one magazine and the next can be a nuisance.

The Hellboy is reasonably priced for a BB gun compared to other rapid firing BB guns. It’s not a full auto, full blowback model, but it does have an impressive number of 10 shot magazines for the money.

This is a very good toy if you have young kids. It is a realistic-looking replica and works like the real thing.


Hellraiser Hellboy BB Gun comes closest to the look and feel of an actual M4 Carbine. It’s about as realistic as they come. It’s the perfect BB Gun for someone who wants a true replica and it’s easy to use.

This particular gun is good for both the tactical player and for plinking the occasional tin can at an isolated distance. It’s got a 20mm barrel and it weighs only 5 lbs 3 oz.

It’s less than the M4, which weighs just over 7 lbs, and with a full magazine it’s capable of taking down some big game. The gun can also be field stripped, at least in part. The front hand guard can be removed, and replaced with M4 parts.

The upper and lower can be separated, too. Just as before, in a similar fashion to an M4. The downside is that while some of the controls work, others don’t actually do anything.

If you’re looking to really get into action photography, you need to shoot with the Canon EOS M. It is designed with professional photographers in mind.


The accuracy of the Hellraizer Hellboy BB gun was generally very good. At 6 yards away from the target, it proved “minute of a soda can” accurate. It’s a very high quality gun!

This is an example of the first law of BB gun use, which states: You don’t need to aim a BB gun for it to shoot accurately. But, with this particular brand of BBs, the farther you shoot from your target, the greater the spread. At 10 yards, this brand of BBs had a spread of around two inches.

The Heckler and Koch HK94 is a good sub-gun for those who want a short-barreled rifle capable of firing 7.62mm NATO ammunition. The only thing about this gun is the sights are set far enough back from the receiver that it is difficult to hit targets at very close range.

This might have been caused by an impact when the product was shipped to the customer. You can check that it’s not damaged by tapping the front sight assembly gently, but if you do notice damage then use a soft cloth to clean the area.

With the Hellraiser Hellboy BB gun, you get adjustable rear sights and dual-aperture flip-out rear sights. It’s made for easy adjustment of the sights.

This firearm comes in two models: the rear iron sights are the same as an M4 carbine; the front sight is fixed, and cannot be adjusted for elevation, and the rear sight/carrying handle can be removed, leaving a “flat top” configuration.

The HAM Team built a.22 rifle on a Flat Top using the Leapers UTG SCP-DS3068TDQ red dot sight. It certainly worked and looked great, as you can see. It would have been nice if they had used an M4 style front sight, but it worked well nonetheless.


Air Venturi claims that the Hellraiser Hellboy is capable of reaching up to 495 FPS.

These average muzzle velocities are for the average muzzle velocity of CO2-powered BB guns at the optimal operating conditions of 68 degrees F.

As muzzle velocity typically increases by 2 FPS per degree Farenheit for CO2 guns, that means the the Hellraiser Hellboy BB gun tested by HAM could attain the manufacturer’s specification at 75 degrees F with the Dust Devils and 78 degrees F with the ASG Bl

This means that the gun is designed to shoot in cooler temperatures. This also means that the weapon should be good in cold, wet weather and not perform as well in warmer conditions.


The Hellraiser Hellboy BB Gun tested by HAM had average consistency in operation and a very low standard deviation, indicating a high level of repeatability of results. This makes it an excellent candidate for FBA.

This CO2-powered airgun is good for a rangefinder. It shoots accurately with all the.177 caliber BBs tested, except for the Dust Devils. The Hellraiser’s trigger pull tested by HAM averaged 6 Lb 14 Oz.


Although this Hellraiser BB gun is made to look really scary, it’s actually a fairly safe toy for young children. While some of the controls work, they don’t actually do anything.

I am not sure what it does if you don’t have the magazine in place but I would guess that the magazine release also works, as it would on an M4. The ejection port cover may, if your gun has a proper one, snap open if you pull the charging handle.

The M1 rifle is a highly effective and reliable weapon for hunting medium to large game animals. However, in my opinion, the bolt catch and trigger are less than ideal for semi-automatic or fully automatic operation, and the lack of a full automatic mode does limit its usefulness.

The Hellraiser Hellboy BB gun is one of the most popular airsoft guns because of its size, weight, and the unique way it operates. The trigger is set further forward than in a M4 firearm and has a completely different feel and method of operation.


The HAM Team is excited to share the results of testing the new 12 Gram CO2 cartridge from Hellboy. When compared to the standard 11 gram CO2 cartridge the Hellboy produced a massive increase in shot count.

After that, the HAM Team fell off very rapidly, shooting for about 90 shots and only one CO2 cartridge. Shooting for such a long time with the Hellraiser Hellboy BB Gun, the HAM Team feels that this is a good performance for the Hellraiser Hellboy BB gun.


The Hellraiser Hellboy BB gun from HAM is strong and has a muzzle velocity of over 450 fps. Three different kinds of BBs achieve averages of over 490 fps.

As with all CO2-powered air guns, the rate of fire will vary with air pressure. When the air pressure falls, so will the rate of fire.

Sure, the Hellboy drops off a bit after you run out of CO2, but these are not criticisms specific to the Hellboy.


The overall, flat black appearance of the Hellraiser Hellboy BB gun looks good at any distance. The pistol grip, hand guard, and stock are all made of solid plastic. This finish is very prone to scratching caused by fingernails.


The best BB Gun for your needs is the Hellraiser Hellboy BB Gun. It’s readily available for online purchase from major online retailers such as Pyramyd Air and Airgun Depot. However, you’re unlikely to find it in your local big box sporting goods store.

This is attractive for anyone interested in long-term use of the gun. It also makes it possible for the owner to fix most problems by buying a new magazine. It does make spare magazines somewhat expensive, however.

The Hellraiser Hellboy BB gun is a pretty well made product, especially considering the price. It’s worth considering a little extra money to buy the Hellraiser Hellboy BB gun in a more secure packaging option like foam.

For a weapon that fires a single bullet every second, the magazine capacity is unexpectedly low for a fully automatic rifle.

With the high power BB shot (a type of ammunition) and the low – 18-shot magazine, the Hellraiser Hellboy BB gun will be sure to leave a lasting impression on your target. However, this is a situation common to many fast firing BB guns.

The Hellion can finally hold the hell open without firing more than one blank cartridge. The hold-open is on a two-step and has a one-shot hold, so you’re only going to fire a single shot with this shell.

Hellraiser Hellboy Specs

Max Velocity495 fps
Overall Length33.5″
Weight5.2 lbs
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Caliber.177 (4.5mm)
Barrel Length14.5″
Shot Capacity18
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightPost
Rear SightAdjustable for windage & elevation
Body TypeRifle
Fixed/adj. powerFixed

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