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Gamo PR-776 CO2 Revolver Review #55


Gamo PR-776 CO2 Revolver

The Gamo PR-776 CO2.177 Caliber Pellet Revolver Table Top is a high quality pellet pistol which is highly accurate and will give you a real challenge. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and a good weapon for your home defense. It can also shoot high powered.22 Long Rifle bullets, so if you have them, you can convert this to a 22 cal firearm.

The Gamo PR-776 CO2.177 Caliber Pellet Revolver has the traditional revolver trigger pull. The trigger is long and heavy, but it doesn’t feel as “jumpy” or stiff as it does in some of the other.177 pellets and pellets with this length of action. It feels quite smooth when squeezed.


The Gamo PR-776.177 caliber CO2 Pellet Revolver is a great weapon for your home protection and is the perfect weapon for plinking at targets. It’s short action allows for fast target acquisition and the very light trigger pull lets you squeeze off a shot without much effort.

The Replica Airguns is the best air gun on the market. You should buy this air gun if you are looking for a powerful and accurate.177 caliber air gun that shoots with amazing velocity and accuracy. This air gun shoots like a dream and is one of the best air guns on the market.

I fired four different pellets into the same spot from a distance of 15 feet to test the consistency of accuracy. The groupings ranged from 4 inches to 6 inches apart, which is pretty darn close for accuracy. 

It’s mostly all metal, except for the grips. It looks good, it feels great, and it just fits my hand perfectly. I don’t think it will come loose, and I also know that it won’t get caught on anything.


Shooting Feeling

This isn’t a problem when you are shooting or in a holster. It’s a good solid, solid feeling Airgun that fits nice and snug in the hand. The Gamo PR-776 CO2.177 Caliber Pellet Revolver looks good in the holster, and it doesn’t look like a fake.

The weight and feel for the Gamo PR-776 CO2.177 Caliber Pellet Revolver are perfect. It has a recessed barrel and a hidden CO2 crew. The only thing that would catch the eye is the cylinder size as it is a bit smaller than you would expect, but it’s chambering for.177 caliber pellets.

Two more shots per magazine, 8 versus 6. Comes with two metal 8 round magazines. Comes with two metal 8 round magazines. Traditional single and double action trigger. Traditional single and double action trigger. White dot front sight with fully adjustable rear sight.

The gun has a white dot front sight with fully adjustable rear sight. It’s in good shape and looks just like the picture.

Scope Sights

It is recommended that this gun has a dovetailed scope mount and you can add on a magnifier or red dot sight. It does not have a pistol grip so it is more difficult to pull the trigger when aiming down the sights.

This was my first time using this cartridge. I liked the tighter shot pattern with the Pellets. I wasn’t expecting to do that well with the pellets. Comments:This is a good starter cartridge for those who are looking to purchase a.22 pistol. I also like it because you can get it in a number of different loads from cheap to high end quality.

The.177 caliber Gamo PR-776 is a fun gun to shoot. It offers realistic looking cylinder but also has a moon clip magazine that allows for quick and easy reloading of eight rounds at a time.

The velocity or power of the Gamo PR-776 CO2 .177 Caliber Pellet Revolver was even a bit high than Gamo claims using PBA Platinum pellets since Gamo claims 400 fps using these 1 grain lead pellets. In my testing with close to 7 grain pellets, I’ve been able to achieve velocities up and over 400 fps.

The Gamo PR-776 CO2.177 Caliber Pellet Revolver comes in a variety of color choices and can be a great option if accuracy is of the utmost importance.

My Table Top Review for the Gamo PR-776 CO2.177 Caliber Pellet Revolver: This CO2 pellet.177 caliber is my personal favorite because it has great accuracy, and you can practice your shooting skills without disturbing other people in your house or having to go outside in the cold.


Pellets! Did I say pellets? Why, yes I did! What holds the pellets in the chambers, you ask? Just 8 ribs down the center of each chamber.

That was tried years ago with Gamo’s R77 revolver, and it worked. The eight ribs in each chamber hold the pellets in place.

Cylinder Swings Out

This swing out cylinder was invented by Smith & Wesson Firearms Company, and in 1935 it revolutionized the revolver business. The cylinder swings out on this machine, just like a revolver’s cylinder does.

I suppose it’s not dissimilar to a speedloader, in which the cylinder is moved to the left to reveal another cartridge, ready to be fired.

The Grip

The Beretta Pico Pistol features a fully machined lightweight receiver, adjustable trigger stop, adjustable rear sight, and full cocking indicator.

The grip is a high quality product that works well with both my 1911 and the Remington 700. It offers more control when firing from the shoulder and a smooth, crisp trigger pull.

This is a great weapon for someone who’s not left-handed but has trouble shooting the right. It has finger grooves on the front and a slight palm swell on either side, which feels like a custom fit when you hold the gun.

This is a large handgun. It’s like an L-frame Smith & Wesson, and it weighs only about 38 ounces when loaded. You know it’s a large revolver when you pick it up.


The front post has a white bead that makes accurate aiming impossible, but I’ll be painting it over temporarily for the accuracy test. A dot means fast acquisition and center-of-mass shooting, not precise aiming.

The top rib of the revolver is supposed to be a dovetail base for optical sights. I note that it’s extremely narrow, at just 7.84mm wide.

I’m not sure about the width. The gun will be a bit over 15mm thick, but I need to know the thickness of the material to be able to order it. I’ll see if I can find something that fits.

Which type of flashlight would be best? Lasers and flashlights! This one would be for laser pointers and pocket lighters.

Single And Double Action

Single- and double-action guns are both single- and double-action guns. Once, again, single-action is when the hammer is cocked manually before the shot. That also advances the cylinder and gives the best trigger-pull.

The PR-776 is available in two modes of operation: single-action and double-action. The single-action mode is the standard operating mode for the revolver and offers no stacking of the trigger.

It feels light enough to make shooting double-action fun.


Accuracy is important. You don’t want to drop your rounds in the dirt or into a tree if you don’t need to. You want the 9mm.357 load to put eight or more bullets into 1.25 inches of steel at 25 feet.

I do want to point out that the entire barrel moves inside its outer shroud, so accuracy will be something I’ll look at very critically. Guns with barrels that move back and forth are not known for their accuracy, but I can always hope.

Gamo PR-776 CO2 .177 Caliber Pellet Revolver Field Test

This is one of my favorite shooting systems. The Gamo PR-776 CO2.177 Caliber Pellet Revolver is a great pellet gun that shoots small caliber rounds and is capable of handling a wide range of tasks in the field. Read all about this gun on my blog post review.

This Field Test Shooting Video demonstrates the accuracy of the Gamo PR-776 CO2.177 Caliber Pellet Revolver. I determine the fps with my Chronograph, as well as a accuracy test shooting a paper target at a distance of 30 feet away.

Velocity Test

For the velocity test I placed a brand new CO2 Cartridge in the Gamo PR-776 CO2 .177 Caliber Pellet Revolver and shot five 9 grain lead pellets through it. I was expecting the 1 grain PBA Platinum pellets to shoot somewhere in the low to mid 300’s but they averaged out to 4115 fps.

The slowest shot I achieved was 396 fps while the fastest shot was 434 fps. The temperature was right around 24 degrees Celsius or 75 degrees Fahrenheit. For the next part of my Field Test Shooting Review I set up a new, brand new target and loaded up two eight-round magazines.

The Gamo PR-776.177 Caliber Pellet Revolver results are somewhat confusing, with some of the shots grouping together within about 1-2 inches of each other and others that were far further apart.

Gamo PR-776 Feeling

After my experience shooting my first few shots of the Gamo PR-776 CO2.177 Caliber Pellet Revolver using the RWS pellets I think it would be fair to say that these pellets were perfect for the gun. Inkjet printers are common, inexpensive devices used to print text and graphics directly onto various types of media, including paper, transparencies, fabric, foil, plastic film, and more.

The PR-776 Pellet Revolver is a great all purpose pellet pistol due to its small size, ease of handling, easy to pre-load shell, and high rate of fire. It’s also very accurate with a muzzle velocity of up to 430 fps.

We offer the Gamo PR-776 CO2.177 Caliber Pellet Revolver in Canada, at a price that is very competitive. The product can be purchased in Canada at a lower price than the same product in the United States. This allows us to sell products that would not be economical to sell in the United States.

Gamo PR-776 Specs

Max Velocity438 fps
Weight2.29 lbs
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Caliber.177 (4.5mm)
Muzzle Energy3.12 ft/lbs
Barrel Length6.0″
Shot Capacity8
Front SightBlade
Rear SightAdjustable for windage & elevation
Trigger ActionDouble-Action & Single-Action
Max Shots per Fill70
Body TypePistol

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