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Gamo P25 air pistol Review #60

Gamo P25

Gamo P25 Air Pistol

This Gamo P25 Pistol is a semiautomatic with 12-gram. It is operated with CO2 cartridge with 16-rd pellet magazine. Gamo P25 Pistol is a blowback action air rifle

The Gamo P25 Blowback CO2 powered air pistol has the blowback feature. This innovative technique provides a realistic action and an authentic look and feel utilizing a small portion of air to move the slide backward when firing.

Gamo P25

A rifled steel barrel and textured grip are both features of this new air pistol that is capable of 450fps with Gamo’s PBA Platinum Pellets. You can use wadcutter pellets for best performance, and to avoid any possible jams.


Gamo P25 Air Pistol Feeling

This is one of my favorite air pistols ever made, for many reasons, but mainly for its light weight, easy trigger pull, and a really nice sight picture.

If you want a reliable pellet gun that is accurate, this is the one for you. I bought one a few years ago and used it quite a bit, so I thought I’d pass on my experience to you. I used it a lot for pest control and found it to be quite useful.

Very accurate, a real tack driver. The combination of the rifled barrel and a crisp two stage trigger is a real winner. It shreds tin cans at 30 feet and puts multiple shots in the same hole.

We were extremely happy with the fit of the Gamo PT-85. The rifle was really tight, and when I took it to the range for the first time I couldn’t believe how well it fit. It felt as if I could hardly take it off, and it shot extremely well.

Trigger Pull

The trigger pull on the Gamo P25 is good, but it’s quite a bit longer than the other two I tested. It requires a bit of force, which can be good or bad depending on how you like your weapons.

After you’ve overcome your initial reservations, the next stage is the trigger, which is surprisingly easy to do.

Most shooting will happen in a single action where the blowback pre-cocks the slide for consecutive shots.

To switch the hammer from single-action to double-action you first need to cock the hammer. Then, when you shoot the trigger, if the hammer does not automatically go forward then the trigger pull will be heavier because it’s in double action mode.


I’m sure that my new gun is going to be the envy of everyone at the next gathering of the club, and I’m so excited about this new addition to our family!

This model is a semi-automatic that fires from both an open and closed bolt. It’s a pretty darn good weapon, which is why it was chosen for the M4A1 Carbine.

It’s difficult to get a straight line chronograph test because airguns tend to behave differently at different pressures, but the 8 shot Chronograph test that I conducted did not indicate any noticeable difference in power between these two models.

Both Gamo Blowback pistols got three good magazines and then one questionable magazine before the CO2 was all used up so don’t expect to get much shots per CO2 from each airgun.


These P25 and PT-85 firearms are not replicas of real firearms, they have realistic functioning parts, they look exactly like a firearm, and are meant to be used for recreation or to demonstrate their workings to others.

Yes they are very realistic as far as what defines the look and feel of a gun but not really a replica because they are not intended to be a replica.

Gamo P25 Air Pistol Testing

Gamo P25 is a 16-shot blowback pellet pistol. Today is accuracy day with the Gamo P25 air pistol. I inserted a fresh CO2 cartridge into the gun, loaded both of its 8-shot rotary clips, and then slid the magazine into the grip.

I shot the pistol at 10 meters, which seems appropriate for a gun of this type. I shot it rested with a two-hand hold and my arms resting on the sandbag but the pistol free to move. The pistol has open sights that aren’t adjustable.

If the target had not been illuminated well by a flashlight, the sight could not have seen the dots. But by shooting into the darkness and holding the target at a fixed position, I made the target visible and my shot was accurate.

I don’t think it makes much difference. However, when you see the target, I’m sure you’ll agree. The P25 has blowback, so all shots except the first are single-action. I therefore cocked the hammer for that first shot, so all shots were single-action.

If you want to learn the most accurate way to shoot a handgun, use RWS hobby pellets. They are the first wadcutter ammunition I’ve used. Because they’re wadcutters, they leave good holes in the target paper that are visible from the firing line. The pistol shot Hobbys to the left, as you can see.

The sights are not adjustable on this pistol, which means it has to be aimed off or with Kentucky windage. It’s a good idea to measure the size of the group to see if it might be smaller than 8 shots in 2.169 inches at 10 meters. Perhaps one of the other pellets will do better.

Eight RWS Hobby pellets went into 2.169 inches at 10 meters. They then did a bit of test shooting with the same gun to try out the match wadcutters. Some of these pellets were very accurate and others less so. The P25 I’m testing isn’t one of them.

8 pellets hit the mark to 2.894 inches at 10 meters. The other groups didn’t reach the same point of impact as the RWS Hobbys, but they did hit more or less the same place, and all groups hit the target better than the groups in this study.

Crosman’s Premier lites Next, I had been shooting for a long time and this was one of the first times that I had shot some Crosman Premier lites. I had seven of them going at 1.624 inches. But two of them actually went way over to the left.

Eight Crosman Premier lites went into.1,624 inches at 10 meters. This was the best group of this test. The last pellet I tried was the Gamo Raptor PBA. We know from the velocity test that these pellets go the fastest in the P25, but now we’ll see how accurate they are.

For a typical 12-gauge shotgun, eight PBA pellets would make an “interior” grouping pattern.

The blowback action is quick, crisp and comes as close to the recoil of a.22 rimfire pistol as I’ve experienced in any air pistol. It’s light, has very few stops and starts, and I have learned to get used to it after a few sessions.

Bottom line: The lack of adjustable sights means you have to find a pellet that shoots to center and is also accurate. You’ll need good eyesight and a keen sense of smell. The pellets that work best for a shooting challenge like this are ones that shoot to the center and are also accurate.

Gamo P25 Specs

Max Velocity450 fps
Overall Length7.75″
Weight1.5 lbs
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Caliber.177 (4.5mm)
Shot Capacity16
Front SightBlade
Rear SightFixed
Trigger ActionDouble-Action & Single-Action
Body TypePistol

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