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Game Face GF76 AEG Airsoft Rifle With CQB Room Entry Method #61


Game face GF76 AEG Airsoft Rifle Feeling

Crosman GF76 airsoft rifle has some nice features. The first thing that attracts you is the quality of the paint. The gun is very durable, and I’ve shot the hell out of this gun and it hasn’t even started to show any signs of wear.

The more powerful.357 Magnum isn’t the best choice for this purpose. The quieter semi-auto shotgun would be more useful. Try a 12-gauge. It has less recoil than the smaller calibers, and you can fire more shells in less time than with larger calibers.


This is an amazing gun that requires little practice for it to be in your hands at any time of the year. In the summer or winter it’s easy to use it with the adjustable stock, and in the cold weather it’s easily held steady with its milled rail.

There are three different places a battery can be installed in a firearm. They are, in order, in the magazine, in the breech, and in the firing chamber. There are pros and cons associated with each of those locations.

You can put a tracer unit on this. You need to remove the old tracer unit first to install the new tracer.


Game Face GF76 AEG Airsoft Rifle Design

This GF76 AEG airsoft rifle is electronic-powered AK-style airsoft rifle from Game Face is a must-have if you want to clear the way with this electronic power rifle.


The ability to fire up to 700 rounds per minute makes sure the last thing the enemy sees is your game face. You’ll never miss a shot with this weapon.

Shoots up to 375 fps. This pistol holds more than 400 rounds.

Why U.S. Commandos Loved the AK47 Rifle

This is a must-read for anyone who wants to know how these soldiers made a weapon better. You’ll find out why the Soviets were able to get this gun so cheap while the United States was trying to get rid of its surplus stock.

The American military, at the end of the war, made captured Soviet AK47. They were issued in small numbers to Vietnamese troops, so the Viet Cong had access to the AK47 in limited quantities. Eventually, the Americans came up with a few surprises, and that resulted in the US producing its own AK47. “Initially, the AK47 was available in only small numbers to the Viet Cong fighting in South Vietnam,” he said. “This resulted in the AK47 being something of a prestige weapon.” The AK47 became popular among the American forces.

A new book tells the stories of some of the people and the places that influenced how Special Forces and the SEALs came to carry out this unique practice.

These additions offered a number of practical and psychological benefits. The American M-16 rifle was quite crappy. The early design was a maintenance nightmare, and the guns often jammed in battle. The AK47 was more reliable, and it had a larger 30-round magazine.

A U.S. soldier might confuse his enemies by using their own weapons against them, especially at night. The AKs had a distinctive report and their tracer rounds glowed green instead of red — the standard color in the Western armies. “With the few men we had, we just didn’t have the firepower to take on an enemy unit,” the SEAL officer quoted above said. “An M-16… would stand out to the VC or NVA, telling them where and possibly who we were.” And the Pentagon’s battle plans called for American troops to scour the Vietnamese countryside for insurgents and their supplies.

For example, one SEAL report of captured items simply stated “7,400 rounds of AK47 retained for SEAL Team Two,” according to Dockery. “The most common source of supply for… ammunition was from the original people who made it.” The Pentagon also began developing its own secret supply chain for the seized weapons.

The government contracts that came with the job are pretty much responsible for me getting this new opportunity. The work is more important to them than anything else.

No matter what, the Pentagon’s top secret Military Assistance Command, Vietnam-Studies and Observation Group—a.k.a., MACV-SOG—and their South Vietnamese counterparts regularly crossed these borders to hunt North Vietnamese supply convoys, gather intelligence and sabotage enemy infrastructure.

The men who served as the most prominent users of captured weapons were from the MACV-SOG, a special unit of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group. Their equipment was often modified by the Army’s Land Warfare Laboratory in 1969 and 1970.

The weapon engineers also created 10 silenced Walther PPKS handguns – the famous gun of the fictional British spy James Bond – as part of the project. MACV-SOG distributed AK rifles to special units of North Vietnamese defectors and South Vietnamese special operators.

With fake enemy uniforms and captured weapons, U.S. commanders figured Vietnam’s forces would be less likely to catch on to these infiltrators. They’d “select” them to become spies for the Americans, among other things. That’s because the United States wanted to keep this spy program secret from the North Vietnamese.

As U.S. forces captured even more enemy ordnance, the Pentagon approved more creative tactics. In 1967, the Joint Chiefs of Staff approved plans, initially called Eldest Son but later known as Pole Bean, to sneak booby trapped ammunition into Viet Cong supply dumps. “The object of the program was to cause incidents and casualties among the enemy, thereby instilling doubt, fear and lack of confidence in Soviet and Chinese weaponry,” the MACV-SOG review stated, using the acronym for Chinese communists.

The Near Indestructible AKs were one of the main targets of the psychological warfare campaign. One year after it began, the American commanders even warned their recon teams not to pick up these rifles when they were in the field.

After President Salvador Allende was overthrown in Chile in 1973, the US military handed over about 300,000 AKs and 400,000 rounds to Santiago, but the rest of the weapons that were seized were destroyed.

In 1973, when Pres. Richard Nixon negotiated the “peace with honor,” U.S. forces took a lot of the captured Soviet guns and rifles back with them. Some of the weapons were later put on display, but many were shipped back to the United States and kept here.

Special forces arsenals for training purposes. But the United States didn’t end its affair with AK47 on the battlefield. Nowadays, with the Cold War over and the rifle still in widespread service around the globe, the Pentagon is once again buying AK47 on the open market to ship to Washington’s allies, particularly in the Middle East.

Here’s what happens when a group of soldiers from different nations who have never met before find themselves trapped together behind enemy lines during the Second World War.

CQB Fundamentals and Principles

Close-quarter combat (CQC) or close-quarters battle (CQB) is a tactic used in military and police operations. It’s a very difficult thing to do because it requires expert training and teamwork.

This is a phenomenon that occurs between military units, police/correction officers, and criminal elements.

In warfare, it’s usually comprised of units or teams of varying size engaging the target or attacking personnel with personal weapons within a distance of up to 100 meters (110 yards), from proximity hand-to-hand combat to close-quarter target negotiation with usually automatic weapons.

A vehicle or structure is taken over by an attacker if the attacker gets into close-quarters battle with the defenders.

Close-quarter combat (CQC) is a type of warfare that takes place in close proximity to enemy combatants and civilians. It often requires direct contact between opposing forces in order to execute a strike, and thus it can include many close range encounters.

It’s not enough for a gun operator to know how to use their weapon; they need to demonstrate the ability to make quick and decisive decisions about the use of deadly force.

Room Entry Styles

There are also hybrid methods, such as the one-legged entry. This is the least common of all the different techniques because it is easier for defenders to predict an entry move. Therefore, a hybrid technique should only be used if there are other techniques not available to be used in a match.

It’s true that if a bad guy is able to shoot in the direction of an officer before the officer has a clear sight picture, then the bad guy gets the drop on the officer, but this can be overcome by the officer if he has the training to do so.


Defenders of the new entry method argue that the first officer moving along the new wall causes the bad guy to follow him, and track him just like the known entry method. This makes it easier for the bad guy to shoot, so they say the shooter can be expected to hit the officer more often.

In this case, the officer who makes the shots is the one who is not wearing the body armor, while the other is the one wearing it. The first officer is more likely to make the shots on the bad guy, since he’s the one without the body armor.

We call this a hybrid method because it combines the advantages of both a static shield and a moving shield. In this technique, you move toward the threat in a static shield, so you can protect your officer while he or she approaches the threat. Once the officer is moving toward the threat, you’ll use a moving shield to provide cover.

The first officer moves straight for the door. The second officer stays in the center where he’s safe and if the bad guy shoots he can easily take him out.

GameFace GF76 Kit Specs

Max Velocity375 fps
Overall Length29.0″
Weight6.28 lbs
Suggested forSkirmishing
Shot Capacity350
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightPost
Hop UpYes
MaterialMetal/ABS plastic
Body TypeRifle

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