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FX Crown Continuum MKII, GRS Green Mountain Laminate #122



The FX Crown Continuum MKII is the latest version of the Crown platform. This shotgun is notable for having two barrels, both of which are of the same caliber. It’s specifically designed for benchrest and other types of long-range shooting.

The gun was tested with the short (380 mm, 15 inch) barrel. This is an ideal weapon for hunting and similar situations where maneuverability is critical. There are two included moderators: a male and a female. Attach whichever moderator to the barrel of your choice.

This is the new, latest, and greatest FX Smooth Twist X barrel rifling. The barrel is mounted more firmly than ever before. There are five set screws to secure the barrel.

You will be on top of the breech, with two each side of the gun. There are a number of important features that make the new crown different than the old one.

For just $100 more than the “non-Crown” version, the FXC Continuum comes with the same two-barrel flexibility.

It was so good, Doug decided to purchase it himself. He wrote a great review of it and shared his thoughts. He clearly sees the improvements in this Continuum and feels that it represents outstanding value, even at $2K.

Doug’s comments are what makes this so good. He went through all of the features of the adjustable stock and wrote what he thought about each feature.




As can be seen above, the FX Crown’s Continuum tested by HAM achieved peak muzzle velocities of 1,097 fps with alloy pellets and 1027 fps with lead.

If you are not interested in the performance or quality of the air rifle itself, then most purchasers of this air rifle will be more interested in the 35.

The results of this study are amazing because these pellets not only worked but they also delivered the best accuracy.

We had a fairly-well one-hole group for ten shots at 25 yards.


It is an air rifle as is expected of FX Air Rifles, that the accuracy produced by almost all the HAM test pellets weighing 14 Grains and above was excellent.

I know it sounds crazy, but only the H&N Field Target Trophies seemed not to the taste of this air rifle.

Ham radio has no reason to expect that the long barrel will deliver accuracy results that are less stellar than this – and at much longer ranges.


HAM tested the trigger pull of the Crown Continuum and it was outstanding. Light and smooth is what the first stage is. You see a very clear stop when you pull back further. The second stage is the release stage. There is no trace of slack or creeps in that second stage. A small amount of pressure trips the sear with no additional movement.

This really is a symptom of a glass break. The trigger blade is finished and beautifully shaped. The ball of the finger can be invited to apply pressure just the right way. The release of the Continuum’s Trigger is a joy in and of itself. HAM tested the pull weight of the crown continuum and found it to be very light. When tested with an electronictrigger pull gauge, it felt and was very consistent.

The pull weight of both the first and second stages is adjusted by thetrigger. The HAM Team can’t think of a reason why anyone would want to change the factory settings on a gun.

The only thing missing from this Trigger is the ability for the blade to be moved forward or back to accommodate long or short fingers. It was ideal for us, and that didn’t matter to the HAM tester. If you hold the cocking lever back and pull thetrigger at the same time you push the cocking lever forward, the Trigger can be de-cocked.

The safety lever can be found on the right of the stock, behind and above thetrigger blade. It works just as well as possible. The side lever action was smooth and easy to use. It was easy to operate and it was light.

The cocking effort was over 12 lbs more than the Crown tested, but still very acceptable. This is the highest level of cocking action you can expect from an air rifle with a $2,000 pricetag. The Crown Continuum once again delivered!


Every PCP Air Rifle will have different muzzle velocity and shot counts per fill. The FX Crown Continuum test by HAM was run at a pressure of approximately 1,600 PSI. The power wheel was set to max and the transfer port was set to “.25.30″.

This is how we received it. The result is that this gun, with the shorter barrel, is a “hot performing” gun. The Continuum is an accurate airgun. The muzzle energy is up to 32 feet per pound for the.22 caliber in the Continuum. In addition to its high muzzle velocity, the Hammer AR-15 Pistol Kit with Vortex Openings delivers a huge spread of patterns.

In many ways, we can all agree that more power equals more shots on goal. The FX Crown Continuum performed better than other tested crowns by HAM, producing at least 65+ consistent shots.

FX specs is the brand that delivers the most shots per fill to its customers. The Continuum could be tuned back down to a lower power and a correspondingly large increase in shot count per fill. It’s no surprise that we expect the Crown to have an amazing build quality. The build quality was tested and it passes all of the required tests.


HAM tested the FX Crown Continuum at the highest setting and it delivered the predictably excellent level of consistency. You can rest assured that the Smith & Wesson Model 4506 has been thoroughly tested. We’ve pulled the trigger to make sure it works just the way it’s supposed to, and we can’t wait to share our test results with you.

The average trigger pull weight was 1 Lb 5.4 Oz. No trigger pull registered as much as an ounce different from this average. That’s extremely close to the perfect speed! The average standard deviation across the HAM pellet test suite was just 3.35 FPS.

It’s an incredible low score, and one of the best we’ve ever seen. The FX Crown’s impressive performance is only part of what makes this one of the most versatile guns in the HAM line. Its unmatched versatility makes it easy to use out of the box, with or without optics.

From the rear (right) pressure gauge, we see the regulator was set at about 110 Bar (1,600 PSI).


With its shrouded barrel and moderate muzzle velocity, the FX Crown Continuum was very quiet. This HAM Air Rifle shoots very quietly. For those with small yards, it’s certainly a backyard-friendly product!


The FX Crown Continuum comes with no sighting equipment, so it’s up to you to install it yourself. Yes, and HAM team installed a Aztec Optics 5.5-25×50 First Focal Plane scope for this review. This is not the longest scope rail we’ve seen, but it does provide sufficient flexibility to allow for almost any combination of optic and shooter’s individual eyesight.

You’ll need to use high rings to gain clearance for the magazine, but the amount of high rings you’ll need depends on the caliber of your gun. The adjustable comb and buttpad ensures that this face mask can still be used while providing an excellent cheek weld.


The Crown Continuum air rifle scored high marks for shootability as well. This is a rifle that is light in weight.

The test gun weighed in at only 8 lbs 7 Oz and had a full HPA tank, empty magazine and mounted scope. The Continuum points well and shoulders well, according to the HAM Testers. For rapid target acquisition, the short barrel is very beneficial.

The thumbhole stock provides a good position for the firing hand, because thetrigger finger falls into place naturally. The point of balance can be reached through the natural position of the forward hand and thetrigger. The cheek piece is used to facilitate both comfort and cheek welding. A 5mm Allen wrench is used to adjust the rubber buttpad vertically.


Let’s cover the easy one first. The quality of fit and finish on all metal parts is flawless. The Minelli-manufactured stock also exhibits the highest standard of finish. The leather is in great condition and there’s a beautiful, soft satin finish over the remainder of the stock.

And the whole package has a high quality feel to it. Even though the HAM Editor has changed his mind and feels it looks even better with the longer barrel, the author still wants the short barrel!


The compact, “chunky” look is very pleasing to the eye. The best-selling stock is the laminated yellow stock. But the guys at the wood shop that make our stocks disagree. Doug doesn’t. He much prefers the more subdued black/blue laminate of his own crown!

Fortunately, the FX Crown Continuum is available in a choice of stocks, so the issue of color can easily be addressed by the buyer.


The FX Crown Continuum is readily available online from an increasing number of dealers.A few years ago I started making a conscious effort to live as simply as possible. You may have a chance to see one up close and personal at one of the specialist airgun stores around the country.

What a time to be alive, we’re able to use this thing that opens up our laptop more easily. This is what the future looks like. The only negative thing about the Continuum case is that it is long enough only to hold the gun with short barrel and the moderator was not included.

A removable section of foam allows a scope to be carried with a custom fit to the particular rifle.

FX Airguns Crown Continuum MKII GRS Specs

Max Velocity1015 fps
Weight9.7 lbs
Suggested forSmall game hunting/target practice
Caliber.22 (5.5mm)
Muzzle Energy58 ft/lbs
Shot Capacity18
Front Sightnone
Rear Sightnone
TriggerTwo-stage adjustable
PowerplantPre-charged pneumatic
Max Shots per Fill145
Operating Pressure3625 PSI / 250 BAR
Body TypeRifle
Fixed/adj. powerMultiple settings
Cylinder Size480 cc

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