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FN SCAR-L AEG Airsoft Rifle #93


FN SCAR-L AEG Airsoft Rifle

The FN SCAR-L Sportline by Cybergun can take you on an airsoft battlefield. You’ll be able to prove your skills with this weapon with no problems.

The FN SCAR-L is a modern version of the U.S. military’s SCAR assault rifle, which was designed to be able to be fired from a wide range of positions. This airsoft version has a high quality finish and a quick load and fire system.

For anyone who enjoys tactical layouts, these SCAR AEGs come with Weaver and bottom mounting points for most flashlight and laser combinations and can fire.20g BBs up to 380 fps with its dual.50cal magazines. This is a must-have package for any tactical layout enthusiast.

Each rifle is crafted to the highest standards and has a high quality wooden stock so you’ll find a comfortable grip. Just like the real thing, each stock folds up for easier storage and is made of high-quality wood.


FN SCAR Introduction

There are two basic models; the SCAR-L light machinegun, and the heavier SCAR-H.

The semi-automatic only Mk 20 Mod 0 Sniper Support Rifle (SSR) is a variant of the SCAR-L. The SSR features a longer barrel, a beefed-up barrel profile and reduced recoil.

The lower receiver is designed with an M16 compatible pistol grip, flared magazine well, and raised area around the magazine and bolt release buttons. It features a flip down front sight for easy use of optics and accessories.

The AR-10 was first introduced as an experimental weapon for U.S. military special operations forces. Today, it’s a favorite among civilian shooters because of its modularity and ease of use. Made at the FN Manufacturing, LLC plant in Columbia, South Carolina, in the United States.

FN Herstal has developed the FN F2000 and FN SCAR rifle since 2008, which are both designed to perform well in multiple roles and environments. These are designed to be used by law enforcement and commercial users. They are produced in FN Herstal’s Belgium facility and imported by FN Herstal’s U.S. subsidiary.

subsidiary of FN America of Fredericksburg, Virginia. FN America slightly modifies the rifles to comply with U.S. Code, adding a U.S. made magazine and machining a pin in the magazine well, before selling them.

The FN Mk 20SSR is an elite, sniper-class rifle, available as both an AR and non-AR configuration. The FN SCAR 20S Precision Rifle is a semi-automatic only civilian version of the FN Mk 20 SSR. It’s designed to be a good fit for tactical, law enforcement, and sporting/hunting applications.

Enhanced Grenade Launching Module

The Enhanced Grenade Launching Module is a 40mm grenade launcher based on the ‘GL1’ designed for the F2000. The Enhanced Grenade Launching Module was introduced in 2004 as an additional attachment.

The FN40GL is marketed in both an L (Light) and H (Heavy) model, and for fitting the appropriate SCAR variant. The EGLM system features a double-action trigger and a swing-out chamber. These offer two advantages over the M203 system: the first is that the launcher does not need to be re-cocked if the grenade does not fire, and the second is that longer grenades can be used.

The FN40GL grenade launcher is a next generation weapon for the FN Minimi. It’s considered a third generation grenade launcher, as it uses the High Low Propulsion System and the FN Minimi rifle is a fully automatic designated marksman rifle. It is manufactured from a variety of materials such as aluminum, composites, and polymers. The breech opens to the side so that 40mm rounds including less-than-lethal rounds can be used. The FN40GL is mounted on the bottom accessory rail instead of requiring specialized mounting hardware.

The FN40GL is an amazing rifle. It’s attached to a SCAR rifle on the bottom rail with a trigger adapter and dual locking clamp levers on the launcher, limiting the ability to integrate with other rifles. The barrel length is 240mm (9.6in) and the barrel can swivel to the left or right for loading, while other breech-loading launchers pivot specifically to one side.

This rifle is ambidextrous. It can be operated from either the left or right side and it has three additional rail positions for accessories, which are located on the rear rail.

There are two main non-lethal options for mounted accessories, the laser dazzler, or trigger activated light. The trigger is usually placed lower than normal for operation with the user’s middle finger while keeping their trigger finger free to use the rifle.

The M203 grenade launcher is used to propel 40mm grenades from grenade launchers at a rate of 25 to 30 rounds per minute.

Acceptance of the FN SCAR in the U.S. Military

Acceptance of the FN SCAR in the U.S. military began in 2004 out of the Special Operations Forces (SOF) Combat Assault Rifle Program. The Mk 16, Mk 17, and Mk 13 were officially designated as operationally effective (OE), operationally suitable (OS), and sustainable as a result of a fir-week Field User Assessment conducted by operational SOCOM forces in late 2008.

These SCAR variants began fielding in April 2009. On 4 May 2010, a press release on FN America’s official website announced the SCAR Acquisition Decision Memorandum was finalized on 14 April 2010, moving the SCAR program to the Milestone C phase.

This was an approval for the entire weapons family of the SCAR-L, SCAR-H, and the Enhanced Grenade Launcher Module. The Mk 16 has a rate of fire of 625 rounds per minute while the Mk 17 has a rate of fire of 600 rounds per minute.

Military Variants

All variants were designed and built by FN Herstal (formerly FNSA) in Belgium and based on the FN FAL, but are no longer produced under that name. They were made in different countries during their lifespan. The standard variant was developed in France, the Close Quarter Combat variant in Belgium, the Long Barrelled variant in Italy and the Modular Weapon System variant (SCAR-L LB/SCAR-L STD) in the United States.

SCAR PDW –.300 blackout subcompact version of the 5.56mm SCAR with an increased capacity magazine that holds up to 10+1 rounds, and a 170mm barrel length. The.300 Blackout version is capable of firing.300 Blackout ammunition, which is used by law enforcement to provide greater accuracy at longer ranges. The new version of the SCAR comes with improved ergonomics, as well as the same reliability and precision of its predecessor.

It has an effective range of 200 metres and became available mid-2018.

This FN SCAR-H is the standard-issue firearm used by the Marine Corps. It’s a full-sized, battle-proven rifle with proven, American made precision rifle parts and features.Steroidogenic factor 1 is a potent and selective inhibitor of steroidogenesis in bovine and human granulosa cells. The mechanism regulating follicle recruitment, ovulation, and luteinization of the corpus luteum are largely unknown.


FNAC, the French company that had previously sold Colt 1911-based arms and parts, was awarded a license for manufacturing Heckler & Koch weapons in 2005. However, this deal would not involve sales of new weapons. Instead, it allowed FNAC to remanufacture existing Heckler & Koch (and Colt) products.

The purpose of the shoot-off was to assess future needs, not to select a replacement for the M4. During the test, the SCAR suffered 226 stoppages. While the SCAR had fewer magazine stoppages than all other weapons tested, the FN SCAR ranked second with 127 magazine stoppages. The XM8 and the HK416 were not able to shoot any additional mags during the test.

The SCAR is one of the weapons being tested to be fielded to U.S. troops.

There were two industry days to discuss carbine technologies: an invitation-only Industry Day on November 13, 2008, and a public day on May 1, 2009. The SCAR was one of the competing weapons in the Individual Carbine competition, which aimed to find a replacement for the M4 carbine.

The SCAR-L is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in 5.56×45mm NATO cartridge. It is the product of the efforts of the Small Caliber Automatic Rifles program. It is a modular weapon with a choice of two barrel lengths, two stocks and two different trigger units to provide four different configurations. The system is based on the SCAR MK 16 platform.

FN Herstal SCAR-L AEG Specs

Max Velocity380 fps
Overall Length31.5″
Weight4.5 lbs
Suggested forSkirmishing
Barrel Length11.0″
Shot Capacity350
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightFiber Optic
Rear SightAdjustable for windage & elevation
Hop UpAdjustable
MaterialMetal/ABS plastic
Body TypeRifle

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