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FAMAS Machine Gun AEG, Black Review #62

FAMAS Machine Gun

FAMAS Machine Gun AEG

The FAMAS Machine Gun AEG is a powerful AEG refile. The barrel has been cut back and this allows for a higher capacity magazine. A folding fore-grip provides additional support. The rear sight is adjustable and has three settings: low, mid and high. 

FAMA Machine Gun

As a powerful AEG rifle, a must have for any serious airsoft player! This gun has a unique retractable stock that allows you to play in all conditions, whether indoors or outdoors! The trigger and grip are adjustable and can be easily modified for different players. The battery is a small butterfly type and a smart charger is required.


FAMAS Machine Gun History

The FAMAS Valoré, F1, F1 Valorisé, F1 Export, F1 Civil, F1 Commando and F1 Sniper are some of the most famous semi-automatic rifles produced by FN Herstal. They’re also used to train members of the French Army in marksmanship and rifle marksmanship. A 965mm / 38″ version is also called the G2. These guns can fire 600 – 1,100 rounds per minute, depending on the model.

The FAMAS is a bullpup assault rifle designed and manufactured in France by MAS in 1978. It’s a clone of the Austrian Steyr AUG.

A semi-automatic rifle, the FAMAS is widely used in France as a light machine gun for close quarter engagements, although it is not the world’s most powerful firearm. It is still, however, a very effective weapon.

The FAMAS is expected to remain in limited service until 2028.

FAMAS Machine Gun

FAMAS machine gun seems that history repeats itself in this case as well, because it appears that this is another case of a large European manufacturer not pursuing a niche market. While the company has made a few small changes over the past couple of years to make their products more attractive, the biggest changes have been made in the manufacturing process. This should lead them into the same position that FN held as a supplier to the military and government. However, it is doubtful if FN will be able to recover from the competition or maintain the quality of the product.

In the 1960s, MAS began to manufacture under licence the Heckler & Koch G3 battle rifle and later on the Heckler & Koch HK33 assault rifle as temporary substitutes.

France developed its own, completely new design for a 5.56mm cartridge, in part as an effort to create a truly superior military weapon. However, just adopting the German-designed HK33 rifle was considered unsatisfactory for many members of the French high command.

General Marcel Bigeard also thought relying on foreign weapons was a bad idea. While at the Manufacture d’Armes de Saint-Étienne, he asked the engineers to develop a homemade French 5.56mm automatic rifle, which eventually resulted in the adoption of the FAMAS.

In 1962, the FAMAS (French Automatic Marching Infantry Rifle), started in 1967 and designed by General Paul Tellié and the first prototype was completed in 1971, was introduced as a more effective and reliable weapon to combat a possible invasion in Western Europe.

The Heckler & Koch HK33 was considered for this rifle, but when it came time to produce a new batch of rifles, no FAMAS rifles had been produced by that point so they switched to the SIG SG 540. However, Heckler & Koch later decided to make their own version, which is still made today.

In 1978, the French government accepted the FAMAS as their standard-issue rifle, the FAMAS F1.

FAMAS Machine Gun Action

The FAMAS assault rifle is a bullpup configuration. Its receiver houses the ammunition feed, and the rifle furniture is made of fiberglass.

This is a weapon using a lever-delayed blowback action. This weapon is used by the French Army. It was developed in the 1950s using parts left over from the Second World War.

FAMAS Machine Gun Ergonomics

The ergonomics of a rifle are determined by the selector lever. It has 3 positions: safe (center), single shot to the right (rifle right), and fully automatic mode.

The FAMAS G2 weighs 2.8 kg (3.38lb). The G1 and G2 have a large, grip-length trigger-guard like that of the Steyr AUG to allow easy access to the trigger when wearing gloves. The F1 and G2 models of the FAMAS feature a bipod attached to the upper hand-guard.

The FAMAS-G2 and the F1 are a polyvalent hand-guard that features a standard NATO Accessory Rail, allowing many types of optics to be mounted, including red dot sights and night vision units. They have a rubber buttpad.

An M16 is an automatic assault rifle. The fire control selector is the safety, semi-automatic, or fully automatic mode. The magazine release is used to open and close the ejection port for removing spent cartridges from the firing chamber and to chamber new rounds. The serial number is a part of the weapon that indicates when it was made and registered with the manufacturer.

FAMAS Machine Gun Ammunition

In its earliest form the rifle was designed as a “super sniper” weapon using a heavier barrel than most other rifles of the time, and it could fire both.22 LR and 7.62×51 NATO round cartridges at the same time.

The FAMAS F1 uses a proprietary 25-round magazine. It has a chrome-lined barrel with 1 turn in 12 inch (1:12 inch) rifling and will function best with the 55gr (3.6g) (M193 type) ammunition.

When using the French made 56mm 55gr (3.6g) ammo it has a muzzle velocity of 3,150ft/s (960m/s). The FAMAS G2 uses M16-type, NATO-compatible 30-round STANAG magazines. It has a chrome-lined barrel with 1 turn in 9 inch (1:9 inch) rifling and functions equally well with both the older 55gr (4.6g) (M193 type) ammo and the newer 62gr (5.0g) (SS109 type) ammo. When using the French made 56mm 62gr (7.0g) ammo it has a muzzle velocity of 3,035ft/s (925m/s).

This plug allows for semi-automatic or automatic blank fire operation, and functions by blocking part of the gas used in a blank cartridge.

Rifle Grenades

Rifle grenades are used by the FAMAS. They have multiple uses and range from being anti-personnel weapons, to anti-vehicle weapons. The FAMAS has two sighting devices which are suitable for aiming rifle grenades. A new method to evaluate thermal stability of protein molecules based on atomic mobility and residue composition: I. Application to human β-Lactoglobulin A.

The FAMAS has a maximum effective range of approximately 1,500 metres. It can fire either through its barrel or indirectly, by means of an explosive charge on a launcher placed in front of the weapon.

The FAMAS is inclined by 75 degrees, allowing fire from 60 to 170 meters. In indirect fire mode, the grenade support is moved forward or backward on the barrel

With the grenade support, the volume of the chamber in which the gas expands to push the grenade forward is changed. With each position of the grenade support, the position has a number that is multiplied by a certain fixed number depending on the alidade position, 45° or 75°; this will accurately indicate the firing distance of the grenade.

The FAMAS can also accommodate an external grenade launcher as an add-on module under the hand guard; the U.S. M203 grenade launcher is sometimes used.


The French Army has retired its FAMAS assault rifle in favor of the German-made HK416. The factory closed in 2002, so there are no more domestic rifles available.

In May 2010, the French army began testing new FAMAS rifles that incorporated some of the improvements from the FAMAS G2 rifle. The first model to see limited combat use was the FAMAS F1, with production commencing in December 2013. The new rifles are based on the FN FAL design, have an ambidextrous control mechanism, and will accept standard NATO-standard brass-cased ammunition (no special steel-case ammunition is produced for them). The F1 was designed with a polymer-framed and polymer-based handguard and a Picatinny rail on top of the receiver, with a removable foregrip and telescopic stock.

France’s defense minister in June 2014 announced that the French military would replace the FAMAS with a modernized variant of the HK416. In late August 2016, the French armed forces awarded the contract for the replacement of the FAMAS with the HK416 to HK Defence and selected the new weapon for use in both the Army and the French Navy. In 2017, the French armed forces were expected to begin receiving the new rifles.

The new rifles are expected to stay in active French service for at least 30 years. They’re issued to the French National Guard and domestic police, and will continue to serve in reserve and non-combat units until 2028, when a phaseout of the FAMAS with the HK416 can happen.

FAMAS Machine Gun F1

After adoption by the French military, the FAMAS F1 replaced both the old MAS 49/56 rifle and MAT-49 submachine gun. Approximately 400,000 FAMAS F1 assault rifles were produced by MAS.

While the F1 was a capable rifle, it had several problems to overcome. For instance, the cheek risers on the butt of the rifle broke frequently, so that even the smallest movement while shooting resulted in the rifle firing.

The FAMAS was also susceptible to malfunction due to poor build quality, and to users who reused the magazine. It was designed to be used one time only, and the limited budget of the French military had forced them to use it over and over.

Mas developed the F1, a more durable magazine for the FAMAS, followed by the G1 version which included several minor improvements, such as redesigned grips and an enlarged trigger guard for operation with gloves.

While the G1 remained conceptual and was never produced, the G2 was developed and then went into mass production.

FAMAS Machine Gun G2

The FAMAS G2 is developed for use with NATO magazines and it accepts standard NATO magazines and employs tighter barrel rifling to accurately fire both older 56mm 55gr ammunition and new standard 56×45mm NATO 62gr ammunition.

The FAMAS G2 also includes a few extra upgrades, including an enlarged trigger guard, improved hand guards, and the ability to take both standard brass and steel casings.

The French Navy bought the FAMAS G2 in 1995 and issued it to their Fusiliers Marins and Commandos Marines. However, the French army refused to buy the G2, preferring to rely on the FAMAS F1 as their primary rifle.

FAMAS F1 with bayonet. F1 with bayonet. F1 with bayonet The F1 features- a redesigned mag well and magazine catch accepting STANAG magazines- a small handguard protrusion (bump) on the front of the forestock under the muzzle- a 1/9 rifling, instead of the 1/12 rifling of the F2.

FAMAS-G2 with bayonetThe G2 features- a larger trigger guard- a redesigned magwell- accepting STANAG magazines- a small hand-guard protrusion (bump) on the front of fore-stock under the muzzle.

Cybergun FAMAS Machine Gun Specs

Max Velocity445 fps
Overall Length29.5″
Weight6.2 lbs
Suggested forSkirmishing
Shot Capacity300
BarrelSmooth bore
Rear SightAdjustable
Hop UpAdjustable
Body TypeMachine gun

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