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CZ 75D Compact CO2 BB Pistol, Dual-Tone #90

CZ 75

CZ 75D Compact CO2 BB Pistol

The ASG CZ 75D Compact BB pistol is a nice and compact pistol that will allow you to carry your pistol with you everywhere. It’s very light weight and small enough to fit in your pocket but large enough to shoot quickly.

There are only 17 rounds of 4.5mm BB’s in the ASG CZ 75D Compact so don’t be caught without any spare BB’s. The ASG CZ 75D Compact comes with a hard case for storage or travel. Overall the ASG CZ 75D Compact is a very nice and compact pistol and if you are looking for a pistol that you can easily carry with you everywhere this is a great choice.



This is an accurate CZ 75 Compact Air pistol, I did do my pre-shooting test and it did very well when firing 5 rounds from a standing position with only one straggler going into the 4th round which could have been the chambering.

The sights are adjustable for windage in the back so this should be corrected if the gun out of the box is not shooting exactly down the center. The chrony testing showed that the fps ranged from 380 right to almost 400 with five shots.

Build Quality

The slide wiggle is virtually nonexistent on the ASG CZ 75D Compact, and this is one of the best guns I’ve ever tested. It’s a beautiful gun and one of the best you can get for the money.

I’ve used this pistol for the past month and it feels very comfortable in the hand, which is a big change for me from the S&W.22 I was using before. The gun feels well built and I haven’t had any issues with the trigger. I am impressed with the quality of the metal in this gun, and it’s very hard to tell if any of it is aluminum.


The ASG CZ 75D Compact is a very accurate replica of the real steel version with full licensed CZ trademarks, and even the 9×19 caliber markings in the slide ejection port area.

The magazine’s metal body with the metal slide is the perfect size for this magazine and does not have a telltale CO2 tab sticking out or elongated area that would hide it. It also doesn’t have a small plastic piece that might be holding it in place. I got this magazine from the replica airguns store.


A full-size drop out metal magazine is added weight to it. The full-size drop out metal magazine is added weight to it. The single and double action hammer trigger.

Plastic slide, would have better balance and feel with a metal slide. Plastic slide, would have better balance and feel with a metal slide.

This is a really cool gun, it comes with everything you need. It shoots fast, and it’s accurate. The single and double action trigger make it easy to use.

A little cheaper, a little longer, and definitely more accurate than the CO2 BB pistols out there. 


No blowback action but does have a working slide. No blowback action but does have a working slide.

CZ 75 History

The history and variants of the CZ 75. First produced in 1975, the CZ 75 has quickly become one of the best selling handguns on the planet. It’s unique double action mechanism has been copied many times, but the CZ 75 continues to be one of the finest handguns on the market.

There have been several changes over the years to the design of the CZ 75 handgun. One of these has been the change of the slide rails. The original slide rails were quite short, almost like the rails on a Remington.22 rifle. These short rails led to a gun that was a bit awkward to shoot accurately.

The CZ 75 is a semi-automatic handgun chambered in 9mm that is chambered for the 125 grain Interdental ammunition.

The most common variant of the CZ 75, the B-series is almost identical to the A-series except for the lack of the firing pin block, which is replaced by a large plastic cover.

The Pre-B model CZ 75 features a slide, frame lock, and decocker. However, it lacks the firing pin block seen on the regular model. The Pre-B model also has an adjustable rear sight that extends from about two inches back to six inches.

In the CZ 75, the S action is distinguished from the SAO version by the extended tang, which allows the gun to have the standard grip pattern of an SAO gun as well as the added function of being able to rack the slide forward. This is accomplished by adding a small rail at the top of the tang.

Although some CZ 75 Compacts are not equipped with the firing pin safety, some are. These were introduced in 1993 during the transitional period when the CZ 75B began replacing the Pre-B model.

The CZ 85, a CZ 75 replica with the safety and slide lock controls replicated on the right side of the frame for left handed use. The CZ 75 Automatic, a CZ 75 with full-auto firing capability. It is distinguishable by its muzzle brake and extra magazine attachment.

CZ 75 Development

In the late 1930s, Czechoslovakia was involved in a major arms race with the USSR. Although the two countries remained officially at peace during World War II, the political relationship between them became increasingly strained as the Czechoslovak economy began to diversify.

However after the 1948 communist coup d’état, all heavy industry was nationalized and was (at least officially) cut off from its Western export market behind the Iron Curtain. Although most other Warsaw Pact countries had become dependent on armaments imports from the Soviet Union, most of the Czechoslovak weaponry remained domestic (for example, the Czechoslovak army used the Vz. 58 assault rifle, while other Warsaw Pact countries used variants of the AK-47..

The CZUB brothers had a significant influence on Czech design of post-war small arms. Their works were signed by only one of them, making it hard to discern which of the two had the idea behind any design. Koucký retired in 1969, when he took up a position as the head of the company’s weapons design department. He worked there for about a year before retirement. In his post-retirement work, he took a new pistol design that had been initiated while he worked for the company.

After having left Zobrist’s group, Dr. Vetter developed a prototype for a high-velocity handgun cartridge for a new weapon system, but it required extensive development and would need to be further tested in the field before mass production. It was not until 2006 that his domestic patents were classified as “secret patents” and he was granted permission to mass produce the weapon.

Effectively, nobody could learn about their existence, but also nobody could register the same design in Czechoslovakia. At the same time Koucký as well as the company were prohibited from filing for patent protection abroad.

Some people think that a lot of guns are made in the U.S.A. because the United States is the place where gun manufacturers are most profitable. If a certain gun is banned, then the gun can’t be made, and so the demand for that type of gun decreases. This means that the gun companies have to find another way to make money. They will likely use a different market where people aren’t as picky about their products and can afford to buy cheaper guns.

CZ 75 Design

It is a short recoil operated, locked breech pistol, that uses the Browning Linkless Cam Locking System. This locks the barrel and slide together on firing, using locking lugs milled into the barrel mating with recesses in the top of the slide.

A cam track is an integral part of the pistol’s barrel. Its purpose is to prevent the rear of the barrel from lifting up after the first few millimetres of the recoil stroke.

With a hammerless design, the CZ 75 can be carried with the hammer cocked and a round chambered, ready to fire with no need to remove the hammer. The gun is fired from a full-cock position in this configuration by pulling the trigger back, which will drop the hammer, and then releasing the trigger to discharge the weapon, allowing the hammer to spring forward and strike the firing pin.

CZ 75

Once the action is unlocked, the pistol is set up to fire both single- and double-action. Subsequent shots will be single-action unless the hammer is again lowered.

With some recent models, the slide rides in the frame instead of riding outside the frame. This makes them safer for those who do not want an easy access to the action.

From 1975 to 1980, the original CZUB designs used short slide rails, and the cast frames were made by forging. CZUB introduced the longer-length slide rail model in 1980. This resulted in a lower-cost pistol that is now manufactured by CZUB as the CZ-USA and P-09 series of pistols.

CZ 75D Specs

CZ 75
Max Velocity380 fps
Overall Length7.4″
Weight1.5 lbs
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Caliber.177 (4.5mm)
Barrel Length3.7″
Shot Capacity17
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightBlade
Rear SightAdjustable for windage
Trigger ActionDouble-Action & Single-Action
Body TypePistol
Fixed/adj. powerFixed

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