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Crosman MAG-Fire Mission Multi-Shot Breakbarrel Air Rifle #109


Crosman MAG Fire Air Rifle

The Mag Fire Extreme is designed to be the most reliable and effective high performance break barrel rifle in its class. With the lowest profile of any break barrel in its class, the Mag Fire Extreme is the ultimate solution for those looking for a highly accurate, reliable and compact.22 caliber rifle.

The first thing you need to know about the new Winchester XPR is that it is a reliable firearm. When you shoot it, it shoots. It is as simple as that. I have had it for a couple of weeks now, and I have shot it several times. I was able to take it to the range with me yesterday, and it fired flawlessly. It is a great gun for a shooter like me who likes to shoot fast.



Multi Shot Break Barrel Air Rifles

A multi-shot break barrel is similar to a single shot break barrel, except it holds multiple cartridges at once. It’s a great choice for those who enjoy hunting and need a reliable weapon.


A quick glance at the rifles below makes it seem as if they are very similar to each other, especially in terms of velocity and features, such as an included scope. While they are all excellent rifles for convenient small game hunting, pest control, and plinking, they do have some differences besides price.

The.177 models of the Gamo air rifles require less effort to cock, and the Gamo Swarm Fusion & Magnum 10X Gen2 models are the only ones that offer fiber optic front and rear sights. For added convenience, the.

Air Rifle for Hunting

There are many uses for an air rifle. One of the most common uses is for hunting game of all sizes. A powerful.22 caliber bolt action rifle will help you reach the target every time. There is no shortage of hunting air guns on the market today because of the growing popularity of this item.

You can find many choices for the best shampoo, but you’ll need to do some research. We sell only the best models, so we know which one is right for your standards and needs. With all the trusted manufacturers like Air Force, FX, and Hatsan at your disposal, you can be confident that every option has the performance and endurance you need to bag your shot.


We have created this new category because not all games are the same power or speed to take them down. So we’ve taken the time to put this rifle into a size category so that it fits more of our customers.

We have a wide selection of small game rifles. Our selection provides the speed and power needed to handle smaller pests or vermin without the need for an oversized airgun. Our medium rifle line offers all the same features as the small rifle lines but with more power or features to build on.

Large game rifles are the most reliable way to take down large game such as lions, elephants, and rhinos. Hunting big game is one of the most enjoyable activities there is. You’ll discover some great ways to take down large animals from far away. And if you want to be successful at hunting, you’ll need to have some powerful rifles for taking down large game.

We are your source for a variety of air pistols for hunters looking for a change from the traditional rifle. Our airgun selection includes a variety of high quality hunting and recreational hunting options. 

Selecting The Best Air Rifles For Hunting

Air rifle shooting and hunting has become more popular, but it’s still not the same as air pistol shooting. Air guns today are sophisticated and efficient tools, making them a valuable resource for hunters, target shooters and law enforcement officials.

To get the inside track on what people need to know when getting involved in the sport and selecting the best air rifles for hunting. 

Most people think of air guns when they think of air rifles. They’re not wrong, but you should know that these are spring-piston air rifles, not Daisy BB guns.

Many people are familiar with small game hunting and are used to using a single shot gun. They can use low-power barrels to get the shot to go as far as 1, 100, 1, 200 feet per second.

CO2 Suitable to Use Or Not

Most people don’t use CO2 cartridge guns for hunting because CO2 is a temperature-sensitive gas. In cold weather it’s going to give you really diminished performance. We typically don’t recommend them for hunting.

After a single pump, next up are the multi-pump guns. These are single or multi pump guns that shoot both bbs and pellets. The higher power models are adequate for small birds or game like squirrels. They’re not powerful enough for big game hunting.

After that comes the pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air guns which are charged from a separate source of air.

The size, power, and capabilities of these guns vary wildly. They go from low powered.177 calibers all the way up to.50 caliber big bores that are powerful enough to down big game.


Most of the growth in the industry came from hunters using the new features.

According to Patner, the increased popularity for airguns for hunting is due to the fact that they are relatively inexpensive, quiet, don’t disturb neighbors, a person doesn’t have to go through a government background check and the requisite paperwork to own one, and the air gun can be delivered right to your door with no hassle.

Benefit of Using An Air Gun

An additional benefit of using an air gun is that if the projectile, which is traveling at between 800 and 1,000 feet per second passes through the game animal, it will dump most of its energy when it hits the animal and not fly much further.

It takes a few seconds to take the shot with an air rifle, and it’s not until the bullet leaves the barrel that you realize how much it hurts when the bullet enters your shoulder.


That means a good quality handgun needs a cartridge that will put down enough energy in a short enough distance to stop a threat as quickly as possible.

If your spring air gun or gas piston break barrel is difficult to shoot, it could be because it needs more work. These are a weird gun, especially when it fires. It’s a little awkward to hold. However, once you get a feel for it, you’ll probably like it.

The difference between a semi-automatic pistol and an automatic pistol is that the shooter doesn’t have to wait for their gun to fully cycle before they can fire again. It is similar to the ignition delay on a black powder flintlock or percussion cap rifle.

What Is A Reasonable Distance

Most shooting sports, including archery, require you to shoot from a greater distance than a typical rifle. So you’re going to have to get more proficient as a shooter to shoot from greater distances than you might have done before.

The guns that are in this category are not what we normally think of as being used for target shooting. These are high-powered, long-range, subsonic, full-power rifles that are perfect for shooting at targets or killing wildlife. Adding scope to your air gun is easy and will take your gun to a new level.


While many air rifles in. 25,.30 and.35 caliber, such as the FX Airguns Impact in. 35 caliber and the Benjamin Bulldog in. 35 caliber have magazines, for the most part, the larger calibers are pretty much single shot rifles.

The Umarex Hammer rifle does have a two round magazine, so there’s no lag time with a follow up shot. But most of the larger caliber guns are single shots.

Once you’re familiar with the basics of this firearm, it’s really just a matter of pulling the bolt back and cycling the next round into the chamber and you can shoot as fast as you can reload.

Crosman MAG-Fire Mission Specs

Max Velocity975 fps
Weight9.8 lbs
Scopeable11mm dovetail
Suggested forSmall game hunting/plinking
Caliber.22 (5.5mm)
Shot Capacity10
Cocking Effort45 lbs
Front SightBlade
Rear SightAdjustable
TriggerTwo-stage adjustable
ActionBreak barrel
Body TypeRifle
Fixed/adj. powerFixed

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