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Crosman M4-177 Air Rifle Review #92


Crosman M4-177 Air Rifle

The Crosman M4-177 is a semi-automatic air rifle. A semi-automatic air gun has a piston and a pressure cylinder inside the chamber. So when you cock the gun, the air between the piston and the cylinder is compressed.

Air guns are loaded with compressed air which pushes a projectile out of the gun’s barrel. This bullet is propelled faster than a bullet from a traditional firearm because of the gas powered action. Air rifles also have adjustable pressure settings allowing the user to control the power of the shot and the range of the shot.

The faster the fire, the faster the bullet. The higher the muzzle velocity, the farther the bullet will fly. Therefore, the M4-177 can adapt to short and long-range shooting and indoor and outdoor shooting.

As far as air guns go, this one is pretty much perfect for recreational use. It’s small and lightweight, is self contained, and comes with no additional accessories or scuba tanks.

An air pistol is great for self-defense because it has no moving parts, but a pump air gun needs to be cocked before each shot. This timing may be important when you’re hunting game, and your target could be off, running away while you’re still trying to load the gun.

This gun uses .177 pellets which are known for having a very high velocity, good knockdown power, and flat trajectory (higher accuracy).


When it comes to shooting and hunting airguns, you need a high performance pellet that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The 0.177 pellet is also very cheap so it’s awesome for shooters who shoot a lot for practice or in hunting.

Unlike some automatic air guns, the Crosman M4-177 is not a multi-shot air rifle. Therefore, the gun must be cocked before each firing. This forces shooters to slow down and become better marksmen.

If you’re looking for the ultimate shooting experience, take it to the extreme with this Crosman M4-177 Air Rifle. With a single shot, there is a greater chance that your skill and precision will increase. This is the gun that looks and feels like a real M4-assault rifle.


The best gun to buy for target practice is a rimfire, a type of center fire rifle, because it’s much more reliable and accurate. A center fire rifle has a longer barrel than a rimfire, and the bullets are spin-stabilized, like in a spinning top, so that they don’t deviate from their intended trajectories.

There are many ways to design a replica or copy of a gun, but the features should reflect the original features. For example, if the M4 is a gas-operated semiautomatic rifle, the replica gun would be designed to fire with a smooth bore, have a fixed stock, and be gas operated.

If it’s like a Glock, you might want to put some high visibility tape on the end of the barrel. So you don’t get shot by accident.


The Crosman M4-177 uses both.177 BBs and 0.177 pellets as its ammo. You can shoot whatever ammo you’ve got lying around. It comes with a five shot.177 pellet clip and a 350-bullet reservoir that can hold up to 350 BBs.

Because you’re practicing at long range, you don’t need to worry about running out of ammunition.

Trigger and Loading

Check that the trigger is unloaded, by pushing the cross-bolt safety in the trigger guard, and then holding the rifle with both hands. Extend the rifle all the way out until it stops.

There are two possible scenarios when using this pump action shotgun: Either use one pellet per round or use multiple pellets per round. The latter option allows you to use all of your pellets at once in case one doesn’t do the job.

The two types of ammunition can be loaded on either side. The loading action of BBs and pellets can seem a little complicated at first, but once you get used to it, it will become second nature.


To load BBs, open the loading port cover, move the loading port retainer button forward, and tilt the gun down. Then, shake the gun to allow gravity to feed BBs into the magazine.

After that, you’ll pull the barrel back to lock it into place. Then, you’ll position the pellet clip so the BBs can be fed through one of the pellet chamber.

If you want to use real steel BBs, first load them into the pellet clip. Then, pull the bolt back until it stops, insert the pellet clip into the gun, and align the chamber. Now, when you pull the trigger, you should see real steel BBs leave your gun.

Push the bolt all the way forward and you are ready to shoot with pellet ammo. I have been a writer for about twenty years now. But I am still a student at heart. I love to try new things and learn how to do it better. I am here to help you improve your writing skills.

Velocity and Accuracy

We’ve taken the velocity of each pellet and compared them to other pellets of similar weights. The velocities are consistent. The Crosman M4-177 has a maximum velocity of 660 fps with steel BB and 625 fps with a pellet.

With Crosman premium game pellets, .05 grains pellets, and .72 grains Crosman premium pellet, its velocity is 521 FPS, 566 FPS, and 623 FPS, respectively. The top velocities are not achieved using this caliber of BBs for shooting.


When shooting a round of steel targets, different shooters have tested their accuracy. The shot distance is good, with some shooters being able to shoot a metal drum at 100 yards. However, this gun is very accurate for 40 yards or less.

The common shooting groups are:.25 inches at 25 yards,.50 inches at 12.5 yards,.75 inches at 15 yards,. 1 inch at 15 yards,. 3/8 inches at 40 yards,. 2 inches at 50 yards,. 4 inches at 100 yards,..25 inches at 25 yards, 3/4 inches at 40 yards,.


It comes with a post front sight and dual aperture rear sight. If you’re not familiar with these types of sights, then you’ll be in for a treat. With this, you’ll see increased accuracy due to its ability to be adjusted based on the terrain and better clarity in focus.

It is compatible with AR-15/M16/SR-25/SCAR-20 upper receivers. Aperture sights are similar to open sights except there’s a cut in the center of the rear sight for target alignment. They are generally designed for short barrels of under 16 inches in length. It’s important to note that not all scopes are created equal and they will all have a different magnification range.

An aperture sighting system has a single ghost ring, and draws your eye to just one point. This reduces eye fatigue and improves target acquisition.


The aperture rear sight of the Crosman M4-177 is an innovative sight designed specifically for the new M4. This sight offers many benefits, including improved accuracy. It can also be used as a traditional rear sight, and in fact, it is even more accurate than the traditional rear sight.

The best airgun scope for your needs is the one that gives you the most precision and makes it easy to adjust the aim. You’ll find that there are many types of scopes, but this is a good idea to know which one you need.

The Picatinny rail provides more mounting options so you can easily swap scopes and mount the scope rings at any distance along the shaft. This rifle comes with four optic rails (two in the barrel, one in the upper receiver, and one in the handguard).

But you need to adjust the sight only for the rail on the top of the receiver and the top of the muzzle, and not for any of the other two rails. If you install accessories on the other two rails, they might get in the way of the pumping. 

Shooting Range and Intended Use

This air soft gun is effective at close up to around 30 feet, and can be used for both indoor and outdoor shooting. It’s not suitable for long range shooting due to its shorter effective shooting range.

The manufacturer recommends this shotgun for plinking and target shooting.

Pros and Cons

The M4-AR pistols are the best in the world. They are lightweight, quiet, accurate, easy to pump and can shoot BBs and pellets. Picatinny optic rail and dual aperture sight.

However, it has a longer barrel than the Mossberg 500 that can be a bit cumbersome if you are hunting for smaller game.

Crosman M4-177 Combo Specs

Max Velocity660 fps
Overall Length33.75″
Weight3.75 lbs
Trigger Pull4.0 lbs
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Caliber.177 (4.5mm)
Muzzle Energy4.93 ft/lbs
Barrel Length17.25″
Shot Capacity18
Cocking Effort3-10 pumps
Front SightAdjustable for elevation
Rear SightAdjustable for windage
PowerplantMulti-pump pneumatic
MaterialMetal/ABS plastic
Body TypeRifle

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