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Crosman M14 Spring Carbine Airsoft Rifle #89


Crosman M14 Spring Carbine Airsoft Rifle

The Crosman M14 airsoft carbine features a classic rifle design with a modern twist. It has a realistic feel with an easy-to-handle design that’s perfect for beginning players.

A reliable rifle, this one springs-powered, with very few internal components that will not allow the rifle to work correctly.

A quad Weaver/Picatinny tactical rail for mounting red dots, flashlights and scopes for fast target acquisition and unbeatable versatility are modern appointments for modern firearms.

The M14 is designed to withstand the punishment of rough outdoor terrain. It’s made from durable, ABS plastic.

This gun is a good choice for hunters who are limited to carrying their weapon only for short periods of time.

The integrated sling mount makes it easy to attach a gun sling, so that you can add it to your bag and have the rifle ready for quick access.


Value for Money

This M14 spring carbine airsoft rifle is high caliber spring powered BB makes it easy to pick up and shoot.

It claims to fire BBs at 300 fps, but in actuality, we got over 400 fps, just like the real US classic army M14 rifle. But the air rifle doesn’t end there.

The best target shooting set on the market for tactical professionals and enthusiasts alike.

This spring powered airsoft rifle shoots as far as 40 meters out for as long as you want, without needing batteries or gas. This airsoft gun is a great, low-cost option for those who want to buy a rifle that won’t run up their electric bill.


One of the more powerful spring powered infantry carbines in the industry is the 2.0m14 Power, featuring a high power spring, 10 round mag and an adjustable cheek piece. This firearm will shoot farther than several other rifles and pistols, because it features one of the most powerful springs in the industry.

The bolt can be removed from the rifle to reveal a chamber. When the chamber is loaded with steel BBs, the bolt is locked down in place to create a tight fit, so it doesn’t fall out when fired.

This spring powered airsoft rifle uses .12g ammo. This ammo produces over 400 fps, and you can easily shoot the rounds. However, you might encounter some problems when cocking the spring action, as the cocking lever can be difficult to move if you don’t have adult’s strength.

In all, the spring powered single shot airsoft rifle will last you. You don’t need canisters or extra batteries to enjoy shooting sports.


With this bolt action infantry carbine airsoft rifle you will cover a good range. You can fire as many as 200 BBs per magazine at a speed of 400 ft/sec.

It’s more than the air rifles within its category will reach. This product is the best you’ll find for medium ranges, as it shoots up to about 40 meters, without an adjustable hop-up.

This model doesn’t feature a rail, so it’s designed to be held against the shooter’s cheek without a mount. You could, however, attach a bipod to the rail and get some stability and accuracy.

While heavier BBs will generally give you more distance, the shorter range you’ll get with lighter weight BBs. You’ll not only be able to score lots of points, but you’ll also be able to shoot the ball very far.


The best rifle airsoft for beginners is versatile, this rifle is built well, and its accuracy is better than other rifles in its price range.

The gun’s smooth bore makes shooting easier than other spring powered air rifles. With one shot you can hit a target both easily and quickly.

Spring powered airsoft rifles are made with high quality materials, although the barrel is only metal. You will be able to see your target clearly and aim precisely, even when the weather is bad or your opponents are coming at you.

This is the best-selling tactical rifle for shooting varmints. It’s accurate, reliable, and shoots like a dream. With it, you can take on any number of varmints at once and survive.


The Spring powered, single shot airsoft rifle is a great way to start. You can practice, make new friends and learn more about the game of airsoft. There are a ton of accessories that allow you to modify the rifle for ultimate accuracy and power.

This airsoft rifle should last as long as you want it to. The spring was only partially loaded during the course of the tests. But once the bolt area was properly lubricated, the spring powered rifle performed very well.

If you are a hunter who needs a rifle that won’t break or wear down during your hunt, but you need a new rifle that looks good, has some high end features, but still comes with a solid build, you should try this rifle.

Beginners will appreciate this firearm for its reliability, rugged construction, and versatile mount options. Rated.

Ease of Use

The package was light, and there was a clear instruction manual from the manufacturer. Also, it wasn’t hard to assemble or set up. But we got going right away, which isn’t always the case with new toys.

It’s not the easiest air rifle to learn with, but with some practice and technique you’ll be using the best air rifle a newbie can get his hands on.

It has a retractable stock that allows it to be used with a sling or without a sling. The gun is a little hard to cock, so a child with low arm strength won’t be able to use it.

Crosman M14 Carbine Airsoft Specs

Max Velocity333 fps
Overall Length34.25″
Weight2.75 lbs
Suggested forSkirmishing
Shot Capacity200
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightBlade
Rear SightFixed
Body TypeRifle

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