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Crosman Adjustable Precision Diopter Sight #120

Crosman Adjustable Precision Diopter Sight

The Crosman Adjustable Precision Diopter Sight is made and assembled in the U.S.A. Provides precise repeatable micrometer sight adjustments for shooting in the cant position. 

This optic is compatible with an 11mm dovetailed receiver and features a non-shooting eye blinder that allows you to rotate the front and rear sights for shooting in the cant position.

It also has an elevation adjustment of +/- 25 MOA and a windage adjustment of +/- 12 MOA. The eyepiece is set to a clockwise rotation, which causes point of impact to move right or up. Counter-clockwise rotation causes the point of impact to move left or down.

diopter sight


The Whole Story

Crosman made a 10-meter Junior marksman target rifle based on a Benjamin 397.

It was called the Challenger 2000, and its sole purpose in life was to carve out some of the market share that Daisy enjoyed with their Avanti 853.

Daisy has been at the forefront of airgun technology for nearly 80 years. Their line of products are well-respected and have stood the test of time. They have a lot to offer their customers who love to hunt, sport shoot, and target shoot.

Crosman was asleep at the wheel. Everybody was asleep, and Daisy wanted them to slumber peacefully.

diopter sight

It is a fine air rifle, but it is no 10-metre target rifle, not by a long shot. Give this ebook to someone who can’t play guitar and see if he can make his own masterpiece. It did not receive the praise that many in the shooting community had expected.

As a result, not too many of them are around. The Challenger II runs on two CO2 cartridges and gets about 120+ good shots per fill. The trigger felt as good as the one on my 397 and broke cleanly at 2.5 lbs.

The stock was ambidextrous and the cocking was via a T-handle, much like the AR-15. This particular gun beats the Daisy 853 but its barrel lets it down. That same barrel of 397 soldered had a good head start and was able to take on Daisy’s Lothar Walther.

In a target rifle the accuracy is everything, and the Challenger 2000 didn’t have what it takes. Crosman took notice of the low power and high reliability of the PCP and decided to make an upgrade.

Challenger PCP and Challenger PCP 2009

The Challenger PCP was the car that was updated to include new performance upgrades.

Number one is the barrel, and it will always be a Lothar Walther barrel.

If Crosman could learn to shoot better than Lothar Walther that would be a game-changer.

An airsoft rifle barrel can be improved for accuracy. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about barrel improvements.

The Challenger was taken off CO2 and given high-pressure air.

diopter sight

When using a CO2 machine, air tends to get more consistent than CO2, which makes it easier to control the pressure behind each pellet.

Plus they can be equipped with gauges that can be read, rather than pins that pop out when the tank is empty, like some CO2 guns do.

The new Challenger.17 was available in an 853 with a 26″ barrel, and this version of the PCP was designed as a competitor to the long-lived 853 and could hold its own.

No matter how many times he tried to get rid of the tumor, even Daisy couldn’t get it out.

After the development and launch of the original 22 in the early 1990’s, all of those things lead to the development and launch of the newest Challenger PCP model that’s quite far from the original model of 1994.

Front Sight

This sight is an all-in-one sight that includes the front and rear sights. This rifle features the largest front sight insert available. This will give you confidence at any distance and helps you maintain good accuracy.

I’d like to introduce you to a great new lens for shooting with. This is a prime lens that has a wide range of front apertures. That’s good. However, you also get a second set of the same apertures that can be rotated in the front sight from side to side to adjust the sights for cant!

diopter sight

How can an aperture have a rounded shape when it is canted? It’s because the corners of an aperture are not completely straight, so it has a little camber to it. The horizontal bar that holds the aperture can be tilted or canted and that is what Crosman is talking about.

If you see a target shooter who continually rotates his target, it could wear on him. This gun sight adjustment system allows both the front and rear sights to be rotated the same to appear level when the rifle is held comfortably.

The rear sight can also be canted to match whatever is done to the front, so the shooter can see the sights and adjust them to match the angle of the target.

Rear Sight

The rear sight is also cant-able. It has a conventional target rear sight with click detent adjustments in both directions. You don’t need to hear these detents snap into place, but their tactile feel is a great added bonus.

diopter sight

Both adjustments have indexes on them, but there are no numbers on the windage knobs. The rear sight should have been rotated clockwise to match the front sight. Here’s the front of the lens showing the frame and the distance to the subject, and here’s the back showing how the lens rotates.


Crosman sells a rear sight that’s packaged with a plastic white blinder. The Blinder allows the shooter to keep both eyes open, and it helps them keep a steady hand when shooting.

diopter sight

I have shown over and over again that when it comes to accuracy it doesn’t matter whether you shoot with one eye open or one eye closed. Both eyes should be open for the best view.

The blinder will make it easier for shooters who are confused with seeing with two different eyes. No question that it’s ambidextrous, like the sight itself.


It’s constructed out of materials that are appropriate for the 21st century. I was worried you’d say that! Let me tell you the truth, there’s nothing wrong with being a man or a woman.

Sure, but they’re all made from polycarbonate, which is kind of like a plastic, right? That’s correct, the adjustment knobs on both sights are made of plastic. The other parts are aluminum and steel.

diopter sight

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