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Crosman 2240XL CO2 Air Pistol #127


Crosman 2240XL CO2 Air Pistol

The Crosman 2240XL is a CO2-powered.22 caliber, bolt action air pistol. This is a very accurate rifle. It’s very durable and will hold a tight grouping for extended periods of time.

Adding a steel breach to the standard C96 is often the first mod made to the standard 2240. The 2420XL incorporates this upgrade as standard equipment. It replaces the front sight with a 1/2 x 22 threaded barrel extension, making it compatible for standard airgun accessories.

After this new starting point, airgun enthusiasts have a jump start on the various things they can do with their airgun.

The Crosman 2240XL has the same frame as the original. The grip is slightly different from one style to the next, but all the grips are made of a soft synthetic material that feels very similar to leather.


The original 2240 grips were a little stiffer, a little less pliable, than the new style grips. The new grips are brown vs the original black. The trigger seems to be the same with a pull weight of one pound twelve point six ounces.

It’s not factory adjustable, but there are many mods available that allow you to customize the trigger’s pull weight. There are a few small differences in the CO2 system. It uses the same valve that was originally in the CO2 gun.

In contrast, the new XL version doesn’t come with sights, and that’s a pretty big deal. The new steel breach is the “long” version which provides exceptional stability for the 7.5″ barrel.

You’ll typically see an increase in power with a longer barrel. That will make it easier to hit targets. In order to shoot your best, you’ll need to add an optic to your rifle. For the tests, we’ll be using a 30mm Hawke Optics Red Dot Sight. 

The laser rangefinder is great, it’s affordable, and it delivers a clean 3-MOA red dot for aiming.


Crosman 2240XL CO2 Air Pistol Loading

It’s easy to load the CO2 in the 2240, but if you don’t read the manual, it can be confusing. This is a simple procedure that you can do without any additional help.

If you clean your Crosman Pellet gun regularly you should add a drop of Crosman Oil to the tip of each cartridge to help keep everything running smoothly. To install the CO2, you remove the end cap. 

The valve must be able to open only the first time the hammer strikes it. To start up the CO2, you’ll need to cock the weapon by pulling the bolt back until the hammer engages the sear. Manually load a.22 caliber pellet and press the trigger to create an airtight seal.

The trigger system is designed to have a low profile, and features an integrated cross-block safety to prevent the unintentional discharge of the weapon. To fire, you just press the “fire” button and gently squeeze the trigger.

Accuracy, Power, and Shot Count

The new 2240XL delivers excellent performance. It’s on par with the original 2240, and about 40 good shots per CO2 cartridge is typical. The only thing you should worry about with your CO2 airgun is remembering, like all CO2 airguns, performance will vary based on many factors, including ambient temperature.

But there was no difference in performance between the standard 2400mAh battery and the new 2400XL. Lightweight lead pellets, like the 11.9 grain RWS Hobby pellets, generate about 486 FPS with a new CO2 cartridge.

With a velocity of about 420 feet per second, these pellets will be perfect for training with any 12-gauge gun. The.177 Ruger is not a powerhouse of an air rifle, but it is more than enough for 10-meter target shooting or close-up pesting. The Crosman 2240 probably has quite a few enemies.

In the end, the extremely affordable simple wadcutter is the best choice for most target practice and plinking. Another thing to consider is the single shot loading system allows for a large number of pellets.

So don’t just take our word for things. Have fun and experiment with all kinds of options. We were just looking for a better way to throw our darts, but we found a pellet that you haven’t even thought of.

Crosman’s 2240 is an accurate pellet pistol. In opinion, it’s the best video game of all time. The 2240XL continues to meet the highest standard. I’ve found that the best shooting accuracy comes from shooting at a distance of ten yards, while using a red dot scope.

We wanted to get as many shots off from as close to a bench as possible. We figured the human factor would make us better shooters anyway. The first pellet I shot was the RWS 11.9 grain hobby pellet. Their shooting groups were.76″ and.60″ CTC.

The next pellet I’ll try is the 15.89 grain JSB domed pellet. It shot even more accurately and had better expansion than the other pellets. To test the accuracy of the 15.89 grain JSB and Predator International, we fired the rounds through the 10/22 and they performed flawlessly.

The.22 cal Hades shot well, delivering our most accurate 5 shot grouping measuring.52″ CTC. Lastly, we shot the lead-free GTO pellets from Predator International.

A lead-free pellet is a necessity in some parts of the country, so it’s important to know how they shoot. I don’t shoot as well as my lead pellets, but they still deliver a 5 shot group measuring 1.2 inches CTC.

It may take some more practice to get the best results with this new product, but I think we’ll eventually get there.


The 2240XL takes a really awesome airgun pistol and adds a bunch of the most requested mods out of the box.

To have an effective attack, having the steel breach is a must-have and only having that will make a lot of sense.

If the open sights aren’t enough for you, Crosman also added a threaded end cap, so you can add a muzzle brake or other aftermarket attachments if you want to.

You’ll find that the new 2240XL not only lives up to the original, but adds real value and performance as well. Rewrite this sentence: 

This is a great airgun for anyone who wants a basic gun that’s also good for beginners.

Crosman’s 2240XL was a big deal for us, because it’s the first Crosman pellet rifle we’ve ever seen with interchangeable barrels.

Crosman 2240XL Specs

Max Velocity460 fps
Overall Length12.25″
Weight1.81 lbs
Scopeable11mm dovetail
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Caliber.22 (5.5mm)
Barrel Length7.5″
Shot Capacity1
Front Sightnone
Rear Sightnone
Max Shots per Fill60
Body TypePistol

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