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Colt M45 CQBP CO2 Blowback Pistol Kit #130

colt m45


The 177 caliber Colt M45 CQB with blowback is a variant of the 1911 Rail Gun that’s listed by the U.S. Marine Corp’s Close Quarters Battle Pistol (CQBP) has a drop-free mag with a capacity of 19 rounds.

Steel BBs are recommended for their smooth and reliable function. They travel out of the smooth, metal barrel at a speed of 400 ft. per second. To load the 12 gram CO2 cartridge, slide the grip frame to remove the loading plate. The mainspring slides out of the bottom of the grip frame to reveal a hex key for piercing the CO2 cartridge.

While the M45 Marine Corps pistol is a good training pistol, I prefer the model Umarex M45 Desert Tan for many reasons. The model is an all-metal frame that offers a more realistic tan finish.

This frame is made from polycarbonate and has black poly grips. You’ll also notice the magazine release, extended magwell, flat-top handle with palm swell and adjustable for length of pull, low-profile safety selector, and extended thumbhole.

To those who are familiar with the Colt M1911A1, handling of the M45 airgun is very similar. The airgun is manufactured to match the specifications of duty holsters, so it will fit the duty holster correctly. The trigger pull is 4.25 pounds. The overall weight of this airgun is 15 pounds.


Trigger Pull

The Colt M45 CO2 Blowback CQB Pistol features a double action / single action trigger pull that is very close to the original 1911 semi-automatic pistol.

Although the Colt M45 is the shortest striker I’ve tested by a few millimeters, it’s definitely still in the running to be the best striker overall.

The trigger weight should be about a medium pull. Once you get to the release point the trigger should allow for pretty fast action shooting with not too much finger fatigue.


After testing the Umarex “CQBP” blowback version of the Colt M45 CQB Pistol, I have high expectations that it will be a real game changer for the CQB community. I can’t wait to test the new CO2 version, which I’m sure will be better than the current KWC version. If I can get about 5-6 magazines worth of shots I’ll be very impressed. 

Build Quality

This is an excellent Umarex Colt M45 CQBP Blowback CO2 BB Pistol for your.22 rimfire handgun shooting needs.

The PTR is even better than the KWC 1911 in my opinion and seems to have a much more durable finish and the mechanical parts fit together much more snugly with virtually no slide wiggle at all.

If you’re looking for a compact blowback BB gun that will last you a long time and is good for taking target practice with, then this little inexpensive 1911 BB gun is for you.


The KWC 9mm blowback 1911 series pistols are very well designed, well built and more than enough accurate. They just can not compete with the Umarex in terms of recoil and feel.

On first glance it is hard to tell the difference between both pistols, making them look and feel like actual 1911 pistols.

Umarex Colt M45 CQBP Blowback CO2 BB Pistol makes some compromises choosing to take away a little bit of the realism in order to increase performance.

Blowback action allows for much more control and precision.The goal of the proposed work is to elucidate the mechanism(s) by which a family of novel human proteins, known as Rho GTPases, exert their effects in the regulation of the cytoskeleton during cell motility.

The Umarex Colt M45 CQBP BB Gun features a 12 round capacity and the magazine is a stick style that can be inserted into the magazine well and pushed out. This is an excellent option if you like to use a stick magazine.

Most of the mechanical parts work as you would expect them to on a real 1911 with the exception of the grip safety.

The “real” 45 Auto comes with a nice, recessed, barrel.

Lastly, the trigger is even, not just the trigger guard. It extends out more from the gun than the trigger guard of a standard 1911. 


This gun felt good and it was good weight. Excellent tolerances seem to be associated with the build quality and finish. There was a nice blowback action with a heavy recoil spring. Most of the time, the replica is an accurate 1911 tactical styled replica. There is only one action that causes it, but it is longer than most. Only a fully licensed Colt can be used.

The white dot sights, hammer, ambidextrous safety and accessory rail are also similar. It’s cool that the handle has the Alan key in it. The barrel has a resemblance to a real barrel. The finished coating seems to be more resistant to wear and tear than the actual KWC versions. The warning instructions are not too intrusive and they are color matched.


Trigger action is longer than a real 1911 Trigger, but is single action only. It is difficult to field strippable. A metal stick mag is what it is, not a full size drop out metal magazine.

Colt M45 CQBP Kit Specs

colt m45
Max Velocity400 fps
Overall Length8.75″
Weight5.08 lbs
Trigger Pull4.25 lbs
Suggested forPlinking & target practice
Caliber.177 (4.5mm)
Barrel Length4.5″
Shot Capacity19
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightBlade
Rear SightFixed
Trigger ActionSingle-Action
Body TypePistol
Fixed/adj. powerFixed

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