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#20 Benefit of Dog Poop Cleanup


Need To Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop

Chances are you’ve stepped in dog poop and not even been aware of it. Dog owners who are responsible don’t leave their pets in hot cars. This is probably the most common reason dogs don’t have their own toilet. Because of this, you’ve probably stepped in more than your share of untreated dog poop. Until you smell it wafting through your car. It’s one of many reasons why it’s so important to clean up after your dog.


Not Breakdown On Its Own

Dog poop doesn’t just wash away; it breaks down, too.  Dog waste takes a long time to fully decompose. Rainwater washes down the gutters. It enters the sewer system. When you flush it, it flushes into the drain. The tainted water is then carried into lakes, streams, and rivers.

That means the next time you go swimming in your favorite spot, you could be swimming in fecal matter. Recent studies have revealed that the amount of bacteria found in surface water is actually much higher than previously thought. According to, America’s 1 billion pet dogs produce about 10.6 million tons of poop each year.

Disease Causing Bacteria And Parasites

It’s very important to take your dog for a good poop pick-up when out in public or at your local dog park. Picking up dog waste is one of the many reasons why people visit a dog wash.

Your dog may not seem to be showing any symptoms of being sick, but they may still have disease in their system. If so, your dog’s waste may carry these diseases. This is a very important book for those of you who are interested in learning how to deal with parasites in your life.

dog poop

The parasites and bacteria that live in your soil can stay there for years. By not picking up after your dog, you’re putting other people’s pets at risk for exposure to harmful bacteria. Children who are playing outside and gardeners are most at risk for getting contaminated.

If there’s one thing we learned from last week’s episode of The Bachelor, it’s this: Everyone poops. It’s better to scoop the poop out and then put it in a trash bag, as it decomposes and leaves the toxic elements in the ground. This means less water pollution, and more room for fish.

The water will get polluted and unusable for locals to swim, fish, or boat in. This kind of waste is extremely dangerous for human health. It’s especially hazardous for children. When it comes to your pet’s poop, you need to avoid letting it near a body of water and always remember to never throw it in a storm drain.

Common Courtesy To Pick Up After Your Dog

It’s good manners to clean up after your dog. If you don’t, it’s your responsibility to do so. Smelly dog poop is not pleasant. There are many solutions to this problem. People who take their dog for a walk off their property are entering public property. 

It is not your responsibility to pick up the dog waste made by your neighbor. If your neighbor does not pick it up, then you are within your rights to get a lawyer. The law requires that you clean up after your pet.

dog poop

In addition, it’s just good manners. While it may be convenient to reuse plastic grocery bags, an even more eco-friendly option is biodegradable baggies made specifically for the job.

Dog Poop Is Not A Fertilizer

If you think, as many people do, that dog waste is a natural fertilizer, think again. Since most dogs’ diets are high in protein, it has the reverse effect of fertilizer. Dog poop is exceptionally high in nitrogen and phosphorus, so if you let your dog’s waste lay in your grass, it can actually cause burns in your lawn. Since it’s so acidic, it will kill your grass if it isn’t picked up.

Dog waste isn’t the same as cow manure since cows eat plant matter. While cow poop can be used as compost in gardens and fields. In fact, dog poop can contaminate fruits, vegetables, and surrounding areas with harmful bacteria if not composted properly.

dog poop

You might think that your dog’s poop cannot do much harm. However, it can throw off the balance of an ecosystem especially in heavily populated areas. An ecosystem can handle about two dogs per square mile. However, in many cities, there are close to 125 dogs per square mile! Which is plenty to throw off an ecosystem especially if some owners are not picking up pet waste on a regular basis.

Maintain a Clean and Healthy Yard

Do you have a pet or do you want one? If so, now’s the time to look for a good dog walking service. Regular dog poop removal will keep your yard clean and your plants healthy.

Cow and horse dung is actually very good for your plants, but dog poop? That’s definitely bad for your plants. Dogs are carnivores – their diets mostly consist of meat and other protein-rich foods such as eggs, while cows eat mostly grass and grain.

Dog poop can be extremely acidic. In addition, it can also contain harmful parasites, bacteria, viruses, and other organisms.

Keep The House Smelling Nice and Fresh

Dog poop can get extremely smelly when it’s hot, especially when it’s in the summer and you don’t have air conditioners running. Unfortunately, that’s when we like to open our windows for a cool breeze.

dog poop

Dog poo should never be allowed to enter your home, but if you do, it can become an unpleasant smell. By hiring a dog waste removal service, you can solve this issue and help your customers feel more comfortable when they visit your property. This will help you create a positive relationship with them. 

Spend More Quality Time With Your Pets and Family

Hiring dog pick up services is one of the best benefits of having a dog. It cuts down on the time we need to spend searching for your dog and increases the chance of us locating your dog.

Time is a real concern for any working dog parent. Having a reliable pooper scooper gives us ample time to rest, bond with our family, and cuddle our patiently waiting dogs. You’ll have a much easier time juggling your work and family responsibilities if your backyard is always clean and poop-less. One of the best things you can do for your health is to reduce your daily stress.

Greater Convenience for Elderly and Disabled Dog Owners

Convenience is the greatest benefit we gain from dog waste removal companies. All dog owners are faced with health issues, and many have physical limitations.

dog poop

When elderly dog owners want to scoop up their dog’s waste and throw it out multiple times each day, every day of the week, they’re likely to find it more difficult. It’s so simple it’s easy to make mistakes that cause accidents and injuries. Anyone with a service dog needs to hire a professional pooper scooper to keep his or her home free from dog messes.

Less Trouble and Family Arguments

Let’s face it, cleaning up dog poop might be the most hated chore at any home. It’s good that you realize that we don’t really like doing anything ourselves. Whether we’re an adult or a child, our work schedules and tiredness are the issues with picking up after our dogs.

With kids, sometimes it’s simply a matter of avoiding chores entirely. I can’t stand arguments, so instead of having one myself I prefer to give my dog the cleanest bathroom possible. 

dog poop

Dog Pooper Scoopers can take care of all your dog’s messy business. Dogs love having a dog walker. They help keep your pets healthy and happy, and they also make it fun for your kids.

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#19 How to Give a Cat Bath and Survive

cat bath

How to Give a Cat Bath and Survive

Cat bath is it necessary for cat. You would be very foolish to think that such a beautiful creature does not hate and fear water. It’s true, most housecats don’t enjoy getting wet. Some people will actually do things they’d rather not. Cats need baths just like humans and this is how to bathe a cat.


Why Do Most Domestic Cats Hate Water

Cats hate water for many reasons. First of all, they dislike being wet, and will always prefer dry environments. There are many types of big cats that are wild and enjoy the water.

cat bath

Tigers and jaguars like to soak in water, because their usual habitat is in a hot environment and it helps keep them cool. A Tiger caught in a lake is not going to eat a fish; it’s going to eat a human!

Most domestic cats have no preference for or against water. Some have the ability to tolerate water and some don’t. It’s harder for them to get wet after they’re dried.

Do Cats Need Baths

If you have a cat, you’ll want to learn how to bathe them. A cat does not normally need to be washed with water. Most cats groom themselves naturally, and they don’t need to be groomed every day.

Sometimes it is necessary to know how to bathe your cat. However, you should know that there are times when this is not a good idea. Some cats try to get up into places they shouldn’t be.

cat bath

Maybe you’ve just adopted a new cat and she’s home for the first time? Sometimes you’ll need to know how to give a cat a bath if you’re using flea or fungicidal medications.

How to Give a Cat a Bath

Many people wonder if cats really need baths. The fact is, they don’t, but having one in your home can really make your cat’s life much better Most cats do not require washing with water in most cases. 

Brushing your pet is usually enough to keep your pet looking clean and comfortable. Bath time for cats is never fun, but in certain situations, like when their fur is matted or dirty, a cat bath can be essential.

cat bath

A cat that has accidentally peed or pooped in the house is an accident waiting to happen. Have you adopted a new cat? It’s always best to get to know her in a quiet place before you meet her in person. Some dogs have a serious fear of water, especially cats.

Cat Bathe Tips

If you have a cat, you’ll want to learn how to bathe them. A cat does not normally need to be washed with water. Most cats groom themselves naturally, and they don’t need to be groomed every day. 

Sometimes it is necessary to know how to bathe your cat. However, you should know that there are times when this is not a good idea. Some cats try to get up into places they shouldn’t be.

cat bath

Maybe you’ve just adopted a new cat and she’s home for the first time? Sometimes you’ll need to know how to give a cat a bath if you’re using flea or fungicidal medications.

Brush Your Cat Regularly

The best way to keep your cat clean outside of bath time is to make sure your kitty has plenty of toys to play with. Cats love to scratch and chase, and they do so in many different places. If they’re not getting enough scratching time or chasing, they’ll end up being more destructive than clean and loving.

cat bath

Juma recommends that everyone who owns a cat brush it daily. “In general, a healthy adult cat doesn’t need to be bathed unless he or she has gotten into something that has coated the fur and can’t be easily removed with brushing,” she says. “Cats groom themselves naturally, however their owners should help keep them clean by brushing or combing them regularly.

Only Clean as Necessary

When it comes to cleaning your cats, if you can’t just brush them clean, Juma suggests only washing the areas that are soiled. Some cats love the feel of being submerged in water, while many don’t like the feeling at all.

cat bath

If your cat has to go out in the rain, only wash the areas of their body that need attention. They might not enjoy it, but they’ll be a lot less stressed if you keep them dry.

Use The Right Shampoo

This is so important for people who have pets! You need to buy cat shampoo specifically. Other shampoos that are not specifically made for cats are not only not safe for cats, they could actually harm them if ingested in any quantity.

cat bath

Most pet stores will have a cat-safe option, and it will clearly state on the packaging that it’s feline-friendly. The best shampoo for cats is a good quality shampoo that helps keep their skin clean, as well as remove oils and dirt from their fur. It may be appropriate to bathe them regularly.

Wash Carefully

If your cat is dirty or needs a thorough clean, Juma suggests following this simple, three-step process: wash, brush, and rub down.

Before you start the bath, make sure that you have everything that is needed to complete the bath; including a safe shampoo like Pro Pet Works All Natural Organic Shampoo, a washcloth, a measuring cup to pour water, and a clean, dry towel. Brush the cat thoroughly to remove any tangles or mats and then soak the cat in the tub of warm water with their favorite treats or a little massage.

cat bath

Take your cat to a sink or tub and fill it with a few inches of tepid or lukewarm water. Get the area that needs cleaning wet by dipping the cat in the water, pouring water onto her with a measuring cup, or wiping with a washcloth.

Make sure that your cat has plenty of fresh drinking water. Also, don’t get water in its eyes, nose or ears.

Use a wash cloth to clean your face area. Use a wash cloth or soft brush to apply cat-safe shampoo.

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#18 Benefits of Combing For Cat Skin


Brushing Hair and Causes of Cat Skin and Fur Problems

It’s surprising that cats are self-groomers and care theirs skin, but brushing your cat regularly is an important part of their health and keeping them clean.

Cats are extremely sensitive, so it’s important to take care of them in a loving, healthy way. Brushing your cat is one of the best ways to do this.

Brush your cat regularly, especially if it’s been shedding or licking its fur off. It will help to remove dirt and debris, keep your cat healthier, and promote a healthy coat.

As your cat gets older, brushing sessions are increasingly important as they get less flexible and less able to groom themselves.


Healthy Coat and Skin

The first step to brushing your cat is to take a look at your cat’s fur. Healthy coats have a natural bounce and sheen. A bald spot, unusual bump, patch of dead hair, or signs of ticks or fleas are cause for concern. Long- and short-haired cats both benefit from grooming. Each type of fabric needs a special brush, so each type of garment needs a different brushing technique.


Brushing Short-Haired Cats

For a short-haired cat, all you need are a flea comb and a rubber or bristle brush. Rubber brushes are the best for removing dead hair and dirt. Bristle brushes are great for getting rid of debris. If your cat has fleas, use a flea comb to carefully check for them.

If you find signs of fleas or ticks, you should do a more thorough combing to remove them as much as possible and then talk to your pet’s vet about flea treatment. Start at your cat’s head and work the brush toward their tail. 


Brush in the direction your cat’s coat grows; otherwise, she might feel uncomfortable. This doesn’t mean you have to make an exact copy of his signature look. But do your best to mimic it so he feels good about himself.

Brushing Long-Haired Cats

Licking a cat’s ears or tail can cause them to scratch and cause bald patches on their back. Long-haired cats are the most prone to shedding, so you should brush your long-haired cat several times a week to keep its coat clean and healthy.

You should brush your kitty’s fur the same way you would brush a short-haired cat. Brush and comb styles have changed over time, but in general, brush and comb styles work better than rubber brushes.


Licking a cat’s ears or tail can cause them to scratch and cause bald patches on their back. Long-haired cats are the most prone to shedding, so you should brush your long-haired cat several times a week to keep its coat clean and healthy.

You should brush your kitty’s fur the same way you would brush a short-haired cat. Brush and comb styles have changed over time, but in general, brush and comb styles work better than rubber brushes.

Body Checks

Your cat will appreciate you grooming him/her. While stroking your cat’s belly, stroke gently up and down and then run your hands gently over it. You’ll want to check your cat for cuts, wounds or lumps.

Your cat may have a slight bump or cut. You should get them to your vet, especially if you see blood in their stool. Clean their ears out of dirt and wax when they get to the groomer. Look under their tail for dirt and stool, and if you see any you should clean it off their fur.


If you see something like brown, rice-sized pieces of debris around your cat’s anal opening, you should call the vet. Tapeworms are very dangerous for your cat.

She may need medication, and she may need treatment, but she probably won’t need surgery to get rid of these worms.A new class of inhibitors of caspases based on imidazole.

Skin Problems

Many cats have dermatological problems that aren’t caused by parasites. Some of the symptoms that could indicate a medical problem with your cat are an increase in shedding, the constant need to scratch, excessive licking, biting at the skin and fur, and swelling or warm spots under the skin.


Hairballs are formed when a cat ingests too many hair clippings while grooming itself. Your cat will get sick and they’ll cough up some of their internal organs on the floor. If your cat regularly has hairballs despite being brushed regularly, talk to your vet. A diet that’s high in fiber might help.


Nervous Grooming

There’s nothing wrong with being “just” a cat lover. Some cats do get obsessive about licking their fur. There is no known cure for this behavior, but there are some things you consider. This is called self-induced alopecia. Cats can give themselves bald spots and sores through nervous grooming. An allergic reaction may make your cat very unhappy.  


It’s important to take good care of your cats, so that they live long, healthy lives. If your cat has any health problems, you may want to consider if it could be related to a poor diet.


Talk with your vet about the right food for your cat’s age and weight, and consider cutting down on treats. If your cat suffers from any kind of skin problem, look for natural products that are safe and effective for them.

Cat Grooming Tools – Grooming Gloves

Grooming gloves are best for cats who enjoy having their fur groomed. They’re great for giving them a massage and for brushing. Just like regular gloves, they fit over your hand and secure at your wrist.


A palm brush, made of soft-but-firm rubber or silicone nubs, helps to remove loose hair, dirt, and debris while stimulating circulation and distributing the natural oils that keep the skin and coat healthy.

Cat Grooming Tools – Curry Brushes

Curry brush is the next step up from a grooming glove. They’re soft but firm, with plush bristles that don’t scrape or irritate your cat’s skin.


Using a curry brush to apply massage oil or coconut oil, and cleaning your body with a curry brush is an effective self-treatment for increasing the flow of blood and lymph throughout the body.

Cat Grooming Tools – Slicker Brushes

Slicker brushes are a type of pin brush used to help maintain a well groomed coat. They are made from a flexible material and have a long handle. These are the best for grooming and removing tangles. They do a better job than grooming or curry gloves. It’s great if the soap comes with a self-cleaning button.


Cat Grooming Tools – Deshedding Tools

A short- or long-haired cat with a thick coat will benefit greatly from a deshedding tool that goes deep into the fur to remove the undercoat and loose hair. The best deshedding tools can reduce the thickness of your hair and minimize the potential for matting or tangling. Use them regularly to get long-lasting results.

Cat Grooming Tools – Dematting Combs

Cats that tend to have mats or tangles in their fur are often helped by dematting combs. These tools smooth out knots in your hair that other tools can’t reach. They also soften frizz. Use them daily to achieve soft, smooth hair. Some people argue that cat combs are not useful for cats who don’t develop mats because they are designed to remove loose hair and debris.


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#17 Benefits of Cat Grooming

cat groom

Great Benefits of Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming is important for all the cats. On the whole, cats are pretty low-maintenance pets. Puppies are the best companions for people living in apartments because they don’t require much attention or supervision and they love to play.

Your cat needs professional groomer services, and we at Caring Pet Care can make sure your pet receives them. While grooming cats can be challenging, you should really consider taking care of all your feline family members, from time to time.


Less Claw Danger

An unshorn cat can quickly become a dangerous animal. You should trim your cat’s claws regularly. This makes perfect sense, since a car is meant to be a weapon for going fast and a truck is meant to be a weapon for hauling heavy loads.

If you don’t trim your cat’s claws, they can be dangerous to your cat as well as the other pets and people in your home. A cat could cut its paws by retracting claws too quickly. A professional groomer can cut and trim your cat’s claws for you.

Fewer Hairballs

There’s nothing wrong with your cat if she loves eating catnip! Your cat may eat some that looks like human hair. Some cats may not usually have hairballs, but if they do, it’s not healthy for them and will cause more complications down the line. Grooming your cat regularly keeps fur from being swallowed. This is one of the best ways to stop hairballs.

cat groom

Keep Matting at Bay

For people with cats who aren’t the best groomers, matted hair can be a real problem. At a minimum, matting reduces your cat’s ability to produce natural oils that keep his/her skin and hair healthy.

There are many different reasons why a cat may lose its fur. Regular visits to the groomer can make sure that your coat is brushed before it starts growing back in. Grooming also keeps your cat’s fur to a more manageable length.

Allergen Reduction

You should groom your cat if someone in your family or someone who often visits your home is allergic to cats. Regular grooming helps to keep the dander that gets spread around your home from getting you sick.

cat groom

Bug Detection

It can be tough for pet owners to see fleas and ticks on their cats, especially if theirs isn’t much of a cuddle bug. A grooming professional should groom your cat’s coat to remove debris and parasites.

Less Shedding

Dusting your home doesn’t last long, but that’s no reason not to dust regularly. Cats are known for shedding, and it’s tough to keep the fur off the walls. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep your cat’s fur nice.

Comfort with Humans

Cats are naturally self-protective and they don’t trust people easily. Having a cat who’s more comfortable with handling, grooming sessions will help them get accustomed to them. Cat grooming is especially important for experienced professional groomers who know how to keep cats calm.

cat groom

Cat Grooming Method

Nothing beats a little pampering to make your pet feel amazing and look like the star they are! Most cats naturally groom themselves frequently. They need to have a clean coat, and it is important to clean them often. Most cats are naturally neat and tidy, so they don’t normally have to be groomed often.

Enjoyable as Possible

The process of grooming your cat should be fun for both you and for them. If your cat wakes up a few hours later, that’s a perfect time for a grooming session. Be in a good mood — your cat will notice if you’re grumpy or stressed during the grooming session and it could stress them out.

Groom your cat the first few times she needs it and she’ll get the idea. Make sure your first few sessions are short, just five or ten minutes. Once your cats are used to the routine, you can gradually lengthen the amount of time you spend taking care of them.

cat groom

It is very important that you get your cat used to being handled, and this is a perfect opportunity. You may want to play with your puppy from their ears to their toes. You don’t have to push your cat to accept grooming. Instead, offer this in the form of a game.

If your cat seems upset or stressed, take a break and come back to it later. Bathing your cat can be hard to do alone, which is why it’s best to have an assistant to help you out. Never hesitate to give your cat or dog treats, even when it’s not their special day.


Your cat needs regular brushing to keep its coat looking tidy, especially if it has long fur. Brushing your dog’s coat is important because it keeps their skin and fur healthy and gives their coats a beautiful shine.

Short-haired cats don’t need to be brushed every day, just once or twice a week. Use a metal comb to remove dead fur, starting with your head and working toward your tail. With a bristle or rubber brush, remove the dead hair. Cats have sensitive skin. Be careful when you touch these areas.

cat groom

Short-haired cats don’t need to be brushed daily. You should brush them at least once a week. This is the perfect time of year for a new pet. Many people find that their cats enjoy walking outside in fresh. Brush your fur upward to help clean it.

Finally, part the fur on your cat’s tail, brush down the middle and then each side individually.


If your cat is getting into something smelly or sticky, they will definitely need a bath. For these cases, you’ll need to buy a brand of shampoo made for cats and give your cat a real bath.

Brush your cat thoroughly to avoid clogging your drain. In the next step, you want to make sure your cat is comfortable so it can stand and drink its water. Fill the sink or tub with a few inches of warm, not hot, water.

cat groom

Get your cat completely soaked with a garden sprayer, garden hose, or a shower. You should always avoid their face — particularly their ears, eyes, and nose. Use your hands to gently apply a small amount of shampoo, working from neck to tail. Wash your cat off as usual. Then take the cat somewhere warm, or wrap them in a towel or blanket.

Nail Clipping

Your cat’s claws are something you don’t think about until you get a sharp reminder that they’re too long. If you only pay attention to your cat’s feet when it’s time to trim their nails, they could be in pain.

Cat’s foot pads are used to help control bleeding and help to reduce inflammation. When a young child is scared or anxious, they may act out, especially when they’re trying to sleep.

It’s nice to praise your kitty and give them treats when they play with their toes. You need to do this for a few weeks, and your cat will likely accept nail trims without screaming or running away.

cat groom

Gently squeeze the top and bottom of your cat’s foot until its claws come out. Use a dedicated cat nail trimmer to trim the white tip of your cat’s nails. The quickest way to remove your cat’s nail is to cut just the quick.

If you are at a party, don’t put your finger in your mouth when you accidentally cut the quick. If you get a cut, or any other type of wound, it’s important to stop the bleeding as soon as possible.

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#16 Benefits Of Brush Your Dog Coat

Should You Brush Your Dog’s Coat

A life so full of responsibility is always a challenge. It’s hard to find the time to brush your dog, but if you really want to, you’ll find the time. It’s understandable to feel that way, but once you are aware of all the benefits of pet ownership, you’ll make the time.

It is important to make sure your dog has the best life. They need to be healthy and happy.

If your pet doesn’t love to be brushed, it might take some patience and some training before you can get them to give in and allow it. A gentle start will let them get used to the idea of the brush.


A Bonding Time

Brushing your dog helps build a bond between you and your pet, which makes it a rewarding activity. Your dog needs exercise, so it’s not a bad idea to take them for a walk after a long day.

Distribute Natural Oils In Dog’s Coat

Dogs’ coats contain natural oils, but because dogs don’t groom themselves as obsessively as cats do, they need a little help spreading those natural oils around. It helps you look shiny and fabulous and prevents any greasy buildup.

brush your dog

Prevent Painful Mats

Sometimes people tug at your hair just for the pleasure of seeing how much it hurts. A matted dog feels like an insect crawling all over you. Mats are bad news. They’re very hard and can even get in the way of you doing things you enjoy. When you neglect your dog you should look to shave off the hair in one piece.

Allows Spot Anything Unusual

Regularly brushing your dog will help you to learn to recognize how your dog’s skin usually looks. Some bumps are harmless, but if you have one that isn’t, it’s better to spot it early and seek medical attention.

Reduces Shedding

The more hair you can get off of your dog, the less hair will be floating around your house, on the furniture, and all over your clothes.  

brush your dog

Helps Dog Look Good

A well-brushed dog will look better, happier, and healthier than one that’s not. If you’re letting your dog’s hair get out of control, it’s time to take some time and love for your pet.

Dog Feel Comfortable

Mats can hurt your dog and trapped undercoat can cause him to get overheated.

How to Brush – Brush Down And Out

Most dogs don’t like to have their hair brushed backwards. If your dog has long hair, you may need to use one hand to lift up the coat, and another to brush underneath it. This helps ensure that you’re actually brushing your dog’s hair, and not just trying to make his coat look pretty.

brush your dog

How to Brush – Be Gentle

Tugging on mats is extremely painful for your dog and can make him hate the grooming process. If you want to avoid hurting your dog, be very careful how you stroke and pet him or her.

How to Brush – Use Conditioning Spray on Mats

A good detangler can help get out knots that are stubborn to untangle, but you should use the right one for your type of mat. You don’t need to wash your hair with water. Wash it first in conditioner or cream, then dry it.

Brush For Short-haired Dogs (Labs, Pugs)

If you own a short-haired dog you know they can shed like crazy! They can shed more than any other kind of coat. Using a rubber or natural bristle brush, a grooming glove, or a toothbrush can help you remove loose hairs before they get tangled in your furniture. A furminator should be used carefully so as not to damage your pet’s skin.

brush your dog

Brush For Double-coated Dogs (Huskies, Goldens)

These dogs have a soft undercoat that sheds, and usually seasonally, and a harder topcoat that usually doesn’t shed. This is a must-read for any owner of a dog that sheds. Tools you should use when working with this type of coat include a slicker brush, a pin brush, and a comb. A comb works best for grooming longer coats.

Brush For Silky-coated Dogs (Maltese, Shih Tzus)

There are two types of hair coat. Long coated dogs have long, dense hair. Shampoo your dogs regularly. Brush them every day. And give them a haircut at least once a month. A pin brush, a comb, a dematting tool, and a dematting spray will be your best friends.

brush your dog

Brush For Curly-coated Dogs (Poodles, Bichons)

It’s important for your dog to be brushed several times a week to prevent mats from forming in their hair. This type of coat requires a better quality brush, a cleaner, a comb, and a dematter.

Brush For Wiry Dogs (Terriers, Schnauzers)

These dogs need grooming, especially their coats, which may need to be trimmed or have undercoat brushed out. Weekly grooming with a slicker brush and a comb will prevent mats from forming in their hair and make it look clean and spiffy.

brush your dog

Dog Grooming Tips

Dogs who are groomed by a professional animal groomer are less likely to get sick or have accidents that could harm them. A healthy dog will make a better companion and do his best to please you and give you a great time.

A lot of people think it’s hard to train your dog, but the fact is that once you learn the basics, training becomes much easier. That’s why it’s so important to get to know your dog. If you’re just starting to groom your pet, be patient and use a lot of treats.

Do a few things at a time and don’t expect that you’ll master everything immediately. If you get frustrated, stop, take a breather and come back to it later. You might find that your writing improves if you can let it go and come back to it when you’re feeling better about it. Keep it positive and fun, and if you need to get your dog groomed, go to a professional groomer.

brush your dog

How often Unless your dog has gotten into something smelly or dirty, he should be bathed only every two to four months. When you bathe your cat, keep in mind that frequent bathing can dry out her skin and strip the natural oils from her coat.

You should always use a dog shampoo that’s made for dogs. Puppy shampoo can be harsh on your puppy’s skin and coat, so make sure to choose a more gentle kind for your new pet. Take a non-slip bath mat into the tub, bathtub or wherever you will be doing your bathing.

Make sure you give the coat a thorough wash. Rinse out the soap and let the coat dry in the sun for a few hours before hanging it up. Be sure to thoroughly rinse or shampoo will leave a dull residue on your puppy’s fur. Do not apply shampoo or any kind of liquid directly into your eyes, mouth, or ears.

Brushing your dog once a week is a great way to keep his coat looking great. It also stimulates the skin, gets rid of dead and dry skin, and helps you learn more about your dog’s body.

brush your dog

Brush your dog’s coat daily, but don’t go more than two or three days between brushing. If your dog is short-coated, you may only need to brush it twice a week. Most often your brushing can have a specific purpose, such as removing hair mats or helping your dog shed his seasonal coat, but most often you’ll be doing general-purpose brushing or combing.

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#15 Benefit Of Cat Massage

cat massage

Cat Massage is Good for Cat

The cats love to be petted, and many cat owners know the true feeling of that gentle massage as it’s being given by their cat. 

Cats are tactile creatures and love being petted. Touch is critical to making them feel secure and at home. Cat massage is a great way to calm your cat. But it’s also a terrific way to help you relax as well!

Massaging your cat will help you bond with your cat, and it will help make your kitty feel more comfortable. Learn more about cat massages and why you and your cat need them in your lives.


Cat Massage is Good for You Too

Not only are you giving your dog an indulgence, but you’re taking care of yourself too. Massaging your cat as you rub his/her muscles can improve his/her health, even if you don’t know much about the science of animal behavior.

But the sensation of touch is the cause of your own body’s release of serotonin, which relaxes you and makes you feel happy. Cat massage is a great way to take time out from your hectic, busy life to focus on your cat. It’s about taking the time to pay attention to your feline companion and really listen to them.

cat massage

Get away from it all and spend some quality time with your cat. This is the perfect time to strengthen your relationship with your cat, while getting some much-needed rest. Massaging your cat is a lot of fun. Just make sure you don’t end up scratching your cat instead of your furry friend. There are a few things I’d like to massage myself — but none more than you.

Benefits of Cat Massage

The benefits of massage have been studied for many years in humans and the results are just as good for animals as they are for humans.

Massaging your cat can be an effective method of improving the quality of life for both of you.

cat massage

Hemp is not only an effective remedy for many physical and emotional issues, but it can also help you enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle if you choose to incorporate hemp into your daily routine.

Massage is one of the best ways to improve your health. You’ll learn about the benefits of massage and what they mean to you.


Massage is great for offering both mental and physical relaxation. Cats get stressed out when they have physical contact with other animals.

cat massage

They’re also taught to love, trust and enjoy physical pleasure and are positively rewarded for it with the physical pleasures of massage, which they learn to heal their emotional issues.

Massaging your cat can help calm and relax her, which can heal traumas and illnesses. The cat-massage is especially good for traumatized cats.

Improve Circulation

Massage is great for offering both mental and physical relaxation. Cats get stressed out when they have physical contact with other animals.

cat massage

They’re also taught to love, trust and enjoy physical pleasure and are positively rewarded for it with the physical pleasures of massage, which they learn to heal their emotional issues.

Massaging your cat can help calm and relax her, which can heal traumas and illnesses. The cat-massage is especially good for traumatized cats.

Spend Quality Time Together

We all love petting our cats, so why not turn it into a great massage session?

Quality time with your cat or each of your cats is important to keep your bond strong. Our cats need to know they can trust us with their lives so that we can provide for them, so being comfortable around them is an important thing.

cat massage

Most cats are independent and don’t need much human attention, but there are times when you need to step in for them. Cats and humans have a lot in common. Often, our pets want to spend as much time with us and we’re able to provide.

Early Detection

Cat behavior and the development of health problems are important in caring for your cat. If your cat isn’t eating, drinking, or pooping regularly, it may be in pain and in need of veterinary attention.

cat massage

Your cat can feel pain before seeing it, so note when you rub him and which parts of his body are stiff and swollen. Early detection is critically important in treating many illnesses. Massage will definitely help.

Improve Your Health

Massaging your cat can improve your health. Studies show that being around pets improves the health of people. When you’re stressed out and anxious, it makes it difficult to focus, learn and be creative. Yoga is a great way to reduce your anxiety levels and boost your mood.

cat massage

Many pet owners are happier than most humans, but dogs are a different kind of animal all together. If it weren’t for the studies that have proven that petting and playing with animals improves the mental and physical health of people, therapy animals would still be just a cute idea that makes some people feel better.

Cat Massage – Choose the right time and mood

A good veterinarian always has a relaxed mood before they start to give a massage to your cat. You can breathe and your cat will feel calmer and more relaxed, too.

If you’re feeling frazzled, start petting your cat by lightly caressing her from head to tail. As you relax, you’ll be able to move onto more targeted, specific massage strokes. Wait until at least two hours after your cat has eaten, before visiting the vet. Allen Schoen recommends. Avoid any scratches or other wounds your cat might have.

Cat Massage – Let your cat approach you

It’s important to use the right techniques to help cats relax for their first massage session. You don’t have to take a dog by the collar to show your love. Instead, let your dog come to you when she wants to be petted. When her periods come, don’t worry. She’ll relax right into your lap or beside you when they do. Start out slowly and gently.

cat massage

Cat Massage – Start slow, stay slow

Start by gently stroking your cat’s head to tail with a soft, consistent touch. This might be the way you pet your cat every day. That’s great! “The direction going forward to rear over the head, neck and back, you are actually following the acupuncture meridians. Schoen has developed a way of massaging cats that is informed by acupressure techniques.

Cat Massage – Sing to your cat

Play with your cat with a calm, loving voice. Cats love cats and dogs love dogs. So, if your cat or dog is in need of a friend, why not invite your cat or dog’s favorite pet.

Cat Massage – Massage each part of the body for about one minute

There are several ways to give your cat a massage. You can use a few different strokes to give her a nice massage.

You don’t need special training to pet a cat; just stroke your cat in the manner you normally do. But, there is one simple trick to make your cat purr.

cat massage

A simple stroking can be followed by an effleurage style of stroking, using the whole hand with medium pressure, moving from any part of the body to the heart.

From your cat’s head, move toward the chest and then toward her rump, and stop there. Effleurage is the smooth and even rubbing of the skin to move blood and lymph fluid within the skin and superficial tissues.

A third massage stroke, petrissage, focuses medium pressure on specific muscles or pressure points. It’s a good idea to learn this type of massage to make your own personalised massage.

cat massage

Cat Massage – End with some calming strokes

After 10-15 minutes, or when you’re ready to stop, gently and slowly rub your cat all over her body from head to tail and along her spine using long strokes. Your cat will purr like a little lump of kitty-kitty in your lap if you follow that up with a slow, languid series of head-to-tail full body strokes.

How to tell if you’re doing it right

Notice your cat’s response to your every move by watching her tail. If you watch your cat closely, it will probably let you know if it’s happy, or not. A relaxed or gently swaying tail usually means that your cat is happy.

If you see the tail start to wag or twitch, you might want to be careful. That’s a sign that she’s on high alert and her next move could include teeth and claws. If your cat doesn’t seem to like your dog, or vice versa, try these tips from a veterinary behaviorist:

cat massage

Cats don’t usually make much noise, but when they want to be left alone, they vocalize. Make sure you understand that before you give them any attention.

A relaxed cat is a happy cat. So if your cat is purring his sweet little face off, it could mean he’s anxious and needs your comforting touch. A tense, closed posture, however, could mean that he’s stressed, so he may need extra attention.

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#14 What Type Of Water For Pet Drink

pet drink

What Type Of Water Should Pet Drink

Fresh water is vital for life. Whether it’s human beings or animals, water is essential for survival. It’s just as important to give your pet drink water that it can easily and safely drink as it is to make sure that you and your family do.

Did you know that 70-80% of a dog’s lean body mass is water?

Hydration is a marker of overall health, and veterinarians use balanced water solutions (fluids) to treat illness. Patients with renal disease require treatment using water. It’s also helpful to support pets who are losing water or not drinking enough because of another illness.

The human body measures water output to determine if your kidneys and bladders are working properly. In pets, water is used as a tool to help manage their weight and keep their electrolyte levels balanced.

Your pet’s best friend, water, is vital to a healthy pet. It provides the animal with the necessary nutrients, and is crucial to its metabolism.


The Type of Water Axolotls Need

Axolotls are the only known freshwater animal to be able to absorb both water and oxygen through their skin. The water and air inside their homes are very important to their health.

pet drink

You may think that there’s no real difference between the different kinds of water, but it turns out that there is a big difference. It matters which kind of water your pet drink.

What Do You Think About Water

You may not think that the water you use to keep your axolotl wet is important, but it really is. 

Believe it or not, the types of water you get from your tap, fridge, bottles, jugs, and outdoor stream are all different, and some are safer than others. Minerals and salts are important when choosing which water you use to drink or your pet drink. Fluoride and chlorine are not. The PH Level ideally on 7.4 to 7.6, if out of this range that will be unsafe.

Bottled Water

There are some creatures like axolotls, salamanders and newts that need the minerals in natural water, including sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and others.

Spring water is typically bottled water that has been purified and treated to remove all the minerals and salts.

pet drink

Bottled water is the safest type of water for your amphibian. It doesn’t need to be altered or changed in any way.

Read the bottled water label to make sure it hasn’t been filtered. Some brands are actually filtered, but not all bottled waters are filtered.

City Tap Water

You can live anywhere, but if you live in the US your tap water will likely contain certain contaminants, such as chlorine, that may lead to an upset stomach. In fact, most tap water around the world contains chlorine, though some places do not.

Your pet’s health depends on the quality of your tap water. 

pet drink

Certain cities now use chloramines as opposed to using chlorine to disinfect the water. Chloramine-treated water is harder to remove than chlorine-treated water.

When buying a new aquarium, you should make sure that it’s fish safe and you’re not going to get sick by looking at your water bill to see if it’s aquarium fish safe.

If you’re not sure, you’re better off using distilled water instead of tap water.

Well Water

You might be able to use well water to raise your axolotl if it is in a well-lit place. It is usually possible to use city water with a regular axolotl.

If your frog’s water isn’t suitable for its health, your pet could be suffering from iron deficiency, which could result in anemia.

pet drink

In other cases the pH may be adjusted or other nutrients added to the water to correct these problems. The amount of oxygen in the aquarium should also be considered and may need to be increased to account for this problem.

You can do this by using a simple aerator. It’s available in the fish department.

Distilled Water

Never use distilled water with your pets. Water, without any important minerals and salts, is the best water to use if you’re a frog. These various types of distillers are unsafe for an axolotl to soak in, swim in, or drink.

Is Unfiltered Tap Water Safe For Dogs

We have an obligation to protect and maintain our water supply, especially in the face of the dangers of drinking dirty water.

There are many toxins present in tap water which, according to the Center for Disease Control, can cause a variety of illnesses. Gastrointestinal illness, reproductive problems and neurological disorders are just three of the health issues that these chemicals can lead to.

pet drink

Tap water often contains many contaminants. In fact, it’s the source of a great many of them. It can be contaminated with industrial chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, radiological materials, sewage and even wastewater.

Should Dogs Drink Bottled Water

American adults drink 12.8 billion gallons of bottled water each year.

Bottled water is a relatively safe choice, compared to other sources of drinking water. It is free of harmful contaminants and chemical additives, such as chlorine, and in some cases it is free of fluoride, which has been linked to dental health problems.

pet drink

Bottled water is a great alternative to tap water. In some cases, bottled water even equals tap water quality.Bacterial lipopolysaccharide triggers production of the pro-inflammatory cytokine TNF-alpha from human polymorphonuclear cells.

Many bottled waters also contain endocrine disruptors. The majority of these water bottles do not disclose what exactly the endocrine disruptors they contain are.

A new study has found evidence that the hormone disruptor Bisphenol A (BPA) seeps out of some plastics and is present in the urine of nearly all people in the United States.

pet drink

Because bottled water companies aren’t required to tell you what’s in their water bottles, you really don’t know what’s in the bottle you just bought.

I think there’s nothing wrong with the environment that an hour of reading will not help.

Less than 20 percent of plastic bottles are recycled in the United States, and Americans use 3 million of those plastic water bottles each hour.

What About Distilled Water

This is a must-read for anyone looking to eliminate lead from their tap water or drinking water. You’ll learn how to test your water for lead contamination and how to get rid of lead in your drinking water.

The resulting steam is then condensed back into a liquid and bottled. The problem with distilled water is that it completely removes the water’s beneficial minerals, leaving only the bad stuff. And this is where things go very wrong!

pet drink

Drinking distilled water is unhealthy, even for animals. It’s bad for your body, so stay away from distilled water. Furthermore, these changes were not affected even when nutritionally adequate diets were fed.

Distilled water is less thirst quenching, and can lead dogs to drink and urinate more, which can make them feel thirsty.

Is Filtered Water For Dogs Best

As the name suggests, filtered water is any type of water, including tap water, that has been run through a filter to remove impurities. The most common types of filters are carafe filters, faucet-mounted filters, countertop filters, under-sink filters, reverse-osmosis filters and whole-house filtration systems.

If you want to make sure your water is as clean as it should be, the first thing to do is to determine what’s in your tap water. I recommend beginning with an online trip to the EWG’s National Drinking Water Database.

Enter your zip code and select your utility, and get instant access to your water quality report provided by your state’s water officials. Call your water utility company for a copy of its annual Consumer Confidence Report. It will detail all contaminants found in your local water supply.

pet drink

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#13 How to Choose The Right Cat Toys

How to Choose the Right Cat Toys

Cat toys are extremely important in keeping cats healthy and happy. They help to maintain their behavior, and they also provide a great form of exercise for them!

They’re essential for indoor cats, because they provide much-needed stimulation to help them stay active. With hundreds of options available, it can be tricky to figure out what toys are best for your cat.

The tips below will help to keep your pet feline in good health and safety.


Why Do Cats Need Toys

Just like human beings, cats need both physical and mental exercise to stay healthy, strong and happy.

It’s important for cats to get enough physical stimulation and mental enrichment. They’ll then be less likely to develop bad behaviors, such as scratching furniture or eating other items.

Cats with hyperactivity can turn to disruptive behaviors, such as play aggression, scratching, and other types of destructive behavior.

cat toys

Playing is good for your relationship with your cat. Whenever you play, you’re building trust and affection, plus you’re providing entertainment when you can’t be there.

What Toys are Best for My Cat

Your cat’s favorite toys will vary depending on their likes and dislikes.

Most cat toys are designed to appeal to your cat’s natural instincts, such as playing, chasing, pouncing, scratching, and climbing.

While it’s important to find out if your cat has any food allergies, it’s also crucial to note that they may have one favorite type of food.

Don’t purchase too many toys until you know your cat’s likes and dislikes, otherwise you’ll end up spending a lot of money and your cat will be none the wiser.

Cat Toys to Consider – Balls

Some cats love to chase balls, bat them, and throw them. You can try a regular ball, one with a bell inside, a motorized ball, or even a crumpled paper ball. Catnip, the smell that cats love, is the key to this toy’s success.

Cat Toys to Consider – Hunting Toys

Toys for cats include toy mice and other hunting toys. They help keep cats occupied for hours, which makes them less likely to fight with their owners. With this motorized toy, it’s easy to teach your cat how to use his instincts to hunt and kill prey.

Cat Toys to Consider – Feather Teaser Toys

Wands, fishing poles, feather toys are toys that encourage leaping, pouncing, and stalking. Toys are helpful to encourage your dog to leap, pounce, and stalk.

It’s a great idea to make sure any toys that include strings are only played with by children under your supervision, and are safely stored away from your cat after playtime.

Cat Toys to Consider – Laser Pointer

There’s no doubt that cat love lasers! YouTube is filled with videos where cats go crazy for laser. For cats, treadmills can be both inexpensive and effortless. Just make sure that it’s safe for pets and not harmful for animals.

Cat Toys to Consider – Interactive Feeding Toys

The indoor hunting feeders are a great option if you want to entertain your cat when you are not around.

Cat Toys to Consider – Climbing

Climbing toys are great for cats. They let them exercise, climb, and rest when you’re not home. Cats love to climb on things that are higher than they are, such as high shelves.

Cat Toys to Consider – Scratching

Scratching posts are fun for your cat, but you may want to use a scratching post if your cat is destructive.

A scratching post that encourages cats to scratch where you want them to is a great investment. You can help your cat’s nails grow longer by trimming them, too.

At least one scratching post is recommended for each cat to avoid territorial problems.

While vertical scratching posts are most common, some cats prefer horizontal surfaces for scratching, such as a jute door mat or corrugated cardboard scratcher.

Cat Toys to Consider – Catnip

Catnip toys are irresistible to felines. There are several catnip alternatives that are less dangerous for them and can be bought online. It’s fairly easy to find catnip-infused toys for kids, like these catnip-infused mice.

Cat Toys to Consider – Cardboard Boxes

Cats find cardboard boxes and other hiding places great fun. They love having enclosed, dark places to hide and observe the world around them. Boxes are good because they’re safe, even if you don’t have a ton of them.

Cats are curious animals and they love exploring dark areas. They are naturally drawn to the texture of cardboard and cardboard is the perfect material for scratching. A cardboard box offers hours of entertainment for a cat, as it can be filled with toys, food, or other interesting items to hide behind. If you hide your cat’s food inside a box and have them fetch it when they want their treats, you can also tap into their predatory instincts.

You can also connect multiple boxes together to create an obstacle course or maze for your cat. Shipping boxes are easy to find, they’re often discarded by shippers as a means of packing their items, and you can easily create some unique gifts from them! 

Make sure to put some cat nip inside the box for your cats to get a taste of it, and take any tape off to make it more enticing to your kitty. The best cat toys engage their natural instincts – playing, jumping, scratching, and climbing. They’re shaped to maximize your cats’ play time and increase their chances of finding them irresistible.

Cat Toys You Should Avoid

It’s important for you to know that not all toys are safe for cats. Cats should never be allowed to play with balls of yarn or string. Your cat may ingest a piece of string or ribbon, and if it gets stuck in his or her digestive tract, it can cause serious damage. There are ways to remove this material if necessary.

If you don’t take steps to prevent plastic from causing damage to your cat’s intestines, you may end up with permanent intestinal damage. If your cat destroys a toy, whether it’s a soft toy with string or a stuffed toy with dangerous material, don’t keep it around! Dispose of it immediately.

How to Play With Your Cat

Cats like to play when there are toys to focus on. They enjoy interacting with each other in a safe environment. Put a toy out of reach, and then you can observe their play through your own eyes.

You might also throw some toys around or roll a ball past them. It might take some time for a cat to get used to being without an object they desire so they can’t reach it.

When you try something new, write down what works and what doesn’t.

How Not to Play With Your Cat

Playing with other cats that aren’t your littermate is a natural part of a cat’s socialization process, and if you don’t have a littermate to play with, most cats will turn to their human companions.

We know playing-fighting kittens can be cute, but when play-fighting becomes rough, and you start engaging in play-fighting behaviors yourself with your kitten or cat, you’re going to have trouble breaking the habit. So, instead of playing-fighting or play-fighting in your home, divert your kitten’s play energy to something more appropriate like a toy.

Cats should be kept in a house where you can keep an eye on them and watch over them at all times. You should also make sure that there is a scratching post or a safe place for them to hang out when they are not being groomed.

Remove Damaged Toys ASAP

You should take your cat’s toys away immediately if you notice any sort of damage on them, like a torn toy or a piece breaking off. Small pieces can pose a choking hazard, but even tiny toys can cause intestinal punctures or blockages.

If you have any questions about the safety of your cat’s toys, talk to your vet. They can provide further recommendations for how to keep your cat stimulated, healthy, and safe.

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#12 Benefit Of Electric Robot Cat Toy

Selecting the Perfect Cat Toy

A variety of cat toys will help your cat that will love the catnip toy you give her, but she’ll really enjoy a stuffed toy. If you want to keep your cat entertained. Cats are very social creatures, and when you play together, you have a lot of fun.

When you play, you also may notice your cat’s “natural instincts” come to life. If you’re interested in improving your pet’s natural predatory instincts, playing this playful attacking game is a great way to do it.


Variety and Access Keys to Success

Cat lovers are always looking for the perfect toy for their cat, and the following are the most popular choices:

Cats don’t like to share. If you leave the toys for too long, your cat may become less interested in playing with the toys. You can help your cat prevent choking by providing her with safe, soft toys that she can’t swallow.

Toy on earth is no substitute for having playdate. Your cat needs to make time for play sessions at least three times a day.

cat toy

Fishing Poles Or Teasers

A favorite toy among cats and kittens, poles, and teasers usually have feathers, ribbons or other enticing items attached.

When your cat wants to perform some high-flying acrobatics, keep the line moving, and watch as she does a graceful aerial leap.

Catnip is an excellent source of calcium, so if your cat starts getting sick of kibble, try feeding him this supplement instead.

Mice and Balls

It seems like cats and kittens love small, furry toys that resemble other animals. These toys look like prey, but they actually stimulate the predator’s instincts.

Your cat has probably just given you a small piece of her kill. If you don’t mind giving her a few moments, let her have it before you get up. This will help her feel more comfortable when she comes to play.

cat toy

Thank them for their efforts and congratulate them for an excellent job well done. Don’t allow your cat to have access to the furniture. She’s likely to try to devour it and then you’ll have a cat who’s swallowed all her favorite toys.

These kinds of toys can cause no problems right away, but watch for any signs of gastrointestinal distress and call your veterinarian if you have any concerns. Mylar balls, balls with treats or catnip or light-up balls are great for a feline athlete who needs to stay active, flexible and coordinated.

Catnip Toys

Catnip is the name given to a small plant found in temperate regions of the world. It contains a compound called nepetalactone that can stimulate your cat’s nervous system, helping her feel better.

cat toy

Reaction to catnip is wide-ranging. Some cats eat it, others roll around in it and some fall asleep. Remember when buying catnip toys for a cat, that it is normal for a cat to not get the same reaction to catnip as others do.


Scratching is a natural cat behavior that your cat does to help clean its claws. This is a fun behavior for cats who love to play with catnip toys.

cat toy

A cat scratcher gives cats a place to play and scratch, and they’re also useful for keeping your house clean. Scratcher types vary, so you need to choose the right scratcher for your cat.

A cat toy is one of the best ways to entice your cat to play.

Interactive Toys

Interactive puzzle toys help your cat mentally stimulate by engaging them in play when you’re not at home. Cats love play balls and other items that are fun for them to chase, bat and uncover hidden items.

Your cat will love a laser pointer, especially when you toss the toy in the air to surprise him! The laser beam is just too bright for your cat to resist.

Household Items

A common household item for cats is string, twine, rubber bands, ribbon, paper, tissue, buttons, marbles, balloons, tinsel and aluminum foil. Your cat could swallow these items and if she gets them stuck in her digestive tract, surgery might be required.

cat toy

Don’t forget your cats. Your cat may stalk the electrical cords in your house, which is why it’s a good idea to keep your cat away from them. To limit the chances of your cat chewing through the cords and getting burned, shocked, or electrocuted, you need to keep the wires away from it.

Adopting a Cat

There are many factors that contribute to the safety or danger of a toy. The most important of these is the age recommended by the toy’s manufacturer. Many factors affect the size of your cat’s ears. You’ll need to consider your cat’s size, activity level and personal preferences.

Another important factor to consider when buying a cat toy is the environment that your cat spends her time. We don’t guarantee a cat’s happiness or its safety with any specific toy, but we do offer these guidelines.

Catnip is said to be a hallucinogenic herb which causes the animal to go crazy for about an hour. Many people use catnip to get a wild, crazy, fun feeling. Cat-proof your home by checking for anything that could be eaten, such as string, ribbon, yarn, rubber bands, plastic milk jug rings, paper clips, pins, and needles.

cat toy

All of these toys are dangerous, whether your kitty is having fun or not. They can be deadly if swallowed or chewed by your kitty.

 Don’t allow toys in the home with small or loose parts that could be chewed and/or ingested. Remove these types of parts from the toys before they are given to a cat. 

Machine-washable plush toys should be labelled as such. Some plush toys are machine-washable, but the label on the tag might not say so. Some problem fillings include nutshells and polystyrene beads. They’re so cool!

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#11 Benefit Of Using Automatic Pet Feeder

food feeder

Benefits Of Using An Automatic Pet Feeder

If you are thinking about getting an automatic pet feeder for your cat but are not sure of the benefits of doing so.

Feeding cats can be a hassle when you live alone. The Cat-o-Matic automatic feeder is an affordable solution that helps to keep your pets fed and well-hydrated. It also offers a number of convenient features.


No More Waking Up At 5 or 6 am

It is extremely important to keep your cat’s food area clean to avoid any possible accidents and keep your cat happy. The common situation of this is to be woken up at 5 or 6 AM in the morning, by loud meows asking for food.

If you need your sleep, your cat is a wonderful distraction. She will make sure that you can get your rest without getting any on your face. Automatic pet feeders help owners stay awake while their pets are in the bathroom or sleeping so they don’t have to be present during feeding.

pet feeder

Some people believe that cats should be fed in the evening and not at night. But this is not true as some cats don’t eat for 4 hours. If you want to keep the bound with your pet, you should give it wet food in the evening when you come home from work.

Keep Working On A Trip

There are some alternatives to keeping your cat indoors while you are away from home. You can leave it food- and water bowls in your office. If you’re planning a trip, you should make sure to have an ample supply of food for the cats while you’re away.

No more worrying about a power outage stopping your kitty’s feeding! A good automatic cat feeder needs no power or batteries so your cat always gets his meal. The Feeder Robot, the PetFeedster, or the PetSafe Simply Feed is one of the units that works with AC adapters and batteries.

We all know that cats are food lovers and they like to eat all their food at once, so imagine how much your cat will starve if he or she gobbles up every piece of food in the morning. That crying baby is probably hungry, so feed her.

pet feeder

A benefit of a good automatic cat feeder is that it will help your cat get the right portion size every time he eats. Maybe you want to feed your pet up to 5 or even 6 small portions of food at a time to complete the daily food intake.

You can build a small robot that will go back and forth between two different rooms. The amount of small portions you can program will depend on the type of device.

Some automatic feeders let you set multiple feeding programs and even include special features such as night feeders or weatherproof models. There are two good reasons to divide your cats meals into small portions. One is that your cat will not get fatter. Two, by getting your cat to eat smaller portions, it is much healthier.

If you go on a trip the automatic feeder won’t replace the human care but if you get a good and reliable device, for example, the Pet Feedster or the Feeder Robot, you can ask your friend to come to your house less often to check on your pet.

Control Of Food Intake and Portions

Automatic cat feeders allow you to give your cat a healthy amount of food and control the amount it eats.

food feeder

Control Of Portions

You don’t need to divide and measure the daily food intake in several equaled smaller portions. I’m sure you’ve got better things to do than measuring your cat food every day. The automatic device does it for you.

Automatic feeding is a must-have feature in any feeding machine. Not all units on the market allow you to control how much food and portions.

Control Of Food Intake

Some cats love to snack all day long, and a cat that likes to snack all day can quickly get fat. A cat feeder helps to control exactly how much the cat eats every day.

pet feeder

You can love your cat and prevent it from becoming overweight. There are simple ways to do this that can save your cat from health problems. Feeding your pets is not only bad for your pet’s health, it’s also a waste of money and time.

You might consider looking into how to break bad habits such as this, and other unhealthy behaviors, by implementing the ABCS method. This is a good way to help your cat. Some cats have different needs than others. When my first cat Lily ate every time I visited the kitchen, she had a different eating schedule than my second cat, who eats once a day at 1pm.

Control Of Feeding Schedule

If you want to set a personalized feeding schedule for your cat, such as a very early breakfast at 5am, a main breakfast at 9am, then lunch at 1pm, and then another at 4pm, and finishing with dinner at 8pm for example, you can accomplish that by choosing the right automatic feeder that has this functionality.

With the Amazon Fetch dog feeder you can pour food in the bowl when it’s time and your dog will do the rest. Your dog will start to eat before you get home from work and be hungry for dinner when you walk through the door.

With a digital automatic feeder you can program a feeding schedule that will ensure all your baby’s needs are met. With a digital timer you can program the meals with hours and minutes.

pet feeder

You don’t want to choose devices that offer very little flexibility to program the time for each meal. You want to have an automation device that can feed your cat whenever you want and several times a day.

These are some of the Pet Feeders to help you feed your pets while they are away or when they are sleeping. You can set how much water you want to use in the bottle, this makes it easy for you to control how much water goes into the bottle.

Control Which Pet Eats The Food

A cat with a prescription diet and more pets in the house should have a dog that eats the cat’s food. When two cats eat, they usually do it together. The dominant one, who usually is the bigger, doesn’t want the other to eat much and sometimes doesn’t even eat at all.

This may not seem like a good thing, but you should give the cat access to food in order to ensure its safety. If your cats don’t like the food of others, there are many ways to avoid this. Some solutions include using a scratching post, playing music, adding flavors to their food, etc.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of having a good automatic feeder when you choose the right one for you.

pet feeder

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