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Why Every Man Should Carry a Flashlight #83


Why Every Man Should Carry a Flashlight

If you use a handgun as a personal defense weapon, a flashlight is essential for low-light shooting. You’ll find out how to use a flashlight to identify your target, and how it will allow you to see your gun sights in the dark.

You may not carry a gun for personal defense, but a flashlight can be used to help you find your way out of a bad situation, even if it’s in a place like a movie theater or an airplane, where guns are banned. It’s also a great thing to keep on you for men living in countries with strict weapon laws.

This tactical flashlight can serve multiple functions: it can help identify threats, eliminate the advantage of an attacker stalking in the dark, and increase visibility. It can also help you stay safer at night.

An attacker’s moment of distraction can be enough to get him to take off. Shining a bright light at him can temporarily disorient him, and cause him to drop his weapon.

You can protect yourself against would-be attackers by shining your flashlight directly in their eyes. When you encounter a possible threat, your assailant will most likely attempt to reach up to his face and experience three to four seconds of disorientation and partial blindness.

As long as your hand is free, you can use it to defend yourself. A good tactic is to run toward them and try to tackle them as they come at you. You may not want to do this because it puts you at risk of getting injured, but if you’re trying to protect your partner from an attacker, this could be your best option.


Tactical Lights

Tactical flashlights are often used in conjunction with a firearm to aid low-light target identification. They may be mounted to the weapon or handheld.

Tactical lights can be used with any type of firearm. If you use a rifle, you’ll want to mount a laser sight on the top of your gun.


A flashlight is typically attached to the bottom of the barrel. This lets it hang below the scope and not interfere with the rifle’s aiming ability. The flashlight may be mounted to the barrel, a stock, or a sling. The flashlight should be securely fastened so that it will not move.

A flashlight may be mounted in the following ways: Mounted on the barrel A flashlight is usually mounted on the barrel by screwing it into the bottom of the barrel. This method is secure, but it is difficult to remove the flashlight. The flashlight may be attached to the barrel by a rubber band.

Handheld Lights

Hand-held lights are typically used with handguns, because long guns such as rifles and shotguns require two hands to operate. While any handheld flashlight can serve in the role of a tactical light, some features make more sense for the role.

Tactical flashlights need to be reliable, rugged, and specialized. They are generally used by law enforcement officers and soldiers, as opposed to cheap, consumer-grade units. Some manufacturers offer special tactical flashlights specifically for use as handheld tactical flashlights.

Police training programs in shooting while holding a flashlight date back to at least the 1930s. Police training programs in shooting while holding a flashlight date back to at least the 1930s. There are a variety of positions that can be used to allow the light and handgun to be held parallel and provide mutual support, or the light can be held off to the side of the body to present a false target to a potential assailant. Since the weapon and light are not attached to each other, the light may be used to illuminate areas that may or may not contain a target, without pointing the weapon at the area.

When a target is detected, a flashlight can be brought into line with the handgun quickly. This may be done in a “two-handed grip” in which the light is used with the fingers on a ring that fits through the fingers.

More traditional models of flashlight are available as well. Some flashlights feature a momentary on switch so that the light is quickly turned off by releasing finger pressure on the button. Another useful feature is the ability to attach a lanyard to the light, allowing the light to be secured to the hand holding it; this allows the light to be dropped if the hand is needed (for a magazine change, for example) and quickly retrieved.

When dealing with suspects, police officers frequently carry large flashlights like the classic D cell Maglite. These flashlights are held in the weak hand with the back of the flashlight extending past the thumb.

A tactical flashlight has the ability to swing the light forward to strike the target, and swing it back to block a blow. It has a strong hand and a small tactical flashlight that can be used as a weapon by hammer fist strike. Tactical flashlights also often have crown-like projections around the lens to enable its use as a weapon by hammer fist strike.

Weapon Mounted Lights

Weapon mounted lights have been around for hundreds of years. Hand-held flashlights were introduced about 1900 with the availability of dry cells and incandescent bulbs. Early bulbs were often too fragile to survive the acceleration of firearm recoil.

The earliest United States patents for weapon-mounted lights are for a revolver with a bulb mounted in a shock absorber below the barrel and the grip modified to hold a battery and include a pressure switch.

A firearm is normally held in both hands to shoot the weapon. Most modern weapons will have an on/off switch mounted on a wire. The switch is then mounted within easy reach of the firer’s fingers. Most modern firearms will come with small lights mounted inside the barrel or on the hand guard of the gun.

The lights are much more expensive than the hand held lights, because they must be designed to withstand the recoil of the firearm, and the dedicated mounting hardware also adds to the cost.

On the plus side, the weapon mounted light is always aimed in the same direction as the barrel, making it easier to aim, while on the down side, it’s always pointing at the target, making it easy for the weapon-mounted light to illuminate the target. Sometimes this can cause problems with rules of engagement and might make the weapon-mounted light inappropriate for your mission.

There are lights that are designed to be mounted onto a rifle, shotgun, or handgun; however, some lights are not specific to any particular type of firearm.

Modern firearms are incorporating Picatinny rail systems. With these, you can mount almost any type of light, including ones with more traditional mounting systems. Most of these mounts come as a complete assembly and include everything you need.Q: Error in mysql query with where clause I have a query which is not working properly. I have no idea why its not fetching the records. Its displaying all the data.

An infrared light in conjunction with night vision goggles can mitigate concern about revealing the user, so long as the target lacks night vision. Also partially mitigating this risk associated with a visible light tactical light is the ability of the tactical light user to temporarily disrupt the night vision of the target.

For police SWAT use, long-range weapon lights with exceptional range have always been a problem. They are a serious issue, with one report saying that a hostage taker was able to shoot at the hostage negotiators with a semi-automatic rifle while being lit by a high-powered flashlight.

Officers are able to mount their modern weapon giving them an extended range of out to beyond 300 meters. This has enabled officers to blind suspects and protect officers closer at hand from being detected and therefore allows for a better resolution of the situation with less lethal force.

Lighting Battery

When it comes to the most efficient type of flashlight, there is no doubt that lithium-ion is the only choice. It provides a long shelf life, good specific energy, and excellent efficiency. It is also the only type of flashlight that can handle temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Alkaline batteries are more susceptible to voltage drop due to high internal resistance when discharge current rises. This means that the battery’s effective capacity decreases as the rate of discharge increases.

A primary cell is the battery’s power source; it provides energy for the device to work. This is different from a secondary cell, which is recharged and then used many times after the initial charge.

Rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries and nickel cadmium batteries are more economical than alkaline and lithium batteries. They’re also used in lights with heavy use and are more economical than rechargeable lithium batteries, because they have rapid capacity loss.

Lithium-ion and NiMH batteries can extend the shelf life of rechargeable flashlights. Some new tactical flashlights incorporate the ability to be recharged via a USB cable.

Lighting Bulb

Bulbs are chosen based on the desired brightness, color temperature, and battery life. High-performance bulbs are generally used, such as xenon bulbs or high power LED lights. LEDs provide maximum battery life due to their energy efficiency.

Compared to their older counterparts, today’s LED bulbs offer brighter light output while consuming less power and being more durable, which makes them ideal for use in a variety of indoor lighting applications. Most important, unlike their xenon predecessors, they’re not affected by the shot recoil of a firearm.

High-lux, high-efficiency white LEDs have led to a wave of brighter and more energy-efficient tactical lights.

Lighting Illumination Types

The most important type is tactical headlights. This is for law enforcement use where you want maximum safety in dim conditions.

A tactical light is a device that combines a light source with a laser sighting device. The two are sometimes combined into one multifunction unit to provide the user with low-light targeting, illumination, or both.

How to Hold a Flashlight When Using a Gun

When you have a gun you’ll want to hold the flashlight in this hand and have the other hand around the gun grip. This will make it much easier for you to control both the gun and the flashlight at the same time.

Whether it’s for shooting at a target or hunting game, using a weapon-mounted light while trying to avoid shooting yourself or others in the dark is a real pain. The main issue with night sights is that because they are mounted on your gun, you have to point your gun at your intended target before you take the shot.

No one wants to be in the dark when shooting. The problem with night sights is that while you can see your sights so you can align them, if it’s too dark you can’t see the target and whether it is actually a threat.

Some folks just don’t like the idea of carrying around a heavy, bulky light or night sight, even if they need them. They’ll have to get a smaller, tactical flashlight to help them see what’s going on around them.

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What Are The Best Airsoft Boots #82

airsoft boot

What Are The Best Airsoft Boots

Some players wear sneakers or other airsoft boots, but we think that nothing compares to a solid pair of combat boots when it comes to proper airsoft footwear. Combat boots are designed to offer better ankle support, to protect you from injuries, and provide good traction for movement across rough terrain.

Combat boots come in hundreds of styles, including zip-up, waterproof, heatfriendly, steeltoed, and more. There are plenty of options out there to try if you’re looking to find your boots! We’ve compiled a list of the best of the best to help you find a boot that works for you.

A classic style jungle boot, the Rothco Classic Military Jungle Boots are an ideal pair of boots for those who enjoy the outdoors and are always on the move. They’re made with waterproof leather and have a classic military look that will last for years to come.

With a canvas and leather construction, a vulcanized Panama sole, and military-grade durability, this classic work boot will look good for many years to come. 

This is a very good option for those who want a boot that’s lightweight but still able to offer a comfortable fit. It’s ACU-approved, and it has plenty of traction and a long lifespan.

The best hiking boots for military personnel are these lightweight and durable boots designed for military personnel. They feature Vibram soles, which are super durable, and they’re also the lightest on our list.

A tactical research, lightweight hybrid mountain boot. Prices may change.


Benefits of Waterproof for Airsoft Boots

If you get waterproof construction boots, you need them to keep you dry, first and foremost. With advancements in technology, this feat has become possible without the need for full rubber, which can cut off all air circulation.

Modern materials are designed to keep water out while letting air move freely. Manufacturers can accomplish this by perforating the fabric with tiny holes that are too small for water droplets to go through but are large enough for air molecules to move through.

When it’s hot outside, your shoes get very hot and your feet sweat. You can combat this problem by purchasing a pair of waterproof leather shoes, but you’ll still get sweaty if you work in the rain or if you work inside a poorly ventilated area.

airsoft boot

Walking is important for you, so make sure your shoes and boots are waterproof, comfortable, and fit properly. This will help you enjoy your hike or walk without being bothered by sloshing and dripping water.

It might not carry harmful chemicals or bacteria that could affect your health if you expose your feet to it. The shield of waterproof boots blocks out the elements that cause water damage to your skin.

When it’s wet, it can get very slippery. If you don’t have the right shoes, one slip could result in a fall. This is a problem, especially if you are just walking around.

It’s important to look for high-quality waterproof boots. You’ll want to find out what kind of weather condition you’re likely to be working in, and whether or not you’d like your boots to work with water or with oil.

Benefits of Breathability for Airsoft Boots

Keeping water out might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to consider the consequences: if you’re sealing moisture out, that also means you’re sealing it in. In other words, a waterproof shoe won’t breathe nearly as well as a non-waterproof design.

Worn correctly, non-waterproof boots are good for all types of outdoor activities. They make it much easier to breathe and let sweat out of the boot, so you don’t get soaked when you’re outside.

It will keep water out of your shoes and provide much needed ventilation, so even in hot, humid conditions your feet will remain much drier.

If you want to prevent sweat stains, go for the waterproof, breathable version of the membrane. This is the only waterproof membrane that actually lets moisture evaporate. We’ve found this works well in cold and mild temperatures, but the real benefit comes when the temperature climbs.

Breathable footwear are great for all hiking and backpacking, as they allow for moisture to leave the foot and evaporate. This allows for maximum dryness of the foot, which prevents blisters, fungal infections, and athlete’s foot, and also helps to prevent odor from developing on the foot.

Shoes that are made from rubber or other materials with high moisture absorbency allow your feet to sweat less. This can lead to many skin problems such as blisters, rashes, and infections. When the shoe covers the foot, it results in an interior environment different from the surrounding air. The temperature and humidity inside the shoe will always be greater than the air.

The higher the materials can transmit moisture, the greater the reduction of sweat around the foot. Moisture absorbency helps breathability, resulting in improved foot comfort. Simple perforations are another effective method to improve the breathability of hiking shoes.

Shoes with proper ventilation are very important. They keep your feet dry when you’re walking in cold weather, and cool when it’s hot. And they don’t take up too much space. So, don’t be afraid to use combinations of materials.

These are high-tech, breathable, durable shoes that keep your feet cool when hiking and climbing. The trekking shoes have an upper composed of synthetic fabric with patches of synthetic leather for durability, and decreased the weight, making them easy to wear.

Synthetic materials are usually more permeable than leather. The most common man-made materials in hiking shoe uppers are nylon meshes. Nylon mesh which is knitted instead of woven is more popularly used because its strength doesn’t depend on the tightness of the weave.

Benefits of Lightweight for Airsoft Boots

You’ll learn how to pick lightweight shoes for airsoft game, plus other tips and tricks to help make your airsoft game experience enjoyable.

His mom mentioned that he left those boots at a friend’s house. The clunky boots were his back-up pair. At the end of the hike, he quickly pulled off his boots and sweat-soaked socks, letting out a sigh of relief. It was important for him to have a good pair of shoes for the hike.

Young explorers need to wear footwear that is lightweight and breathable. Heavier and stiffer footwear makes it harder to maneuver around obstacles, like rocks and overgrown roots.

When it comes to hiking and backpacking, the best footwear is a pair of high-quality lightweight hiking shoes. They should be durable and have traction, which means they will last for many miles. 

Benefits of Durable for Airsoft Boots

Airsoft game shoes should be designed to withstand the elements, especially rain and snow. They should also have good cushioning and shock absorption. You should wear them for a long period of time before considering replacing them.

Airsoft game in rough and rocky terrain means you need durable airsoft game boots, which have a higher quality leather than regular airsoft game boots. You’re going to get more out of your pair of leather airsoft game boots if they last a little bit longer, and that’s why they should be made out of leather.

A durable upper is achieved with toe bumpers and stitching as reinforced toe and heel provide durability and protection. A durable sole is achieved with materials and traction design. Tactical and military boots are designed for heavy duty use and are very durable.

Military boots are known for their durability and the protection they provide. In fact, the military uses them all the time, so they know the right footwear to wear. You can learn to make the best use of the boots you have at home.

The shoes need to protect your feet from many dangers, such as abrasions, heat, humidity, dangerous animals and plants. They should also be hard-wearing, abrasion resistant, and able to perform well in less than ideal conditions.

Military Combat Boots

Military boots can be used by anyone. You don’t have to be in the military or law enforcement to wear them. Whether you work an active construction job or are running a difficult terrain on your next backpacking trip, military boots work effectively.

They are durable, versatile, and flexible, providing reliable support and toughness that any outdoorsy person can benefit from. Different kinds of military boots are available, and the kind you need depends on the environment you’ll be using them in.

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Umarex Gauntlet 2 PCP Air Rifle Hunting Kit #81


Umarex Gauntlet 2 PCP Air Rifle

A solid piece of equipment for any hunter! The Umarex Gauntlet 2 PCP Air Rifle features a high-quality bolt action, a powerful 10-round capacity, and a sturdy aluminum frame that holds up well even in tough conditions.


The price is a bit high for an all-out assault weapon, but the build quality is fantastic. As far as I’m concerned, the only downside is the length. It’s not as compact as other handguns, and you can’t get away with carrying the Gauntlet 2 in a coat pocket or under a shirt.



The Umarex Gauntlet 2 is the perfect PCP air rifle for value-minded shooters. It’s designed to provide the highest performance for the lowest possible price and continues to redefine the PCP air rifle market.

The Gauntlet 2 improves on the original Gauntlet by combining a large power increase, a completely redesigned stock and a lot of additional features and upgrades.


The Umarex Gauntlet 2 air rifle delivered some of the best groups we’ve ever produced. It is also extremely accurate for a non-factory-calibre barrel.

It produces good groups with most of the popular JSB test pellets from the lightest alloys to heavy Jumbo monsters. So it’s definitely not pellet-picky. Like most PCPs, the power level increases with pellet weight.

That’s a significant increase in power, over 1000 fps muzzle velocity for any pellet of 14.66 grains or less. You can see from the chart below that this level of performance matches or exceeds that of some of the higher end PCPs HAM has tested.

Here’s another confirmation. Our 25-Yard test target shows 10-shot groups that are ALWAYS larger than the 5-shot groups that you’ll find in testing elsewhere.

The 25-Yard, 10-Shot Target has been incorporated into the HAM Test of Accuracy Review to demonstrate that our new HAM technology delivers on our claim that it achieves a level of performance on par with the results achieved when testing Gauntlets at.22 caliber and.25 caliber.


This is a pretty good trigger for the price. There are a few design issues, but for the most part it functions as expected.

The average trigger pull weight of the Gauntlet 2 was about 2 pounds and 6 ounces. It was slightly heavier than the original Gauntlet pistols we tested, but not quite as heavy as some other competitors. It provides a clean two-stage action with a pretty consistent sear release.

I really like the way the trigger feels, as it does not have the smooth, soft, polished feel of a Benjamin Marauder trigger. It also seems to work as well or better than anything we have tested in PCPs at a price lower than that of the Marauder.

On all of the modern AK-patterns, the bolt carrier group is pinned to the receiver with a locking detent. (Below.) These pins are released by using a long lever on the left side of the gun. It has two parts, a short, fixed part that swings towards the back of the receiver and a long one that is fixed in place.

The original Gauntlet was designed to fire the same way as an AR-10 or an M16 rifle. With that in mind, we kept the same basic dimensions of the new version, which means this is still an oversized bolt handle and a heavy, rather rough, cocking pull.

Even with this bigger bolt handle, the cocking effort for the Gauntlet 2 is still quite high. All Gauntlet models have the highest-velocity bolt action the HAM Team has ever tested.

The Gauntlet series from Umarex is built with a hammer spring that’s stronger than any other airsoft pistol currently available, making it easier to cock than other guns. But it’s the design of the barrel that really takes this model to another level.

To be sure, it’s far from impossible to cock. And it’s something that the owner will become used to. It’s also slightly easier than the original version. Most people will likely find it a very acceptable part trade-off for the significantly increased power of the second generation Gauntlet.


Umarex is making some claims for the Gauntlet 2, which we’ll examine now. They claim that the.22 caliber version will shoot pellets in the 1,100 fps range. That claim is true.

With this rifle, we could expect muzzle energy from 6 Ft/Lbs. If you don’t have a preference between the two grains, I’d probably suggest shooting

The muzzle energy for the Gauntlet 2 is about 36ft/lbs, which is obviously well above the manufacturer’s claim of 18ft/lbs. The improved baffling in the shroud of the Gauntlet 2 compared to the previous version is said to reduce noise level by 8dB.

HAM makes sound level assessments subjectively. But it’s clear that the Gauntlet 2 is definitely backyard friendly and quieter than the first version. Further, a claim for the Gauntlet 2 is that it provides more consistent shots than the previous version.

The test also showed that the shot count for the original Gauntlet is less than the HAM. Another claim is that the cocking effort has decreased by 15% compared to the original Gauntlet.

I think the cocking effort has been reduced. I haven’t measured the cocking effort, but my subjective impression is that it’s somewhat lower than before.


The Gauntlet 2 impressed in a number of ways, with consistency, quality and durability being among its highlights. It delivered consistent performance from a wide range of pellet weights, with an average accuracy that was better than we had anticipated.

There is no doubt that this PCP air rifle delivers excellent consistency from any regulated rifle at the “value” end of the price spectrum. The one tested by HAM delivered 62 very consistent shots until the pressure dropped below the regulator set point.

This is an excellent shotgun! Compared to the original Gauntlet, its shot curve is very consistent and the trigger pull weight is very reliable. You can be assured that if you pick one of these shotguns up you’ll like it.

It varied between 2 Lb 5 Oz and 2 Lb 7 Oz in HAM testing. It’s clear that this level of consistency is consistent—with the other Gauntlet models HAM has tested before. So this isn’t unexpected.

It’s fun to find and record, but the best part is that it keeps going.


Umarex’s fully-shrouded barrel makes it one of the quietest guns in the industry. While it may be quieter than other fully-shrouded barrels, it doesn’t make a lot of noise at all when shooting.

The thunderous roar of the high power JSBs hitting the earth backstop on an outdoor 25 yard range actually sounds louder to the shooter than the gun firing! But, as with any air rifle, if the pellets fly at faster than 1,125 fps or so, they will break the sound barrier and create a loud sonic boom.

All pellets are not created equal. Some have different densities, some use different materials, some are more aerodynamic or less. But all are meant to create the same effect: to burn longer, easier, and cleaner.


The Umarex Gauntlet 2 comes supplied without iron sights or a bundled scope. This is like the original version. However, there’s an improvement – the second generation Gauntlet has a Picatinny rail for an adjustable red dot mounted optic.

It’s the same as the original Gauntlet, but now the rails are mounted to the sides, with the barrel mounting holes on the top and bottom, making for much more versatility in mounting.

It has the advantage of allowing the traditional airgun/.22 rings to be fitted. Indeed this is the fitting method we used to mount the scope for this HAM review. For this HAM review, we installed a Leapers UTG 8-32 x 56 scope.

The Umarex Gauntlet 2 large scope is a heavy, high magnification, high value scope, which matches well with the design philosophy of the Umarex Gauntlet 2. Its total weight is 11 Lbs, which is accurate to the size of the gun it is designed for.


The Umarex Gauntlet 2 is a large air rifle. Overall length is 47 Inches, which is longer than most PCPs. The all-up weight of the rig tested by HAM was 11 Lbs 0 Oz, including the scope.

However, the long front-mounted HPA tank brings the center of gravity well forward. It’s manageable, but could be a tough proposition for smaller shooters to hold steady. Obtaining a good cheek weld – so important for practical accuracy – is facilitated by the adjustable cheek piece.

The new “screw locking” system allows for easy vertical adjustments of the scope rails, even when using the standard “T” mounts.

To get more bang for your buck, the upgraded stock design of the Umarex Gauntlet 2 allows for a bipod to be installed. M-Lok slots are incorporated in the upper sides and the base of the forend.

In order to test this, we mounted a Leapers UTG “TBNR” bipod to a Picatinny rail adapter installed in the M-Lok slots. The result was solid and sturdy.

Shooting with a bipod is the most stable way to shoot the Gauntlet. You should try it if you can.


This is a better Gauntlet than the original version. It’s more stylish and better looking.

This looks good in the video I watched, although the one piece design might be hard to conceal in a hunting situation. The new Gauntlet is very sleek, though. It is very nicely done, and the Flat Dark Earth is a nice look.

There are many downsides to this watch that make it less desirable than other models. For example, the band is not made from the highest quality materials, and overall finish is about average for the price.

What about the HPA tank? There’s one with a gloss black finish, and it’s in a different price range.


If there is anything that will disappoint you about this gun, it would be the lack of a 10-round magazine, as there is no longer a need for this in an emergency situation. However, there is a 10-shot magazine, a single shot tray and a de-gassing tool bundled with this shotgun, so there is plenty to like about it.

The Umarex Gauntlet 2 uses a detachable regulated HPA bottle. This design makes the unit much easier to use, because it doesn’t require you to insert a probe into the barrel to adjust pressure, which is a common cause of leaks.

It’s a smart design, as it allows the pressure gauge to be located on the side of the gun. The gauge itself is incredibly small and difficult to read.

It’s frustrating that Umarex has not yet produced a gauge that is more legible and more convenient for the consumer. To provide the best service we can to our customers, HAM recommends that you use only the larger gauge on an HPA tank or compressor when filling your Gauntlet 2.

Since the new Gauntlet 2 Gun has a high HPA fill pressure of 4,500 PSI, we’ve had an immediate question. Can it still be filled from a hand pump? The answer is yes. Because the regulator is set for a relatively low 1,900 PSI, you could use a hand pump to charge the gun with High Pressure Air.

Most people only fill to 3,000 PSI at the most. For most golfers, that will be enough to hit balls that are a bit more forgiving and easier to control.

Even though the regulator pressure has been climbing for the past few years, it’s still relatively low. Hand pumping thus remains a viable possibility for most owners.

Umarex Gauntlet 2 Hunting Kit Specs

Max Velocity1075 fps
Overall Length47.0″
Weight10.0 lbs
ScopeableWeaver & 11mm dovetails
Suggested forSmall game hunting/target practice
Caliber.22 (5.5mm)
Muzzle Energy33 ft/lbs
Barrel Length28.25″
Shot Capacity10
Front Sightnone
Rear Sightnone
PowerplantPre-charged pneumatic
Max Shots per Fill70
Body TypeRifle
Fixed/adj. powerFixed
Cylinder Size393 cc

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How To Airsoft Team Building #80

airsoft team building

The Perfect Airsoft Team Building Exercise 

A standard part of every organization is airsoft team building exercise. It increases company productivity and builds long-term relationships. It’s easy to pick a team-building exercise for your company, you just need to figure out which sport or game is most popular in your industry, and then have your employees participate in it.

There is just one thing to it. If you’re interested in this program, then you should consider taking part. The company and team will benefit from it. It could include playing games or participating in sporting events. Basketball is among the most popular airsoft team building activities for men.

airsoft team building

Some airsoft team building activities may be more suited for female participants. You may want to try a sport like volleyball or swimming. There are many considerations that should be considered in planning an airsoft team building event. It needs to be something that your employees have never done before.


Fun And Enjoyable Team Building In Airsoft

You need to make sure that it’s enjoyable. There are a number of factors to take into account when planning a team-building event.

Think about the size, duration, and size of your team. The activity should not be too long or short. If your team is ready for the activity, consider that. If the activity is meant for your small business, then you want activities that are appropriate for the size of your workforce.

It is important that the activities are suitable for the size of the team. There are a number of team-building activities that are suitable for any size company. A team-building activity that is appropriate for your company should help your staff become more bond to each other, while helping them get their competitive spirit re-kindled in a light-hearted and adrenaline-filled activity. A successful business needs staff bonding to be successful.

This activity will help your staff get to know each other better and foster a competitive environment that will encourage them to do their best. Incorporating airsoft into your company team building activities can provide several benefits. It’s affordable, for a number of reasons. The fact that it doesn’t require a lot of time and equipment is a good reason to use it as a corporate airsoft team building activity.

Benefits Team Building Exerise In Airsoft

This guide to the best airsoft guns lists all of the equipment you can rent or buy to make your game the best one yet. It explains why it’s a great airsoft team building exercise.

In today’s competitive environment, teams must be able to adapt to changing conditions, perform effectively under pressure and use teamwork to outsmart opponents. In paintball and airsoft, teams develop all of these skills. There are a lot of unique benefits to the Airsoft games. They can help build confidence, boost self-esteem, improve mental acuity, and enhance sense of purpose.

The organization’s members can realize their skills and talents, while having fun at the same time. Airsoft offers a fun, exciting, and challenging physical fitness program for employees of all ages and genders. This activity is great for people who want to improve their health, and learn new techniques that will improve their mental abilities.

Everyone’s knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses can be developed by playing airsoft, a physical and mental exercise. Airsoft shooting and similar games can help improve communication within your team and help develop team spirit and trust between members of your team.

Value Of Responsibility in Airsoft

These activities can teach your employees the value of responsibility, and they can create unforgettable experiences with their colleagues. Digital television systems and methods are generally related to the invention.

The invention relates to a system and method for conveying information about content that is used in conjunction with digital televisions. It’s a fun activity that your team members will enjoy doing again and again. There is a Takeaway.

The excitement that comes with the guns and the game itself are what people think about when they think about the benefits of airsoft. It’s not easy to understand why anyone would want to play this sport. Airsoft is just a violent game where you can be shot by other players and sometimes even get killed The members of the organization should be given the chance to discover and believe in their abilities with an airsoft team building activity.

It should be something that all team members can enjoy. It’s an activity that helps relieve stress, fosters creativity, and builds camaraderie with others. There are things you can do to boost your productivity and performance.

Why an Airsoft Team Building Activity Can Transform Your Business

An airsoft team building activity can make a big difference to your business. A fun way to pass the day off is the planning of an airsoft team building event. It will greatly improve the way you communicate and work together in the future.

The success or failure of your business can be attributed to communication and collaboration. A majority of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication as a reason for workplace failures.

The good news is that at an exciting, unique airsoft experience, you can have fun, practice teamwork, and gain new skills. How it works and how it impacts your business are some of the things you will learn.

Create High Stakes Fun

Everyone is having fun with High Stakes Fun. Employees who are having a bad day or feeling uninspired will benefit from activities that get them out of theircomfort zone. There are a lot of fun activities for teams of two to three hundred people.

This is the best airsoft you can find. There is a large area that is just right for our players of all ages and skill levels to come together in one place, and a high-stakes sport with a competitive atmosphere that is just right for our players of all ages and skill.

Fun games Friendly competition A safe environment where no one will be afraid to show their stuff An opportunity to meet new people and make new friends The chance to improve your skills A great time to spend with your teammates having an opportunity to participate in a sport that is fast-paced, exciting and fun.

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Don’t get comfortable in your business or career. Stay on top of things and be flexible. Don’t simply stay where you are as your business grows. It’s important to take chances and learn new things. Break them out of their comfort zone with an airsoft team building activity that challenges and rediscovers their strengths.

Keep it simple The point of team-building is not to make your team members feel like they’re competing against each other. Team-building should be fun. This means that the activities should be short and simple. You don’t want your participants to feel overworked or overwhelmed.

Be creative The best team-building activities are unique. They should also be fun. In other words, they need to engage participants. 

Promote Trust and Communication

Keeping everyone informed is the best way to keep everyone on their toes. The more you keep people in the loop, the better they will work for you and your business.

Team building challenges are designed to get your group working together and offering support to each other so that you can become successful, even when it is just for the day. Those who learn to trust and communicate with each other are the ones who are the most successful.

We all have things we would like to improve. Whether it be our work ethic, our communication skills, or our ability to be a team player. Team building challenges are an excellent way to make those improvements.

Communication is one of the most important skills to have as a business owner. It is often the difference between being a successful business and not. By having team members who can talk with each other, they can provide feedback and keep everyone on the same page.

Teamwork is something that takes practice, but is worth the time and effort. Working together as a team allows everyone to share their ideas and expertise. They learn how to work with others and develop new skills and ideas.

Leadership is about making sure the group gets the job done in the best possible way. You will need to set goals, delegate responsibilities, and make sure everyone is on board with what needs to be accomplished. 

Learn to Value Each Other’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Encouraging other’s strengths and weaknesses is something you should be open to. It is easy to get carried away with our daily responsibilities and duties. It is tempting to try and hide our own weaknesses without addressing them and finding ways to compensate.

Airsoft requires your team to work together effectively and hone their individual skills, but it also requires your team to learn to lean on each other and recognize when their weaknesses become assets by helping to fill in the gaps.

If you are a leader, you are tasked with encouraging your team to do this. However, there are times when you need to encourage others to lean on their own strengths and weaknesses. In this article, I will discuss how you can be more aware of your team’s weaknesses so that you can encourage them to address them.

It is important to understand that no one likes to feel weak or inferior, especially in front of a group. It is natural to want to hide your weaknesses and make yourself appear stronger than you really are. However, if you do not acknowledge your weaknesses, then you risk creating even more problems for yourself.

When we talk about acknowledging our weaknesses, it is not necessarily an admission of defeat. Instead, it is a recognition that we are human and we all have flaws, no matter how good we may seem to be. 

Develop New Memories

There are new memories that you can develop. What lengths have your most tenured employees been with your company? A few years, that’s right? Do you think it will take over a decade? Take your team members on an exciting adventure. Give them new memories with the thrill of an airsoft team building activity, we use cookies to personalize content.

We’re proud to say that our playing field is the best in the Southeast. Whether your group is looking for a corporate team building event, a family reunion, or a birthday party, we can help with your needs. Based on your objectives, our experts will be able to develop a unique event. 

This has all the goals you are aiming for

It’s a must read for anyone who wants to improve their communication skills. If you can adapt to the conditions, you can find that teamwork is critical. Business leaders are never as good as the people they lead. You just use the best score, which is usually just one person on the team, because each individual is working alone.

The events learned quickly that Rambo isn’t going to save the day. They need to work together and make quick decisions on how to attack, defend and accomplish the task at hand before the opposition does. This is an airsoft team building project.

If you love to play the airsoft that has different equipments or camouflage design for you to choose such as digital patterns, woodland patterns, digital camouflage patterns etc. to support you to win the airsoft game. You can also use the 5% off promotion code to select your adaptive camouflage clothing and subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest information and promotion.

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Airsoft Helmet Setup Beginner To Advanced #79

airsoft helmet

Why Wear an Airsoft Helmet

There are airsoft helmets designed to protect your head. They can be used to protect you from injuries like bumps and scrapes. The helmets are made to protect your head from injuries that could be related to using a real firearm.

It would be foolish to not wear a helmet during a war game because it is quite dangerous. It can make your gear look more realistic, as many people overlook this for the so-called cool factor.

airsoft helmet

A lot of players want to achieve the coveted operator look of modern military forces, while others want to complete animpression, which is a look that replicates the costumes worn by militaries from around the world and in different time periods. It’s a good chance that your hobby has evolved into something that you enjoy and want to continue.

When you’re ready to add an airsoft helmet to your collection, there are a few things that you need to consider. How to choose the right airsoft helmet, what it costs, what kind of accessories you can attach, and how much you can expect to spend.


Helmet Rail System

A concept for an airsoft helmet rail that would offer additional protection for the wearer’s head and also the equipment strapped to it was revealed by the agency. You can attach a variety of accessories to your airsoft helmet, including the rail system.There are a number of different options for this rail in today’s world, each with its own advantages and differences.

Although we are in the middle of a new rail design for our ballistic combat helmet, we will tell you about our struggles as we tried to put out a model that not only had a great function but also looked great as well.

The first concept we tried had a simple flat plate. This model had an outer shell made of a soft material like leather or suede. The inner part of the shell was made of a hard plastic, and the middle of the airsoft helmet was filled with foam. The plate is attached to the airsoft helmet with Velcro strips. The main problem with this design was that it felt very uncomfortable on the head.

The second model we tried was a model with a flat plate that was divided into three parts: front, back and sides. The side part was attached to the airsoft helmet with Velcro strips. This model had a nice shape, but it was too small and did not offer enough protection. We decided to make it bigger and attach the front part to the airsoft helmet with Velcro strips. This helped us to make the model more comfortable to wear and gave us more space for attachments.

The third model was similar to the second model, but we made it slightly bigger. The front part of the model was attached to the airsoft helmet with velcro strips. The last model we tried was very similar to the second model, except that we replaced the front part of the model with a curved piece. The piece was made of plastic and attached to the helmet by means of two screws. We also tried to make the piece look more like a helmet rail.

Night Vision

Do you mean non-ballistic or Ballistic? It’s up to you if you want to. If you’re hunting hogs, you may not need an airsoft helmet at all. If you’re using night vision equipment, you will want to purchase an airsoft helmet that protects your eyes.

The armor won’t stop small arms threats like the name implies. It will keep you safe if there is a big impact. You will stay cooler and the eyes will remain clear. All the high-end tactical helmets are made to look like ballistic helmets and include built-in shrouds to accept NVG mounts.

These airsoft helmets will allow you to see outside during tactical missions. The night vision helmet has a hybrid design. The trade-off is that it doesn’t have all of its protection. If you’re going to get shot at, a full night vision helmet is what you need.

Helmet Morale patches

A team patch is the main use of the Airsoft patch. Before the match starts, the people are divided into teams and they will lend you a team patch that you can wear on your vest or helmet. It is easier for you to notice who is with you. It isn’t an issue if you don’t have a patch because it doesn’t improve your performance.

The reason why players like to have it is to show off. You shouldn’t feel pressured to buy a patch because everyone else has one. The patch can be used to show who your teammate is, for example the patch will have a different color. The majority of the patches that you purchase at stores feature a patch. You can remove the patch and apply it on any other surface that has it.

Most of the helmets have patches on them that can be stuck onto them. They are water resistant, so you don’t need to worry about it falling in the rain. If you wear regular clothes, you can purchase a sew on patch kit, but if you don’t have a patch, you can use the velcro patch.

If you have a lot of patches to apply, applying patches to your clothes is not the most convenient solution. If you can’t sew them, then you should use a patch made out of velcro. It is possible to wash it with a patch on it. If you have sewn it, this isn’t the same.

Helmet Covers

Military uniforms are usually used to hide headgear and equipment on the head with helmet covers. A helmet cover is usually made of canvas or cotton and comes in many camouflage designs, for example: woodland, desert or urban, and different camouflage patterns like MARPAT and ACUPAT.

White is the standard colour for helmet covers, it is used in most UN peacekeeping operations. White covers can also be used if you need it in a snow region. The rubber band is attached to the helmet cover to keep it from sliding.

Most armies have helmets that are covered with their army’s camouflage pattern, but some use a different camouflage for example the Austrian Bundesheer wear several different helmet covers instead of one standardized cover. Modern camouflage cloth covers are mostly used on modern combat helmets, and all camouflage cloth covers have cut-out for placing foliage anyway. When moving, attaching too much or too long foliage is a mistake.

These are some of the words that describe the different types of armor and helmets used by ancient and medieval warriors. When you want to design a medieval-inspired suit of armor for your own game or movie, the names of some of the equipment can help you.

Strobe Lights 

With hands-free tactical helmet lights that have the use of both hands for weapons, pens, toilet paper, or any other tasks that require a bit of light at night, this review is all about them.

Remember a headlamps around your neck or airsoft helmet. The elasticity of your headlamps is a problem. The mount on the airsoft helmet is not a problem. That thing is very bad. It’ll be a problem if you’re going to get any wet. The light is so close to your face.

The perfect solution is install on the airsoft helmet. These are the solutions that could be mounted directly to an airsoft helmet for the right solution. Some of the most popular helmet lights and what we like and dislike about them will be covered.

Spare Batteries

Dry cell batteries are allowed in carry on baggage. Similar to those used in electronic devices, these include alkaline, nickel-cadmium, nickel metal hydride, silver oxide and carbon zinc batteries. Whether the device has a screen, light, alarm or both, it must be protected from impact and create sparks.

The device has to be protected from activation by using atrigger guard or preventing the “on/off” switch. This rule applies to all electronic devices The batteries have to be packaged to prevent short circuit. 


It’s not difficult to have a camera, but you need more than one camera to get the best quality footage. A camera isn’t enough to capture everything that is happening during an event. The number of people editing an interview is higher than just one, that’s what I agree with you about.

When you record a few takes, you will likely lose focus because the camera on your head does not point directly to your face. Why don’t you use a camera mounted on your gun to shoot at what you see instead of just shooting from a first person perspective? You can use one of your cameras and figure out the angles yourself, but this would be much simpler. It is likely that you will need more cameras if you are going to create and post content on the internet.

For people who are creating content, they usually have three to four cameras, one mounted on the gun, but facing towards the player, where they are shooting. The goalkeeper’s view of the goal is usually from the other side of the goal line or the top of the net. The 4th camera allows the view of the field to be more complete when this happens. If you place the tripod in a defensive position or a scenario where players are likely to meet each other, it will be a good idea.

Eye Protection

A face mask is more than just a way to protect your eyes from harmful rays that they can be install on the airsoft helmet. It should be used to protect your eyes from flying objects and debris. If you’re in need of eye protection, your mask should offer it, but you can also use the internet with it.

It’s important that the materials you wear are of the right size. You will be surprised at how many different ways a real BBs can get under your mask. A good pair of goggles can protect against a lot of these things, but if you’re unsure, keep your head covered. There is nothing worse than sweating your eyes out and seeing nothing through the sweat when you are playing a game.

There are a lot of different anti-fogging eyewear products on the market. You can make your own anti-fog pastes, sprays, wipes, or even spit them into them. It is best to look into wire mesh eyewear, which is used to keep plastic masks fog-free, because we see where that doesn’t go over too well.

How Do I Setup My Tactical Helmet

There isn’t a single one-size-fits-all way to setup an airsoft helmet. The type of headgear you wear and what equipment you mount to it depends on a number of factors, the main ones being: What kind of threats you might face. tac helmets are available in a number of different styles.

Others can’t be tested to be bullet resistant, but bullet resistant helmets can be. If your airsoft helmet has night vision capabilities, you will want to check it out. If the mission requires you to film or record, you will need a camera. It might be necessary to attach a camera to your head for camouflage purposes or to film with night vision. You want to be aware of the latest cameras available for your production.

It is possible to make the best possible choice for your needs. It’s possible that you need a multi- cam helmet for camouflage. There are times when you need to play with the padding, chin strap, and other things. To get the right fit with your equipment mounted to it, you have to get the right fit with your airsoft helmets. The design and material of an airsoft helmet are just as important as the fit of the airsoft helmet.

If you love to play the airsoft that has different equipments or camouflage design for you to choose such as digital patterns, woodland patterns, digital camouflage patterns etc. to support you to win the airsoft game. You can also use the 5% off promotion code to select your adaptive camouflage clothing and subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest information and promotion.

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Is It Okay To Reuse Airsoft BBs #78

airsoft BB

Can I Reuse My BBs

The answer is yes, you can use your airsoft BBs again. But, there are some caveats to this process that you need to be aware of. You can reuse your airsoft BBs if you’re willing to take a few precautions, and also follow a few guidelines.

airsoft BB

How to Reuse Your airsoft BBs First, make sure your airsoft BBs are clean. You can use a damp cloth or a soft brush to clean your BBs. You should use the cloth or brush to remove any dried-on residue or dirt. If you have a microfiber cloth, you might want to use that instead.


Damaged BBs

Plastic BBs can break and deform with little provocation. So, if you plan on using plastic BBs for a long time, you should invest in quality airsoft BBs, which is what we recommend.

What Are the Benefits of Quality Airsoft BBs?

Quality airsoft BBs have a higher lifespan and better performance than plastic ones. Quality airsoft BBs will also give you a much more accurate shot. The best quality BBs are made from metal, and they are harder to damage than plastic.

However, the downside to quality airsoft BBs is that they cost more money than plastic. How Do I Choose the Best Quality Airsoft BBs? To make sure you’re choosing the right quality airsoft BBs, you need to know your needs. What type of shooting do you plan on doing?

BB Sizes and Weights

Luckily, there are ways to figure out what you need so you don’t end up shooting the wrong kind of ammo. Here are a few things you should know about BB Sizes and Weights. What’s the difference between airsoft BBs? BB stands for Ballistics.

It’s just a fancy word for “ballistic bullet”. When you fire a BB gun, it’s a bullet that’s made out of metal or plastic that hits your target at speeds of around 600-700 fps. The first BB guns were made from lead, which is heavy and makes for a great projectile.

Since then, different materials have been used to make airsoft BBs, like aluminum, brass, copper, even tungsten. Airsoft BBs come in different sizes, and the size refers to how many grains they contain. A BB is made up of a tiny number of grains, usually an 8mm BB contains more than an 8 grain BB, but less than a 12 grain BB.

Dirt and Debris

The first thing you should do is get a cleaning kit. Most people would use the stuff from their local auto parts store or even Wal-Mart. The key to cleaning your gun is to use the right cleaner. Some are better at removing rust and dirt, while others work great for removing oil and grease.

I like to use a combination of both because I don’t want to strip my gun’s finish or damage it. The next thing you’ll need is a good brush. If you have a stock of magazines and no brushes, this will lead to damage, jams, and other unhappy issues that you’ll need to pay money to fix or buy a new one.

What About Washing Airsoft BBs

Why would anyone want to wash them if you were to think about it for a second?

Unless you are absolutely desperate for a new pair of Airsofters, there is absolutely no reason to do so. During the collection process, there will be some airsoft BBs that may not be viable due to dents or scratches, and you will most certainly collect them.

Can they just spray it with a can of gun powder if they want to wash the new airsoft BBs? You might think that this is more likely than it is. I would not use them even if you were prepared to wash them. 

BB Material

The best way to ensure you’re buying the highest quality airsoft BBs at the lowest price is to go for the best plastic.

Both are ABS plastic and biodegradable. Both types of bullets splinter and crack more easily when you shoot them into your gun.

You should also look for airsoft BBs that are beginning to decompose. For example, the best airsoft BBs that I’ve found so far come from this company. Their airsoft BBs are made of 100% biodegradable material. And their manufacturing process is completely safe for nature.

What Can I Do to Reuse Airsoft BBs

If you load your BBs into grenade, claymore, and booby trap grenades, you will get more value out of them. You can use them to practice reloading as well. These devices don’t carry the risk of a bad BB damaging it, but it can be costly to load up with brand new BBs every time you want to use them.

A single claymore can hold up to 700 BBs, so you can save a lot of money by using them again. It can be used for target practice if you shoot at a thick cardboard box. To cover the opening of the box, you will need a thickly padded pillow, a cardboard box and a paper target. When you blast through the target, the pillow slows the BBs down.

Because they can’t escape, the BBs stay inside the target for easy collection. In some arenas, used BBs can be used to fill sandbags. After sweeping up the arena, old BBs are emptied into sacks, which can be used to build cover and obstacles. They are a great way to keep BBs in place while they are being stored. It doesn’t mean you can’t get the same results with your old brassieres.

How Can I Reduce My Footprint

Is there anything you can do to reduce your environmental footprint while playing airsoft?

There is no denying that the game can be very hard on the environment. Microplastics affect the environment and we are learning more about that. There’s a pretty big potential for serious litter with plastic airsoft guns. There are many plastic-free products that work well for you.

Plastic-freeBBs are almost indistinguishable from regular plastic BBs, but they break down in 90 days if you leave them out in a sunny location. If you want to play at the outdoor ranges, it is a good idea to buy bio-degradable BBs.

Since the need to use them is already covered, they are well worth the investment, even though they are slightly more expensive than traditional BBs. It is not advisable to recycle your ABS BBs.

Class 7 plastics can be difficult and have toxic chemicals, so they won’t be accepted. They are going to end up in the landfill anyway. Try to come up with a better way to reuse them, such as for target practice indoors or for grenades.

Collapsible Stock Collect BBs Easily

You should also consider the number of shots you need for a game. You can get a lot of shots out of a single BB, so it is important to choose quality BBs that don’t fall apart easily. There are many airsoft guns on the market today that are made of metal or steel.

These guns tend to be lighter and easier to handle than plastic guns, but they are still heavy. This can make it hard to move around and take cover. If you have a lot of airsoft games to attend, you may want to invest in a heavier gun. You could even get a gun with a stock and a barrel, like an M4 or AK-47, which would weigh less than a semi-automatic gun.

You can also get a collapsible stock. A collapsible stock is great because it can fold up for easy storage. It can be used for outdoor play as well as indoor play. You can also find collapsible stocks that work for any airsoft gun. They allow you to carry the gun more easily and keep it more compact.

You can even buy a collapsible stock for a real rifle. You can get a collapsible stock for a plastic gun as well, but you might have to cut it to fit your gun. You can also look for collapsible stocks that work with airsoft guns. There are many other options that you can use to reduce your environmental impact while playing airsoft. Just be sure that you don’t sacrifice your performance. 

Reused BBs May Be Decomposing

There are other types of gun-grade plastic, such as high density polyethylene and polyvinylchloride (PVC). The gun grade plastic is made from these types of materials, which makes it ideal for shooting.

However, it is not all good news. If you are going to pick up a bio BB rifle, you need to be very careful to avoid accidentally loading it with real bullets. When you are done shooting, you don’t want any of these small plastic pieces to get into your gun.

Reusing Airsoft BBs Often Leads to Jamming of The Gun

It’s common for people to save money by buying them in bulk and using them multiple times. This is not a very good idea. If you want to save a lot of money, it’s a good idea to avoid reuse.

Buying a brand new gun is much riskier than purchasing a spare magazine. If there is one thing that we know about the gun world, it is that they can easily jam. It’s better to buy a spare magazine and carry around the spare rather than buying a new gun and shelling out thousands of dollars.

You should be aware of the tools you will need to do the job if you need to fix a jammed gun. You can find a lot of information online, but the best thing to do is to use a gun cleaning kit, which will allow you to clean your gun in your own home.

Reusing Airsoft BBs Can Damage The Inner Barrel

It is possible to damage the inner barrel by using airsoft guns. The performance of the gun will be degraded if you have a lot of BBs that are full of dirt and dust. It is easy to use your gun, but keep in mind that you need to take care of it so that you don’t cause harm.

Cleaning your barrel is the only thing that needs to be done. Permanent loss of accuracy can be caused by the damage to theBBs from a shuttered corner.

At the first sign of trouble, you have to check your shells for a damaged shell. When it comes to a good gun cleaning, the first thing you should do is polish the barrel, then you need to buy a new inner barrel if the gun is really bad.

New BBs Are Not Expensive

The cost of Airsoft is not very high. If you only play on the weekends, you could save up to $8 a month, if you don’t spend your weekends digging holes. This is very good advice, as it makes it easy to calculate what back pain you are getting for spending this amount.

It is time to look for a cheaper source for airsoft BBs if you find yourself buying them at a higher cost than what the above is worth. The ones from the floor are not as good as those from the cheapest ones.

You don’t have to go for the higher priced ones. If you are not a true Rambo player, you will usually be good for a few days of long airsoft gaming with 2000 BBs. Most people don’t spend more than $20-$30 a month on BBs, even if they play excessively.

There is no doubt that a well made and tested pellet gun will always shoot better than a cheap and poorly built one. The average person doesn’t have enough money to purchase a gun.


If you love to play the airsoft that has different equipments or camouflage design for you to choose such as digital patterns, woodland patterns, digital camouflage patterns etc. to support you to win the airsoft game. You can also use the 5% off promotion code to select your adaptive camouflage clothing and subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest information and promotion.

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Do US Marines Use Airsoft Guns In Training #77

airsoft guns in training

Do US Marines Actually Use Airsoft Guns In Training

Have you ever wondered whether US Marines actually use airsoft guns in training? You may not have realized this, but US Marine Corps training is more than just running through the woods and shooting cans off of trees. Airsoft training is a regular part of the training program for US Marines.

The US Marines are known for being professional and trained professionals with developed combat mindset and strategies. If you ever want to see one in a field opposing you, you definitely should remember this. I did some research and talked to some people who have experience, and they say the Marines love to play airsoft.

airsoft guns in training

The US Marines don’t practice with airsoft guns, but they usually have other airsoft players in the airsoft field. They use the real steel guns with training ammunition for training because airsoft guns just don’t meet the requirements such as the recoil, accuracy and range or clear indication that someone has been hit.

There are several types of training scenarios where airsoft guns can actually be used, and they include, but aren’t limited to, scenarios where airsoft guns can be used by Marine’s.


Airsoft Guns Are Not Ideal For Training

There are two main kinds of airsoft guns, which are the real deal and the replica, although replica guns are becoming more and more realistic over time, in general, replica guns are less expensive than real guns and are good enough for training purpose.

It’s no secret that airsoft guns are more affordable than their real counterpart. And for those who shoot a lot, they can turn into a smart choice if you wish to practice or train with real steel guns in a safe manner.

For me, the best part of airsoft is that you can shoot it as often as you like, but with real guns you need to be careful with your neighbors and the law. The best part about airsoft replicas is that they’re much easier to handle than real guns.

No one knows if the laws of any state are stricter than others, but the laws of the US are much different from those of other countries. However, for those who want to be armed, the best thing is to have a training.

This is a good starter airsoft gun that will get the airsofter started. It will help them develop their shooting skills, and in the process of learning to aim accurately and hit the right targets, many will find that they enjoy it enough to want to buy a real steel gun.

I’ve been testing and comparing various airsoft guns on airsoft field. You must check my post if you want to know about that.

Replicas are very accurate in both size and shape. The tolerances for the grips are close enough so they may not be an issue for most players. However, in some cases, the magazine may not match the exact size.

Another great problem that we often see in the fields is the inability to call hits consistently every time. This is not only about cheaters who do not call hits on purpose, but it also happens quite often that a noble player simply does not register getting hit with a very first BB and it is not their fault.

I promise you that if you get shot, both you and your ancestors will feel it. Of course, there had been some cases when soldiers would not register being hit by a real bullet because of a high adrenaline rush, but they would still feel it after some time and face the consequences.

To become properly trained for real world scenarios, the US Marine Corps must take things a step further and leave nothing to chance.

Real Steel Adjusted Guns Are Better For Training

Real steel guns are good for Marine training. They don’t differ much from the real guns, but they lack the deadly power that you must have in any training scenario.

If you want to be an elite sniper, all you have to do is take your own rifle and add training ammo, known as simunition, then you’re ready to go.

The AR15 rifle is already a training tool, and with some extra training, you can be proficient with it. The gun that has blue markings including the major blue colored upper receiver is marked so everyone can tell it a part from the real one.

The beauty of this is that you can still enjoy the sensation of real gunfire, just as the weight, range, and accuracy and the ability to call each hit.

This Is How Simunition Training Works

After the upper receiver has been replaced by the training blue one and the magazine has been charged with simunition rounds, the modified gun shoots the simunition rounds at 300 FPS being powered by the cartridge primer.

Airsoft guns can be easily classified as low velocity or high velocity guns. The velocity range for an airsoft gun varies between 300 and 400 FPS. A recipient does not have a problem calling a hit when a shot goes at lower velocities.

The bullet projected at this speed has no capability to cause injury, but it sure does leave the visible marks on a body. The projectile is rather like the paintball ball, than an airsoft ball and is made of a soft plastic.

Simunition rounds can be dangerous if they hit the eyes or face, but airsoft BBs, just like paintball ammunition, are more dangerous. All soldiers wear protective eye and face gear to keep themselves safe.

Marines use M16 and M4 Carbines for these training purposes because it lets them learn to be more in touch with the actual gun they plan to use in real life battles.

Would Airsoft Players Be Good Marines

This is one of those questions where there is no simple yes or no answer. Everyone is different and it would really depend on each individual airsoft player. However, I can tell you that if you are thinking about becoming an infantry Marine then I do not think you should go for airsoft as a hobby.

I learned the following: playing airsoft awakens the warrior spirit in some people; if you play to cut off time, airsoft can become dangerous; no matter what happens, the situation in a field is never dangerous and the only danger comes from people who don’t wear safety goggles; if someone accidentally steps in mud and falls on their nose, they can be hurt, and that injury could be deadly.

This game is not for the squeamish. The real battlefield is a thing completely different and all useful airsoft tactics, aim skills and team cooperation fall apart once the real treat is in front of you. The airsoft player is used to getting hit and calling hits, but once the real treat hits you there is no respawn.

Almost all players use the same basic approaches, and there are many variations of airsoft games which are all based on these principles. In the end, no matter how many different versions of the game there are, the basic principles are still the same.

Sure. If you want to show your skills in a very short period of time, CQB would be great for that. However, if you are a player that needs to train hard over a long period of time, then I think shooting would be more useful.

I was once told that plastic BBs differ that much from the real stuff. The real bullets can penetrate some walls and doors, and you too can do the same with plastic BBs.

Can Airsoft Skills Translate to The Firearms At All

Is airsoft good for improving shooting? As I have said before, the skills a person can learn with airsoft guns can indeed translate to the real firearms, but the person should be disciplined and focused about acquiring these skills.

Besides other great benefits, in this mentioned section you can learn about how a Japanese airsoft player managed to surprise an instructor with his aiming skills.

It’s more than just knowing how to aim and shoot, most importantly it’s about teamwork, sustaining the pressure, and being physically and mentally ready for every outcome.

You can never have too many guns and if airsoft is really that much fun then you must play it more often.

Using Airsoft to Supplement Your Firearms Training

Airsoft guns have become a favorite hobby for many soldiers. They are used in lieu of live ammunition for training purposes, and some even supplement their firearms training.

The Soldiers were armed with airsoft weapons. They have orange tips. These are replica airsoft guns. Let’s compare airsoft guns with real guns. A: The first airsoft gun was invented in Japan in 1960, and the first airsoft games were played by students in Taiwan in 1969.

The 9mm Luger pistol, with it’s unique recoil, provides a fun and realistic simulated experience. You can also attach real-life tactical attachments to it.

Cost for Airsoft Training

Great for practicing gun manipulation, and for drawing. It’s very inexpensive. The big selling point for me was the low price. I could buy a bag of 3,500 airsoft BBs for $7.

The low cost of airsoft makes it accessible for beginners. Since you’re not shooting real bullets, you don’t need to take the same safety precautions as with a real gun.

With practice, you can do anything. You don’t have to spend hours at the range to enjoy shooting. Just go to your garage or backyard, get yourself comfortable, and take aim.

Training In A Safe Way

Airsoft is a safe way for students to practice a variety of tactical skills, such as speed, strength, awareness, communication, teamwork, and more. It’s a great way to have fun while learning new skills.

You can actually get a stingray, which is not dangerous but painful if it gets too close. The sting ray feels nothing but pain as it sticks to you and is not a dangerous animal. The sting ray feels nothing but pain as it sticks to you and is not a dangerous animal.

Airsoft guns are good for practising shooting, but they’re not an exact replica of a real firearm. They’re safe because they’re low-powered, and won’t go off unless you really want them to.

Feeling for Using Airsoft Gun in Training

The trigger pull on real guns isn’t the same as on airsoft guns. Recoil is nowhere near the same, and the noise level isn’t the same. Airsoft guns can’t be practiced for malfunctions or reloading.

With airsoft, you can train to get the same feeling and adrenaline rush as when firing a real gun. So why not give it a try? You’ll learn why you should train with airsoft, what to expect if you decide to buy an airsoft gun, and what types of airsoft guns are the best.

I just can’t replicate that feeling when I’m firing my airsoft gun. Because of this limitation, it’s important that you don’t completely replace real live fire training with airsoft.

You should continue to take your gun out for training whenever you can. Airsoft is a step above dry fire training, and a step below live fire.

This is a really useful tool to have in your arsenal of firearms.

KWA ATP-LE2 Pistol Airsoft Specs

Max Velocity350 fps
Overall Length8.0″
Weight1.6 lbs
Suggested forSkirmishing
Barrel Length4.68″
Shot Capacity23
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightBlade
Rear SightFixed
TriggerTwo-stage non-adjustable
Hop UpAdjustable
MaterialMetal/ABS plastic
Body TypePistol

If you love to play the airsoft that has different equipments or camouflage design for you to choose such as digital patterns, woodland patterns, digital camouflage patterns etc. to support you to win the airsoft game. You can also use the 5% off promotion code to select your adaptive camouflage clothing and subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest information and promotion.

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Why Do Some People Use a Silencer For Airsoft Guns #76

airsoft helmet

The Truth About Silence in Airsoft

There is not a lot of truth in the fact that airsoft suppressors don’t work. There are many different models and people often claim that they do not work and still some say that suppressors are a must addition to their arsenal they do not want to play without.

airsoft helmet

You may have heard that silencers aren’t recommended for airsoft rifles, but that is not true. You can safely use them.


What Does a Silencer Do in Airsoft

The basic goal of a silencer is to either suppress the air coming out of the top of the gun, affect the appearance or provide protection to the gun barrel. You must not forget that Airsoft is a sport that imitates the tactics and weaponry used in real wars and operations, therefore sometimes a tool or a device that works like a charm in the real war situation may not work to its full potential when imitated.


However, there are suppressors available in Airsoft, however, they do work but the effects are not that mesmerizing as you may think at first.

The Silencers Are Used for in Airsoft

When you play games like Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid, Hitman or any movie in which the protagonists use stealth to succeed, you’ll want to upgrade your favorite replica with a silencer. This way it will become more tactical and superb.

Some people might only need to use the silencer for a reason, but they can usually find plenty of reasons that go hand to hand with the visual reason.

Barrel Extensions Coverage

The barrel is made from aluminum and steel, so it is durable. It is also very light weight which makes it easy to use. You can easily store it in your pocket when not in use. A great gun for beginners is the.22LR Ruger 10/22.

Weihrauch HW44

This is a basic starter gun. It comes with an adjustable stock and has a simple cocking system. The barrel extensions cover up the ugly part at the end of the barrel, so you won’t have to worry about that.

The Sound Reduction

When considering the sound suppression of a replica, it’s important to realize that every silencer produces certain sound reduction, and that the result can vary greatly depending on the type of replica that you have in mind.This site uses cookies to provide you with more responsive and personalized service and to collect certain information about your use of the site.

There are two major types of foam suppressor that are designed for silencers. The two most popular types include the “inlet”, which allows you to hear where the sound comes from, and the “outlet” type, which has the sound source pointed away from you.

The Sound Reduction on Non Blowback Gas Guns And Spring Guns

This new type of gas pistol is equipped with the sound reduction technology. With it, you will enjoy an increased reduction of the noise. It is mainly produced at the very top of the gun where the air gets out. So, if you connect the silencer and get some reduction in the sound, you’ll enjoy this advantage.

Weihrauch HW44

Silent guns are good for hunting without scaring away the game. They don’t make a lot of noise so you can hunt at night, or even during the day if you set up the gun far enough away from where you will be shooting.

If we take a look at the gas guns we can say that the difference is the same, but if we take a look at the spring guns, there’s a huge difference in sound quality. On the gas guns the difference is not so big as it would be for the spring guns.

The Sound Reduction on Gas Blowback Guns and AEGs

The sound reduction on gas blowback guns and AEGs. There’s a sliding and moving mechanism that collides with metal parts, which causes the sound of the gun on its own. The same thing goes for the AEG when it produces its own sound.

If you play in the same band that is playing right next to the main stage, then it could interfere with the amplification system.

Tracer Units

They are installed on the top of the replica to look cool, and besides they have one big function, they light the BBs that glow in the dark!


This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen in Airsoft. People use these in CQB scenarios when playing at night. In short, there are phosphorescent BBs that glow in the dark when fired, and they look really cool doing it.

There are many types of BB guns, and if you want to play the game at night, then you need to check this out. It’s a cool device that will help your BBs illuminate when you need them to. You can find one of these crazy devices on Amazon here.


Guns, like many other weapons, have many types of safeties. A rifle with a fully automatic fire mode, like some sniper rifles and some machine guns are designed to fire as fast as the weapon will allow.

This is so the weapon can keep up with the user’s rate of fire. A semi-automatic rifle is designed to do one shot at a time when fired.

What is The Most Effective Military Camouflage

Most rifles that are designed for hunting use this mode of fire, but a few rifles designed for combat use this mode of fire. Safeties on firearms are usually in the form of safety devices that disable the firearm. They can be either mechanical or electronic in nature.

Barrel Extensions Protection

The inner barrel extension can be easily replaced if something happens to it. The replacement inner barrel extension will be made from the same material as the original one. The replacement inner barrel extension will fit perfectly into the gun.

If you install an inner barrel extension incorrectly, you may have problems with the accuracy of your weapon. The inner barrel extension is made from the same material as the barrel. This makes the weapon more durable.

airsoft team

There are no moving parts in the inner barrel extension. This means that the inner barrel extension doesn’t need maintenance and lubrication.

Do Airsoft Silencers Affect Accuracy

Airsoft silencer do not help you with accuracy, so you better look elsewhere if you need to increase the accuracy and range on one of your airsoft guns. If you need to do that, then you should try on other stuff first, and not on silencers .

What is The Most Effective Military Camouflage

The best way to improve your accuracy is to check your hop-up, clean the barrel, and use heavier-sized BBs. You’ll also have better results by using a lighter breeze than heavier ones.

Do Airsoft Silencers Increase or Decrease the FPS

Silencers are for everyone, not just for airsoft players. You will be surprised how much fun you will have with a silencer. The next topic is a good choice for beginners. They are cheap and easy to make.

They can be made out of many different materials. You don’t need any special tools for this. And there is no need to be a professional. It is very easy to make one. A few minutes is enough to make a good one. You will be surprised how simple it is.

What is The Most Effective Military Camouflage

If you love to play the airsoft that has different equipments or camouflage design for you to choose such as digital patterns, woodland patterns, digital camouflage patterns etc. to support you to win the airsoft game. You can also use the 5% off promotion code to select your adaptive camouflage clothing and subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest information and promotion.

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Which is More Fun Airsoft or Paintball #75

Airsoft vs paintball

Airsoft vs. Paintball: Which is More Fun and Why?

Airsoft vs. paintball has been a hotly contested battle ever since it was invented. The two teams seem to always be in a perpetual fight over which activity is better, and today we’re here to finally give a ruling.

airsoft helmet

There are many good things to do on a rainy day. If you’re looking for something different, try indoor paintball or airsoft. We have lots of fun at the same time, so you’ll see why this activity is called a blast.


Equipment & Gear

Since airsoft is a game that imitates warfare, both the equipment and the guns must be made in a combat-ready atmosphere. As such, the weapons are made from actual steel, which gives them a realistic feel and look. Because there is such a wide range of types, models, and features available, it is easy to find what you want.

Airsoft are the real deal. You don’t need to be a pro in real firearms to shoot like a pro. With this weapon, you can become a real pro, and practice at home!

As an airsoft player, you may enjoy the variety of airsoft guns and accessories available to you. Airsoft games are more than just a hobby; they can become a great outlet to develop your competitive spirit and skills in an easy-to-learn and fun way.

When you talk about paintball, you’re talking about paintball markers. Paintball markers have pretty much the same appearance in any situation. They’re a classic shape that looks the same in any context.


It’s a completely different type of ammunition and the equipment is completely different. The best way to play airsoft is with airsoft gun-style guns that propel the ammunition out of the barrel and away from you.

Further more, paintball players are always focused on creating special equipment for the team, using colors and tag names.

Which Hurts More?

Both airsoft and paintball involve using a weapon to shoot off a projectile that eliminates a member of the opposing team. Airsoft and paintball use guns and require players to hide in a pre-determined perimeter.

But, when you look more closely, you’ll see that, at a closer look, there are a lot of differences. In fact, the differences begin sticking out even before you get to see the weapons and the gear. They begin at the ammunition.

The airsoft equivalent to a real gun is a plastic projectile called a BB. They vary in weight and, in some cases, are made of metal, rubber or even glass. They’re normally about 6mm in diameter.

Airsoft vs paintball

In the event that you choose to use paintball guns as a weapon, it is best to keep a few things in mind. First, the paintball guns use low-velocity balls (weighing around 3g and measuring between 2.3 mm and 3.5 mm). And second, these are the guns that use compressed air to fire the paintballs.

You can only imagine the result if a person gets shot with a paintball and a BB at the same range and speed. We actually did an entire article talking about the differences in pain, so check it out here.

Airsoft shooting differs from traditional paintball shooting in many ways, one being that it’s more sensitive to the environment and to weather. The result is that airsoft ammunition requires a lot more care than traditional paintball, so if you’re looking for a lot of fun without worrying too much about the bruises, airsoft might be the better option.

Realism vs. Game

The game is different from what real guns and rifles would be like, but if you take the time to find out more about Airsoft, then you will soon get used to the difference. The game may seem like real war when the guns and weapons aren’t any different, but the style is a lot different.

The army has a lot of strategy games like this. Some of them are based on real battles. For example, there are airsoft events that have worldwide competitions.

Airsoft vs paintball

The weapons are also realistic and the gear is very military-like. So, for those of you who want to live the soldier experience, airsoft is a fantastic choice. On the other hand, paintball is a team sport and the activities are exciting, while still allowing you to relax afterward.

Paintball is a sport where the aim is to hit the other player or players with paintballs. It’s a lot like baseball in the sense that there’s lots of players and players are trying to hit each other with paintballs.

Which One’s Best: Airsoft or Paintball?

They’re both great, but each is better for some players than others. You’ll have to decide for yourself which one you like best.

Also, airsoft guns are awesome these days. They’re heavy duty, built with metal, wood, or durable ABS, and have amazingly well-designed internals, so they look and feel real.

Airsoft vs paintball

In comparison to other types of target shooting, paintball is a good sport. You will enjoy the sportsmanship and the teambuilding aspects of the game. And because they are non-lethal, there is no fear of accidentally shooting your friend, as you might have with a real steel rifle.

If you play soccer or football, both sports will help you improve your concentration, teamwork and leadership skills, and work on your fitness. Also, if you like playing outdoors, you can enjoy time in the natural environment, which is highly recommended.

Low Impact Paintball VS Traditional Paintball

A traditional paintball weighs in at 3.2 grams and travels at 280 feet per second. The formula for calculating impact energy is as follows: Energy = 1/2 Mass x Velocity Squared.

Using this formula, we can determine that the traditional paintball has an energy level of 11.65 joules. We have also developed a.50 caliber paintball that weighs only 1.3 grams and travels at a slower 250 feet per second.

Airsoft vs paintball

The new low-impact paintball option provides less impact than the traditional paintball you already use, which is good for younger players, or those who aren’t confident using standard paintball.

Low Impact Paintball: Less Pain, More Fun

New players have the wrong expectations for paintball. If you’re a new player, don’t get caught up in the hype and start by playing against others who know how to play, but start by playing with people who are just learning how to play.

Playing low impact paintball isn’t as painful as traditional paintball. It provides an enjoyable introduction for first-timers and younger kids.

What Is Low Impact Paintball?

Traditional paintball equipment and supplies are heavy and have an impact on how well you shoot. Low impact paintball equipment uses small.50 caliber rounds that are less likely to cause any injuries.

Airsoft vs paintball

A.50 caliber paintball can have up to one-third of the impact energy of a standard paintball. This means you may feel the effects of being shot by a.50 caliber paintball, but it’ll sting far less.

The game is more exciting, and it’s safer. You don’t have to worry about bruises and you can focus on the game itself rather than being worried about the pain of getting hit.

Advantages of Low Impact Paintball vs. Regular Paintball

Advantages of Low Impact Paintball vs. Regular Paintball Aside from less pain, low impact paintball offers several advantages over the traditional version of the game.

Some of these include:

Smaller paintballs allow for the use of lighter weight and more compact equipment like air tanks and hoppers.

Airsoft vs paintball

Low impact paintballs make the guns more gas efficient, so players can spend more time playing and less time filling air tanks.

Low impact paintballs use slightly less paint, so mess is kept at a minimum and the game is more environmentally friendly.

The reduced pain means that kids as young as eight years old can play and have fun!

Low Impact Paintball at Insane

Paintball at Insane is a low impact paintball game. You’ll play against your friends in an all new, safe and clean facility. The only thing you’ll feel is a little sting when the paint hits your skin.

Airsoft vs paintball

If you love to play the airsoft that has different equipments or camouflage design for you to choose such as digital patterns, woodland patterns, digital camouflage patterns etc. to support you to win the airsoft game. You can also use the 5% off promotion code to select your adaptive camouflage clothing and subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest information and promotion.

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Ataman BP17 PCP Air Rifle #74

ataman bp17

Ataman BP17 Air Rifle .22 Caliber

This review features the Ataman BP17 air rifle, a.22 caliber hunting rifle. It weighs 5 pounds and the barrel measures .50 inch in diameter. It is built from lightweight aluminum and features a free-floating action. I shot this rifle with a variety of ammunition, including Barnes, and it did an excellent job of stopping everything I used.

The ATAMAN BP17 air rifle is an outstanding compact PCP. This gun is great in design, and it’s very easy to use. The trigger is excellent for any type of shooting, and the look of this gun is fantastic.

ataman bp17

In fact, the ATAMAN BP17 is too light, as it was never intended to be a high-end hunting rifle. Instead it’s meant to be an all-round hunting weapon and therefore does not excel in every field. However, if you appreciate the handling of the compact model and do not plan to use the 4,350 PSI fill pressure, it’s the perfect compact weapon for you.

The ATAMAN BP17 is a HAM Gold Award winner, so if you want to take your skin care to the next level, this is the perfect book for you.



The Ataman BP17 is a bullpup style air rifle with a unique shape. It’s made with high quality materials and finishes. You’ll love the Ataman BP17!

This is the most compact PCP air rifle ever. Maybe no other air rifle even comes close to matching its performance. The HAM Team will guess that the majority of Ataman BP17 air rifles will be used for hunting paired with a quality scope.

A complete set of air rifle accessories such as this one that costs $2,000 has got to be seen to be believed, but if you want one and like the idea of owning this, then you must accept that you’re willing to spend the money required to get one.

It’s a unique, special design that we absolutely love. We can’t wait to share it with you.


Ataman BP17 air rifle, using Gamo Raptor alloy pellets. Maximum muzzle velocity achieved was 974.91 FPS. Using this type of pellets has given the Ataman BP17 the very high speed.

This is in.22 caliber. But like most of the guns we’ve tested from this airgun manufacturer, the highest FPS was not accompanied by the best accuracy or greatest muzzle energy. The greatest muzzle energy, however, was usually achieved with the heaviest weights.

For anyone who wants to make a H&N Baracuda Match air rifle, this will be very satisfying. In this case, the heavy H&N Baracuda Match pellets gave both the best accuracy and the highest Ft/Lbs on test.

At 25 yards, the ATAMAN BP17 tested by HAM gave a group with a CTC of.377-inch x.393-inch for 10 shots. A good shot from Stephen Archer, but he was adamant that Doug Rogers would have achieved a still tighter group!


It’s hard to believe that there are so many differences between the ATAMAN BP17 and the BP20, but the fact that the two are essentially identical means that the ATAMAN BP17 will likely be an excellent choice for a shooter who has never shot before or has had a few years of experience with a different platform and needs something smaller and lighter.

No, Zero Pounds eight ounces! This pull weight is great for target shooting. It’s definitely too light for a hunting gun, however. It can give a new owner a surprise or two until they become used to it. It’s been a wild day for cryptocurrencies.

This is a heavy pull weight meaning that there’s a second stage trigger with a long travel and a slight ramp up. This makes it an extremely effective design. The effect seems like a double action; when you first squeeze the trigger, the striker is pressed forward into the casing. There is no reset. After that, the striker remains held in place by the striker spring until the trigger is released.

Compared to most other guns, the cocking of the Ataman BP17 air rifle is not an arduous task at all. The best part of the gun is the location of the cocking lever. In many bullpups the cocking lever is way back in the rifle.

The gun is mounted to the left side, and it can easily be operated by using your thumb and forefinger on the side of the pistol. The cocking lever is located at the front and is just forward of the trigger guard.

It takes some time to master the basics of operating your own semi-automatic pistol. However, once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to do! You don’t have to “feel” for it or use your fingers to operate it. Instead, simply push the cocking lever all the way forward and let it go.

Remember that with a multi-shot air rifle, like this one, there’s no double feed prevention system in it. If you cock it twice with the magazine in place, it WILL shoot two pellets at once (or possibly jam).

The answer to your question is simple: don’t do that. The design of the gun is obviously intended for the cocking lever to work from the right side. As HAM Tester Doug Rogers is left-handed, we were very interested in this option.

Indeed the company really made and sent a video to the customer service people showing how to make this change. This is just one example of the outstanding customer service Rustam at Ataman provides. While a cocking lever change is something that can be done, it’s really a professional job and not one for the average user.

If you are a left-handed buyer looking to buy a Ataman BP17, please tell your dealer to modify this rifle before shipping. It is a push-across type, and the safety is easy to engage. But don’t push it all the way out towards “fire”.


The Ataman BP17 tested by HAM met, or exceeded, the manufacturer’s specifications. The Ataman BP17 specs call for a maximum muzzle velocity of 840 fps with .89 grain pellets and a muzzle energy of 25 ft/lbs with .89 grain pellets.

We were able to fire 35 shots in a fill. The manufacturer’s claims state that the pump shoots 25 shots. In this consistency test, we fired 35 consistent shots from a 300 Bar fill.


Consistent quality across all tests shows how well the Ataman BP17 was made. With virtually no variation in trigger pull weight, it is a high-quality product that will meet the needs of its users with absolute precision.

The HAM test revealed that the smallest cartridge for the HPA H380 that produced the best shot consistency was the HAM test pellet. The average was only 3.85 FPS, which is outstanding! The shot count of the gun tested was surprisingly long for such a small HPA tank of only 100 cc.

The graph clearly shows that a consistent shot was obtained with 15.89 Grain JSB pellets at operating pressure of 130 Bar (1,885 PSI).


The Ataman BP17 air rifle features a full-length shrouded barrel that is very quiet to shoot. It’s quieter than our “Gold Standard” for backyard-friendliness, the Benjamin Marauder.

This rifle is quieter than the majority of air rifles on the market today. And it doesn’t require a power source to fire.


The Ataman BP17 air rifle is supplied without a scope, which means the choice of optic is wide open. There is a Weaver / Picatinny rail for scope mounting.

But – like most bullpups – you’ll need either very high rings, or a riser mount in order to achieve a comfortable and accurate shooting position. And while – in theory – any scope will work, it clearly benefits from a shorter one rather than a longer one.

There’s not many air rifles that have objective scopes which are further forward than the muzzle.


A solid performer in this price bracket. Pointability is excellent, and the gun features a full length 14.5 inch barrel.

The ATAMAN BP17 is designed for the hunter and sportsman who wants an all-round, no-nonsense shotgun for the shooting range, the field, or even a long-range home defense. It’s not the most comfortable gun ever made. It does, however, offer excellent performance at an economical price.

The gun was designed for indoor use only, and is made from durable, high-impact polycarbonate. It has a single-action trigger and is fed by a unique magazine.

The compact size of this handgun is obviously ideal for concealment. However, it’s best not to load the magazine into the breech too quickly. That could damage the firearm.

When you release the trigger you’re rewarded with a fast paced shooting action, and when you see the green light go out of the scope it means you’ve got a target in your sights.

With the Picatinny scope, you can have 4 magazines. They simply slide in and are held by detents. When the magazine is empty it can easily be removed from the gun.

That’s 6 in the mag in the breech, plus 27 in the mags in the scope rail. The wrap around design of the BP19’s rear stock upper offers a comfortable cheek rest for both left-and right-handed shooters. A new poll shows that most U.S.

This is an area where many bullpup designs fall short and Ataman has covered well. The Cheek Comforts are a critical component of a great bullpup shooting position.The role of the dorsal vagal complex in the regulation of the arterial pressure in dogs.

“The gun is easy to shoot” was all left-handed HAM Tester Doug Rogers could say about the left-handed BP19 after the first 30 shots.


The gun is almost entirely encased in its black, soft touch wood stock. Its finish was flawless on the example tested by HAM. It looked and felt beautiful. The finish on the few metal parts visible from the outside was also excellent.


A specialist long-range air rifle, it’s no surprise that the Ataman BP17 air rifle is found primarily at dedicated Air Venturi dealers. 

Air Venturi offers parts and service for many different types of vacuum pumps. The ATAMAN BP17 is supplied with a complete range of accessories, including two magazines, several Allen wrenches, replacement O rings for the fill probes, and two brass fill probes.

There are two HPA male quick disconnects on the other end, which makes them both ideal for use with most HPAs. The instruction manual is in English only and is very well-illustrated, including a complete parts list and diagram.

Nowadays, there are many types of air rifles and they are widely sold. However, it is difficult to get the products you want with a limited budget. There is an option for everyone who wants to get their favorite air rifle.

A fill probe is a simple device which simply pushes into the tank from either side, allowing you to fully charge the tank. However, this requires some attention as most HPAs will require a maximum of 4,350 PSI to fully charge the tank, however, you are unlikely to get a full charge of the ATAMAN BP17, so you may need to use it more frequently.

Of course, the regulated action means that it’s not necessary to completely fill the gun with HPA every time. But if filled to a lower pressure, the result will be less full-power shots per fill. To avoid the frustration that this brings, it’s probably best to fill this air rifle with an HPA compressor dedicated such as the Air Venturi Nomad.

When you fill up a tank of compressed air, you’ll always hit the psi limit at least once, even after a long time. However, one thing you’ll notice with the Ataman is that it features a pressure gauge that is set right in the buttstock. As a result, you won’t have to look down the barrel to check the pressure level.

The HAM Team really likes this for safety reasons. And it also has a de-pressurizing capability built in. This is done using an Allen key through the underside of the stock. That’s another good safety feature.

Ataman BP17 Specs

Max Velocity840 fps
Overall Length23.85″
Weight5.1 lbs
Suggested forSmall game hunting/target practice
Caliber.22 (5.5mm)
Muzzle Energy25 ft/lbs
Barrel Length14.5″
Shot Capacity7
Front Sightnone
Rear Sightnone
TriggerTwo-stage adjustable
PowerplantPre-charged pneumatic
Max Shots per Fill25
Body TypeBullpup
Cylinder Size100 cc

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