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Crosman Bushmaster MPW Full Auto BB Gun Review #27

Bushmaster MPW

Crosman Bushmaster MPW Full Auto BB Gun

Crosman reports the Bushmaster MPW’s maximum muzzle velocity is 430 FPS with steel BBs and, from what the reviewers have been saying, it’s wicked accurate right out of the box. Just load up the 25-round drop-free magazine, which also holds its two 12-gram CO2-cartridge power plant, give the ultra-realistic charging handle a pull, flip the selective-fire switch to FUN (also known as full auto) and send a stream of BBs downrange at a sizzling 1400 rounds per minute.

Based directly on the wildly popular full-auto Crosman DPMS SBR M4 replica CO2-powered BB gun, this follow-up model does not disappoint. From its genuine heft, familiar controls and raging rate of fire, to its two-tone black/flat dark earth color scheme and the included red-dot sight, this thing just screams authenticity. It even accepts real-steel AR stocks and grips, along with a multitude of accessories and optics, thanks to its quad rail forearm and Picatinny optics rail.

Bushmaster MPW



At only $200 for a brand new, unlocked Bushmaster MPW (a full-auto sub-machinegun!), this BB gun is a lot more economical than a DPMS SBR or CMMG AUG. Functionality is very similar to those weapons as well.

The HAM Team would like to see an SBR priced between $150-175. The DPMS SBR from Velocity Outdoor is currently selling for the same price.

The DPMS and Red Dot both come with a – probably – superior red dot sight, a built-in flip up iron sights, a separate forend grip, a spring-loaded BB speed loader, and are compatible with both mil-spec and commercial.223/5.56 NATO ammo.

You’ll score a 100 percent in the Value for Money category, if you go for the DPMS.357 Desert Eagle. The Bushmaster MPW Full Auto BB Gun comes with a “cool factor”.


The Bushmaster MPW Full Auto BB Gun is not – as far as the HAM Team is aware – a replica of any specific Bushmaster firearm. However, it appears to be most similar in appearance to the Bushmaster SquareDrop Pistol, although with a fake suppressor and collapsible stock.

Bushmaster MPW

It’s hard to deny the very strong “shorty AR” resemblance. Anyone handling the MPW will immediately recognize the feel, balance and weight, and operational characteristics of the M4 platform.

The manufacturer makes the claim that their stock, pistol grip, and other accessories designed for centerfire ARs will fit the Bushmaster MPW Full Auto BB Gun.

The MPW is a tricked-out M4 clone and looks, feels and handles like a true, original U.S. made and assembled M4.


HAM Tester Doug Wall found that the Bushmaster MPW Full Auto BB Gun delivered excellent accuracy. At 6 Yards, all the HAM test BBs grouped easily inside one “minute of soda can”.

The Umarex M4 Subgun continues to be our top choice for the best BB guns for.22 caliber ammunition. It’s accuracy is never going to rival what the best high-end rimfire rifles can do, but it can certainly shoot at a distance.

Aim carefully, but don’t worry, if you miss the first time, just keep shooting. And, if you have any doubt about what setting to use, set the selector lever to full auto. This will make you happy even if you don’t hit the target!

Bushmaster MPW

After I received my MPW, I took it out and went to the range to practice shooting with it. I noticed the point of impact was slightly off when I first tried to shoot. With some practice and adjusting, I was able to hit the bulls-eye from about 50 feet away, which is what I needed to be able to do.


The claims made for this gun are far from reality. The only real proof is in the form of a magazine full of real brass ball ammo that failed the test and did not penetrate the back side of the target at all.// Copyright (C) 2019 Storj Labs, Inc.

Some of you have actually used this gun, and enjoyed it on the Pyramyd Air airgun range. So, it’s very important to know, before you buy any airgun, that there is likely an area of performance that is still not quite as good as it could be.

This air rifle shoots BBs at 410 fps at 90 degrees F. If the test gun is shooting slow, it probably has a problem.

The manufacturer claims that the Bushmaster MPW Full Auto BB Gun has an “up to” 430 FPS muzzle velocity. That’s the same as the DPMS SBW, which has the same barrel length. It’s likely that full production guns could be faster, but it’s impossible to guarantee this.

They may be correct. But let’s say they are not. In that case, I’ll take them at their word. A: Whether you’ve already got an established ecommerce business, a great idea for a new product, or just a passion for selling, here’s how to take that next step with Amazon.


The Bushmaster MPW Full Auto BB Gun tested by HAM displays good consistency and accuracy. It shoots BBs with good velocity even though it uses a small, lightweight barrel.

Bushmaster MPW

The difference between a.22 caliber bullet and a.25 caliber bullet is about as important as the difference between a regular-size pen and a jumbo-sized pen.


The trigger is cocked by using the M4-style charging handle, just like on the actual firearm. The ejection port cover springs open as the action is operated.

The fire modes – safe, semi automatic and full auto are selected exactly as on the firearm, also. Also, the bolt and magazine release functions, too. There is some blowback while operating, particularly with new CO2 cartridges.

This enhances the sensation of firing and feels very satisfying to the shooter. The trigger of the MPW tested by HAM averaged 9 lbs and 13 oz. This is a high, but it is not higher than the high end of the M4 trigger pull weights.

Bushmaster MPW

Trigger feel is of a long two-stage operation. With the heavy pull weight, there’s no doubt of when the MPW is going to fire. Overall the trigger feels satisfactory. This is not meant to be a match trigger for 100-Yard accuracy!

This has made it possible to easily carry and use multiple, high-capacity magazines in any semiautomatic pistol. The result is a highly effective full auto replica. Although the Velocity Outdoors website does not make this feature a selling point, they do give instructions for how to strip and maintain the rifle without removing the buttstock.

The MPW has many ways to satisfy in realism.


MPW Full Auto BB Gun tested by HAM gave outstanding shot count! We obtained 220 shots from two CO2 cartridges before the action ceased at around 250 FPS.

That’s enough gas for eight magazines full of BBs, plus a little spare. With the strong blowback action, that’s excellent performance. The included BB speedloader is a very valuable addition that’s bundled in the box with the Bushmaster MPW Full Auto BB Gun.

A popular gun, it’s a little temperamental, but it does work well, so you’re going to want to use it. There’s a hold-open feature for the BB follower.

Bushmaster MPW

When used properly, this will definitely save you a lot of stress on your thumbs. However, despite the two DPMS magazines we had available to us for use in this test, the HAM testers were sadly unable to find this hold open position. As a result, the thumb nail of a DPMS magazine has been damaged.

This heavy-duty magazine loads up to six.22 caliber rimfire rounds and holds them securely so they don’t fall out when you take it out of the gun. You’ll need a 6-volt CO2 cartridge to reload it with the bullets, but you can buy these in any sporting goods store or gas station.


The biggest challenge for full auto airguns is keeping them in good working order. But, in spite of that challenge, the fact is that people do buy these full auto airguns because they are fun to shoot! Furthermore, muzzle velocity drops dramatically when firing more than 1,400 shots per minute, so the fps rate really drops like a stone!

In our cool, 59 degree F, basement range, the HAM Team recorded a maximum of 350 FPS for a 10-shot string. That’s firing semi-auto at a consistent, measured pace. Generally, the Muzzle Velocity of CO2-powered airguns changes by about 2 FPS per degree Fahrenheit.

That means that at 90 degrees, the test gun would shoot at around 400 FPS. That’s within striking distance of the manufacturer’s specification.


Bushmaster MPW

It was an overall good fit and finish of the Bushmaster MPW Full Auto BB Gun tested by HAM. Detail on the external molded parts is very well reproduced, as we can see from the sharp branding below.

The gun was functional, sturdy, realistic, and had a good feel to it. It had six-position collapsible stock, and a good look and feel. I loved the fact that the mags were preinstalled.

With the quad accessory rails around the barrel, it’s easy to see which accessories fit and which don’t. And if the accessory rails aren’t compatible, the rifle won’t operate properly.


The Bushmaster MPW Full Auto BB Gun is being sold in several online stores and at some large retailers. Because the gun is still brand new, we suggest that you buy this product through an authorized seller. That way, you’ll know you’re getting the best quality version of the gun.

There’s not a single MPW replica on the market that offers the same type of warranty. That’s why we’re calling it the best value in the industry.

If you shoot a lot with this pistol, then you may be interested in knowing that the valve is built into the magazine. This means that valve problems can be quickly and easily fixed by swapping magazines. The MPW uses the same magazine as the DPMS, so you’ll be able to purchase it soon.

If the Sig Sauer’s stock barrel, pistol frame, slide, and grip are all good and it has a good trigger pull, then you will be able to keep your money.

Bushmaster MPW

If there is a Parts List published, it likely will contain at least the same action parts used in the DPMS.

Yes, Crosman does not make all of the parts available as spares. However, they do clearly indicate which parts are available. The public support for parts availability from Crosman is unique in the airgun industry.

The owner’s manual for the MPW was not available for this review. However, it’s much appreciated by knowledgeable owners and – combined with great customer service backup by phone – is a strong reason to buy Velocity Outdoor products.

If we had the option, I would have chosen the DPMS, but we didn’t have that choice. We had to use the one provided by the manufacturer. We must consider safety first.

To be safe, wear shooting glasses when you shoot this airgun. Also, do not shoot it at hard surfaces or in water. The BBs tend to bounce off these surfaces and may hit you or something else.

This realistic looking product has no bullets inside, but it will fire if you pull the trigger. Treat this product as though it were a real firearm. Don’t display it in public or anywhere where someone might think it is a cartridge firearm.

Crosman Bushmaster MPW Specs

Bushmaster MPW
Max Velocity430 fps
Overall Length21.0″
Weight6.5 lbs
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Caliber.177″ (4.5mm)
Shot Capacity25
BarrelSmooth bore
Front Sightnone
Rear Sightnone
Body TypeRifle

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