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Best Walther Reign UXT Kit – Scope & Bipod Review #17

Walther Reign UXT

Walther Reign UXT Kit

I love this Walther Regin UXT rifle’s power, lightweight and sturdy construction, but I wish I’d gotten the optic as well. This is what I’ll have to do next time!

It comes with a bipod which I like. Would have it regulated, but it’s really ok that it isn’t. This rifle is accurate, powerful and easy to handle.

You’ll find that the Predator series has a lot to offer with its high-quality optics, features, and value.

This is a great little gun that shoots well and it has a good weight to it. It also has good range and accuracy.

Walther Reign UXT



The Walther Reign UXT has been announced, and it’s the next evolution of Walther’s legendary UXT design. This bullpup style rifle offers a pre-charged pneumatic system, along with a modular design that allows for customizing the receiver.

This version is chambered in.22 caliber and is here to bring full ambidextrous, hard-hitting shooting performance to shooters and small game hunters in North America. The addition of the adjustable trigger and lightweight stock make it one of the most comfortable subcompact rifles in the.22 caliber category.

The Reign UXT PCP air rifle offers 10 shot capacity in a compact frame with an ambidextrous magazine and adjustable trigger. The pistol includes a comfortable handle and a glass-smooth, side cocking lever that makes it easier to quickly and reliably reload the weapon.

Walther Reign UXT

This bullpup design in.22 caliber delivers in power and accuracy as well. It shoots 1,000 fps (fps stands for foot-per second) and offers a bit more than 100 joules of energy or .5 ft-lbs of energy or .04 joules per round.

It has a crisp 3 lb. trigger. 10 Shot Auto Indexing Magazine. Fully Ambidextrous.Boeing 737-800 The Boeing 737-800 (registration number N826AA) is a three-class narrowbody aircraft produced by Boeing.


The Reign is one of only a handful of PCPs under the $400 mark, and there aren’t many PCPs under $300. With an MSRP of just under $600, it’s an amazing value at street price.

Performance-wise, the primary competition for the.25 caliber Reign comes from the Umarex Gauntlet and the Benjamin Marauder. Both offer similar power levels and better shot counts. However, neither of these weapons are as affordable as the Reign. So how does the Walther Reign compete? Well, the overall length of the gun is just 32.5 inches, which makes it easier to store in a bag and more comfortable to shoot.

The AR-15 is a rifle that has been produced by several companies over the years. One of the latest versions of the rifle was the M14 and there have been many versions of this rifle, some with the ability to be converted to shoot left-handed as well. The advantage of the AR-15 is the ability to use a single magazine and feed it from either side of the gun.

Walther Reign UXT

While it’s true that the HAM team thinks the new design of the Reign is a more advanced concept than the old designs, Gauntlet and Marauder were just as well-designed and much more popular. Not to mention the fact that the previous two designs were made in the USA.

In the realm of hunting rifles, Walther’s Reign line of rifles has proven to be a real game changer for some. A unique twist to Walther’s design is the use of a non-traditional bolt design that makes for a rifle that is not only accurate and deadly, but also exceptionally easy to handle.


The.25 caliber Walther Reign test-fired in the HAM magazine tests fired the highest muzzle velocity of all the rounds. The fastest round was the 19.91 Grain H&N Field Target Trophy round, which hit the target at 1,000 ft/sec (about 2,200 m/s).

1.Typically PCP air rifles produce more energy with heavier pellets. The Umarex Gauntlet and the Reign both produce the same muzzle energy (39 Ft/Lbs) with their Grain H&N. But the Reign tops out at only 90 Ft/Lbs with its Grain JSB King Heavies.The first thing you should look for in a load is accuracy, regardless of bullet. Then look at velocity, weight and group size. For the latter, the most accurate loads will deliver the smallest groups.


The average trigger pull weight of the Walther Reign tested by HAM was 4 Lbs 1 Ounce. That’s actually a good pull weight, as it’s a good balance between light enough to be comfortable when fired but still strong enough to hit what you’re aiming at.

In the new Walther Reign semi-auto, the sear will actually break before the striker fires. That is how much of an improvement has been made. The trigger pull is noticeably lighter, but it does not have the sponginess of a two-stage trigger. It is well balanced.

This is not at all inappropriate for a hunting air rifle trigger. It requires deliberate operation, and it is definitely not likely to release in an unintended manner.

Walther Reign UXT

As with all HAM-tested products, the trigger is activated upon receipt. There is no way to adjust the trigger and we don’t recommend changing it.

After the clamshell has been split, take the time to remove the hinge pin from the other side of the shell. While this step is optional, it will make for a better overall result.


The Walther Reign by HAM proved to be one of the most powerful pump shotguns available. In fact, the walther reign was one of the first pump shotgun to have an adjustable gas system. The HAM version is also a top seller due to its overall ease of use, high performance, and overall reliability.

Most guns require between 100 and 150 rounds to be considered a great shooter. But how many times in your life will you need a gun for self defense? The number is usually somewhere between one and five. You should always be aware of what you’re buying and should make sure you pick the right model for the situation.

In this case, the Reign’s shot curve means that the maximum number of consistent shots is more like 20. And, as usual, HAM defines “consistent shots” as having an Extreme Spread of 40 frames per second across the string.

There are a few inconsistencies in the descriptions of the Reign that you will find on the web. For example, you may find the weight given as 5.5 Lbs. It’s 7 Lbs. You’ll also find claims that it’s regulated.

The Reign for sale in the US not, although it may be in other markets. It’s also been claimed that the conversion from right- to left-handed cocking can be done without tools.


The Walther Reign is an unregulated PCP. While it’s not realistic to expect a flat, consistent shot curve, it is true that the.25 caliber Reign has the “peakiest” shot curve that the HAM Team has ever encountered!

What this graph shows is that the highest muzzle velocity is not obtained – as you might expect – from a full 3,300 psi fill of HPA (that was shot 1 on the graph above) – or anything like it. It actually occurs when the pressure has fallen to around 2,400 psi.

Walther Reign UXT

So, if you fill the Reign to 2,400 psi, the reward will be about 10 shots of consistent velocity. With a 2,500 psi fill, the gun will deliver about 20 shots within 40 fps, which is close enough to achieve consistent grouping out to about 50 yards.

The average trigger pull weight of the Walther Reign tested by HAM was 4 Lbs 1 Ounce. This is a good weight for hunting purposes and consistency was good, varying by only +/- 2 or 3 Ounces either side of the average.


The Reign’s barrel is finished with a substantial, prominent and permanently-attached construction at the muzzle end. This would seem to be a noise reduction system, but it doesn’t keep the rifle from being loud.

The problem with the.25 caliber is that it has such a low effective range. That’s fine for shooting a big game out of the trees, but not so much if you are looking to hit a smaller target.


The Walther Reign comes with a very basic optical sight which is adequate for most users. It’s hard to get accurate hits at any distance with the Walther Reign.

Instead, there’s a metal Picatinny rail for scope mounting. At 9 inches long, it is considerably longer than that on most other bullpup air rifles.

Walther Reign UXT

With a powerful camera, great lens and great location, this camera produces great photos and videos.

You should make sure that you have the right eyewear for your own individual vision. Otherwise, it could cause discomfort or even lead to injury.

That’s good, we know that’s what we should be doing.


The Walther Reign UXT is a versatile gun that offers excellent performance in a wide variety of environments. This pistol has very good weight distribution with a comfortable grip, and it’s easy to control the action.

The use of certain attributes in your data model has the potential to improve model accuracy in a meaningful way. If you are not already using them, take a look at how these attributes could help your models.

A short barrel can be a boon or a curse for a shooter depending on the type of cartridge being used. There is, however, no doubt that it is very useful for those who enjoy the sport of hunting with a pistol.

That’s a big benefit in cold weather. The lower Picatinny rail is placed just forward from the front end of the rifle. This allows for easy installation of a bipod and keeps your hand from feeling too confined in the scope, as you can see above.

The Walther Reign is a pistol that “feels right” in the hand. The substantial rubber buttpad gives excellent grip and the mid-mounted side-action is easy to operate.


The Walther Reign is a semi-automatic, gas-operated revolver chambered in.357 Magnum. The Walther has a completely synthetic clamshell-type body. It’s affordable, compact, and easy to use – some people might even call it cheap.

Although the synthetic material used for the body is of obvious high quality, it is important to realize that the use of a molded, rather than hand-sewn, product is an obvious choice. In a world of mass-produced products, it’s nice to know that there are still people making things by hand and paying attention to detail.

It was pretty expensive, but not out of the norm for a new AR. The only exception to the high quality finish is the unexpectedly prominent mold lines marking the top and bottom of the gun.

Walther Reign UXT

The HAM Team’s assessment of the Reign design is that it is both attractive and functional.

The.45 is one of those guns that looks better the more time you spend with it. That goes for the.38, the.22, the.357 Magnum, even the 1911. The gun doesn’t really get any better the more you look at it.

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